How We Know The Earth Isn’t Flat

Rapper B.O.B thinks the earth is flat, but how do we know it isn’t?

Why Are There So Many Conspiracy Theories? ►►►►
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Flat-Earthers are back: 'It’s almost like the beginning of a new religion'
“YouTube user TigerDan925 shocked his 26,000 followers recently by conceding a shocking point: Antarctica is a continent. It’s not, as he previously thought, an ice wall that encircles the flat disc of land and water we call earth.”

When I stand at the water's edge and look out over the ocean, how far away is the horizon?
“One of the funniest things about the ocean is the fact that its surface is curved. We tend to think about water forming large flat sheets, but the surface of a large body of water is not actually flat at all -- it follows the curvature of the Earth.”

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Длительность: 4:24
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It is next to impossible to have a conversation when my posts disappear from this thread in minutes - and here we are supposedly discussing ''Earth is a sphere - Few Proofs for the Flat Earth Society''. Since I'm NOT a member of any 'Flat Earth Society'' I do give credit to the common sense idea of sea level, the Earth being basically flat because of sea level as the reality, worldwide. So, yes I resist erosion of basic data obtained by honest surveys for centuries and yes, I resist and am wide awake to the dozens, even hundreds of laughable examples of edited 'space industry' fakery - though, it seems, you are not suspicious of fakery at all an are an unsuspecting and wholesale consumer of everything - even from ''moon walks'', to bubbles in ''space walks'', to cables attached to clearly edited versions of astronots in 'low gravity conditions' within the ISS, highly edited 'pictures of Earth from outer space', the usual nonsense interviews with 'space travelling' individuals and hundreds if not a thousand other serious problems associated with the myth of 'space travel' - not least the total lack of published, measured proofs of 'earth curvature' anywhere in the 'ball earth' literature itself. At what point is dogma recognised for what it is in these areas of research ? I do not doubt that otherwise intelligent men have careers in 'science' (so-called) who realise what ''ball earth'' and the space industry really represent and have represented for as long as the 'space industry' has existed as a form of entertainment - perhaps the greatest threat yet known against the scientific method itself.

AdappleAdapple (12 часов назад)
The earth is flat. Don't listen to people who have been around the world, or actually study it. Listen to a YouTube commenter with no actual credibility.

One Stop DesignOne Stop Design (17 часов назад)
Tired of the watch a ship disappear on the horizon argument. Nothing disappears period. Not if you have a pair of binoculars.

mike wademike wade (8 часов назад)
One Stop Design It's never been proven that a ship only disappears due to perspective.

Disciples of Jesus ChristDisciples of Jesus Christ (20 часов назад)

mike wademike wade (8 часов назад)
Disciples of Jesus Christ WATER ON A SPINNING BALL ,really!
Now what has that got to do with the earth?

mike wademike wade (8 часов назад)
Disciples of Jesus Christ You just proved that you don't know shit.

''Earth looks flat'' - in fact its surface IS flat (sea level etc - which is nearly 2/3rd's of Earth's surface, right ? ) and ships are always anchored the right way up - even in Australia. There in the port. The ports of all countries on Earth including Australia are themselves located at sea LEVEL and sea itself is LEVEL. The young people of this world are starting to realise the science fiction of Ball Earth. They know BALL EARTH has had lots of frauds, CGI fakery, science fiction and they are today not so stupid as in the past - - they can see BALL EARTH has always been filled with fakery, CGI, dogmas and nonsense equations and they are learning there are ZERO measured proofs of a single example of 'earth curvature'. Which is a strange fact but one they are aware of. Which is why no proofs of 'earth curvature' are on the whole of the internet.

Mike Wade,

Here you ''hit the nail on the head''. Surveying itself is tending to ignore sea level as the principal data point. See what dogma does to centuries of well done surveys of real ''sea level as the basic starting point of cartographic heights above sea level ? But the Galileo/Copernicus dogma is the destroyer of that scientific method and wishes to destroy reality itself - replacing it with proofless dogmas and measurements never really made anywhere. We know that agenda is well underway across whole areas of surveying and it's fake science carried out for the price of a meal ticket. The scientific method is resisted against ''ball earthers'' because such dogmas are answered by requests, requirements and demands for real proofs, real measurements, really published facts, replicated models and vindications (if any) of ''earth curvature'. 'Ball earth' offers NONE, NOT ONE of these things.

mike wademike wade (8 часов назад)
MS ARROWROOT "LEVEL". meaning distance from center.
Not what you think it means.

Jet LiJet Li (1 день назад)
CHL (Cool Hard Logic) just banned me for asking him to watch a simple video.
That really says something about him. He can't debunk the video :
"The NASA Top Ten Crossed Wires" video by channel "ThePottersClay"

Slick PeterSlick Peter (1 день назад)
zoom into ship right after the whole ship disappears AND YOU WILL SEE THE WHOLE SHIP

MrVicious69rMrVicious69r (1 день назад)
one thing I can't stand about these Flat Earth people is the fact that they always say that any video that doesn't support their hypothesis is fake but any video that does is completely real that makes absolutely no sense

DisablerDisabler (2 дня назад)
Who else came here to watch the round earthers make complete fool of themselves?

DisablerDisabler (1 день назад)
Come on dont be like that..

