Lil Durk ft. Dej Loaf - My Beyoncé (Explicit) [Official Video]

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Comments • 80

  • Vori
    Vori 6 hours ago

    Imagine if this turn on the radio while india and durl together🤣❤ good couple tho

  • Young Conscious
    Young Conscious 21 hour ago

    Love & Basketball: The Durk & Dej Edition

  • Ayanna Orozco
    Ayanna Orozco Day ago

    Love & Basketball 🏀 Durk & Dej Edition 😜

  • TheBoiRyan
    TheBoiRyan 2 days ago

    We not gone talk abt how dude staring at her while driving. They finna die

  • Akema Frett
    Akema Frett 2 days ago


  • Shakir M.
    Shakir M. 3 days ago

    Peanut head Durk 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jula Price
    Jula Price 3 days ago

    One of my favorite hood love songs 😍🥰

  • César Cejour
    César Cejour 4 days ago

    2020 Domican Repúblic ♥️♥️🇩🇴 🔥 república dominicana 🔥🔥🇩🇴🇩🇴 Beyonce 🤤🤬

  • Kyanese Clark
    Kyanese Clark 4 days ago

    I miss durk without dreads

  • Shock TV
    Shock TV 5 days ago

    Yoooo 2020 I’m here

  • PimpDaddyChelle 3zzz

    love and basketball vibes 😭😩😍.

  • Márcia Martins
    Márcia Martins 6 days ago


  • Rubi G
    Rubi G 7 days ago


  • Rubi G
    Rubi G 7 days ago

    Me n u wedding dress suit n tie 💕💕

  • 4REAL
    4REAL 8 days ago

    My sooongg🥺🥺😭😍

  • Mercedes Sawyers
    Mercedes Sawyers 8 days ago

    Y’all cute

  • Dorky Dorky
    Dorky Dorky 9 days ago

    You look 13

  • Kylie Young
    Kylie Young 9 days ago

    miss yall.

  • Shaniya Robertson
    Shaniya Robertson 10 days ago

    I wonder how they broke up

  • Brenda Thompson
    Brenda Thompson 10 days ago

    They wasn even together ever 🙄 please let it go

  • Yrn ty
    Yrn ty 11 days ago +1

    who still here in 2020 👀

  • Myeshia Mcdaniel
    Myeshia Mcdaniel 13 days ago

    They was cute together ❤️😍

  • Manii Certified
    Manii Certified 14 days ago

    Love and basketball 🏀😍

  • Angel
    Angel 14 days ago

    I used to get faded off this song 😂🔥

  • Breekeyeon Nix
    Breekeyeon Nix 15 days ago


  • Aga Ahmedzade
    Aga Ahmedzade 15 days ago

    2020 still chill huh ❤️

  • Juice GXD
    Juice GXD 19 days ago

    Who still listening in 2016
    Lets leave this comment in 2016

  • The Azsa Show
    The Azsa Show 20 days ago

    Oh she moving too much for that flat iron to be in her hair won't be me 2:08

  • Sabz wilson
    Sabz wilson 21 day ago +2

    Who’s still listening to this song in 2020👌💯💯💯💯💯

  • MiahJae
    MiahJae 23 days ago

    i hate how people want them together, this was for the label .


    are you still listening in 2020
    This video amazing
    1:51 💜💝

  • Karriel Collington
    Karriel Collington 25 days ago


  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young 25 days ago

    My low-KEY is the way I am going to do it
    I love to get to it
    With preciouses touch that would make you move it with rythm that am doing you doing it just the way that I am doing when we tune it

  • bigsqueeze johnson
    bigsqueeze johnson 25 days ago

    Leave be threw with that

  • RemixHokage 最高
    RemixHokage 最高 29 days ago


  • pashalee latty
    pashalee latty Month ago +1

    He was more relaxed I am still listening to this song in 2020. Dej n durk had a excellent chemistry but him an India it just so blah blah .

  • Jsamine Hackett
    Jsamine Hackett Month ago +1


  • Alisha Matthew
    Alisha Matthew Month ago +1

    They so cute

  • Aria Brister
    Aria Brister Month ago

    Who here from 2020 mane🥺💞

  • Melvin Del Cid
    Melvin Del Cid Month ago

    Earth Gang

  • Melvin Del Cid
    Melvin Del Cid Month ago

    Strickly family.

