Hard Time For A$AP?!

  • Published on Jul 29, 2019
  • A$AP Rocky is still in a Swedish jail and was charged with assault causing bodily harm. This trial is set for start tomorrow and he faces up to two years in prison.
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  • Marsu Karhu
    Marsu Karhu 13 days ago

    Ok, Wendy. I hope you're still as lenient if you or your loved one gets hit and twisted like that by a mob...

  • SherlocktoWatson
    SherlocktoWatson Month ago

    A$AP is a clown for saying he cant relate but he's still our clown. Why are they keeping him? Free A$AP!

  • Sophia Mala
    Sophia Mala Month ago

    at ASAP is safe and well cared for...

  • Clint Kapot
    Clint Kapot Month ago

    He is a thug! You don't go around beating people up, being the ghetto that he is. He needs to remember he is NOT in America. No one likes ghetto thugs. Comment from JillK

  • CaVau
    CaVau Month ago

    Those guys aren't Swedes... Their refugees. This is what we deal with in Europe right now.

  • Tracey Plummer
    Tracey Plummer Month ago

    Wendy eats some weird things man

  • J K
    J K Month ago

    Thank you President Trump for working to free ASAP.

  • traytarot
    traytarot Month ago

    He shouldn't have touched them that's why you have bodyguards

  • StePh LePew
    StePh LePew Month ago

    She's right Baltimore can be....... Disgusting 😅

  • StePh LePew
    StePh LePew Month ago

    He cute but he's cuter in swedish jail. Help yourself bro😅

  • Nena Sana
    Nena Sana Month ago

    the mentality that she has... does she think they own the world? that she and the likes of asap are above justice and can get away from the punishment he deserves?? every action has a reaction. and that garbage deserves what is coming for him. I hope he spends the next 20 years in persion after treating ppl like punshing bags thinking he lives in corrupted crime ridden jungle you call the states

  • Sunny Dayz
    Sunny Dayz Month ago +1

    Wendy looks great

  • Sunny Dayz
    Sunny Dayz Month ago

    Lock him up

  • raazan1128
    raazan1128 Month ago

    PLEASE STOP BREAKING UP HOT TOPICS... Makes me not want to watch. Thumbs down!

  • Travis C
    Travis C Month ago

    Wendy looks like a rich Caucasian woman here i this get up

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Month ago

    Sorry I live out here in west Baltimore, not sweden. I CANT RELATE. So why should I CARE???

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Month ago

    Well he better call up Kendall Jenner and Lana Del Rey ☎️📞📱 to see if Beverly Hills and soho got his back!

  • Emanuele de Yohansen

    Guess Nobody is gonna bring Oranges to the" New Black " !! #AsapistheNewOrange

  • Sulayma Francis
    Sulayma Francis Month ago

    The reason why Sweden is one of the safest places to live is because of their justice system. The reason he’s going to do time is because this isn’t America, you don’t just get fined here and there for disgusting behaviour. You don’t see the people of Sweden behaving like this, and when they do they are immediately brought to account. This is typical ‘I should’, ‘I can’, entitled American behaviour.

  • Sbc0412
    Sbc0412 Month ago

    He threw someone violently to the ground and then started to kick them... If they were so bothered by being followed "all day" the go the F inside. Way to promote violence just because he's a celebrity Wendy... Out of touch moron

  • speak mind300
    speak mind300 Month ago

    Wendy, you are way off on this one. Of course you would say fine him so he can pay himself out of the situation. B A B Y ...He is in Sweden don't try to put the Swedes down. A$$ROCKY is subject to review just like anyone else. PLEASE STOP WENDY! He beat that guy to a pulp. That he had no right to do! 🙄 Maybe KimK can get him out of this hot pickle or his peeps in SoHoe or Beverly Hills. It's above me now. 🌬⛅

  • Khal!d VEVO
    Khal!d VEVO Month ago

    I ain’t feeling these cuts

  • yidingcao
    yidingcao Month ago

    Really? ASAP and his body guard beat the hell out of the guy. And you say he doesn’t deserve to be in jail? Wake up Americans. Sweden is not the US and it has a different judiciary system. Just because you are some kind of famous guy in the States doesn’t get you a get out of jail free card. Grow up and stop whining.

