Our First Maid Cafe

For this week's adventure, we're heading to the @home Maid Cafe in Akihabara which is having a special Gudetama month, and we're having our first maid cafe experience. Martina loves every second of it. I, on the other hand, need to re-evaluate my life decisions.

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Автор poh fen ( назад)
Ryuuu & Yuma from Ryuu TV sit next to both of you 😃

Автор kiyonexus ( назад)
How the hell did they let you guys film? You lie to them like you were famous youtube stars or something and would promote them? I just went there and they don't allow personal filming.

Автор Cecile 村上 ( назад)
don't take me wrong i love you guys but it's been more than a year that you live here how can your japanese be so bad ? hahaha

Автор Joseph Meh ( назад)

Автор Angelica Thompson ( назад)
Omfg I flippen adore you guys. You guys are just too amazing

Автор Michelle Collins ( назад)
Marriage Simon, marriage.

Автор Sally Brack ( назад)

Автор Tommy Conlin ( назад)
RyuuTV at 02:49

Автор Shaun Stewart ( назад)
My cousin from Japan told me about this

Автор Celestia Playz ( назад)
"I say give her 20 minutes and they'll offer martina a job here"

Автор Michelle Kwong ( назад)
Did you notice those two youtubers next to you? :D it's RyuuuTV and they are also a great channel :D

Автор Magnolia Brox ( назад)
Thumbs up for Simon's cringe

Автор Wycked Syn ( назад)
I just about died in all the freaking cuteness of the both of you!!!!!

Автор Smorf Hound ( назад)
That was funny. That is one girly girl place to eat. Girls and kids. Men will feel awkward. Haha.

Автор argon lavis ( назад)

Автор Meko ( назад)
I Would Die of cringe In there i swear

Автор sonia jayanthi ( назад)
is that high pitched child like voice real or is it just for job purpose? but I often find Japanese girls on youtube to have high pitched voiced.

Автор mile ( назад)
I would feel awkward there.

Автор Mikaeel Samodien ( назад)
don't they speak English

Автор Ariel Sahar ( назад)
Officially my favorite Simon and Martina video. So many movie references...the editing was hilarious....Martina is adorable and excitable as always. I wanna be you guys when I grow up.

Автор 정상희 ( назад)

Автор Unchained Irony ( назад)
I am willing to do a lot of stuff, go skydiving, go bungeejumping, go to some weird joga type of shit, whatever.

But this...This would require such a vast amount of alcohol I would probably die of alcohol poisoning before even making it into the cafe. God the sheer amount of cringe I got from this video was great, I felt so bad for that guy. I know these girls are just doing their job, but jesus if cringe is anything to measure a job with, they are the best employees a boss could wish for.

Автор HAMMATIC Andrewgyny ( назад)
Where can I find THIS maid?

Автор Laura G ( назад)
what is the address of this maid cafe please? there are so many in akihabara

Автор HelloDarling! ( назад)
Gudetama! I love that little negative, lazy egg yolk. I first discovered it here on YT some months ago, and I'm not kidding you I was sitting in front of my laptop with my mouth open completely hypnotized by that freaking egg yolk 🤣🤣 it was such an unusual experience. Japan does some weird things, but I don't hate, cause I'm just as weird

Автор Luz Bobadilla ( назад)
both of you are so lovely <3

Автор Sleepie Annie ( назад)
Aye I like curvy

Автор Yuki Yip ( назад)
3:47 Ryu& Yuma!! I just realized they both were in this video accidentally lol

Автор Ash Cortez ( назад)
I fucking cringed at their voices 😧

Автор Kendra Kaye ( назад)
going today! thanks for the video 😘💜💚💙

Автор the pacifist pro ( назад)
I'm sorry I don't speak italian

Автор ハートらいおん ( назад)

Автор george5630 ( назад)
omfg this is sooo cringy to watch

Автор Marky 影片推介 ( назад)

Автор Oros Abaddon ( назад)
all the maids go out into the back alley during lunch, chew tobacco and play a quick round of strip poker.

Автор Oros Abaddon ( назад)
I would be Simon in this situation.

Автор arklung03 ( назад)
RyuuuTV behind him 2:56

Автор amy9530 ( назад)
2:56 that's Ryu & Yuma !! CoolXD

Автор Janelle Loy ( назад)
omg...they sit beside ryuuutv

Автор jar puppy ( назад)
creepy guy bet he got a boner

Автор NA TA ( назад)
2:48 Ryuuu TV!

Автор Hatsune Miku ( назад)
Yuri on ice cafe Xd

Автор luckysuperlee ( назад)
Why did he say he "wanted a screwdriver"? What does that mean?

Автор Bianca Rae ( назад)
"wolverine" "ovary" 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор ccap3211 ( назад)
This is my literal hell.

Автор COLD BLUE ( назад)
he's so funny xD

Автор david chen ( назад)

Автор Ist van ( назад)
Simon youve just entered the twilight zone..

