• Published on Oct 31, 2018
  • Thank you to everyone that made history with us at the very first HEAD IN THE CLOUDS FESTIVAL in Los Angeles. See you next year.
    Special thanks to Adidas Originals
    Featuring Rich Brian, Joji, Anderson Paak, Keith Ape, Zion.T, Murda Beatz, MadeinTYO, Higher Brothers, NIKI, KOHH, Toro Y Moi, Nosaj Thing, Miyavi, Dumbfoundead, AUGUST 08, Yung Pinch, Sen Morimoto, Don Krez, Diablo, 143, and many more.
    Music: 88rising - Disrespectin ft. Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, & AUGUST 08
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  • 88rising
    88rising  Year ago +38

    FLASH SALE -- limited quantities of 88 Degrees & Rising tour merchandise available now on shop.88rising.com ⚡️⚡️⚡️

    • Im Batman Bitch
      Im Batman Bitch Year ago

      Says in the description

    • Im Batman Bitch
      Im Batman Bitch Year ago

      The songs disrespecting- rich Brian ft. Higher brothers

    • kidprep
      kidprep Year ago

      @Im Batman Bitch Shit happens my nigga, shit happens

    • kidprep
      kidprep Year ago

      What's the song on the video?

    • Im Batman Bitch
      Im Batman Bitch Year ago

      Why did Keith ape not preform in Houston and you guys cut summer madness short with joji not coming out or the higher brothers

  • jessica srgh
    jessica srgh Month ago

    Wow wait,is that Billie eilish? 0:52

  • Hnhan367
    Hnhan367 2 months ago


  • Account
    Account 3 months ago +1

    I wanna go this year sooo bad I can’t but who knowsss

  • Account
    Account 3 months ago +1


  • Abigail Kita
    Abigail Kita 3 months ago

    looks lit af 🔥🔥🔥
    wish i was in LA

  • Nino Balad On
    Nino Balad On 3 months ago


  • kurosaki senpai
    kurosaki senpai 5 months ago

    Where is Joji?

  • nσt rєαllч αєѕthєtíc

    Can't wait for iKON stage IT WAS LIT AF

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina 6 months ago +8

    Yooo jackson wang and ikon going. Damn its finna be lit. I can't fucking wait🔥🔥

  • kübra yazar
    kübra yazar 6 months ago +4

    Jackson wang 😉

  • Malikah Odal
    Malikah Odal 6 months ago +9

    iKON will be part of thissss

  • Puffy Snow
    Puffy Snow 6 months ago +16

    Next. IKON will burn the stage🔥🔥🔥🔥.. Can't wait

    • Puffy Snow
      Puffy Snow 6 months ago

      @Choose Happy so lucky ❤❤😞😞 Give them more love. Take care of them. I wait to share the moment. Soon 😚😚

    • Choose Happy
      Choose Happy 6 months ago

      Puffy Snow I’m going! I can’t wait!!!😁

    • Puffy Snow
      Puffy Snow 6 months ago

      @Choose Happy poor me 😢😢. Im in indonesia. I wait for the fancam only. 😀😀😭😭

    • Choose Happy
      Choose Happy 6 months ago

      Puffy Snow yaaassss!!!! Are you going?

    • Puffy Snow
      Puffy Snow 6 months ago +1

      @Choose Happy always support iKON.
      🚹 x 7 + ❤ = ikonics 😁😁

  • IU Lee ji eun
    IU Lee ji eun 6 months ago +12

    iKON will be there in August 2019, OMG. They gonna make the stage more litttt 🔥

  • おきなともや
    おきなともや 6 months ago


  • asap bru
    asap bru 6 months ago +51

    here because iKON are in 2019's line up and i wanted to see what this festival was about🤪

    • Choose Happy
      Choose Happy 6 months ago

      iKON let's take it slow and last a long time
      Me too!!!🤗

  • aznxra
    aznxra 7 months ago

    what bgm they used?