  • Souling Rodriguez
    Souling Rodriguez Month ago

    what was that garlic nonsense about

  • Katheryne
    Katheryne Month ago +1

    I miss the hot topics being all in one video :(

  • Claire
    Claire Month ago

    I'm from Scandinavia and this is not weird at all. Following others is not a crime, but beating up someone is. He should have called the cops and never interfered himself. The cops would have removed the guys from the scene, or put them in jail if they continued. He got himself in troubles when he decided to take matters into his own hands. This is not the US, and we trust out cops. A free concert or a fine won't save him out of this, because we don't care for celebrities.The law is equal for everyone.

  • lamingtongirl123
    lamingtongirl123 Month ago +1

    Wendy doesn’t seem to be familiar with how Sweden deals with things like this. There is no bail lmao he’s not allowed to just pay a fine and do a free concert hdjdjshjsjshsshs leave him there

  • Anise Westbrook
    Anise Westbrook Month ago


  • Lilmama Taurus
    Lilmama Taurus Month ago

    You dont put your hands on people you being followed call security or police and where is a bodygaurd?! 👋👋asap rocky.

  • Ni Bear
    Ni Bear Month ago +1

    In my opinion....This isn't about someone trying to come up, it is simply keep your hands to your Motherf***in self!! A$AP deserves whatever time he receives.

  • D Wise
    D Wise Month ago +2

    Sorry don’t care! I’ve never been to jail, I cant relate 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Sunny Sunshine
    Sunny Sunshine Month ago

    At least the swedish police didn't kill him. Let a black man in America whoop some white kids like that....bullet in da head.

  • kingsufian07
    kingsufian07 Month ago +1

    You forgot... how princess diana got killed.... paparazzi getting too close... is there a law to protect celebrity or hot topics from crazy paparazzi ....... no......

  • Jacqueline Riley
    Jacqueline Riley Month ago +1

    wendy alway talking about how wealthy she is love to talk about herself but not her husband mistress

  • Loretta Smith
    Loretta Smith Month ago

    He fell for there trap...

  • Shell K
    Shell K Month ago +2

    His black card got pulled!!! Neva forget where you came from and who you are!!!

  • flx2525
    flx2525 Month ago

    You don't go to another country and beat people to the ground. Never happened to me. Sorry.

  • Ava Miller
    Ava Miller Month ago +1

    In the words of A$AP Rocky... "Can't relate."

  • Darina Angelova
    Darina Angelova Month ago

    I soooo don't care about her stupid garlic consumption habits...

  • brwntra 1
    brwntra 1 Month ago

    Can't relate

  • SandStorm XII
    SandStorm XII Month ago

    Free da boi ASAP

  • Djinia Sylvestre
    Djinia Sylvestre Month ago

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  • Brandon Bellino
    Brandon Bellino Month ago +1

    Just because the two kids were harassing and following them doesn't give them a legal right or pass to jump them. The only person that had any sort of legal right to physically defend themselves against the swedish kid was the body guard when he smashed his headphones over the bodyguards head. If someone is following you and harassing you, you call the police and let them handle it. You don't take into your own hands to body slam him onto the ground and then kick and punch him repeatedly with TWO of your friends while the kid lays curled up defenseless on the ground because at that point there is no threat and you're committing assault, whether you personally feel you're justified or not. Make poor choices in the heat of the moment, you have to accept the consequences of them not point your finger and whine that "well they started it" because I'm pretty sure we all learned how that sentiment works once we left the first grade, or at least some of us did.

  • Mickelle Morgan
    Mickelle Morgan Month ago

    Baltimore loves you too

  • Alina Tarasyuk Russian Refugee

    This degenerate thinks people should get a fine for criminal assault. Biotch, assault is a crime. Crimes are not addressable by fines ahole. Learn how western civilization is structured before you blather your uneducated moronic opinions. Lets let imbeciles like wendy williams run the legal system so we can all be murdered and our assailants can pay a fine. What a sicko. Woman's a two bit sht stain so is it a wonder she identifies with criminals who violently assault others?