John TobinJohn Tobin (1 день назад)
I guess we're back to my original comment then. You clearly need to grow up. When you do, i hope you will develop an appreciation for (and an actual *sense of* ) humor yourself.

DisablerDisabler (1 день назад)
Relax old man you forgot your sense of humor already?

John TobinJohn Tobin (1 день назад)
What?? Come on, you must be joking again, surely? There is no "age limit" on internet comments sections, bud. If you don't realize that on any given day, you are interacting with people here of literally *all* ages, you must be very new here yourself!

DisablerDisabler (1 день назад)
Whats strange is meeting a 50 yr old in the comment section..

Nancy McDougallNancy McDougall (2 дня назад)
Common sense (such as sunsets and sunrises) tells us the earth is not flat; however, bringing 9/11 into the conversation (debunking it was an inside job) was a little annoying because I live in NY and saw the EARLY news with the first responders - when a bomb went off in the basement before a plane hit the building.

Ed zzzEd zzz (2 дня назад)
this guys getting paid alot of fucking money to spew diarrhea outa his mouth ahahaha at the end he says no1 knew 911 was going to happen there is so much proof it was planned in the 70's to blow up the towers. earth is flat and we never went to the moon rofl

chivalryalivechivalryalive (2 дня назад)
Curious... What is the average education level of the common flat-earther?

chivalryalivechivalryalive (1 день назад)
Okay. Thanks! Take care. :-)

John TobinJohn Tobin (2 дня назад)
Home-schooled, apparently. Does that even *count* as an "education level"??

Although there may be some *other* reason to abandon logic, science, and reality (not sure what that reason would be?), the majority of those who truly *say* they think the Earth is flat seem to do son only because of some twisted religious indoctrination. This indoctrination "requires" them to interpret their bible as containing an "authoritative" statement that the Earth is flat. Such devotion to religious dogma over facts generally is inflicted on people in a home-schooling situation, sadly.

Lorem IpsumLorem Ipsum (2 дня назад)
So, part of the evidence of the Earth being a sphere is that it curves slightly with ships 'sinking' into the horizon? How does that disprove flat Earth exactly? All you've done is just allow flat Earthers to say that it's not a perfectly flat pancake.

elgandos2elgandos2 (2 дня назад)
Lorem Ipsum That would be true if you were talking about something on land. Why would water curve on a Flat Earth? They may be stupid, but I think most of them aren't quite that stupid.

Carl HopkinsCarl Hopkins (2 дня назад)

Hawken SamuraiHawken Samurai (2 дня назад)
''None of these are proofs. It's all flawed thinking and thus no math is even involved'' - Cody Hubert.

In fact every one of them is a proof. One of over 200. For example a lighthouse is so high above the sea it can be seen far, far, from where the ball earth says its light should be below the horizon of a 'ball earth' . Duhhh ! Do you not comprehend this ? Then, you are using the FACT of the height of the lighthouse and the distance at which the supposed ''curvature of earth' is at its highest - midway from the one who sees the light at great distance.

How can you say 'no math is involved' ???? Are you silly ? Were you thrown out of your school ?

More importantly, where is you refutation of the literally hundreds of proofs given in that book ? Nowhere. Ball earthers complain but prove NOTHING. It's always the same. '''BALL EARTH''' IS A FAILED DOGMA. IT IS A DEAD DUCK ! IT'S SCIENCE FICTION FOR KIDS.

OrthaniusOrthanius (1 день назад)
*+Hawken Samurai*
Then why can I clearly see Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn with my telescope?

Hawken SamuraiHawken Samurai (2 дня назад)
+Orthanius hahaaa good that what they show you there's nothing out there except for the sun and moon

OrthaniusOrthanius (2 дня назад)
*+Hawken Samurai*
Why are the other planets spheres?
Do you not think that satellites exist?

Donkey KongDonkey Kong (2 дня назад)
This video is a fucking joke lol

Alex RodAlex Rod (3 дня назад)
lmao , im not convinced , get a zoom camera and try the whole ship horizon thing again

John TobinJohn Tobin (1 день назад)
You've obviously *never* taken your own advice on that! If you had, you would know there is a limited amount of extra distance for which that ship (or object) may still be seen, due to the well-established, well-documented, and well-understood phenomenon of atmospheric refraction of the light near the surface of a body of water.

But even with that zoom lens allowing you to see the ship for several miles longer than "normal", eventually it will *STILL* sink below the curve of the horizon. A zoom lens is not a magic device which somehow negates the curvature of the Earth! Try it yourself for real sometime, and report back to us, OK?

Lois GillettLois Gillett (3 дня назад)
flat earth believers,

comment, i dare you

Steve MSteve M (3 дня назад)
prove me wrong fraud!!!!

ToxicNitroXPToxicNitroXP (3 дня назад)
I'm having this fucking argument with this idiot in nextraker video that he thinks the Earth the is flat, God that guy is stupid, so I wanna give him the link of this video.

