Dax - "RAP GOD 2" Freestyle [One Take Video]

  • (LYRICS BELOW) To celebrate "DEAR GOD already hitting 11 million here is my "RAP GOD 2" freestlye. Did I kill it?
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    Shot by: Logan Meis
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    #rapgod #rapdevil #eminem
    Highest in the room
    I’m so fly like I’m riding on a broom
    I’m so fire even niggas on space can attest when I rap they can see my fumes
    My shit boom
    This beat food watch a nigga eat like I’m rapping with a spoon
    I can’t lose
    3 years in but I rap like I started way back in the womb
    I don’t pay to play
    Getting paid is my day to day
    Whippin up like its Mayonnaisse
    Straight yoked like a pair a eggs
    No gas u a Tesla aye
    Best out that’s paraphrase
    Strapped up like I’m Sarah J
    On top like some tresume oo la la
    My shit finna call a coroner
    Like 9am they’ll be morning ye
    Eint it funny how them niggas was IGNORING us
    now they wanna take shots when im pouring up
    I just got head from a foreigner
    Made my kids dissapear like socerer
    You don’t want war wit a warrior
    Take yo ass back to the back of the corridor
    I don’t got time to hate
    I always learn from my mistakes
    They talk a lot of shit but wouldn’t say it to my face
    I get down on knees and pray 5 to 10 times a day and ask that all this music shit don’t take my fucking soul away
    Deep end I’m diving off
    Bill gates Microsoft
    They think I got a clone im always going Twice as hard
    Twice the bars
    Half the clout but fuck it I’m still twice the star
    Rich as fuck but still be riding round inside a beat up car
    Niggas trynna milk my fame they lactose
    Snap a nigga whole career like thanos
    Can’t throw shade im not no shadow
    Black Rap God wit a fucked up afro
    Put me on LUPÉ (loop) like fiasco
    Niggas getting smoked just like tobacco
    I got the sauce just like Tabasco painting picture just like picasso
    I been on the road for the past 5 months and the past 5 god damn days
    Sould out shows with the fam gettin lit taking pics East west north south every state
    I wear tank tap and rip it every time I’m on that god damn stage
    I need to get sponsored by that brand where the Fuck you at everybody tag Hanes
    Put me in da league wit the top guys
    Punch lines got chicken like Popeyes
    Throw a jab I counter like wise
    You couldn’t cross me if cross eyed
    Can’t catch my bars cuz you offsides
    Call a nigga .com cuz it’s on site
    I don’t need yalls help like you ballside
    My wrist on froze it got frost bite
    They act like they hate me
    In person they praise me
    I won’t get deflated my name eint Tom Brady
    You cannot replace me
    Or break me or shake me it took to much work jus to make me I made me
    This shits is warm up
    I freestyled this shit on the Tour bus
    I be making these hits with the bars and They don’t even need to be having a Chorus
    This industry cannot ignore us
    I been spitting these facts
    Sleep if you want you’ll get woke
    by the wave imma make try to swim and then drown and go back

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  • Dax
    Dax  3 months ago +5126

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that “DEAR GOD” hit 11 million ALREADY! KEEP SHARING IT and share this new fire! Who wants a CHRISTMAS SONG?
    SoundCloud only:

    • rajiv sharma
      rajiv sharma 28 days ago +1

      Your content is awesome .
      I am from India 😊🇮🇳

    • Cenas Filmes Edição HD
      Cenas Filmes Edição HD Month ago

      I really like this artist's music I identify a lot with his music could someone please translate into portuguese

    • armondo r
      armondo r Month ago +1

      Dax hi I think u are the best at of all the the rap and it’s 🔥

    • matthew a white
      matthew a white Month ago

      Dont think its possible to take my soul lol its octahelixed lol ill make new words 25/7 what are the letters you say at the end co fussing acent no offence is it a p or t lol

    • Slim Daddieo
      Slim Daddieo Month ago

      Dax your shit is always fire!

  • sleepynino
    sleepynino 11 hours ago

    Bro why do you have to repeat your name DAX in every song. W.A.R 2 sounded r&b instead of a diss track. You can rap but you move your hands too much fuck.DAX!!!

  • Carlitos 271
    Carlitos 271 14 hours ago +1

    He really got to put these freestyles on Spotify

  • DuoMaxwell Gaming
    DuoMaxwell Gaming 19 hours ago

    The law: never leave the crash site wait for emergency response to show.

    Dax 4 miles from the crash site: Rap God 2 ❤️

  • Lawmi Lawmchhungi

    yeaa nice you are a rap legend😱😱🙈🙉



  • Papa Stalin
    Papa Stalin 2 days ago

    I wonder where I have heard this beat before???

