2016 한국미래기술 영상 #5

2016 한국미래기술 영상 #5

팔다리 동작 영상

Просмотров: 150097
Длительность: 4:8
Комментарии: 572

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Автор Caleb Hawn ( назад)
Pretty great! So that was Amazon's CEO? That's what Softonic said in their newsletter.

Автор виктор селицкий ( назад)

Автор najtrows ( назад)
someone needs to put the neon genesis theme to this video

Автор Yesiel realistic ( назад)
next step make the worlds first gundom!!

Автор Soviet Operator ( назад)
Kojima - genius!

Автор 만화가늦깍이 ( назад)
저 손과 발이 좀 더 안정적으로 힘을 받으려면 3d 그래픽 툴에서 활용하는 IK chain 같은걸 연결하면 어떨까요, 약간 움직임의 제약이 있을 수 있겠으나 FK로 전환하면 되고요

Автор Bernie Poindexter ( назад)

Автор Holly Golightly ( назад)
Perfect. Robots taking over jobs in a world with a burgeoning population where more people need jobs. We're all just tools and used as facilitators for the likes of Bezos, Elon Musk, APPLE, etc, and their wet dreams. Remember what Steve Jobs said: “A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”

Автор ddmeltzer8 ( назад)
This is just a slow and clumsy version of robots they created 10-15 years ago.....
I`m not impressed.

Автор Jeysson Gevara ( назад)
The lag is strong in this one

Автор Stephan Tande ( назад)

Автор TermAlexander ( назад)
Робот алкаш )

Автор Vlad S. ( назад)
так себе...

Автор Go Ju Ryu ( назад)
"Neon Genesis Evangelion"

Автор Thane Of Celts ( назад)

Автор Evan Arnault ( назад)
This is what science does.

Автор SamTheMan ( назад)
Aw Christ, They they made a Titan

Автор zs Xie ( назад)
Korean crap

Автор Yan Amor ( назад)

Автор MegaKootz ( назад)
ITS FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! When can I sign up to be a pilot?

Автор riley jameosn ( назад)
Wow, titanfall 3 sure looks dang good with those realistic graphics.

Автор vdub ( назад)
Robots that are turning around just like humans(by using legs+torso), waste so much energy. Make the legs work both ways(with a small turning angle) and just rotate the torso when you need to move in another direction.

Автор jeffrey Leandro Carreño robayo ( назад)
aparece un comentario en español

Автор Максим Иванов ( назад)
Arctic Cheetah на пенсии :)

Автор Brian Muoio ( назад)
Is this for the next Avatar movie?

Автор blue cat ( назад)
I see a seat. Hell yes, someone can ride in it and possibly control it.

Автор Kent Lowes ( назад)
Someone get John Connor...!!!

Автор Eon Lee Music ( назад)
This is the robot that they used in the 3rd matrix movie.

Автор Kleo 84 ( назад)
Real Steel :-)

Автор Afron Prime ( назад)
So where does the power come from in the field? Keep working.

Автор ZCMZombieCustomMaps ( назад)
I hope this is in the new attraction of the Pandora land.

Автор Brendan Murphy ( назад)
Yup we're all gonna die

Автор Cyrus Issari ( назад)
Bruh, the Japanese is genysis and genysis is skynet. You can kill skynet before it's born if you drop another nuke

Автор Nationalists ( назад)
show it to north korea.

Автор Max Moedano ( назад)
wheres all the navi?

Автор Rivers ( назад)
Quick someone warn the navi!! 🤣

Автор leopreo ( назад)
I want one!

Автор TomenGage1 ( назад)
We are all dead now.... 😭

Автор Don't want Shadenfraude ( назад)
10 year old footage of Japan's military research center. They have Gundams already.

Автор Fernando Pantaleon ( назад)
He mention something interesting. Cipher is pursuing new research. He claims that what they're doing in Africa is the missing piece.

A weapon... To surpass Metal Gear.

Автор ekulerudamuru ( назад)
a bipedal robot/mech isn't viable, they are much harder to build and maintain plus all the problems inherit in its design and they don't have that much advantage on other leg/lower body design..

Автор Tea Leaf ( назад)
Ignorant people don't know either if this Japan or Korea. Anyways .... we will be fucked. Dear Apocalypse, I know your coming, you do not need to put it on video form sir. Thank you

Автор Bằng Nguyễn ( назад)
Future is now 🤓

Автор LLMelvinL ( назад)
" get away from her, you bitch!!!"

Автор PassaTempo Vídeo ( назад)

Автор A1sausie ( назад)

Автор Victor Rios ( назад)
That's so fake! lol!

Автор David Cendana ( назад)
Kim Jong Un be like, "Make one of our own, three times the size of that!"

