• Published on Mar 28, 2017
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    We at Bright Side have brought you several riddles to train your brain and check your ability to cope with stress. Maybe you’ll never have to answer them in real life, but who knows?
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    BRIGHT SIDE  11 months ago +23

    So, did you get all of them right?
    Do you think your IQ is high? Check it

  • Karen Chen
    Karen Chen 6 hours ago

    I have 14/14.

  • Gabriel Alvarez
    Gabriel Alvarez 22 hours ago

    Question 10 I wish it was my crush lol

  • Nubby Gamer
    Nubby Gamer Day ago +1

    I did not understand Number 7???Anybody help???

  • YouTube God
    YouTube God 2 days ago

    Q: You cannot afford a hot meal nor anything because you have no job, how are you fed?

    A: Your mom cooks you food because you still live in her basement

  • Sai Suresh
    Sai Suresh 3 days ago

    Puzzle number 1 ,how a small rock lift big rock

  • James Tan
    James Tan 3 days ago

    Yeah totally not like the last one is from a game or whatever...

  • Fayaz Dheen
    Fayaz Dheen 4 days ago

    Your logic is wrong,
    If the rolling ball had less mass than the static ball,how the C will get smashed by the plank

  • mybeatyful Young
    mybeatyful Young 6 days ago

    That is not how you spell George

  • The Polish DJ
    The Polish DJ 6 days ago

    4:57 It's obviously *Georg* Washington

  • Daffa_FM
    Daffa_FM 7 days ago

    13, 1

  • Gorurajvi Rajvi
    Gorurajvi Rajvi 10 days ago

    #10 maybe at a reserved place for women

  • Gorurajvi Rajvi
    Gorurajvi Rajvi 10 days ago

    #11 I would throw the ball at someone.

  • Audrey Smit
    Audrey Smit 11 days ago

    i actually wanted to choose a scam protection video but my sister wants me to choose riddles

  • Peter Zhou
    Peter Zhou 12 days ago

    I got'em all right (somehow)!

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 19 days ago

    Too many possibilities

  • Chan Charmaine
    Chan Charmaine 21 day ago


  • Donald ket
    Donald ket 21 day ago


  • Nene Ndiaye
    Nene Ndiaye 24 days ago

    I solved all I’m the smartest person in 5th grade

  • Sayantan Saha
    Sayantan Saha Month ago

    I solved the three of them..

  • nazeera irshad
    nazeera irshad Month ago

    I got 5 correct

  • dsm zibzabzip
    dsm zibzabzip Month ago +1

    The thing on the se saw would go to the right side, not to the left.

  • Kitty Lover123
    Kitty Lover123 Month ago

    I already solve the thumbnail

  • Sugar Hiccup
    Sugar Hiccup Month ago +1

    Number 9 should be the girls bathroom toilet

  • Steven N
    Steven N 2 months ago +1

    Btw my fav youtuber is Funneh.

  • Steven N
    Steven N 2 months ago

    I like this!

  • Malachi Lim Keh Seng
    Malachi Lim Keh Seng 2 months ago


  • sasthiru
    sasthiru 2 months ago

    bro this video is the most hard riddled video

  • Miguel Dela Cruz
    Miguel Dela Cruz 2 months ago

    I only saw the problem is eight and one

  • bangtan_kay
    bangtan_kay 2 months ago +1

    the only thing I love about this video is that the part 2:40 came on in class today 😂

  • Neil Zimmerman
    Neil Zimmerman 2 months ago +1

    I'm absolutely convinced that these videos are made with the explicit intention of trolling it's viewers.

  • Atul Rawat
    Atul Rawat 2 months ago

    puzzle 10 .. because she is sitting in ladies restroom...

  • boeing master
    boeing master 2 months ago

    Next vid, How to get back 7:48 mins from our previous video...

  • SammiBoy
    SammiBoy 3 months ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • JR DT
    JR DT 3 months ago

    Bright side
    Can you tell me the music used in this video?

  • Henko Bruin
    Henko Bruin 3 months ago +2

    Why does watching these videos make me feel uncomfortable

  • ashu Goyal
    ashu Goyal 3 months ago

    See 6:16

  • ketan k
    ketan k 3 months ago


  • Bror Iversen
    Bror Iversen 4 months ago +3

    Question 13 is WRONG... you can always EXPECT it

  • Benjamin Jiang
    Benjamin Jiang 4 months ago

    These are from who dies first

  • femushreena ahalul
    femushreena ahalul 4 months ago


  • Xianne Arsenio Basas
    Xianne Arsenio Basas 4 months ago


  • Andrew Forys
    Andrew Forys 4 months ago

    5:00: George Washington, because George is spelled wrong!

  • Cheeseball and friends
    Cheeseball and friends 4 months ago

    No one is going to guess the take off the hat one

  • Annabel van der Harst
    Annabel van der Harst 4 months ago

    0:55 omg the worst sound ever

  • Corbin and Ian
    Corbin and Ian 4 months ago

    On the 13 in the summer Sweden is always sunny overnight to yes you can

  • Supbruhbroyo Mine Craft

    Puzzle number 4: or you just yell at the kids to not take them home...

  • Gary Murphy
    Gary Murphy 5 months ago

    the last riddle was a waste of time .The title was "who will be knocked off" None would be knocked off.

  • Grey
    Grey 5 months ago

    You didn’t?? Say who gets knocked off???

  • Cupcakes Forever
    Cupcakes Forever 5 months ago


  • Fadhila Lucky
    Fadhila Lucky 5 months ago

    Thats kind of cheeky, raising the floor buttons like that

  • zhouzy112
    zhouzy112 5 months ago

    anthony beaeza said what I thought

  • christian Saldaña
    christian Saldaña 5 months ago

    About #10,why does she need to sit like that?

  • christian Saldaña
    christian Saldaña 5 months ago +2

    For #12,it could also be because they're on wheelchairs.

  • maria dinosaur studios
    maria dinosaur studios 5 months ago

    Soooooo much wrong

  • Tim Zeller
    Tim Zeller 5 months ago


  • Tim Zeller
    Tim Zeller 5 months ago

    Poop idk

  • Tim Zeller
    Tim Zeller 5 months ago

    In the car

  • Tim Zeller
    Tim Zeller 5 months ago

    Like )

  • Tim Zeller
    Tim Zeller 5 months ago

    Because idk