  • Harry Nunchuks
    Harry Nunchuks 3 days ago +1

    Imagine making multiple videos, asking Eminem to call you, and when he finally does, you get another phone number, so you can't hear what he said, so now you have to make a whole bunch more, hoping he will notice and call your new number. Stan: 100%

  • J Joseph
    J Joseph 4 days ago +1

    KEEP GOING been here since day 1, almost 3.5 years ago I think

  • Collab Rehab
    Collab Rehab 5 days ago

    This is MTBMB!

  • itz fido
    itz fido 5 days ago +2

    I love you music
    You are awsome

  • Szabó Áron
    Szabó Áron 5 days ago

    Ain't nobody talking abt the beat tho?

  • Abraham kenneth
    Abraham kenneth 5 days ago

    Dax : I'm waiting for a call from Eminem
    Ring! Ring!
    Umm..you called but my phone rings shady.

  • Vincent Crandall
    Vincent Crandall 5 days ago

    They act like they hate me
    Inperson they praise me 💯🔥

  • Mr Skittle
    Mr Skittle 6 days ago +2

    Y'all hate on Dax so much but y'all can't even come close to his bars

  • Brian Truax
    Brian Truax 6 days ago

    Dax goes hard i got 5 #1 favs of his Rap God 1 & 2, Dear God, XXL freshman freestyle & I can't breath

  • vinicius pereira
    vinicius pereira 6 days ago


  • Dassir Tv
    Dassir Tv 8 days ago

    Hi dax now we all want GODZILLA 2
    And lots of love from PAKISTAN 🇵🇰

  • Kaiden Mangiafico
    Kaiden Mangiafico 8 days ago

    dax i suggest not putting your phone number in a song your gonna get a lot a calls eventually lmao

  • My Name Is Jeff
    My Name Is Jeff 8 days ago

    you are realy psycho bro :D nice.. gj :D

  • Some Bullshit Name
    Some Bullshit Name 9 days ago

    Dax’ real name is Stan.

  • Amir Osgood
    Amir Osgood 9 days ago

    He fucking killing it

  • Joel Sletten
    Joel Sletten 10 days ago

    I guess dax is is the highest in the room?

  • Chris McBride
    Chris McBride 11 days ago

    Love it bro

  • Jacob R Allen
    Jacob R Allen 12 days ago

    short but awsome

  • k_o_b_i420 crum
    k_o_b_i420 crum 12 days ago

    When dax says: they talk alot of shit but never say it to my face. I felt that because of all th things that happening right now

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 12 days ago

    No one said that the base is of *highest in the room* of travis scott 😂

  • 6 öön9
    6 öön9 12 days ago +1

    This is what I find.🇹🇭🙏

    XYDAN DI RAPPER 13 days ago


  • Shahzeb Malik
    Shahzeb Malik 14 days ago +1

    Dax is wayyyyy too underrated

    DRAKE WALKER 16 days ago +1

    best rapper no question and he can ball

  • Reed Plymel
    Reed Plymel 17 days ago +2

    Get on the beat with GMO SKEE would be fire.

  • Mojo
    Mojo 18 days ago +1

    Is there any songs where he snaps on the beat like this one ? He’s so fire !

  • meghan watterson
    meghan watterson 18 days ago

    I just listened to the song last words or something and your acc the only rapper I listen to except nf

  • Mike Ovett
    Mike Ovett 19 days ago


  • R.V.L The rapper
    R.V.L The rapper 19 days ago

    Love u dax

  • Tyrese Smith
    Tyrese Smith 19 days ago

    I want pants that have 3 pockets on one side🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Dalton Zeigler-Nolan
    Dalton Zeigler-Nolan 19 days ago

    Wish it was on spotify

  • Raiden Van Coevering
    Raiden Van Coevering 19 days ago

    Dax in 2040 Rap God season 11 episode 4

  • Fazon Banks
    Fazon Banks 20 days ago

    This dude is aftermath material all day long. His style and talent bridges a gap you didnt even realize was needed until you start listening. Imagine the content/material this guy would put out with some big guns behind him. His potential audience and target range is massive

  • rosano rodriguez
    rosano rodriguez 20 days ago


  • Mass Kreations
    Mass Kreations 21 day ago

    A rapper with Class, self respect, and talent.

