10 Anti-Piracy Measures In Video Games That Were Total Genius

Oh, you pirated our game? Now all the sex scenes contain grandmas.

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Автор George Lionon ( назад)
"Piracy" is looting ships, please stop playing their game by calling it "piracy" regarding software. Some suggestions: Freeloading, Copyright infringement, Copyright Fraud, etc.

Автор Toj Arin ( назад)
I must have a pirated version of mass effect Andromeda. All the good looking females have turned into
badly animated uglies.

Автор Liblast 64 ( назад)
whats the \_/- root of a |>○

Автор gamephreak5 ( назад)
Except piracy doesn't hurt anyone.

And all those anti-piracy measures have been cracked, and pretty quickly too. Pirates are very resourceful in how they crack games.

Автор ednoahjones ( назад)
this is some petty shit

Автор Random Headshot ( назад)
I'd love to use those poultry shots

Автор Jordan Snyder ( назад)
I used to rent spyro from blockbuster and just not turn off my ps1 when i took it out to return it. That way i could come back and keep playing

Автор Michael awdry ( назад)
if you pirate Undertail, either flowey or sans tells you to pay for it.
then stops you playing.

Автор WhoWantsToKnow81 ( назад)
I bought The Talos Principle, and did not regret it

Автор :3TheLazyGuy:3 ( назад)
some people do not have money to buy the games we have no choice

Автор 1Jack22 ( назад)
Good game will be huge success even if it was pirated in the day 1. Look at Skyrim.

Автор HunterTroy7 ( назад)
These are *FAKE FACTS.*

Автор Марко Веселич ( назад)

Автор Bunny ( назад)
How can the game developers tell if the game is pirated?

Автор Reapfield ( назад)
Yeah these piracy measures are pretty fun until the pirates then just figure out quite easily how to overwrite them and patch it out making these extra measures pretty pointless. Then you go making a top ten list on what happens if you pirate the game and now they then know how to expect and then look around in the files to remove this.

Автор peopole45 ( назад)
only when the cracks don't worl

Автор mashrure tanzim ( назад)
dont know about the rest,but pirates have at least corrected red alert 2 and crisis

Автор Francois Lacombe ( назад)
An excellent anti piracy feature would be a pirated copy of a game reformatting the hard drive. ^_^

Автор Naufal Fahri ( назад)
i love how game dev tycoon deal with piracy, like when someone asking the game isn't fair because people pirate. that's how ironic they're

Автор gloriousholy ( назад)
The witcher punishment looks like a sarah ryder sex scene in mass effect andromeda.

Автор End0v 0nhr ( назад)
i remember having serious sam, i just started up the game and was always killed with no guns by that scorpion thing, but i never pirated it, i downloaded the trial on my xbox 360

Автор SWEGDovahkiin ( назад)
Don't forget about Garry's Mod!

Автор Marie #LaFamilia ( назад)
There is only one game franchise i would encourage pirating: The Sims. Especially 3 and 4. Its ridiculous to pay 500$+ for all DLCs.

Автор Game Squirrel ( назад)
Some of these make you WANT to pirate them.

Автор Erica Plays ROBLOX ( назад)
I want one where it plays 'You are a Pirate' instead of the usual soundtrack.

Автор 525Lines ( назад)
If you copied the Epyx Rogue disk, when you played it, you would immediately die. The gravestone said you were killed by the copy police.

Автор rantingraj ( назад)
I pirated crysis warhead back in the day but no chicken bullets for me

Автор Bradley Collins ( назад)
What about Sims 4

Автор Nobody Really ( назад)
You didn't even list the way that Gary fucked with people who stole Gary's Mod.

Автор Mansen ( назад)
"Clever" is saying a bit much. Most of these worked for a few days and caught a few pirates...and then were promptly fixed by crackers.

Автор Catriona ( назад)
When I was 12 we pirated games. Lots of them. It was their availability that made me a gamer, because pocket money would not have been sufficent for even one of them. But the "free samples" got me hooked, it became part of my lifestyle. And the thousands of dollars that I later in my life spent on games would never have been spend without those early years. Just a thought...