Steve MSteve M (3 дня назад)
I urge everyone to question everything this propagandaist says....Bush senior killed Kennedy....not litterly but was the Mastermind......Bush senior denies being in Dallas on the day Kennedy was killed....But unfortunately technics used to convict ordinary civilians were used to prove Bush Senior was standing in front of the school book depository....if it is not good enough to prove it was Bush....alot of people need to be released immediately.....Bush Senior is a was criminal.... Traitor....and should be charged with treason...also his Son ..Rumsfeld... Cheney..., Clinton...both...... everyone who was involved with the drafting and implementation of the project for a new american century....this fraud is done!!!!!!!!

Steve MSteve M (3 дня назад)
Debunk that Thermite...Nano Thermite.......sorry....Nano Thermate since sulfer was added to make it cut through steel quicker than Thermite....Now tell your audience how microspheres from Thermite were found In every sample of wtc dust.....which means that it was molton and cooled before it came into contact with anything.... explain how and why there was molton metal being taken out of ground zero months after the collapses...... explain why the gold vaults were empty when they got to them.... explain why a dump truck filled with gold was abanded when it got stuck under a girder..... explain why steel from the crime was immediately sold for scrap without testing at all....NONE!!!!!!!! Unfollow ..... Unsubscribe from this propagandaist of the CIA who gets paid to mislead the public... Because he has over 2 million subscribers make this fake actually state what he believes..... if he does not he is a not let frauds who do not state facts they believe ever convince you of anything....that is the clearest sign that they are fake....Make this fraud debate me on live TV that is not controlled by the CIA.....I urge all to unsubscribe to this fraud...but you are free to do as you choose.....

Hailie PoggenpoelHailie Poggenpoel (4 дня назад)
* looks at title * finally someone can tell those idiots who thought the earth was flat that the the earth is not flat, nor a perfect sphere, but it is not flat


Crowds of people have started queing in Southampton, a major shipping port in England, where large passenger ships such as ''Queen Elizabeth'' and ''Queen Mary'' used to start their ocean cruises - even sailing to New York and as far away as Sydney, Australia. Our roving reporter has discovered a new travel agent in the town is advertising and selling cruises to Australia which give each passenger customer a signed and sealed picture approved by NASA of their cruise ship upside down, taken from ''outer space'', as they and their ship arrive in Sydney Harbour. This novel idea has been approved by the Ball Earth Society as '''total proof that the Earth IS a ball''. Those who disagree are laughing at the stupidity of science fiction.

Steve MSteve M (4 дня назад)
This man is a fraud and do not listen to a word he says until he proves anything I say that is inaccurate or wrong and can prove it. I am a fortune teller and I predict a lot of silence by this fraud...oh yeah.... don't forget to ask this fraud if NASA uses a green screen to convince the public they are in space....all they are doing is hanging upside down to pretend they are weightless using that I said it I urge everyone to look into what I said about NASA yourself and I am sure it will be easy to see....DEMAND THIS FRAUD RESPOND TO WHAT I SAID BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO ANOTHER WORD HE SAYS....

Steve MSteve M (4 дня назад)
make this imposter who is 💯% part of the propaganda that the CIA has been brainwashing Americans. Force him to state facts about 9/11 that prove the people who said that 9/11 was a crime by Bush... Cheney... Rumsfeld....Bush senior...bankers...... Bush senior was the Mastermind of the JFK killing..., JFK was killed because he denied Operation Northwood...The Bush family and other investors lost rights to land to drill for oil in Cuba because of Fidel Castro....Bush and company paid a puppet government in Cuba for exclusive rights to drill for oil on 2 million acres...half the island...Fidel reduced it to 2,000 acres....he still tried to make it right but the greedy assholes ...Bush and co. ....said no and came up with operation Northwood.....I urge everyone to look up Operation Northwood and tell me if anything sounds familiar.... Kennedy was the last person who stood up against these prostitutes..We all know the shot that killed Kennedy came from the sewer not the grassy knoll.... which is why his head went back and to the left....the CIA cut sections out of the film that everyone knows.... That shows the car that Kennedy was in stopped so " the secret service could get in" ....but that was a lie....there was a white mark painted on the sidewalk that was a mark so the driver knew where to stop to assure there was a clean headshot....there were four stages in which shots were fired that killed Kennedy... Oswald was never anything more than a fall guy...set up by Jack Ruby...The CIA made mistakes and were forced to kill him in public..Do u think I know what I am talking about now u tell me which part of what I said is wrong or inaccurate.... THE GAME IS OVER... CHECKMATE!!!

Steve MSteve M (4 дня назад)
I just lost all respect for this asshole once he said 9/11 conspiracies...I challenge this douche to a debate on live TV....I take the side that 9/11 was a false flag attack on our own citizens to trick the public to support war in the middle Isreal can expand....they are doing to the middle East what they did to NYC, Los Angles.. already and are doing to Chicago and Detroit now.....That is manufacturing fear so the value of properties drop and then they buy the property cheap....stop the bullshit asshole.....I see treason charges your near future. We are aware that the CIA controls the main stream media and obviously you too....we know the CIA sells drugs to fund covert wars....we know who killed JFK....and why....we know who is responsible for 9/11 ..and why......Bush..... Cheney..... Clinton's...Rumsfeld... project for a New American century....better start getting nervous....The game is over....I suggest you start spending a lot of time in a very small bathroom to get used to what prison is going to be like... people who read this I urge you not to listen to me about what I said...look into it yourself and come to your own conclusions....only people who tell the truth say That!!!!!... people who tell you to watch there videos​ that debunks stuff are clearly trying to make you think a certain way...

