Bitten by a SNAKE! - in VR180

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • *** This is a VR180 video so pop on your Google Cardboard or VR Headset to be totally immersed in our world! No headset? No problem. Move your mobile phone around and catch the total 180 experience! If you're viewing on a mobile device and want to experience the adventure through a VR Headset simply click the headset icon in the bottom righthand side of your screen!***
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    On this episode, we have our FIRST adventure in VR180! How cool is that! Get ready to be completely immersed in our world as Coyote gets bitten by a snake?!

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  • kevin cupid
    kevin cupid Day ago

    3:43 just marking

  • Vegeta beyond blue

    This was the best

  • love XD
    love XD Day ago

    This is so COOL!!!!!

  • Anuar Calixto
    Anuar Calixto 4 days ago


    ILIAFROM GEORGIA 4 days ago

    was accidental that he got bit by the tree boa?

  • Christine Rosales
    Christine Rosales 6 days ago +1

    This is so cool

  • charmedwn
    charmedwn 6 days ago

    This is amazing

  • Rachel
    Rachel 6 days ago

    2020 technology

  • Kalyanavata Sundhararajan

    Who focused on black part video

  • Agi
    Agi 6 days ago

    I thought the ads were VR when they came on.

  • PixelGamer YT
    PixelGamer YT 7 days ago

    Who moved there camera when he says are you ready?

  • Raul Gaming
    Raul Gaming 8 days ago

    Who moved their camera up and down when he said "are you Ready?"

  • CaydenDragon Dollarhide

    When coyote says no sudden movements
    Me - moves ipad

  • Erioch Stomp
    Erioch Stomp 14 days ago +1

    Watching this in VR is amazing. Everything is in 3D and it's just so immersive. I really wish there were more.

  • Lily Anna
    Lily Anna 15 days ago

    You can move you iPad or phone and move it it’ll do it on the screen

  • James Rosas
    James Rosas 15 days ago

    When I was watching this I feel like I'm filming with them

  • Little Link
    Little Link 17 days ago +1


  • Luke Smeby
    Luke Smeby 18 days ago

    Coyote: Hold the camera still.
    Me: *chucks Phone across the room*
    Coyote: Good

  • Liam Russell
    Liam Russell 18 days ago


  • Amber Collins
    Amber Collins 19 days ago


  • Nomun Erdenetsetseg
    Nomun Erdenetsetseg 19 days ago

    3:54 stick almost camera on the right

  • nicolas weekley
    nicolas weekley 24 days ago

    I think that was an annulated tree boa.

  • DeAsia Taylor
    DeAsia Taylor 24 days ago

    Bro deadass dont play about adding me to the crew

  • DeAsia Taylor
    DeAsia Taylor 24 days ago

    I mean are you guys real life hiring...i just wanna travel and love the knowledge lmao

  • MLG 4 life!!
    MLG 4 life!! 25 days ago

    Why u do dat

  • Nixa Army36
    Nixa Army36 25 days ago +1

    Love this video 😍😍😍

  • Gacha ??
    Gacha ?? 26 days ago +1

    Who else thought Mario said his name was Mario the Killer

  • Gacha ??
    Gacha ?? 26 days ago +3

    Coyote : Alright let's head home!
    Mark : Through the mud!?
    Coyote : Through the mud!!
    Mark : Awww
    Coyote : Yeah!!

  • Gacha ??
    Gacha ?? 26 days ago

    Coyote : Wow you did such an amazing job today and I'm incredibly proud as to how brave you were in the face of danger with the tree boua -sorry I don't know how to spell it

    Me: but... I was scared

  • The Party Music
    The Party Music 27 days ago

    was i the only who feld like is watching mickey mouse as small child?

  • Lil Bear playz
    Lil Bear playz 27 days ago

    Do more in vr180!!!!

  • Sydney Vuu
    Sydney Vuu Month ago

    I was just in costa rica

  • FanBoy Colt85
    FanBoy Colt85 Month ago

    Coyote:no sudden movements that means you
    Me:*freezes for a sec then Violetly shakes iPad

  • FanBoy Colt85
    FanBoy Colt85 Month ago +1

    I love your VR Thing plz keep it up!

  • Shadow Coyote
    Shadow Coyote Month ago


  • Matthew Watkins
    Matthew Watkins Month ago

    This is cool

  • Blitz
    Blitz Month ago

    I tapped the side of my phone and then I saw the background move and I was confused

  • Pillow Ninja
    Pillow Ninja Month ago

    This is awesome

  • Az USA January Jones

    Gggfsj da da

  • Aiyana Rodriguez
    Aiyana Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Coyote: No sudden movements
    Me: Throws phone at snake
    Lol 😂

  • The Dude 99
    The Dude 99 Month ago

    When u pause it it’s like freezing time

  • Alexis Perron
    Alexis Perron Month ago

    And I would love to be on the venture with you

  • Alexis Perron
    Alexis Perron Month ago

    It was just fine for me haha

  • Candance Ruselowski


  • Maria Blue
    Maria Blue Month ago

    hey coyote, awesome vid dude!,it really felt like i was right there,great job with that vr1801!.