Автор Dovahgee ( назад)
The first picture of copyright warning is from PlayStation 1 games... the memories..

Автор Mad9977 ( назад)
haha that's what makes kids go nuts =P

Автор Carmelo Sgro ( назад)
You missed GTA 4, drunk driving

Автор sports nerd ( назад)
who else read the title as "anti privacy"

Автор silvk1000 ( назад)
You forget about Settlers 3, in pirated version the iron smelters would produce pigs instead of iron ingots

Автор Sean Stewart ( назад)
Great vid!

Автор Blaggy Cat ( назад)
0:11 "And sometimes both!" HAHAHA!

Автор Booyah WenRene ( назад)
This should be practiced til today

Автор sleepybrownbear ( назад)
I like anti-piracy measures that turn the game into a demo for the paid version.

Автор Chainvelocity CH ( назад)
Really WhatCulture Gaming? Really? Just for instance, Talos "anti piracy" attempt got "fix" in less than a day just by using console to go through wall and then continue like nothing happened. Piracy is wrong, but so is your horrible title, anti-piracy...total genius? Really, total genius? Horrible.

Автор SSJ Carl ( назад)

Автор DementedButtHole ( назад)
I pirated Witcher 2, Red Alert, Arma II, and Serious Sam. Never had any of these issues. WTF?

Автор Mike Wu ( назад)
If people don't buy your game, it means it ain't worth buying.

Автор Dim _FTW ( назад)
If I was a game developer I'd just put a jump-scare while playing the first mission and then the game crashed 2 seconds after lol.

Автор Hybrid Zen ( назад)
How many people have surpassed these anti-piracy measures. I self signed mirror's edge and never had that issue? Looks like reActPSN destroyed them

Автор MrBuzzKill ( назад)
Steam/Humble bundle > piracy > key sites > gamestop

Автор Danny Doyle ( назад)
I've pirated tons of games and ended up buying them because i genuinely like those games. the percentage of people that pirate and don't end up buying the game is so small. 99% of the people I've talk to about this do the same thing. If they don't, it's mostly because that game is trash or very few cases were we just don't have the cash right then and there. what happened to demos and free to play versions so you can get a feel if this is really a game you want? Ever since these new era consoles and steam cracking down on pirated games. most people have to buy the full game just to be disappointed. These last few years have been the worst i've seen with how much game devs can get away with for example. Game Trailers or even sneak peaks at game play are no where near to what the game actually looks or plays like. so yah i'll keep on pirating as long as these douche bags keep lying about there 9/10 or 10/10 bribed reviews. i Don't even wanna get started with the all the bugs and glitches these recent games have been released with. Last game i Bought Without pirating first was for honor and anyone who has that game can probably agree with me that it's not finished. Not making that mistake again.

Автор Alessandro Scott ( назад)
we still haven't solved socio-economic inequality

Автор Matt Hunter ( назад)
Has piracy killed a game studio yet?

Автор Gelzzky Chan ( назад)
i've played this car driving simulator before that when pirated will make your car float after several minutes of playing, hilarious! 😂

Автор Patricia Daughdrill ( назад)
the witcher 2 is the best one😂

Автор Faryz Skullputra ( назад)
you forgot fifa 14, get red card even for a simple foul..

Автор LaserFur ( назад)
In Sierra "quest for glory" the manual that came with the game said you had to go to the in on day 3. If you did not you could never complete the game.

Автор faiz abbas ( назад)
I did not know that games devolves could do this.

Автор Thirti Sankwich ( назад)
id rather shoot out chickens than bullets

Автор Ecruteak ( назад)
What about EarthBound? If it detects that it's being played illegally, it racks up the on-screen enemies to annoying amounts, and even if you manage to get past that, the game resets and deletes your save at the final boss. It's pretty funny.