  • Alina Tarasyuk Russian Refugee

    These blacks need to be grounded to the hood and denied passports. American degenerates exporting bad news worldwide.

  • syndi301
    syndi301 Month ago

    Why would they fall into their trap and your visiting another place and you don't know their judicial system those boys were following not assaulting them man will black people learn to control their temper

  • Image8O4
    Image8O4 Month ago

    For everyone thinking ASAP is innocent he is not. First of all this is Sweden not America. Secondly the bodyguard yoked the boy up first breaking his headphones. ASAPs video starts after the bodyguard yokes the boy and you can hear the boy asking about his headphones. Then the boy and the bodyguard scuffle again. ASAP and friends plead with the guy to leave. The guy is upset throws headphones. Now is the guy wrong for following and harassing ASAP and crew yes! But he did not touch the bodyguard first. There is video footage from cameras on the street to show this and also eye witnesses. Now the bodyguard was doing his job and would not have been arrested if he hadn't helped ASAP and crew to jump the guy. Also the guy never once touched ASAP. The altercation was with the bodyguard therefore invalidating ASAPs self defense story. ASAP and crew also cut the boy with a broken bottle. So yeah ASAP is not innocent. He had ample time to call a police or seek a safe place to flee the boys that were following them.

  • Franie Fran
    Franie Fran Month ago


  • Maya The Bee
    Maya The Bee Month ago +5

    So what if someone follows you for a selfie ? You beat the crap out of them ? Wendy at her "best" logic !

  • Wendy Knox-Leet
    Wendy Knox-Leet Month ago

    This kind of violence is not tolerated in the civilised world. America thinks they can behave however they want. Crime needs to be nipped in the bud, it is not acceptable.

  • Jacob Bailey
    Jacob Bailey Month ago +2

    Does anyone else think Wendy’s opinion would be super different if it was a Swedish artist punching a bunch of American kids who did the same thing?

  • zahra yusuf
    zahra yusuf Month ago +1

    Haha Wendy. That is why we in Europa know how to act the same, ritch or poor lol, so proud of Europe x

    • zahra yusuf
      zahra yusuf Month ago

      @Emanuele de Yohansen don't know wherever you have been.. but at least we don't need to think about a murder out on bail money lol.

    • Emanuele de Yohansen
      Emanuele de Yohansen Month ago

      zahra yusuf Oh really ?? So Fake news, in Europe most of the countries never bring to justices politicians or billionaires. So stop generalisation. I lived in 7 countries in Europe, money buys all troubles with justice.

  • Khalida Ahmad Ul-Hanif

    Wendy!!! Honey this is not rocket science my dear! He’s Black! End of story! WAKE UP

  • esteban rodriguez
    esteban rodriguez Month ago

    Is it me or does she act like she aint black. She act like like white privleged person. Bich Proly think she get a fine if they catch her w coke

  • Chinky C
    Chinky C Month ago

    Stop playing his actions down shame on everyone.He is guilty him and his whole crew jumped 1 guy and we only got they word for all day these two were following him.Call the law or at least doing his all day harassment go inside but no way he was walking around all day .His did assault the gut dude wanted his stuff back .We always saying free people that's wrong he won't go to prison .

  • Purr and Fur
    Purr and Fur Month ago +2

    ASAP got his negroe wake up call.

  • Christianclaude Simonson

    Why is it ridiculous? There’s no excuse to fall into abusing someone else. That’s low Wendy, really low! I’m Swedish, live in Sweden. He’s behavior was wrong and he is responsible for the consequences. To call it rotten makes you pro assaults and abuse! Shame on you wendy!

  • Mabel Tasi Meyie
    Mabel Tasi Meyie Month ago +1

    I'm not an artist, I dont live in Soho so I cant relate

  • Patricia Belgrave
    Patricia Belgrave Month ago

    There's only one land of the free, other countries are not that privileged,maybe, we should appreciate ours more. Just saying!