Rivian R1T Electric Camper Truck Walk Around: Overland Expo

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Full story here: www.motor1.com/news/350210/rivian-r1t-electric-camper-overland-expo/
    Overland Expo West is happening right now in Flagstaff, Arizona, and EV automaker Rivian is there with its forthcoming R1T pickup truck. Being a show dedicated to off-road explorers and adventure campers, Rivian decided to dress up its model with some gear that overlanding aficionados might appreciate. In the process, Rivian gains the distinction of having the first electric vehicle ever on display at the 10-year-old event.
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Comments • 546

  • GlamlifeLeesh h
    GlamlifeLeesh h 2 days ago

    Blah blah ..if it’s not for sale it’s just silly talk

  • Hunt's Gaming
    Hunt's Gaming 3 days ago

    I'd love to see the kitchen in maybe a spec pact thack comes with a camper shell or something like that.

  • From Dusk To Dawn
    From Dusk To Dawn 3 days ago

    Theoretically, shouldn't electric vehicles be easier to maintain?

  • Hernan BTC
    Hernan BTC 6 days ago

    Dream car

  • totszwai
    totszwai 8 days ago

    Go to the wild, use the electric stove, then stay stranded there in the wilderness because you have no battery to go home LOL. Gas stove would be cool though.

  • Lunamaria
    Lunamaria 9 days ago

    As a millennial just getting into my second year of expeditionary overlanding, I absolutely wish this had better range, because it would be absolutely perfect

  • Driven home
    Driven home 12 days ago

    Oh wow... I am gonna burn my comBUSTion and jump into a Rivian.

  • Driven home
    Driven home 12 days ago

    I want the front to be a hot/cold tub. With a drain and filter.. Can fill at a camp site.
    Party on...

  • IgloooNOR
    IgloooNOR 16 days ago

    Release it allready. I want this for my hunter truck.

  • mastercheif1989
    mastercheif1989 18 days ago

    Will it charge my wife's vibrator and vacuum cleaner?

  • Stellarspace
    Stellarspace 21 day ago

    When are they going to start manufacturing the vehicle?

  • Jesse Coffman
    Jesse Coffman 21 day ago

    It would be cool if they added the ability to put out solar panels to get some kind of charge, when you're not driving.

  • shenlun
    shenlun 25 days ago

    take my money

  • Awesome Dave
    Awesome Dave 27 days ago

    Blocking the back door is not good design....fold out in the opposite direction then your problem is solved. Someone pay me please, I can do double good!

  • WaterDrive1
    WaterDrive1 27 days ago

    Electric tent?

  • Wheel of Life
    Wheel of Life 28 days ago

    I am gonna disappointed I haven't seen a long box version yet. Hope they come out with one on the release date. Short boxes are practically useless unless your just lugging around little things.

  • shadowdance4666
    shadowdance4666 29 days ago

    A cooler and cooking equipment should be a given and it should not cost much extra like under $500

  • previouslyachimp
    previouslyachimp Month ago

    I think this could be my new house! :)

  • scotttwood
    scotttwood Month ago

    It would be cool if Rivian custom designed a utility trailer with an integrated solar roof to help offset some of the extra juice it would take to tow with the Rivian. Every little bit helps on longer trips.

  • United Security Squad

    I can see Eddie Bauer and Orvis Editions.

  • James Long
    James Long Month ago


  • James Wesley
    James Wesley Month ago +1

    Tesla is way better oh yeah and they have a truck 😋

  • Louise Heiwood
    Louise Heiwood Month ago

    put a fold-out solar setup inside the gear tunnel, one that can expand to accommodate enough power to charge the Rivian from empty to full in a day of good sunlight, or at least power a lot of peripherals while slow charging the battery
    I would live out of this thing if they had that

    • 2A556FMJ
      2A556FMJ Month ago

      Louise Heiwood you’d need roughly a basketball court worth of panels to do that

  • Off-Road Recon
    Off-Road Recon Month ago +1

    Who thinks this is the future of over-landing?