  • GD-Lego8942
    GD-Lego8942 Month ago

    Am i the only one that loves nodding yes or no when he ask us something xD

  • 2bionic bros
    2bionic bros Month ago +3

    THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!! Im A HUGE FAN OF YOU! When I grow up I will join your team :]

  • ItsCarter Oof
    ItsCarter Oof Month ago +12

    Coyote- “Are you ready?”
    -Shakes phone side to side
    Coyote- Awesome! Let’s go!

  • Jara McConnell
    Jara McConnell Month ago

    I love theses videos so cool

  • United States Marine corps

    This sucks it's blurry

  • Leslie Kittleson
    Leslie Kittleson Month ago

    Coyote:wow look at that. Me:nope I'm out

  • Hayley May
    Hayley May Month ago +1

    Wow this camera man is so bad

    Oh I'm the camera man

  • A weird Kid!!!!
    A weird Kid!!!! Month ago

    Am i the only one that just looked away and went crazy with the camera

  • Drawing Simulator
    Drawing Simulator Month ago

    The camera is so unfocused I couldn’t even see your finger

  • MCGoldEagle
    MCGoldEagle Month ago

    Am I in the future?

  • Nitro 17
    Nitro 17 Month ago

    I screamed 😬

  • Gaming 4life
    Gaming 4life Month ago

    Mad weird

  • SUN media group
    SUN media group Month ago

    In our Kherson Region of Ukraine, the local historian bites himself by a snake on a video to show the people that it is not poisonous, and it's no need to be afraid.

    Maybe our company repeat it in VR.

  • SUN media group
    SUN media group Month ago


  • I have put 1000 1s for you all so please subscribe

    If only you could zoom in and out

  • Broc 2k15
    Broc 2k15 Month ago

    Please make more of these I love this

  • Pickle Jar
    Pickle Jar Month ago

    Can you do more vr

  • Minty Magical
    Minty Magical Month ago

    You acted like you didn't get bit 😂

  • Tigeraft RP
    Tigeraft RP Month ago +1

    This 360 is so cool :)

  • Stephanie Schneider

    That was so cool 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Dana Vaughn
    Dana Vaughn Month ago


  • heather gutierrez
    heather gutierrez Month ago


  • Fahad the Random Guy

    No sudden movements
    Me: Shakes my iPhone XS violently

  • Anthony Aleman
    Anthony Aleman Month ago

    Who else put their camera up The Whole time

  • Benji Morales
    Benji Morales Month ago

    That was so cool

  • calvin fitzgerald
    calvin fitzgerald Month ago

    virtual reality youtube video awesome

  • Its_Eevee _light
    Its_Eevee _light Month ago

    This is the best video ever!

  • Owen Baker
    Owen Baker 2 months ago

    CoYoTe ArE yOu Ok

  • Yanira Rivas
    Yanira Rivas 2 months ago

    That fun

  • Paul Hartmann
    Paul Hartmann 2 months ago


  • Paul Hartmann
    Paul Hartmann 2 months ago

    Is this actually real

  • Hawk OCE
    Hawk OCE 2 months ago

    Why is the quality so low

  • T TheUnseeingEye
    T TheUnseeingEye 2 months ago

    That's so flipped cool

  • Cereal Moss
    Cereal Moss 2 months ago

    Hey watch jeffy

  • Titanic Dan Sinclair
    Titanic Dan Sinclair 2 months ago +1

    I'm a big fan

  • Charity Hoopingarner
    Charity Hoopingarner 2 months ago


  • DeadTrim 132
    DeadTrim 132 2 months ago

    I nodded every time he asked a question

  • 2 Thicky Nikki Chickens

    What’s cool is that you can pause the video and everyone stops moving and your camera can still move around

  • Evan Parrott
    Evan Parrott 2 months ago

    No sudden movements Coyote? What if I sneeze?

  • Herman Gren
    Herman Gren 2 months ago


  • Herman Gren
    Herman Gren 2 months ago

    Can you be biten by an alligator gar

  • Itsuxtosuk
    Itsuxtosuk 2 months ago +23

    Coyote: is your camera in focus?
    Me: *shakes no with the phone*
    Coyote: Great!

  • The Doge squad
    The Doge squad 2 months ago

    I did

  • random russianguy
    random russianguy 2 months ago

    Do more vids like dat

    NBW BOLD 2 months ago

    Why does it look like a green screen In the background at the end of the video

  • papyrus skeleton
    papyrus skeleton 2 months ago

    I thought the country of Costa Rica was the 99999999999 reset

  • Tessa Pettigrew
    Tessa Pettigrew 2 months ago


  • Sonicgame132 Gaming
    Sonicgame132 Gaming 3 months ago

    This is cool

  • Doge Plays Roblox
    Doge Plays Roblox 3 months ago

    6:43 come back i can't follow you. :I

  • Adwoa Kondiaba
    Adwoa Kondiaba 3 months ago

    Love seeing Mark in front of the camera

  • Ivan Venelinov
    Ivan Venelinov 3 months ago +2

    Only 180?

    What happened to the other half, did thanos snap it away or something?

  • Tube 3D
    Tube 3D 3 months ago

    What is the camera?

  • Legendary Shadow Warrior

    Why do my vr180 videos don't let me move around

  • H Taylor
    H Taylor 3 months ago

    It gonna bite your eye