  • tmar tn3
    tmar tn3 21 day ago


  • Starboy Alpha
    Starboy Alpha 21 day ago

    Emeniem challenge accepted
    Drop Godzilla

    • Starboy Alpha
      Starboy Alpha 11 days ago

      Dear dax can u do god bless u devil or dear devil if i was rapper i will definetly do it

  • Joseph Siewert
    Joseph Siewert 22 days ago

    Eminem needs to hit you up and if not you do you bro

  • Joseph Siewert
    Joseph Siewert 22 days ago

    Fire lines catchy ass fuck Dax. 👌

  • Cortney Sanders
    Cortney Sanders 22 days ago

    🔊🔊🎶🎶🎶👂👂😯😯🤩🤩🤩🤯OMG this is one of the hardest beats I've ever heard in my life on top of Dax's fire bars🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The Scottish One
    The Scottish One 22 days ago

    One take? Like every video you put out lol. Its fire homie but come one bro stop labeling every video a one take God damn

  • Mohegan Productions
    Mohegan Productions 23 days ago

    You an Eminem gotta make an art piece both of you together could change the game forever

  • Slovenian stoners-DUDE666

    Dope fire.

  • Brandon Morin
    Brandon Morin 24 days ago

    Most rappers are hit and miss, but not with Dax💯🔥🤝

  • L.&.D
    L.&.D 25 days ago

    2:15 😂😂😂

  • Masked SniperX
    Masked SniperX 26 days ago

    if you are ever comming to the neherlands hit me up and I can show you the best weed in the netherlands if you smoke of course and thats in tilburg netherlands so let me know

  • SithLord Beerus
    SithLord Beerus 26 days ago

    Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jordan Hardy
    Jordan Hardy 26 days ago +1

    Every dax song:
    I was a janitor, now I'm making stacks. ITS DAX! This shit is a warm up all facts. ITS DAX! I like eminem with his rap hacks. ITS DAX!

  • Aden Alldredge
    Aden Alldredge 27 days ago

    I fuck like it bitch

  • Anton Grahn
    Anton Grahn 27 days ago

    HOLY SHIT A RAPPER!!! The rest should fuckin' sit down and take notes.

  • Daniel Triggell
    Daniel Triggell 28 days ago

    Man you can’t call this is rap god , not in the position to be calling yourself a rap god when there’s not even mad bars in it

  • sayeed mohammed
    sayeed mohammed 28 days ago +7

    Logic: Not a single motherf***er impress me
    Dax: Hold my shirt

  • Chipo Bandah
    Chipo Bandah 28 days ago

    Why hating his creative ..when I go big umma put him on my inspiration list 👣👣

  • Dude Cool
    Dude Cool 28 days ago

    It's the best for I'm the highest in the room

  • Ryan
    Ryan 29 days ago

    Bil gates you micosoft hahah

  • No_U clan
    No_U clan 29 days ago

    Highest in the room always has my favorite beat

  • Wally SS
    Wally SS 29 days ago +4

    "They think I got a clone, I'm always going twice as hard."
    Please tell me you're going to make a movie about your journey in manifestation. I'd watch it twice.

  • Jackson Scott
    Jackson Scott 29 days ago

    When Eminem gonna hit this man up

  • Clayton Elmore
    Clayton Elmore 29 days ago

    What if dax was dissed by em instead🤔

  • Yikez Vanilla
    Yikez Vanilla 29 days ago

    When Dax walks 2 miles away from a space ship crash and it’s on fire I call and real badass

  • Vveve Vvev
    Vveve Vvev Month ago

    Not one take or free style

  • Cenas Filmes Edição HD

    I really like this artist's music I identify a lot with his music could someone please translate into portuguese

  • AKA Last Kid
    AKA Last Kid Month ago

    You will really be the RAPGOD in this game when you CAUGHT it and still HIT it. 👍

  • Sahar Sayyed
    Sahar Sayyed Month ago

    Freestyle exit
    Dax:im about to take this man career

  • Cesar Santa
    Cesar Santa Month ago

    This nigga ass

    • DazyAqua
      DazyAqua 29 days ago

      What about ur nigga ass

  • Masked SniperX
    Masked SniperX Month ago

    #eminem should be making a rap with you because you're awesome

  • kn solder
    kn solder Month ago


  • Sig_505_Sauer
    Sig_505_Sauer Month ago

    This dude is the shit.

  • Radical-_ -Bros
    Radical-_ -Bros Month ago +3

    People on the internet:I'll say it to his face
    In real life: tf I ant saying shit 😨

  • Tasha LaRoe-Hyde
    Tasha LaRoe-Hyde Month ago

    Stan 🤔

  • FlyZ GHOST
    FlyZ GHOST Month ago +1

    IT'S DAX!

  • M J
    M J Month ago

    Why do u steal rap titles from Eminem

  • Adam Goodwin
    Adam Goodwin Month ago

    He shouldn't be on 1.9mil he should be on 9.9