Are Dolphins OP? | The Whale Tier List

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
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    Cetaceans are some of the most uniquely powerful builds in the history of the game, with some abilities even humans envy.
    Dolphin Echolocation:
    Dolphin vs Shark:
    Boto Dolphin:
    Also Boto Dolphin:
    CGI Whale Vs Giant Squid:
    Orca Throws Seal:
    Orca Baits Bird:

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  • Dane le Turd
    Dane le Turd 3 hours ago

    Hey dirtlings, Orca main here. You planning on swimming with THOSE things?, haha! EAT MY WAVES!

  • alp1234567890
    alp1234567890 3 hours ago

    Pls do video about crows

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 9 hours ago

    I have never heard of the boto until now

  • egg ?
    egg ? 14 hours ago

    *Amazon forest fire*
    Boto players rn: this is fine

  • Noah Goldberg
    Noah Goldberg 20 hours ago +1

    Thanks to this, Dolphi (From Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea) is Officially an S-Tier Waifu! She's Great at Everything if she so Chooses, Including the Charm and Cuteness Stats!~ ^^

  • Austin Downing
    Austin Downing Day ago

    I find it hard to believe that an orca never killed a human

  • Lachlan Hillier
    Lachlan Hillier Day ago

    After two videos, this is the absolutely best youtube channel i have ever found. holy shit, you are amazing

  • Marjan Begum
    Marjan Begum Day ago

    am i crazy but u sound like daily dose of internet

  • Privacy Please
    Privacy Please Day ago

    **Sponsorship section**
    *Grand Exchange music starts*
    I see what you did there

  • corbitt101
    corbitt101 Day ago

    His plugs for all his sponsors be so smooth

  • Tortra Anims
    Tortra Anims Day ago

    Humans can echolocate too

  • Blinks Seven
    Blinks Seven 2 days ago

    To be more accurate. There's been no reported fatal attacks by Orcas on humans....

  • Editz Khun
    Editz Khun 2 days ago

    Man, the more I watch these videos, the more I like my main. I made a good choice... but playing in this player base, I feel left out.

  • jay yu
    jay yu 2 days ago

    Some human players who are effected by the blindness debuff have learned the echolocation move. They broke the game again

  • DarkFox2071
    DarkFox2071 3 days ago

    Boto's are OP as hell they can disguise themselves as female human players!

  • HeyNowLookHere
    HeyNowLookHere 3 days ago

    Yo Artic Server is no joke, hardcore mode always on.

  • the truth
    the truth 3 days ago

    so whats it like for non-rs players to enjoy the music and effects

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo 3 days ago +1

    Could you make a video on why the humans get to decide that humans are the best isn’t that a bit biased like what if there is some secret class that humans don’t know of because not many people choose the character that are better

  • Jonah Falcon
    Jonah Falcon 3 days ago

    You forgot bottlenose dolphins having co-op with the highest build class.

  • Magnus Andersson
    Magnus Andersson 4 days ago

    Am I the only one realizing that the narrator talks about humans with words like "they" and "them"... so is no one questioning the fact that this guy is possibly GOD

  • Pointy Noodle
    Pointy Noodle 4 days ago

    Blue whales be like: sure echolocation is nice but have you considered: T H I C C

  • A Blue Whale
    A Blue Whale 4 days ago

    Blue whales the most op

  • Aron Blancia
    Aron Blancia 5 days ago

    Bayleen whales are griefers.

  • Albtraum
    Albtraum 5 days ago

    “Orca’s will divert the course of ships, humans will acidify the ocean y’know, classics pranks”

  • General Woof'en Himmer

    Is it just me or does tierzoo sound like leafy?

  • Super Nintengeek
    Super Nintengeek 5 days ago

    I hate Orca mains why the hell did the developers decide to make them op? Honestly they need a nerf. And yes I'm salty cause I got rekt by one,

  • mstrauchon
    mstrauchon 5 days ago +1

    That's one smooth Wix intro, well done sir!

  • Greed Greed
    Greed Greed 5 days ago

    Wailords are so op.

  • The Face Of Science
    The Face Of Science 5 days ago


  • Astra
    Astra 6 days ago

    Spermwhale is S tier but okay

  • Allison Midgett
    Allison Midgett 6 days ago

    I love orcas.

  • Call Me Yamato
    Call Me Yamato 6 days ago

    Baleen Whales Are Like That One A-hole Who Will Always Target The Weak Noobs And Never Go After The More Powerful Players.

  • Zane Meyer
    Zane Meyer 6 days ago

    But why would you be krill? Do you have to buy the more dominant creatures

  • subscribe please
    subscribe please 6 days ago

    WHo tf are the devs

  • Erik Pilmanis
    Erik Pilmanis 6 days ago

    someone should make this game!

