Yeah - Fargo

Scene from Fargo

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Автор Justin Long ( назад)
so good


Автор Berzstiflag ( назад)
What a nice pair of whores! Stupid, calm and kindhearted. So much better than the intelligent, frustrated and nasty variety. Ya Ya.

Автор Nick Johnson ( назад)
That girl is not from Chaska, the accent around the twin cities is a lot different from the accent farther north!

Автор MCcookiebreath ( назад)
Go bayers

Автор Andre Stene ( назад)
retarded fo real

Автор Adam Zimmerman ( назад)
I always laugh when the two hookers start bobbing their heads like chickens and saying "Ya!"

Автор Pratama Wirya ( назад)
I don't know why this always makes me laugh. It's as if the film, for no reason, makes fun of the use of "yah".

Автор TheTallMan35 ( назад)
:16. The chick on the left has got that 'who farted' look.

Автор James Lisle ( назад)
Fargo drinking game. Every time a character from Fargo says yeah, we take a shot.

Автор jordan w ( назад)
Oh yah, that can happen.

Автор Mike Miller ( назад)

Автор Nearship ( назад)
Minnesotans don't say yeah sure you betcha I would know I am one

Автор V. M. ( назад)
Go Bears! ...

Автор Summer Skull ( назад)
Oh look, it's Barbara Jean

Автор Bruce Gordon ( назад)
The little guy was kinda funny lookin, more than most people even.

Автор Joe Smith ( назад)
They still talk like that up there. "Yeah?.....yeah".

Автор KInRick24 ( назад)
Lol Bimbos Funny People....yeah)))

Автор SoPiPz ( назад)
That lady to the right plays in "Baby Daddy" show.

Автор Dimitris Giax ( назад)
Cracks me up every time. You betcha yahh...Especially the "subconscious kinda thing" part.

Автор gelyn64 ( назад)
y'know like a subconscious type of thing

Автор tuttt99 ( назад)
"So... you were havin' sex with the little fella, then..."

Автор Kaydin Stone ( назад)
she really is such a super lady...

Автор Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions ( назад)

Автор Moses Tripoli ( назад)
Okay then...

Автор Crafty Veteran ( назад)
The mother language is NOT German its Scandinavian.

Автор Twin Cities Fishing ( назад)
Yeah, we don't talk like that in the Twin Cities. In north eastern and western parts of the state it's common though

Автор Jaffney Quinzell ( назад)
Barbara Jean?!

Автор SteveRoy ( назад)
My motherlanguage is german and this accent feels nice for me :-).

Автор Ryan Denziloe ( назад)
"More than most people, even" -- fucking brilliant comedy.

Автор Nicholas Wetzel ( назад)
When I first saw this, I though the blonde was saying she lived in "the sewer"

Автор Dendelin007 ( назад)
jaa, is this a german version or what :D jk

Автор Ivanna Roquet ( назад)
ROFLMAO.. is that graeme judd??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Автор giannis grats ( назад)
I love the way all the characters are written and presented on screen.It satirises the boredom of an everyday life conversation.What's the most fascinating about this scene is the fact that all three of these people believe that they are far more intelligent than others ,even though it is made clear that they are stupid and simple minded.The best example is when one of them says ''like a s subconscious type of thing."Like she knows everyhing about the subconscious and has studied psychology.THE COEN BROTHERS HAVE WRITTEN SOME OF THE GREATEST DIALOGUES IN THE HISTORY OF CINEMA.

Автор zillajratomicray ( назад)
Ya betcha, ya.

Автор Marchoupi ( назад)
I remember watching that movie with my girlfriend and her friends and they just peed themselves laughing at this scene, plus they reverse gangbanged me, so this movie will forever be in my top 10

Автор laser beam (1367 лет назад)
Darn prostitootin'!

Автор Ian Buchan ( назад)

Автор ProgamerEU ( назад)
The movie is pretty good but the TV series is just AWESOME

Автор Trollolol ( назад)
Yu betcha !

Автор Ferand the Honorable ( назад)
Well very wierd acting...The cop is speaking through the nose like some fucking hillbilly redneck...

Автор b Red ( назад)
I think McDormand could play judge Judy in a film

Автор David S ( назад)
One of my all time favourite movies.....yaah!! :o)

Автор chlebiceksmaslem ( назад)

Автор summercures2 ( назад)
Hey, this is the way Sarah Palin speaks.

Автор JJ Jones ( назад)
Just hit me that the show made a reference to 0:15 when Malvo is being questioned by the police

Автор James Fielding ( назад)
Not one fuckable person in that room.

Автор MortonGoldthwait ( назад)
"You know, like a subconscious type of thing."

Автор WormTyrant ( назад)
I always wondered how Joel and Ethan cast those hookers.... " Ahhh excuse me we were looking for some really fat ugly women to play retarded hookers and we kinda thought you two might fit the role perfectly..you interested ?"

Автор papocristo ( назад)
This is probably my favorite scene from the movie. 

Автор Arkadiusz Urbanek ( назад)
I love Frances McDormand in this scene. Especially her look 0:36, followed by that "so...". Great delivery! Fargo is a classic

Автор Nuclear-Skull87 ( назад)
I love the sexy sleazy Midwestern 90s bar in this scene!

Автор Odilwerk ( назад)
Lol, every character in this film is just awesome, even the minor ones.

Автор GeneralZodx ( назад)
Go Bears...

Автор WAKEUP!!! ( назад)
+DisneyZerox because it's a dark comedy. The characters are written like that on purpose - otherwise it would just be a regular crime thriller.

Автор communistjesus ( назад)
One of the BEST films I've seen.. The Coen Bros are FREAKING GENIUSES. I just wish they would make a sequel to the Big Lebowski. THE BIG LEBOWSKI 2... Shoot if they DO NOT want to do a SEQUEL, they could FOCUS SOLELY  on a SECONDARY CHARACTER from the first movie (Walter Solbcheck, Donnie, JESUS.. )..MAKE A SORT OF PREQUEL Heck yeah, they could even call it The Rise Of Jesus,,, It would freaking rock.. Show a day in the life of Jesus, the PEDOPHILE Spaniard School bus driver,, I, along with a lot of FANS, would pay to see it... So GET WIT IT...

Автор Adrian Baca ( назад)
Ugly ass girls =P

Автор landondonovanify ( назад)
DisneyZerox, because the Coens don't make completely realistic characters and if it was the way you wanted it to be then it would be crap and they wouldn't be the famous Coen brothers. They just have a particular style, comedy, etc, why does it annoy you so much? Just appreciate a film man.

Автор sergio perez ( назад)

Автор sergio perez ( назад)
Q wapas

Автор Benjamin Pál Weaver ( назад)
This scene is one example of why I loath this movie.

Why is it that whenever they ask anyone what these guys look like, they always say "He was funny lookin'."? Why is every single civilian a complete moron and idiot. Also, I know Marge is supposed to be a nice person, but why do she never snap or at least kindly acknowledge how moronic these people are acting?

I hate this movie!

Автор D'Ascoyne ( назад)
Hilarious scene!

Автор mehdi karpov ( назад)
01:10 so epic

Автор dtothelu ( назад)
Audio's slightly off

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