Trader Who Nailed Gold’s Summer Breakout Now Eyes This Price

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • The Fed’s dovish position is likely to send gold several hundred dollars an ounce higher in six months, this according to Todd Gordon, founder of
    “I don’t think this is the birth of a new gold market. I do see upside though, into the $1,500s, $1,600s, potentially $1,700 but unfortunately I think at that point the Fed is going to start to reverse course, forced to get a little more hawkish, and I think that might choke off gold’s rally,” Gordon told Kitco News.
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Comments • 8

  • msjoanofthearc
    msjoanofthearc 20 days ago +1

    Magnifique! Michele and I just love the wide spectrum of information that your show provides Daniela. We both agree it only allows better informative judgement when making those investment choices!

  • Yellow John
    Yellow John 2 months ago +47

    how can this guy say the FED will be hawkish in the future? no way with all this debt. True that interest rates will go up on the long end but not be due to the FED being hawkish but due to massive inflation, which will be good for gold.

  • Bichael Murney
    Bichael Murney 2 months ago +11

    Great episode! It's rare to see someone put their money where their mouth is live during an interview. Kudos to Todd Gordon.

    FGTBOGSAT 2 months ago +46

    The Fed will continue to create fiat currency. I believe gold will go much higher than forecast here.

  • Jeff Barber
    Jeff Barber 2 months ago +18

    Daniella This was great! Please bring Todd back!

  • Ziad Khalaf
    Ziad Khalaf 2 months ago +13

    Nice call on Gold Todd, but take a look at silver. This commodity is starting to finally get the deserved attention. I think you did very well for a first appearance on Kitko just if you can increase the resolution of your footage to match Daniela's.

  • Jenny Hsieh
    Jenny Hsieh 2 months ago +11

    Don’t think so, will be over the 2011 high later....

  • Bolivian Billionaire
    Bolivian Billionaire 2 months ago +18

    sharp n pretty, that gal........