  • Miguel Fernando
    Miguel Fernando Month ago

    Musicão papo reto 🇧🇷

  • jaela stewart
    jaela stewart Month ago

    love and basketball

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant Month ago

    I know it ain't better but ain't nobody perfect I felt that Michael Bryant

  • Babygirl Brooklyn!!!

    2020 I’m still listening to this

  • PrettyGurlVibes
    PrettyGurlVibes Month ago


  • living with kimore
    living with kimore Month ago

    He so pretty ❤❤🔥

  • Kasandra Villalobos


  • lost luna
    lost luna Month ago

    I need someone to lean on fr

  • girl please
    girl please Month ago

    Who listening to this in 2020

  • Asia Land
    Asia Land Month ago +1


  • TwinCity BC
    TwinCity BC Month ago

    look up lil agz momma we good NOW DON'T TELL ME DEJ DON'T SOUND LIKE LIL AGZ

  • Cateleya Snyder
    Cateleya Snyder Month ago

    I like Kevin Gates songs every time he make love you Kevin Gates

  • Angel Baby 101 love

    there relationship is like love and basketball

  • Frankie A
    Frankie A Month ago

    I wish I had love like this 😭

  • Tj and tasia gang Baker

    love this song for my boyfriend

  • Mika Galvez
    Mika Galvez Month ago

    2020 and still here 😌🤪

  • DrFunny
    DrFunny Month ago

    Durk and danj

  • DrFunny
    DrFunny Month ago

    Who wants them back together

  • Cateleya Snyder
    Cateleya Snyder Month ago


  • Cateleya Snyder
    Cateleya Snyder Month ago +2

    i love my Daddy

  • Eb Bunny
    Eb Bunny Month ago

    The way he looks at Dej compared to India , I’m sorry, fake or not, he never looks at India the way he looks at Dej in this video. 😭

  • YouAlreadyKnow A
    YouAlreadyKnow A Month ago

    This exactly like love and basketball 🏀😍😍

  • carol noskey
    carol noskey Month ago

    This song got me my girl low key 😂😂😂

  • Zaniyah lacy
    Zaniyah lacy Month ago

    " the way you wear that dress they gone attack youuuu "

  • Chrystal ok
    Chrystal ok Month ago

    They was super cute

  • TMYL 2
    TMYL 2 Month ago


  • Sabrina Thompson
    Sabrina Thompson Month ago +1

    Ymcmg 2k21 arsonal the rebel boys 108 🍇 projects swg

  • Sabrina Thompson
    Sabrina Thompson Month ago

    Tisha Keisha India Royal deg loaf beamon steen and shamar lil durk max b chunky black Anderson McBride beamon easterling gordon swg prince Street ebk castor boys and beamon boyz la Dodgers los Angeles Lakers Berkley Terrace 7b building 4 ccpivrington Passaic County nitty nipsey husstle boys uncle like son wbla

  • Lecture
    Lecture Month ago +2

    Song didn’t age

  • Jake Noris
    Jake Noris Month ago +2

    still better than india

  • Michael Norcross
    Michael Norcross 2 months ago +2


  • Troub Bone 159th Merritt
    Troub Bone 159th Merritt 2 months ago +1

    Shitt go hard! Harvey World! 2x2

  • Ta'Kira Garner
    Ta'Kira Garner 2 months ago +5

    I feel show I just realized da song is based on love and basketball

  • jason moore
    jason moore 2 months ago +1

    Yeah yeah. 😎

    BROTHAHOODPRO 2 months ago +1

    Who's still listening and jamming in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023...??? 🎧🔊💘💭

  • Drea Nation
    Drea Nation 2 months ago


  • Sabrina Thompson
    Sabrina Thompson 2 months ago +1

    Shamar lil durk Dwayne Jarvis beamon and tisha dej loaf steen beamon

  • World as Lanii
    World as Lanii 2 months ago +1

    𝙸 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚒 𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚍𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚗 2020

  • Eyani Hector
    Eyani Hector 2 months ago +2

    January 2020?