boowelshboowelsh (4 дня назад)
If the earth is spinning at 1000mph and we can't feel it because of gravity why do we feel earthquakes? It's natural to believe in what we have been taught since we were old enough to learn. It's hard to believe that we have been lied to but most if not all of the people who taught us didn't know either. Once I took my daughter to the park when she was very young and put her on the roundabout, On her request after a bit of excitement I pushed her a little too much and after a minute or so she asked me to stop. A few minutes after Taking her off she threw up. On a roundabout for a few minutes she threw up! Now imagine a new born baby being spun inside a planet at 1000mph, he or she could not possibly survive and no invisible unproven theory like gravity is going to make one bit of difference. Could the Burj Khalifa stand 2500 ft off the ground without falling over? Could tree branches sit so still that they don't move or a loch be so calm that you can't see a ripple? I'm not a clever guy at all but I'll tell you this, I'm clever enough to know that the earth is not spinning, And if it's not spinning it can't be a sphere, the sun is not 94 million miles away and the moon is not 230 thousand miles away. There's still some great frontiers out there for the brave and you don't need to leave the ground to find them. We are all entitled to believe what we wish.

elgandos2elgandos2 (3 дня назад)
And for the record, 1000 mph is minuscule relative to the size of the Earth. It's really not that much, it only seems that way because we are tiny in comparison.

elgandos2elgandos2 (3 дня назад)
Wow haha. We don't feel the Earth spinning NOT because of gravity, but because it doesn't change it's acceleration, momentum or direction of spin. We feel earthquakes because they cause the surface of the planet to change acceleration, momentum and direction slightly. It's pretty obvious. If you've ever been on a plane, you should have noticed that on a perfectly calm day, you don't feel like you're traveling at 500+ mph. But as soon as you hit some turbulence, you feel movement. You know... because the turbulence causes angular movement? It is that hard to understand?

mesner5xmesner5x (4 дня назад)
I'm just reading through the comments while watching the livefeed from the ISS.

Aqua EunAqua Eun (5 дней назад)

Free SpeechFree Speech (5 дней назад)
EARTH IS ACTUALLY FLAT. It is easy to debunk flat earth bring real globe image without editing. Can they? Nope. They have no way of doing it. Himawari 8 is nice CGI. why? Earth can never be visible in colors from space. Everything will be white or grays in infrared and other spectrum. Then they use filters rgb and mix all. But problem is they can't even produce that. Every globe image is different from other in country border with same size globe dimension shows they all fake everything. Why? May be they do not want people to think earth actually flat. Then all religious nuts go crazy.

Free SpeechFree Speech (1 день назад)
There is no edge. There is many earth pool.

SmolcatSmolcat (1 день назад)
wheres the edge of this flat world then?

Señor RandomSeñor Random (5 дней назад)
Or, you know, If the Earth was flat, we'd all be dead...

PRDibblePRDibble (5 дней назад)
1 : What is the composition of the 'Anti-Moon', what is the mechanism that makes it behave as it does? Why does it occlude the Sun to create eclipses, but not the stars? Are the stars closer than the Sun in this model?
2 : How do flat-earthers explain the mechanism that allows the Sun to be closer than it currently is to the Earth without the inverse square law of energy meaning that either the tropics are a molten hellhole at several thousand degrees, or the arctic is nearly at interplanetary levels of coldness?
3 : How do things like volcanoes work on a flat earth? If there's no molten core to the planet, and no convection pushing it to the surface, where does the Lava come from, and what is the mechanism that pushes it to the surface?
4 : How do tides get created? Is the Flat Earth wobbling, and if so, and if the moon is not acting as shepherd to our axial tilt, why isn't the Earth spinning like a flipped coin from the inertia? And if it *is* spinning like a coin why don't all the oceans fall out much as people would supposedly fall off of Australia on a globe?
5 : Why do planets occasionally precess (appear to go backwards) in their orbit if they are part of the dome, what is the mechanism that causes that? In a global, heliocentric model, it's because the Earth is overtaking the slower outer planets, causing an illusion, what's the explanation in a flat-earth model?
6 : If the moon etc are projections, as some claim, then which prehistoric culture, with their drawings of the moon, developed this technology? How did they develop it?

Science is about more than making claims, it's about describing mechanisms to make the claims valid, so I look forward to reading the replies.

Htx457Htx457 (5 дней назад)
this should be an inspired video for dumbfucks

SirShizukaSirShizuka (5 дней назад)
Assumption: 911 conspiracy theories are wrong. extrapolated assumption(made in the video twice):
911 was not a conspiracy.
So IF 911 was not a conspiracy than means that there was no coordinated organisation whatsoever to make it happen, it just came about by CHANCE! OH! BUT That's JUST LIKE EVOLUTION THEN !!!!!!!! BY freaking chance!!!!! Anybody to believe or even consider else-wise is CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Because if the mainstream media accuses a specific group to conveniently start a convenient war, then just randomly switch group a few times during said war because whatever the dumb people don't give a shit anyway that is now established scientific facts, even if it doesn't make any sense. And Seeker conveniently associates FLAT EARTH with 911 What a surprise! from such an obviously partial biased source.