  • Michael Couch
    Michael Couch Month ago

    As a former owner of a 6.2L Raptor, I Can't Wait! Please, yes, do it all!

  • greenbluepurple000
    greenbluepurple000 Month ago +1

    This is so exciting. I’m glad Tesla will have competition. I still want the model Y for my family, but this looks awesome.

    • GlamlifeLeesh h
      GlamlifeLeesh h 2 days ago

      greenbluepurple000 it’s only competition if it’s for sale.. until then it’s blah blah blah talk

  • john cramer
    john cramer Month ago

    if you need a kitchen, stay home

  • inkooh8
    inkooh8 Month ago

    Gear tunnel kitchen was great. I would have a telescoping leg on the end to help carry weight. People are going to lean on and fall into that. Would also be cool if it could be extended from either side.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith Month ago

    Another suggestion. A camper shell that will have a slim area that goes over the cab. Then when you get to the campsite, it will raise up another 4 ft and you have a sleeping area there. Plus have the top with solar cells. When I mean thin, just like a modern VW T6 California that you see all over Europe.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith Month ago

    I hope that the truck will be able to charge off of a typical campground plug. Either just the regular old 15A 110V or a 30A 220V that are all over campsites. I figure that they will but there will be plenty that camp in places like the NE US where we drive 200 miles to a campsite and will be there for 5 nights. Having something to keep it up and give a bit of extra to get back home would be nice. In the end of a camping trip, you want to just get in and drive home.

  • Jo Hannes
    Jo Hannes Month ago

    All this awesomeness but no PV solar system? Almost the perfect truck.

  • Art Key
    Art Key Month ago

    A solar panel tray top and you’re sorted for camping, should generate at least 2kws.

  • Chandler Wheat
    Chandler Wheat Month ago

    Can it go through flood water on roadway ( notice the Midwest flooding)

  • John LaMore
    John LaMore Month ago

    Good luck taking your electric trucks in weather below 0 where you lose 60% of your range lol. Electric is not ready for the real world. Ironic that the snowflakes want electric but they're garbage in the snow.

  • Forbidden Knowledge

    I want an EV 4 doors pickup not for camp, but for work.

  • Tu Tr
    Tu Tr Month ago

    Sorry, weak ass truck wannabe. Talk all about camping but no solar power to charge it. If your batteries are low and in middle of nowhere to camp you aint gonna find yourself a charging station. My people buy extra gas tank or diesel and fill it in. Bad engineering. Headlights look hideous......

  • Philip Lawler
    Philip Lawler Month ago

    Electric doesn't mean 0 emissions... but.... it's a cool car.

  • ClayElectricCoop
    ClayElectricCoop Month ago

    At $65K+ I'll never own one.

  • Jonathan S. Walker
    Jonathan S. Walker Month ago

    I love this truck, I would love it even more with options to create a charge without an outlet or station. Solar panels, perhaps on a tonneau cover or bed cap, even a trailer could have solar panels and some regenerative capabilities.

  • PreGame
    PreGame Month ago

    You need a k30 chevy crewcab 1980 .with Wood Gas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 but city folks like lamps and smartphones cars 😆 waste of machine plastic crap

  • PreGame
    PreGame Month ago

    Emp it 😆

  • Citizen Park
    Citizen Park Month ago

    He guy didn’t give real detail about anything. It was a nice presentation, but can they actually execute it? Last I heard, they’re having mass production issues

  • Wayne Wayne
    Wayne Wayne Month ago

    The Only Electric Car beside of the Twizy i will ever Buy.

  • Jovanni Garcia
    Jovanni Garcia Month ago

    Make the roof out of Solar Panels 😂. And make a portable charger for the car on the go!

  • Matthew Nikkila
    Matthew Nikkila Month ago

    I always wondered what a $90,000 kitchen looked like. Jk

  • Roseline Russell
    Roseline Russell Month ago

    Sorry Rivian, but this is not very interesting if you do not have any trucks for sale...Fantasy BBQ...!