  • ZUCCulent beans
    ZUCCulent beans 7 days ago

    I have seen a boto before back in beasil

  • barbiquearea
    barbiquearea 7 days ago

    Didn't the Russians try training dolphins to be marine soldiers during the Soviet Union days?

  • BestCompilations
    BestCompilations 7 days ago +3

    No lie this guy has the best transitions into ads 😂

  • SvendleBerries
    SvendleBerries 7 days ago

    (Orcas mess with Human players) "Hey, Jim. Remember when we used to test nukes in the ocean? I think its time to give these Orcas a 50 megaton depth charge."

  • BlackBoarPL
    BlackBoarPL 7 days ago

    There are actually several reports of bull sharks on the Amazon river.

    ALBER PAJARES 7 days ago

    Looks like is the most intelligent animal after human,.. are capable to make complex language structures,.. some people say that are telepathics too,..

      ALBER PAJARES 7 days ago

      Can make a shark run away cause there ‘torpedo attacks’ can break them in two.,.

  • Ghibli and Shoujo
    Ghibli and Shoujo 7 days ago

    When tierzoo transitions into an ad he makes me mad, because it just goes too smoothly.

  • What are you looking at

    Dolphin: no
    Shark: why am I suffering

  • Nitin Negi
    Nitin Negi 7 days ago

    I think it's the best way to biology to a gamer student

  • Brythonic
    Brythonic 8 days ago

    Humans are too OP

  • AdeptLen
    AdeptLen 8 days ago

    Sperm whale not S rank? Ooof.
    Also orcas are dolphins.

  • Mr. Roombastic
    Mr. Roombastic 8 days ago

    Orcas are the DORIYAH of the meta

  • BU_ DO
    BU_ DO 8 days ago

    Took me a while to stop rewinding and viewing the paddle board scene.

  • L Squared
    L Squared 8 days ago

    Sperm whales should be easily S tier in my mind but I agree with the other choices, great video nonetheless

  • quan tuan
    quan tuan 9 days ago

    What about mermaid class

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango 8 days ago +1

      It's likely squids or octopi will get to S class due to jet propulsion which frees up their tentacles. Octopi are very smart.

  • Jäger 072
    Jäger 072 9 days ago

    5:23 I didn't know that "sperm whales" were a thing. I was blown away

  • Tetsu Hoshi
    Tetsu Hoshi 9 days ago

    manatees are f tier

  • brian andrade
    brian andrade 9 days ago

    4:45 why did I just try to wipe my screen

  • Brian Nolte
    Brian Nolte 9 days ago

    Thank you for calling them orcas, not "killer whales."

  • dA BiG BaNaNaNa
    dA BiG BaNaNaNa 9 days ago

    Game? What is this video

  • Gianlu
    Gianlu 9 days ago +1

    Basilosaurus was so fun to play, why did the devs ban that build?

  • Davidsmith smith
    Davidsmith smith 9 days ago

    orca is a dolphin

  • remi -
    remi - 10 days ago

    dam m8 just found your channel.................. gg wp m8

  • Jackal Sonex
    Jackal Sonex 10 days ago

    So long and thanks for all the fish

  • Captain Anopheles
    Captain Anopheles 10 days ago

    River whales are d tier

  • Cody Koh
    Cody Koh 10 days ago

    8:10 Lol got them!!
    Ok subscribed.

  • Goblin Slayer
    Goblin Slayer 10 days ago

    As usual good content and as usual ill keep watching ur vids till u retire..............

  • Paul Mcbride
    Paul Mcbride 10 days ago

    You're fucking awesome man haha, these videos are mint. Educational and fun! WHEEEW. well done sir

  • Wiggywonka
    Wiggywonka 10 days ago


  • Lawrence King
    Lawrence King 10 days ago

    Give us TierZoo: The Game

  • Sir Illuminar The Valient

    No reported fatal attacks because orcas leave not witnesses

  • The Paladin
    The Paladin 10 days ago

    7:28 Fuck this fish in particular

  • Ihatequests Dev
    Ihatequests Dev 10 days ago +1

    0:47 I have that documentary on vhs tape buried somewhere in my basement.

  • DoomFistIsMe
    DoomFistIsMe 10 days ago


  • Plusxz
    Plusxz 10 days ago

    Orcas are XL Dolphins

  • Lee Butler
    Lee Butler 10 days ago

    Human act all gangster until orcas unlock retractable hands

  • E P
    E P 10 days ago

    "Orcas are the most disrespectful BM players. . ." 💀 dead, this guy is hilarious.

    CABOOSE BOB 10 days ago

    Ants should be up there with orcas in the tierlist

  • googleislame
    googleislame 10 days ago +2

    The transition into the Wix sponsorship was S-tier.

  • CommanderK22
    CommanderK22 10 days ago

    Anyone else maining a human rn?