Автор Kayla Velten ( назад)
I had a pirated copy of spyro the dragon and never had that happen. A friend of my dad used to burn games onto disks and give them to people as presents. I had a weird issue where sometimes the level would go invisible, floors and walls would go transparent, but a reset always fixed it

Автор Javer Beech ( назад)
I find making things for free so people can enjoy more satisfying. Byond taught me that

Автор Chris Watson ( назад)
*Did I really just get a ad about women talking about yeast infections?*

Автор Nif Nixo ( назад)
I actually did play a pirated version of Spyro 3 as kid.
Back in the day, i always wondered why the heck the game would crash on the final boss.. and then later return to the very start.

Well, i be damned, i only found out 10 years later.

Автор BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india ( назад)
i forget which game. but the devs tried to do this. and failed horrid bad. even people who knew the reason of the error would post pictures of the game with reseat <---- some fat fuck 12 year old will correct my spelling of that. with the game, and proof of this and that would be accused of pirating the game. this was back in 2008-2009 so anyone who remembers this game post it down below. im 80% sure it wasnt shown in the video but i couldve missed it.

Автор Gammareign ( назад)
Apparently, the best way to pirate something is to run a piece of software before the pirated titled which modifies the pirated title.

Автор Luis Vilca ( назад)
Here in my country piracy is actually encouraged even in university, telling you that since is expensive get a certain program so get one for a cheaper price. In other words you pay for the pirates version.

Автор huy pham ( назад)
i never pay to play a game on pc. it's stupid.

Автор huy pham ( назад)
resident evil 5 runs "smoothly" on PC. keke

Автор The Main Duck ( назад)
Lmao cant wait to pirate andromeda.

Автор basteagui ( назад)
i played games drunk yeah. i was decent at fps games and in gran turismo i actually won every race while drunk as hell. but i was used to the tracks and i would play often

Автор Cartooniverse ( назад)
If I were to buy every game I ever wanted to try, I'd have to spend thousands of dollars every month.

Автор Mikołaj Błaszczyszyn ( назад)
piracy is NOT stealing. It's copying

Автор Dulgonkids Hein ( назад)
the annoying thing about red alert 2 is that even the version you can get for free in the origin launcher is considered pirated

Автор TheBanana Man ( назад)
Iv'e "pirated" probably over 1000 things, hate on me :)

Автор Bulhakas ( назад)
So "total genius" means something that can be easily disabled by a crack. Got it.

Автор N. K. ( назад)
Well, at the times of PS1 we had no legal games sold in my country, only illegal ones, so the only version of Spyro 3 I could play was pirated. Needless to say, it wasn't the best experience and I was pretty sad

Автор MsLia32 ( назад)
When I was young we would run the same 10 quake levels 100 times.

Автор novato455 ( назад)
Quite clever indeed, the problem is that measures like this motivate pirates even more to crack the game. I think all the titles on this list are already cracked and can be run with no inconveniences.

Автор xWolfy ( назад)
Piracy is not theft, as a pirated game (or any other thing) is not getting stolen, it is getting shared.
Try and claim otherwise.

Автор Desarae Chan ( назад)
What happened to Star Tropics that game had an amazing piracy trick

Автор omglolpower ( назад)
First, these measures are not genious. Just simple jokes. Second, who really experiences it? Regular pirate copy user? No, because they play well made repacks, without any of those "genious measures". Totaly pointless.

Автор sudgeking zero ( назад)
This is why I like RockStar, they rarely do PC ports.

Автор Kenji Asakura ( назад)
Never fuck with the Zone Lab..... else you'll be fucked my Lemmy

Автор DavionXY ( назад)
I still dont get what the squareroot of a fish is.

Автор Crispyhornets18 ( назад)
I tried torrenting RTW back when Creative Assembly and Steam temporarily fucked up the modding system.

Автор Lukeoftheaura ( назад)
or you could get well-made pirate copies that evade the piracy detection.