The real "conspiracy" of flat earth is not that the earth is flat. It is simply used to discredit the word conspiracy, to the point anything vaguely relating to being a conspiracy even if the word is not used is by a certain unaware percentage of people ridiculed because of flat earth even though it is likely completely unrelated.

1 conspiracy theory to rule them all! Only works on close minded / weak-minded people.

gasserdkgasserdk (5 дней назад)
What a bull shit'er
It's such a bad argumentation that he actually makes you think that the world is flat.
"Because science says it's, then it must be round"

mk4vwsmk4vws (6 дней назад)
Wow this guy just regurgitates whatever the government and news says. Ha. Sheep. Just because you believe in what you're saying and heard it from a news source or whatever doesn't mean it true. Besides have YOU actually did any experiments yourself or just take what you hear and believe it? Why are people like you so quick to discredit "conspiracy theorist"? Because the government and news discredit them to avoid waking people up. With technology nowadays it's way too easy in the right hands to use effectively. Anything is possible yet depending on the source you'll believe anything then discredit and mock people that believe in something different? Who's to say what you believe in is right?? Ha

Niva RuvioNiva Ruvio (6 дней назад)
One of the dumbest individuals with the worst supposed proof that clearly knows absolutely nothing in fact because he thinks he has such knowledge I would say he actually knows less than nothing since all his knowledge is complete nonsense. Now why do I even care you ask? Based on views this moron is spreading and attempting to reinforce bullshit concepts and theories and debunk truths with lies all of which are leading the human race on the fast track to extinction which of course is the intended purpose for the deception. If we cannot do something about morons like this it will be nearly impossible to alter the course we are on and that is why I am afraid there is no hope left for us. Most are too retarded to see the truth if you slapped them in the face with it, too stupid to comprehend the real facts and too lazy to seek answers themselves and would rather just believe what some other idiot was told by another idiot and so on even when what they are told is often times so ridiculous it makes you wonder how they could believe it to begin with. Well nice knowing you all its been fun.

iulian anituleseiiulian anitulesei (6 дней назад)
Massive fail. MASSIVE ! You, my friend, need to do A LOT of research on a subject you know nothing of. Here, this is an advice. If you want to prove the Earth is a spinning globe, prove that oceans surface bends because of gravity. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Show us the experiment that PROVES that gravity bends oceans surfaces. Should be easy, isn't it?

VæringjarVæringjar (6 дней назад)
iulian anitulesei how do you propose we simulate the mass of earth on earth?... what you could do instead is watch the night sky and the do some simple deductive reasoning to at least prove the earth isn't flat.

neo 2011neo 2011 (6 дней назад)
so how u explained a nikon camera zoom at the ocean to see a full image of a ship,in 30km away??? ball-tard,how come water can be bent?? r u serious? pls use ur brain n ur heart.

Sarkastik LeaderSarkastik Leader (6 дней назад)
If FEs only believe what they see, how many of them, believe in god?

elgandos2elgandos2 (2 дня назад)
Sarkastik Leader Shhhh... that paradox might make their heads explode

Leslee O'nealLeslee O'neal (6 дней назад)
flat earthers are those bums who cant get accepted by nasa or by other organization that promotes science and research like those group of scientist going at the antarctic. after they get rejected they suddenly made this stupid arguments showing no evidence of there claim but just made up videos on youtube. my god. flat earths has no chance. none of them are even spending billions, millions, thousands or even hundred of dollars to back up their theories yah theories!

John KvarnstromJohn Kvarnstrom (6 дней назад)
myopic wow. I have more math education then everyobe on this site. the earth is definatley not a sphere

Bradley CoffmanBradley Coffman (6 дней назад)
+John Kvarnstrom
Why are the other planets spheres?

John KvarnstromJohn Kvarnstrom (6 дней назад)
prove is a sphere. you cant

peavey2787peavey2787 (6 дней назад)
Both Flat and Round Earth models have holes in them. It doesn't matter what the shape of the Earth actually turns out to be. What does matter is that there is enough evidence to see that we have been lied to about the size/shape of the Earth one way or another. "They", those in power, keep us fighting over the details to keep us busy.
We need to stop arguing over the details, and come together to demand answers from "them", those in power.

1. Why can we see objects from a distance that should be mathematically impossible to see if there is a curvature in the Earth?
2. Explain why they concluded that Kansas is literally flatter than a pancake, if we are on a ball.
3. Create a model of the Round Earth. A ball that has water stuck to it, then spin said ball really fast and throw it through the air with the water stuck on it.
4. Why are there pictures showing the sun's rays going in different directions through clouds if it is so far away?
5. Show me a video of a shadow going around an object in the south pole at a full 360 degrees.
6. Why is there an interview of Admiral Byrd saying that there is a land mass beyond the south pole that is about the size of the U.S. that is undiscovered?
7. Lake Baikal in the south of Siberia is not only the oldest and deepest lake in the world, but during colder months it freezes and forms one of the flattest surfaces on Earth. Why is there no curvature here?
8. Explain the numerous Emergency flight landings, and lack of flight paths in the Southern Hemisphere, that only make sense on a Flat Earth.