Автор Christian Gultom ( назад)
reminds me of avatar

Автор AssassinEziooooPro ( назад)
A technology to surpass Metal Gear

Автор Christian Gultom ( назад)

Автор Dhtxtc ( назад)
Is this our defense for the decepticons? We're fucked.

Автор Hail Arriola ( назад)
Isnt this koreas robot on korea vs america mech wars?

Автор Michael Brennan ( назад)
And then there was Second Impact

Автор Henry Blackburn ( назад)
Metal... Gear?! It can't be!


Автор 99CCFF 756e6b6e6f776e65786961 647072746c646b ( назад)
너무 멋져요!! 이런분들에게 제 세금이 간다면 전혀 아깝지 않을듯...

Автор Sir Poupsie III ( назад)
Titanfall 3 confirmed!

Автор funnyhappyharry ( назад)
Battlefield 2142 was right

Автор 藩主 APOPHIS ( назад)
Still have a ways to go .. but this is promising

Автор MSJ SWAPNIL ( назад)
PEOPLE.................................................................................................... Just don't add weapons with it. Make it a Firefighter OR soon I'll have to fight these awesome robots to save the world.

Автор Maui0895 ( назад)
MEKA Activated!

Автор Tareq Almjmoee ( назад)
When can I buy my own Gundam from ebay??

Автор kavvadi ( назад)
waiting for code geass live action.

Автор WheatSnackBread ( назад)
Need to work on those Myomer Muscles.

Автор electricshirt ( назад)
In all honesty, insectoid or arachnid mech designs would have more utility but this still looks like a fun hobby none the less.

Автор Agent Bill Wilson ( назад)
why is this trending now?

Автор Black Smith Grind ( назад)
Reminds me of Titanfall, or the "Mantis" from Halo 4

Автор CouchCore ( назад)
Robot Mech to Busan

Автор S Reed ( назад)
My mind saw avatar, titanfall, the mech from alien 2, and the hulk buster. What did you see?

Автор aTROLLwithBlades ( назад)
soon dr robotnic will defeat sonic of cowchop

Автор KeZaRo0 ( назад)
soon we'll have D.Va

Автор İ Mert ( назад)
robot with parkynson syndrome

Автор s h a d ø w b a n n e d ( назад)
The top does look flimsy though. Can it hold more weight, maybe a human and a couple of chain guns?

Автор s h a d ø w b a n n e d ( назад)
Holy fuck...

Автор Dylan Gracias ( назад)

Автор Xerocool ( назад)
The way it walks, it looks like it needs to go to the bathroom.

Автор Sean Bugeja ( назад)
Standby for titanfall... kinda

Автор Cmd Ctrl ( назад)
Asian people = creating mech-robotics.
African people = throwing spears & destroying civilization no matter where they go.

Racism isn't an opinion, it's a fact.

I'm white and I believe that Asian People are the Master Race. Closely followed by white people.

Автор Neb88 ( назад)
That looks like an expensive vomit inducing machine.

Автор Jonas Venture Jr. ( назад)
Sorry but even the Holy Bible warns that sorcery and witchcraft is a sin, we need to stop that research and study the Holy Bible more. Remember that if you keep doing that, Skynet will enslave mankind and take your jobs, then they will send a liquid metal robot back in time to kill humans and that is why we need to ban stem-cell research and robots. Amen.

Автор CrazyWrench ( назад)
Finally, a weapon to surpass Metal Gear...

Автор steven nguyen ( назад)
Should add more space in the cockpit for more freedom for better hand motion like having your hand completely straight out

Автор sergio a ( назад)
it fucking started

Автор Tim Kenny ( назад)
This is how you get ants

Автор Ratt Pack ( назад)
Titanfall, get ready to engage.

Автор trolltacular1 ( назад)

Автор 141mcknight ( назад)
A little bit more time and development on this and then we can give it a giant knife and a gun and then we'll be ready to get unobtanium from tree livin, pony tail fuckin, blue bastards

Автор Megalo_Dom ( назад)
With this and anime, Japan has really won

Автор Swordofdamocles602 ( назад)
Get away from her you bitch

Автор KING OF GAMES 4 ( назад)
Gurren lagann season 2 looks great

Автор Zeev Kirsh ( назад)
watch it at 2x speed. much more impressive.

Автор Miister Cloud ( назад)
Why not apply the same setup you have on the arms to the legs?

Автор Time Laps This ( назад)

Автор LaughterReactor ( назад)
First we'll have the robots from the Avatar movie, they won't be very good, especially because the movie. Then we'll have Titanfall. Sometime later we'll have Pacific Rim. And then finally we'll have god dang mighty morphing Power Rangers. The future is going to be oddly retro.

Автор Valkarez ( назад)
welcome to volskaya industries

Автор Jessie The God ( назад)
awwww shiit this is the shit that i do like

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