Автор Lala Boy ( назад)
I'll be downloading the Witcher 3 today (pireted) lol

Автор Wockes ( назад)
0:14 I think I just discovered a new fetish

Автор timbo slice ( назад)
i pirated mirrors edge and finished lol scrub get good

Автор BumOn TheCorner ( назад)
Maybe they need to stop making AAA title that suck and charge out the ass for a game I am lucky to get 20 solid hours of game play from as well as a good story and game play mechanics that doesnt have a DLC already made ready to be launched with the game but no we will wait and sell it separate.

Автор bub yacobozzi ( назад)
So if piracy is wrong, why is Lars Ulrich considered to be such a dick for trying to regulate the shit in the music business?

is there some one who payed for the shitty NO MAN SKY ??? that's why we joint the DARK SIDE of the piracy , no more sshit game in our butt ;-)

Автор Krazymeatball77 ( назад)
The game dev tycoon one was pretty amazing. The people were saying it's bullshit that their game is getting pirated. Lmao they're so stupid.

Автор g68unit ( назад)
What's all this outrage against people who pirate. I would dare to say there isn't hardly a soul on this planet who hasn't pirated something. You mean to tell me you've never downloaded a song? Never watched a movie on some stream site on the internet? I'm not buying it.

Автор guns ( назад)
Honestly I think the way alot of games are made these days just encourages piracy. Here are a few examples

1. Need to be connected online to play even for single player WTF
2. Overpriced games, particular that are very old, games no longer for sale.
3. Overpriced DLC alot of which should of been in the game in the first place (pay to unlocks and day 1 DLC included)
4. Crap like confirmation, DRM and Anti piracy annoyances (Ironic I know)
5. Games rarely finished at released so you have to wait for patches down the road (well spent money there)
6. On PC needing to sign up and in to different places to buy and play different games you own, places like Steam , Origin , UPlay, Microsoft store etc ( not the biggest deal but still annoying) .


They keep forcing this kind of crap on players so Ironically of course its going to encourage piracy. Also remember when Microsoft were going to not allow people to play pre owned games on XBOX ONE ? If they could of got away with that they would of done it.

Автор fright fulpath ( назад)
allow me to begin by saying: the spyro delete save did not happen in my ps1

Автор Damian Holder ( назад)
IMO, i have done this countless times. Where i get my games in the bottom of each games info it says support the devs if u like the game. I don't consider it stealing if most games don't allow multiplayer because it's cracked. I download the games purely to see if i like it and i still pay real money for games when im working. Also downloading a pirate copy has all dlc already installed. I don't like paying extra for a little bit of extra stuff which i feel should be included in the game. If the games weren't so expensive in my country i would gladly buy each game but devs can't be trusted. I remember, back when xbox one launched many games were broken and unfinished and gta 5 came out there were so much updates(clearly meaning the games not done). So excuse me if I feel the need to pirate a game if i really want it. South africa is in such a shit storm with unemployment and our currency being so extremely terrible and almost all games are from USA the exchange rate for a 60$ game is 1200rand and some people dont even earn that in a month. Thats why alot of people turn to piracy. That's just my opinion. Most people work hard just to afford a console because having a pc to play these new releases are too beefy for the PCs we are limited to build due to a i7 cpu costing over 10000rand and a gtx1080 over 5000rand and a 32gig stick of ram costs about 2000rand so u are looking at a pc nearly 20k in my currency thats why alot of games get pirated coz most of us are too broke after getting that beefy pc or console which cost me 8k to purchase and i had to save up for months before i could buy it.

Автор Albert Fitzgerald ( назад)
Holy shit the Witcher 2 one would have gotten me so bad. My confusion would have almost immediately given way to terror.

Автор DEL 1337 ( назад)
2000 Pirates down voted.

Автор Fanficologist ( назад)
i have the money but not the bank account to pay for the game :(
I just wish Steam can have some kind of medium for players in other countries to buy their games. As of now i have to rely on G2A, which is risky af, and i can't join the community because i didn't buy the game directly. It's so frustrating.

Автор Butcher Bay ( назад)
Never haved problems in that games i pirate - maybe becouse i wayt year to by all DLC and latest patch and crack

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