1. Electro-magnetism exists because our earth has a north and south magnetic pole created by the spinning core of iron at the center of our earth. The magnetic field lines flow north to south which in turn generate electric fields which protects the earth from the suns radiation
2. Explain how the star's in the north and south spin in opposite directions, around two different points. On a flat Earth, all of the stars would spin in the same direction everywhere around one point, not to mention be visible from everywhere.
3. The reason we can see objects that should be mathematically impossible to see is due to refraction. (This sounds like a rare occurrence, but how come people can recreate this at any given moment?)
4. The shadow of the Earth on the Moon is elliptical so we must be a ball.
5. The triple-right triangle:
You move in a straight line for a long enough distance
Turn right 90° degrees, walk in that same direction for the same distance
Turn again to the right 90° degrees and walk again the same distance
After this you'll end up at the starting point. This is not possible on a flat surface since you'd just be "drawing" a half-finished square.

King Fred IIKing Fred II (6 дней назад)
The flat earth theory is nothing but a psyop. The flat earth society may have existed for nearly a century, its popularity is less than a decade old. Why? Because more and more people woke up to the fact that we are lied to by the government. 9/11 is just one example of many. So what did the government do? They fed us this flat earth crap, hoping we'd fall for it. And indeed many truthers fell for it. And now the government can say: "See? The people who say that 9/11 was an inside job are the same idiots who say the earth is flat!" The fact that you compared us (truthers) to flatties proves me right.

Tony JonesTony Jones (6 дней назад)
the earth is square shaped

Yes folks - It's hard to believe some people still believe in ''ball earth'', moon landings, satellites, polityicians and gravity with curved oceans hugging a spinning 'ball earth'' here in the early 21st century. But each individual has had his education, his upbringing and his opinions and each is entitled to believe his own religion even if it is what he believes about the physical world. Provided he causes no loss or harm to others. Let him/her who confesses that ''ball earthism'' is his/her religion and we can and should give it respect - even if we strongly disagree with it. But let ''ball earthism'' be described as 'science' and taught to the exclusion of everything but itself and we as grown men and women must laugh these intolerant fools out of existence for their dogmatic attitudes, their fakery, their exaggerations, their gross ignorance, their undeniable scepticism and their dirty minds and words. For, by their fruits we will know them and there is no truth that shall remain hidden or unknown.

rbtreerbtree (6 дней назад)
Well done, Seeker. It's so simple to destroy FE kooky nonsense with a few factual observations.

nacrtaninacrtani (7 дней назад)
Bottom first? Can't see the whole mountain? Must be behind the curve. Check Atmospheric lensing effect.

S JonesS Jones (7 дней назад)
The dude look like he suck lots of monkeys balls along with all these people who believe they came from monkeys lol

BlackZero RsBlackZero Rs (7 дней назад)
Seeker, how many cash you get to say such stupidity that the Earth is a Ball? Embarrassing for you! You are a traitor to the human race! Get the fucking money and buy binoculars and put your fucking eyes on it and find out where is the ship, you waste of skin! When the ship completely disappear from your point of view, just zoom in with that fucking camera and there he goes in full sight! No fucking curvature!

Go away GoogleGo away Google (7 дней назад)
BlackZero Rs can you provide a video of someone bringing the sun back into view by zooming on it after its set?

BlackZero RsBlackZero Rs (7 дней назад)
Go away Google Yes, you can do it, but not for lon time, because the sun travelling more faster.

Go away GoogleGo away Google (7 дней назад)
BlackZero Rs so you can do the same thing with the sun, right?

Diego A. SchwadererDiego A. Schwaderer (7 дней назад)
if its so obvious ... why explain it?... if the earth is round.. show me a actual photo or video showing the whole earth spinning in real time... if its real u must have a video... 2nd.. if its so obvious.. why u even mention that people think the earth is flat? i dont see people making videos about why the earth is or is not a square.. and last of all.. what makes you think that the earth picture u post as an actual picture of the earth is real? is not... investigate a little... you try to sound smart and funny.. and you are funny ...think about it

SmolcatSmolcat (1 день назад)
so you think the world is flat?

Diego A. SchwadererDiego A. Schwaderer (5 дней назад)
more cgi please... ask yourself this.. if u live in a round world.. why all technologies are based on a flat earth.. even aeronautics and termodynamics.. is in read more please

Go away GoogleGo away Google (7 дней назад)
Diego A. Schwaderer for pictures, look at the dscovr epic or the himiwari 8
For video, look at the ISS live footage.

madelyn jaymadelyn jay (7 дней назад)
but the catholic church said it was flat! oh yeah, they changed their mind on that, nevermind! 👍😄

B GB G (7 дней назад)
Retarded video

Milos BadarevicMilos Badarevic (8 дней назад)
now, I watched whole video, carefully. Good video. You have really good reasons for a globe. Logical. But not enough. Tell me globers, why is moon shine cold? is it normal?

''Apples and oranges'' - the old trick. Ask a ball earther for proof of ''earth curvature'' from actual, witnessed, published, map referenced measurements of so-called ''earth curvature'' and the ball earthers will never answer with any such proof/s. It never fails.