  • Gopher Sans
    Gopher Sans Month ago +1

    I'll buy one & drive it through the colorado river. . . Yes ! !😂😂😂

  • Da- Steel
    Da- Steel Month ago

    Instead of the nickel and dime peripheral utilities, blah blah, they need a way to use solar cell technology as a large part of the exterior construction. Moreover, enhance the vehicles capabilities by including a combination of ways to recharge when out in the back country. Most folks who plan on going for a long distance where the camping utilities actually mean something, use additional fuel containers to support that directly. Seeing this truck with all the bells and whistles, while missing the most important aspect of going in the bush, means it's meant for an executive that wants to go play during the weekend, while never really going distance. This truck is really nothing more than a show piece, with this guy dressed and acting as a mouthpiece.

  • Ambient Infinite Video AIV

    Awesome! Taking e-vehicles to a higher level for camping. Great video

  • Orie Pierce
    Orie Pierce Month ago

    That’s great but how do you control Chinese emissions?

  • miguel Becerra
    miguel Becerra Month ago

    All that comes to 100.000

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller Month ago

    Snow plowing test run let’s do it

  • Thomas Peckoff
    Thomas Peckoff Month ago

    I’m so sick of hearing about electric vehicles. If ur a true environmentalist then u should know that creating an electric vehicle uses more fossil fuels to make not to mention all those battery banks that will wind up in landfills.
    Humans r soooooooooooooooo
    Fucking stupid!!!!!!
    Don’t believe me about electric vehicles then do ur own god damn research and please don’t take my word for it.
    I did the research!!!!!!!!

  • daniel hernandez
    daniel hernandez Month ago

    Great concept. Now we just need a power grid to power 60 million of these to replace that quantity of gas cars we are currently driving in the US. That shouldn't be hard. right?????

  • Elfuelte
    Elfuelte Month ago

    Great vehicle, amazing space, great idea. Blessings

  • PotatoSamosa
    PotatoSamosa Month ago

    I have not seen this truck in any sort of independent review, I don't think this truck will be a success

  • MrKkk2012
    MrKkk2012 Month ago

    Why they don't show this truck driving off-road?? 😕

  • William Danko
    William Danko Month ago

    An issue with RVs is being level for sleeping, adding a levelling feature to the adjustable lift would be a simple, highly functional feature

  • DirtyMaster
    DirtyMaster Month ago +2

    Pontiac aztek: *dies*
    Rivian: i must finish what you have started

  • Jerrymc1975
    Jerrymc1975 Month ago

    It’s too pretty and luxurious looking for off roading

  • Luke T
    Luke T Month ago

    So awesome. I have high hopes for the Rivian. Rooting for you guys!

  • drmachinewerke1
    drmachinewerke1 Month ago

    When we go overland we take 4 spare cans of fuel. Where do you recharge in the middle of nowhere.
    Good idea just not a Jeep 4x4 . I’m afraid it will break where we go .
    So what does this cost 20k. Must not cost much. As it have no transmission, exhaust system, smog system, radiator etc.
    Is this a Tesla with a kit car body on it ?

    • jimbojims
      jimbojims Month ago

      Lmao, do us all a favour and educate yourself please. If your heep can make it on your trips without breaking- I guarantee this can too. You’re delusional if you think this is 20k. Seriously

  • fana406
    fana406 Month ago

    Hmmmmmm.... beard = hairy musty dick and balls

  • Enrique Fernández
    Enrique Fernández Month ago

    everything is fine until i need to take that crap to a place where there is no electricity on the road. With an oil combustion vehicle i can put some gas cans in the back and go further but with electric vehicles you are tied to a wall charger.

  • 2A556FMJ
    2A556FMJ Month ago

    I’m waiting for a R1V - a Sprinter van competitor

  • Robert Lee James Welch


  • Nigel Weir
    Nigel Weir Month ago

    A couple of spots to connect up solar panels would be idea to add

  • Ashel Kishor
    Ashel Kishor Month ago

    Shut up and take my kidney

  • Dan Bam
    Dan Bam Month ago +1

    Very ugly truck, ill be waiting for Teslas pickup truck instead. SAD!!!

  • David Lineberry
    David Lineberry Month ago

    How much tho