Building a Blacksmithing Gas Bottle Propane Forge & Burners

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • It was time to upgrade to a gas forge to give some more heat control & efficiency vs my old charcoal 44 gallon forge. I bought a brand new 9kg gas bottle to use for the project. The burners I fabricated based on a design by John Carman.
    Safety Notes:
    - IF you use an old gas bottle, take extended precautions to make sure it's empty before cutting into it with an angle grinder. Better yet, buy a new one, they're cheap
    - IF you use galvanised components for your burners, like I did, ensure you remove any galvanising before using the burners. Both inside and out
    - ALWAYS wear a respirator & gloves when working with the insulation blanket until it has had a rigidizer applied. Do not light the forge without applying this.
    - This is an inherently dangerous project - take all safety precautions when constructing, working with propane gas and operating a gas forge. IF you're not sure about anything, then don't risk it.

    Due to popular demand, here is a list of components used in the burner and gas manifold construction:
    20mm x 40mm (3/4” x 1 1/2”) bell reducer x 2
    20mm x 25mm (3/4” x 1”) bell reducer stainless steel x 2
    20mm x 150mm (3/4” x 6”) pipe nipple x 2
    3mm x 100mm (1/8” x 4”) pipe nipple x 3
    3mm (1/8”) tee
    3mm (1/8”) 90 deg elbow
    40mm x 100mm (1 1/2” x 4”) pipe nipple
    0.6mm (0.025”) mig welding tip x 2
    3mm x 6mm (1/8” x 1/4”) nipple
    6mm (1/4”) female/female ball valve
    6mm (1/4”) male to 3/8” male flare fitting/adapter
    Added since video on gas bottle side of ball valve:
    0-60 PSI pressure gauge, 1/4” male thread
    1/4” tee
    1/4” x 1/4” nipple
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  • Will Matthews
    Will Matthews  2 years ago +176

    Due to popular demand, I have updated the video description to include a list of components used in the burners and gas manifold. Happy hunting!

    • Lisa Sternenkind
      Lisa Sternenkind 17 days ago

      How hot do you think does it get? Can it also be used for burning ceramics?

    • DИN XYZ
      DИN XYZ Month ago

      Градусов поставте

    • Albion Watts
      Albion Watts Month ago

      What??? you updated and didn't do anything about that awful music/noise. Good grief...

    • Simon JUNG
      Simon JUNG 2 months ago

      Thanks Will, but where IS the list? Don't seem to see it

    • Volker Wollny
      Volker Wollny 3 months ago

      Hey, what you did there was extremely dangerous! You are lucky that this gas tank didn't explode! You mustn't grind or bore or something like that on a gas tank without havinging filled it up with water before!

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 14 hours ago

    I get that you explained that you bought a brand new gas bottle but you might also want to explain why that is so important. Someone thinking they might save themselves a few dollars and use an old one that has held propane might be in for a very explosive experience. As I know your intent would never be to cause harm and strictly to share your build...…. you should remember that people of all ages might be attempting your project. Other than that.... good project.

  • Scot Gordon
    Scot Gordon 4 days ago

    Total rebuild if you need to change the tips huh? :(

  • Scot Gordon
    Scot Gordon 4 days ago

    You do know you can get black pipe?... And it is cheaper???... lol

  • Clayton Robertson
    Clayton Robertson 8 days ago

    What is the blue spray?

  • Martin VL
    Martin VL 9 days ago

    Wrong regulator! Needs 20 PSI regulator. Needs high BTU's to melt Unobtainium.

  • Galvatron
    Galvatron 9 days ago

    It's 4am and I don't know what this thing is or why I'm watching this, but its amazing.

  • Raging_Rhino
    Raging_Rhino 10 days ago

    Can't remember the name of the contour duplication tool you used... Help I need one badly (blue moldable strip used at 2:52)

    • Sam Hill
      Sam Hill 9 days ago

      It's tuff. You must squeeze that 1 IQ point for a bit of wit & come up with something.

  • red erio2.0
    red erio2.0 12 days ago

    3:08 your dentiste

  • Daniel Tothero
    Daniel Tothero 13 days ago +1

    I too enjoyed this video. I had a question as to the type of curved ruler you used. What are these called? I would like to pick one up. Thanks.

  • Javier Ciezar
    Javier Ciezar 16 days ago

    make one for me, thanks

  • Rick Cianflone
    Rick Cianflone 20 days ago

    Will great build! Thanks a ton for posting. It looks like a kit for the refractory lining for the tank, where did you purchase it?

  • Jesse Beckmann
    Jesse Beckmann 20 days ago

    How long does a bottle of propane last how many hours?

  • Cameron Young
    Cameron Young 20 days ago

    8:32 what is that blue tool called?

  • Turk Babe
    Turk Babe 22 days ago +1

    I wanna make pizza in there

  • Aaron Herrera
    Aaron Herrera 23 days ago

    What did you have your gas pressure set at?

  • Sedat Tüysüz
    Sedat Tüysüz 23 days ago

    İçindeki yalıtım malzemesi nedir

  • kyle gutzwiller
    kyle gutzwiller 29 days ago

    where did you get that insulation from

  • fishermanfriesen
    fishermanfriesen Month ago

    Really like what you got going on here man was wondering what kind of material and where you got for the insulation you used in this video

  • Jimmy Haley
    Jimmy Haley Month ago

    nice job,,, BUT sure a lot of labor just to heat up a file,,, ole USN vet

  • Milton Miller
    Milton Miller Month ago

    This video is hypnotic.