SmolcatSmolcat (1 день назад)
that, is the worst argument I've heard thus far. you can't expect things to be upside down if you take a photo from space as the earth will always be below you. in order to see something upside down, you will have to take the picture upside down. also take into account the fact that you can't even see Sydney from EU/NA.

I'll repeat, show me the edge of the earth.

And you know, right ? You are going to show us photographs taken from outer space of ships upside down from our perspective that are anchored in, for example, Sydney Harbour, Australia ? No - you can't - there are thousands of pictures anchored in the port of Sydney, Australia online and NONE of them are 'upside down' relative to us in Europe and North America. That means the 'ball earth' is scamming you and has always been scamming you. That means the sea is level in every port of the Earth and that the sea is level in the port of Sydney, Australia, and that ships photographed there from above are NOT upside down, even if taken from a satellite.

Can you comprehend such common sense ?????????

SmolcatSmolcat (1 день назад)
ask flat earthers where the edge of the earth is and they will never answer with any proof.

when do we get the first documented proof of earth curvature ???

fiesta aribafiesta ariba (8 дней назад)
ask your self this why would all world governments lie about the same thing lmao? would countries like north korea not be spreading that we lying above earth being round. Seriosuly countries can hardly agree on anything yet they all agree yeah earths flat but lets tell them its round :D

blossomowlblossomowl (8 дней назад)
IT IS FLAT proof is - airplane route

Christian LapeChristian Lape (8 дней назад)
Hey seeker, did you actually take the time to debunk your own lie in the first two minutes? with ships and the horizon. grab a camera with a high powered zoom and look for yourself.

angela gillangela gill (9 дней назад)
And why are all the encampments and the like on one side.. Wouldnt it be more adventageous for some to be spread to opposite ends of Anartica to test varying differences in the continent and its geographical makeup? Thats a lot of world interest to be isolated to one side after all these years. Things that make you go mmm?

SpindexterSpindexter (9 дней назад)
flat earther logic: someone said something a long time ago therefore it is true

angela gillangela gill (9 дней назад)
Hypothesis have to be tested and tried through experiment and data collection.. Whats the big deal. An additional ? With all the nations represented at Anartica, what route does ALL the planes take to get there? with all the technology of today they should of crossed it by now with camera crews waiting on the other side to document this achievement. just thought it was odd

angela gillangela gill (9 дней назад)
If the "hypothesis" of the world as a sphere is as irrevocable, undeniable and without flaw as thought then why waste your time defending that factual truth if it is unchangeable. And also further concerning yourself to such great lengths that someone else has a different idea. Let them sail around, hike across or fly over Anartica. The truth will bear itself out and stand alone like it always does.

angela gillangela gill (9 дней назад)
Name me one person that has sailed around, hiked across, or flew over Anartica.

How many ball earth ''proofs'' were there before the 20th century ?

a. Millions
b. A few thousand
c. None


the compass is used today by ball earthers. But astrolabes are far more ancient.

HUNteReconHUNteRecon (8 дней назад)
Also how you doing with the compass?

HUNteReconHUNteRecon (8 дней назад)
1, 640*480 pixel normal lens camera with VGA sensor
2, Launched from French Guyana with a Vega VV01 type rocket
3 and 4, It could not make a whole picture from low earth orbit and you can see that it wasn't using fish eye lenses. Fish eye lenses distort the edges of the picture but there are picture with only showing the earth without the edges and there is no distortion, also there are pictures featuring "lens flare" and you can see that the light beams are perfectly straight from edge to edge. I don't have evidence that the pictures whether are edited or not but neither you and just saying that they are edited doesn't make them edited.

1. What camera did NASAT 1 use ?
2. How was MASAT 1 launched ?
3. MASAT 1 never took a single image of the whole Earth - correct ?
4. A fish eye lens was obviously being used to give fake curvature to the Earth from MASAT 1 - whether the editing was done by others or not

nimbus 9nimbus 9 (10 дней назад)
The earth is an oblate sphere or pear shaped like science says why the hell is it perfectly round in all nasa photos?

Go away GoogleGo away Google (7 дней назад)
nimbus 9 the earth is only "oblate" because it's equatorial diameter is 1/3 of 1% longer than its polar diameter. Aka not big enough to see on camera. And it's "bulge" in the Southern Hemisphere is even smaller, its surface area is only ~1km bigger than the northern hemisphere.

nimbus 9nimbus 9 (9 дней назад)
It is not a pear like neil said and i see no bulge like he says .To me what he says i should see and i see none of it.

HUNteReconHUNteRecon (10 дней назад)
It is not perfectly round in Nasa photos.

Sean C. RothschildSean C. Rothschild (10 дней назад)
So, is a globe…just because?.. 911 was as they say/…, BCAUSE?…sigh…

Go away GoogleGo away Google (10 дней назад)
earth is a globe because of the reasons stated in the video bro, among other things. You watched it right?

charliej watsoncharliej watson (11 дней назад)
Boats don't go 'round a curve' they just go out of view, zoom in with a camera and you'll see

Go away GoogleGo away Google (10 дней назад)
So you can do the same thing with the sun, right?

Larry ScottLarry Scott (11 дней назад)
21st century and they felt the need to do discuss FE?

What a sad and pathetic bunch the FE are.

Shame on this guy for even acknowledging FE.