  • nil bet
    nil bet 7 months ago +3


  • Filthy Frank
    Filthy Frank 8 months ago +1

    Hey that’s me

  • Alice Sultan
    Alice Sultan 9 months ago


  • RaW Chief
    RaW Chief 9 months ago

    yo why are Asians so dope

  • GIORNO joestar
    GIORNO joestar 10 months ago +1

    Song name?????

  • Margiela
    Margiela 11 months ago

    MadeinTYO and Ed Sheeran in the cut

  • muchen cao
    muchen cao Year ago

    do I see Miyavi?

  • Meo Be
    Meo Be Year ago

    Who's that guy shirtless on the stage?

  • Jasmin Callaway
    Jasmin Callaway Year ago

    1:22 joji butt

  • Alexandre Trajano
    Alexandre Trajano Year ago +1

    Brazilian Funk beat

  • andreastalia GAMING

    Joji... You rock!

  • cheeseburger
    cheeseburger Year ago

    i want joji and swae lee to make a song together.

  • 3 8
    3 8 Year ago


  • lulu
    lulu Year ago

    I was in the front so at the time I didn’t realize how huge the crowd was until pictures came out, crazy.

  • lesly garcia
    lesly garcia Year ago

    I miss all of y’all, I miss my Kohh 😢

  • Shinsekai Gakuen
    Shinsekai Gakuen Year ago

    How much did the tickets cost for this? Asking for a reference for next years festival 👀

    • linkavich65
      linkavich65 Year ago

      The tickets I bought for the one in San Francisco were around 60 dollars but the ones in LA might be a different price

  • Gujjar Da Chhora
    Gujjar Da Chhora Year ago +1

    I fucking love it when joji does that fortnite dance

  • Jump Scare
    Jump Scare Year ago


  • gay
    gay Year ago

    we all know they were filthy frank followers.

  • infinite Donuts
    infinite Donuts Year ago +1

    0:18 0:33 0:36 0:39 0:43
    What kind of camera? Or thing they used?

  • Angga Wisesa Putra


  • Dimas Arif
    Dimas Arif Year ago

    make this song

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats Year ago

    wow. show looked lit fr

  • Thacarshee
    Thacarshee Year ago +3

    Adidas knows what's worth sponsoring

  • hauronnadia861
    hauronnadia861 Year ago

    Kapan ke indo :(

  • Jena Kim Mean
    Jena Kim Mean Year ago +1

    The last tour was amazing. Thank you so much for coming out to the Bay Area

  • Lazyfogy _
    Lazyfogy _ Year ago +1

    Can’t wait for the festival to China

  • Nico Zhang
    Nico Zhang Year ago

    My favorite group of kids out there🤩💙

  • Moe Hi
    Moe Hi Year ago

    Zion.T ??!!!! :))))

  • devul
    devul Year ago +20

    1:31 looks like something out of movie or something

  • Maral Liz
    Maral Liz Year ago +7

    Please come to Japan 😭🙏🏻

  • Margiela
    Margiela Year ago

    we see MadeinTYO and Ed Sheeran wtfff

  • Cadin Caldwell
    Cadin Caldwell Year ago

    NIKI is the prettiest human ever don't @ me

  • infinite Donuts
    infinite Donuts Year ago

    This is heaven right here.

  • Justin Wright
    Justin Wright Year ago

    Im so sad i didn't get to see them on October 14 that's my birthday

  • Sticky Shugar
    Sticky Shugar Year ago

    Is that joji vlogs?

  • Yengghouaa
    Yengghouaa Year ago +2

    The shot of Kohh at 1:30 is amazing

  • Guilherme Costa
    Guilherme Costa Year ago

    Music name?

  • Jonas Schjerning
    Jonas Schjerning Year ago

    Why the fuck Arent they gling to denmark😣

  • xxxRichApe
    xxxRichApe Year ago +1

    Where’s Keith Ape

  • MariLu x
    MariLu x Year ago

    play this at my funeral 🤧

  • John Garbino
    John Garbino Year ago

    Yo, what's up with that new snippet that you released bro?