Автор kimi wee ( назад)
omg hahahaha i feel so bad for the maids ): but i laughed so hard !! can't wait to visit japan, i'll be going in april !!

Автор HeyItsKeeKee ( назад)
lol I think we found Simon's version of hell

Автор Sherree D. ( назад)
fuck no

Автор Lucy Le ( назад)
Lol im simon

Автор Yara Moreno ( назад)
i love you

Автор Blue Orakel ( назад)
I really want to work there :( they are so cuteee )

Автор Samigiri XP ( назад)
Dan is princess panda 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор _Roseeee ( назад)
Omg Simon and that little pink wand 😭😂😂

Автор Rococo Everdale ( назад)
These maids are so freaking kawaii.

Автор ruth vlogs ( назад)
this is so amazing everything in Japan is so cute xxx

Автор DarkSailorEisblume ( назад)
Martina's outfit is just sugar <3

Автор Bugs Bunnay ( назад)
@home maid... not to be confused with illusion's @home mate XDDD

Автор Ryumi ( назад)
I really want to go to a maid cafe! ^-^

Автор J0kuc ( назад)

Автор Quynh-Nhu V ( назад)
omg I wanna know if this is the maid cafe One Direction went to in their movie!!!

Автор applesareroses ( назад)
haha, and the Asian couple that sat next to them are also YouTuber.

Автор Bifteck Steak ( назад)
Dan's face blended in with the pink walls #UNICORN

Автор anon anon ( назад)
I can't... stand... the cringe... help

Автор Shania G ( назад)
I feel like if any of my friends went to a place like this with me they would cringe the whole time, but I would love this haha it's so adorable

Автор TheShadowKiller97 ( назад)
Im extremely uncomfortable

Автор Thành Hoàng Ngọc ( назад)
weird . that why american alway said : never nuke a country twice again

Автор bluehair5511 ( назад)
those hair accessories are beautiful I'm crying

Автор S O ( назад)
Hahahaha Simon your reaction when martina said that there were cute girl ! You are the real man !

Автор S O ( назад)
_4:39 be like : what the fuck am I doing here ?! Your reaction got me laughing out loud

Автор S O ( назад)
Omg Simon ur so funny you're totally me if I were be put in that situation 😂😂😂

Автор S O ( назад)
Whahahahahaha the editing when she was talking about the menu for 100 hours was so funny

Автор SuperJocelynT ( назад)
Where did you get your flower hair clips Martina? They're adorable.

Автор Em Rachel ( назад)
I want to work there... I get to wear a cute dress, speak Japanese in a cute voice AND sing adorable songs and dance.

Автор Angelbelle ( назад)
5:50 bottom right card...Love Live Nozomi VA?

Автор kpoopfanguurl ( назад)
I feel like Simon when watching this video but at the same time I'm Martina because I like cutesy stuff... so conflicted haha

Автор rachael d ( назад)
This was so intense for no reason 😂❤️

Автор Helixisify ( назад)
I seriously couldn't enjoy this video. SOOOO MUCH CRINGE! XD

Автор Brenda Yek ( назад)
The guy and the girl at the next table also a famous YouTuber in Japan

Автор I Kat Goat ( назад)
@8:05 I think the idea was to incurage seppuku for the male, ... check and see if the end of that wand was sharpened.

Автор arch angle ( назад)
i laughed so hard when she said ovary..

Автор あつしらぶ ( назад)

Автор Laurie Holmes ( назад)
Simon is struggling

Автор Darren Agyeman ( назад)
Simon looked like he seriously regretted his life.

Автор KillerFaceification ( назад)
I didn't know anyone would hate maid cafes, but watching the difference between Martina's excitement and Simon's dread was hilarious!

Автор Ryozin ( назад)
Haha. Simon's reaction to the café was so funny! Glad to see such a great video.

Автор 자유법치 ( назад)
Simon & Martina!! What the hell are you doing in Japan:( Come back to Korea lol

Автор julian yong ( назад)
i don't know has someone answer this , the guy beside their table is a youtuber too

Автор Charlotte Musto ( назад)
wayyy to much ketchup on the eggs

Автор shirley luong ( назад)
who's dan?

Автор Legion MC5 ( назад)
buen video creo que soy el unico hispano que esta aqui 😂

Автор CatnipMayhem ( назад)
I may have died a little laughing. Poor Simon!

Автор Mr.Mrs. Compain ( назад)
You guys are our favorite YouTube channel for videos about Japan! My husband and I are going to Japan st the end of May for our honeymoon! We are also foodies so we really enjoy your videos. You guys are awesome. Love from Canada! Xox

Автор yiliellie ( назад)
I recognize the youtubers next to your table 😃

Автор Pamela Klaus ( назад)
Sadly my husband did not agree to go with me into one maid cafe since he thinks that these girls don't like working there.. he got the wrong idea of it. 2 times in Japan and never went into one ;( but Atleast I had the bless to visit Japan.

Автор kagome481 ( назад)
I have never realise how tall Simon is till now...

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