  • TC time
    TC time Month ago

    Really cool video. Love the music. SUPER great instructions. I use propane tanks all the time for projects as well. Got some really cool fun with fire tricks. Hint. And use them for pressurized water tanks for my DIY air compressor powered pressure washer for portable use. Hint. I really enjoyed your video and would like to invite you to check out some of my playlists I think we're like-minded. Have a great day.

  • geerhed
    geerhed Month ago

    Great Video. Question: Why didn't you just use black gas pipe type fittings instead of going to all of the work to dip and clean the galvanized.

  • Anteneh Hailu
    Anteneh Hailu Month ago


  • marcelo martinez
    marcelo martinez Month ago

    la musica malogro el video

  • Kyle Clifford
    Kyle Clifford Month ago

    How much castable refractory did it take? 5lbs? 10?

  • Lenny M
    Lenny M Month ago +4

    What is this blue liquid that is sprayed on the wool? What is useful for?

  • Bill Bye
    Bill Bye Month ago

    hmmm! very nice build. hate to lose a propane tank to that purpose, but it is functional thanks.

  • Aaron Herrera
    Aaron Herrera Month ago

    What was the tool you used to duplicate the radius of the tank for the shelf and legs?

  • Mycroft Holmes
    Mycroft Holmes Month ago +1

    wouldnt you have been better off going to the scrap yard and getting some 18 inch pipe?

  • Shane Robinson
    Shane Robinson Month ago

    Awesome work, I'm trying to duplicate your build. How far apart are the burner knock outs? Will it reach weld temp? Thanks for the vid

  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor Month ago

    Best build on RUclip 👏🏻👍

  • Pete Sadler
    Pete Sadler Month ago

    Great video, awesome build, well done.

  • Сергей Сачков

    Please give a link to the thermal insulation material that you used in your project.

  • pfaffman100
    pfaffman100 Month ago

    You Sir are a Genius.

  • Алексей Бровин



    Very nice and detailed.Thanks for the share.

  • Adam Luzier
    Adam Luzier Month ago

    How long in total did it take to complete?

  • Justin Timefortea
    Justin Timefortea Month ago

    MUSIC FFS!!!

    DIESELMAN8V92 Month ago

    You are an awesome fabricator I just subscribed :) what was that blue tool you used to copy the radius of the tank? I am just starting in black smiting and want to build one of these awesome forges!!!

  • Иван Олейник

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  • GingerJewishGiraffe

    Great build,i wish i got seeing it all. Due to that horrible nasty noise people call music,i had to switch this crap off.

  • Bob D.
    Bob D. Month ago

    Why don't you buy black iron fittings and nipples and not have to deal with the galvanize.

  • Victor manuel Gonzalez arellano

    Ace one of cement

  • Perro Oceaniko
    Perro Oceaniko 2 months ago

    i have some abilities developed along the years, and this is not, by ANY means, a simple project, very well done indeed.

    • Perro Oceaniko
      Perro Oceaniko Month ago

      @Paul Forster hhahaha. ... so funny.
      Try again turd ..!

    • Paul Forster
      Paul Forster Month ago

      you must be seriously inept if you think this is not simple. What skills have you developed? tie your own laces? dress yourself?

  • Silvio Oliviero
    Silvio Oliviero 2 months ago +2

    and someone still wonder why houses go on fire...

  • David De luca
    David De luca 2 months ago

    A very dwarthy error occurs at the beginning of the video, I beg you before cutting the gas bottle fill the water.
    To hunt the gas … There is a risk of explosion

    • Derek Lusney
      Derek Lusney 2 months ago

      It is new

    • David De luca
      David De luca 2 months ago

      Patrick Woolery ....may be....

    • Patrick Woolery
      Patrick Woolery 2 months ago

      It is possible to purchase a propane bottle that has never had any gas in it. I suspect that's what was done here.

  • syntaxZERO
    syntaxZERO 2 months ago

    The damn music!

  • dragonfly
    dragonfly 2 months ago

    Hey! great build! two questions: 1. Is the threading for the copper welding tip 1/4" 20UNC? and 2. Is the threading on the converter 3/8" special (as in the propane hose has a finer threading than plumbing threading)?

  • Ryan Graham
    Ryan Graham 2 months ago

    i would like to know how long that 8.5kg gas bottle last i would gues half an hour to 1 hour of use good video mate👍

  • Anthony Swales
    Anthony Swales 2 months ago

    What was the white you put inside

  • ubiraci Escobar de souza bira


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    terry bogey 2 months ago

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  • Doug Alexander
    Doug Alexander 2 months ago

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  • Sameer Sinha
    Sameer Sinha 2 months ago

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  • Ken The welder
    Ken The welder 2 months ago +2

    What is that blue flexible stuff called that you're using to mark out those bends and curves with? I wouldn't mind getting some.

  • Mark Fryer
    Mark Fryer 2 months ago +2

    That trick with using White Vinegar on Galvanized steel was brilliant.

  • Mark Fryer
    Mark Fryer 2 months ago

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  • John Crawford
    John Crawford 2 months ago +2

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  • Chris Kennedy
    Chris Kennedy 3 months ago +1

    Excellent build. Cooks pizza in 30 seconds 😎