We really just need to avoid all FE and let them chat amongst themselves. That way they be the smartest ones in the room. A room full of FE.

EchoEcho (11 дней назад)
Why are you spreading the lie when Earth is actually kidney shaped 1 dimensional string with

Ames AmesAmes Ames (11 дней назад)
we are not living on a Globe or on a flat plate. we are living inside a computer system.. we are inside. and you know what ? nobody can get out.. there is no way out of here. we are especial. when you die, your soul automatically travel outside and find your original body on the outside.. that's our only way out of this place.. beautiful isn't it?
there is a civilization out there. and the man is waiting for us.. so pick up your cell phone and contact keanu reevs.. welcome to the matrix..

Creeper1764 MainCreeper1764 Main (11 дней назад)
the reason why the earth looks flat is because its not perfectly round.

Creeper1764 MainCreeper1764 Main (11 дней назад)
but people will now theorize that this is a government cover up.

Sam SalemSam Salem (11 дней назад)
Earth is a parallelogram.

Domomonster oDomomonster o (11 дней назад)
you would think that if you were in the public eye, you would think or do at the very least an hour of research before saying something sooooo dumb. sorry B.O.B. but you are now categorized with idiots like the moron celebs that think vaccines are useless. must be all the polio and smallpox going around to make them think that.

Ebon CollinsEbon Collins (11 дней назад)
I don't care about flat earth Society

Ebon CollinsEbon Collins (11 дней назад)
It curves as it goes into the horizon, and the horizon curves just as much to the left and right. Cause it is a ball right? So I should see more water on one side compared to the other side. Or is it a tube?

Orange Is The New BlackOrange Is The New Black (11 дней назад)
*If the earth is ball shaped then how do people not fall off the bottom

Jason.AJason.A (11 дней назад)
retarded: The earth is a sphere

normal: its flat

WOKE OMNIPOTENT GENIUS: there is no earth.

Justin HadaschJustin Hadasch (12 дней назад)
Why are people even questioning this? Just go around the world and you will end where you started

Slobodni AteistaSlobodni Ateista (12 дней назад)

Tuxedo CamTuxedo Cam (12 дней назад)
Flat earth people: its flat look at it!
-shows not even a quarter of the planet-
Flat earth people: see its flat!
Me: or you know it's just really Fucking big

Jesse GandyJesse Gandy (12 дней назад)
Flat-earth people frustrate me for some reason. I take it personally but I know I shouldn't.

Eirik MortensenEirik Mortensen (12 дней назад)

Jeff BeckJeff Beck (13 дней назад)
Miles squared times 2/3 = amount of drop for that number of miles.
1 mile = 8" drop. 2 miles = 32" drop. 3 miles = 6 ft drop. 4 miles = 10 ft drop.
This is based on NASA's own radius of the earth at 3,959 miles, per NASA.

Khori J. FrazierKhori J. Frazier (13 дней назад)
some of you look at the flat earhers as dumb or stupid or whatever. However, I think it's important to have such a difference in thought and thought processes.. even if it confuses you. In fact if it confuses you, It's great because it makes you question the subject even further. I think it's important we look at as many tangible bits of the spectrum as possible. And often times that means taking your brain on a trip to an unknown, unsettling, and unfamiliar place. Only then can you find TRUE knowledge

Go away GoogleGo away Google (11 дней назад)
Of course questioning things is important, especially of things we take for granted. I fully support the idea that we should remain skeptical of everything we are told is true, within reason of course.
However, the problem with true, dedicated flat-earthers is that they're not actually using critical thinking to discover the truth. They're just being contrarians, who blindly deny any and all evidence that supports the main-stream narrative, under the assumption that everything told by mainstream scientists must be a lie. They will deny any evidence that contradicts with their beliefs, that's the definition of delusion.

you are an idiot. Simpleton

Mr HerculeMr Hercule (13 дней назад)
The earth is a fucking triangle stupid retards and the sun is the eye the moon is fake use your fucking brain retards.

Lucy McGinnLucy McGinn (13 дней назад)
This guy really didn't do enough research

Ric TabRic Tab (14 дней назад)
ok so u have been debunked if you have a strong enough telescope you can see a ship after it past the horizon perfectly fine. also you used a earth pic from nasa thinking it's actually real. when nasa themselves said it was photo shopped not to mention everyone they ever put out.

Super TravellerSuper Traveller (14 дней назад)
retard alert!

Horace NerfHorace Nerf (15 дней назад)
govt shill, 911 CD

TupacTupac (15 дней назад)
The Earth is Flat.

smacKGamingsmacKGaming (15 дней назад)
omg this guy is idiot....,!!!wake up people research dont listen this lies

nikolygtxnikolygtx (15 дней назад)
what's funny for..- 9.11- an plane from lightweight metal goes in concrete and steel like 1m nearly indestructible structure , like knife in the butter.

VampeVampe (15 дней назад)
All the flat-earthers are going to tell you is "research more".

kokoy balingitkokoy balingit (16 дней назад)
LOL 4K dislikes the video. People aren't as dumb as you think. Another ship sailing beyond the horizon proof. WTF... please be better than that old shit. It's flat.

SmolcatSmolcat (1 день назад)
wheres the edge?

Iuliu sIuliu s (16 дней назад)

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