Top 10 Open World Games

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Автор IAMTHEDUDE Lebowski ( назад)
GTA 5? Never liked the GTA games. Skyrim is WAY BETTER than any other open world game. Mad Max is really good, too. Challenging.

Автор Mythic Subnova ( назад)
Neh, dont agree with your list. Why is GTA even on the list?

Автор Nerfuture ( назад)
I really don't think gta is that great I think skyrim is tons better and fallout is better too but not that much

Автор TheMCGamer289 - Minecraft and More! ( назад)
Of course, Minecraft had to be somewhere on this list

Автор Eddie D ( назад)
Fallout 3 should of been waaayayyy higher

Автор BEAR 0312 ( назад)
where is fable 2?

Автор Eric Barajas ( назад)
Skyrim squad where you at

Автор Kingslayer 42069 ( назад)
Infamous 2 was made in 2011 not 2004

Автор charlie strain ( назад)
All the legend of Zelda fanboys say watchmojo is corrupt because it didn't have breath of the wild on it. Even though this list came out in 2014!

Автор SWsin Srinopnikom ( назад)
where is bully

Автор ilyes ikhlef ( назад)
https://www.facebook.com/TOP-GAMES-205283813144529/?ref=settings TOP GAMES

Автор Thank you Boss ( назад)
Wtf minecraft!?

Автор Danny Kriegbaum Laursen ( назад)
I may get Prototype 2 on PS4 to play it again.
Was so great.

Автор Jake G 2187 ( назад)
5. LOZ: Breath of the Wild
4. Red Dead Redemption
2. Skyrim
1. GTA V

Still need to play Witcher 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Black Flag, and Oblivion.

Автор Stefan HD14 ( назад)
Watch dogs?????

Автор ShelLuser ( назад)
Funny though, I'm still quite heavily hooked onto Minecraft, I'm also playing Skyrim from time to time and inFamous 2 is also still a favorite of mine (thanks to its level/game editor). Yet I lost complete interest in GTA V, I hardly ever play it. It maybe an open world but its mostly empty, when compared to Skyrim then the latter has TONS more contents to discover and explore.

Автор Jamie Crowhurst ( назад)

Автор Will ( назад)
Life should be #1!!!

Автор Ar1tec | عرب تيك ( назад)

Автор Adam Demianczuk ( назад)
im glad AS4 got a decent position

Автор _Preston_Frickin_Garvey_ ( назад)
Really? Grand Theft Auto Five gets the first spot?

Автор KingDoms Kingdom ( назад)
Paused instantly to comment... Far cry 3 BETTER BE ON THIS LIST!

Автор Ninfreak 20 ( назад)
botw #1

Автор Patrick Colligan ( назад)
Mate what kind of drugs are you on to be playing infamous 2 at 2004 it came out in 2011

Автор Shepard Ryder ( назад)
Fun fact, Spiderman 2 was made by Treyarch. great game.

Автор mario andretti ( назад)
I always wished who ever made these batman games would make the spider man games xmen games all that exactly the same way same look and eveything

Автор Kira Min ( назад)
What about Witcher... I'm happy Skyrim and Black flag made it... but what about Witcher and Tomb Raider??

Автор BrotherlyBoss Boys ( назад)
Watch dogs anyone?

Автор Tyler Gamble ( назад)
Think that most of us would agree if they remade the list the witcher 3 would be near the top spot

Автор Chaddington Finnland ( назад)

Автор Dan Daniel ( назад)
i think minecraft has some of the coolest and most mods in the history of gaming

Автор Strange Kitchen Appliances ( назад)
I swear if oblivion isn't at least in the top 3 I'll kill myself.

Автор LW Extra ( назад)

Автор Unknow User ( назад)
Put Fallout 3 instead of New vegas? And even put saintrow 4 AC and minecraft above it? i dont think this list even base on you opinion i pretty sure that you dont even finished or played some of this game.(and where is borderland series)? srry for bad eng.

Автор Dharmendra Rathore ( назад)
you donkey

Автор Amir Hossien Mahmoodi ( назад)
Minecraft 😅😅😅😅

Автор Sin SinaT ( назад)
witcher 3 is the freaking best game ever, I love the storyline the gameplay, the music, the atmosphere of the game, after witcher I go with dragon age series.

Автор Gonzo Price ( назад)
Why does it say Infamous 2 was made in 2004?

Автор Laurie Morgan ( назад)
Skyrim is better than GTA
and just cause should have replaced minecraft
Because minecraft is crap and just cause 2 is EXTREMLY underrated

Автор Evandro Rodrigues da Luz Moura ( назад)
YOU KNOW THIS IS BULL WHEN Saintsrow 4 ranks higher than Fallout

Автор MinecraftHashTag# The King ( назад)
Minecraft is the best!

Автор Ajaws2414 ( назад)
Out of the games I've played, I gotta say that
1: Skyrim
2: AC Black Flag
3. Far Cry 4
4: Fallout New Vegas
5. Red Dead Redemption
6. GTA V
7. Fallout 4
8. South Park Stick of Truth
9. Mafia 3 (completely underrated game)
10. Arkham City

Автор Ajaws2414 ( назад)
New Vegas is better than Fallout 3

Автор Gaming Silly Pie ( назад)

Автор Zach Frings ( назад)
Legend of Zelda Botw can finally be added to this list.

Автор Dr. Cardus ( назад)
I find the lack of Bully disturbing.

Автор Led Fuchop ( назад)
minecraft is not ALMOST endless,it is endless for real now.

Автор Swastik Lamsal ( назад)
Saw it coming.....
Gta 5 that is.....
Like really is there any surprise why its no.1?

Автор Aayush Srivastava ( назад)

Автор Petra Pribylova ( назад)
I love skyrim its the best i love skyrim !!!!!!

Автор Petra Pribylova ( назад)
Skyrim is the best open world game it should be in 1st place!!!!!
I agree with damon marshall

Автор Passose ( назад)
ehem, where is Breath Of The Wild?

Автор Ass Bag ( назад)
Saints Row 2 is much better than 4, no contest. and no, its not any nostalgia clouding my judgement, i played 4 first

Автор Andy Potts ( назад)
Infamous 2 was released in 2011 by the way. the ps3 didn't come to be until 2006

Автор Big Smoke ( назад)
GTA V sucks.

Автор Aryan Somkawar ( назад)
you all are associated

Автор Fall of the Crusades ( назад)
woah woah, hold up a sec.. how tf is minecraft better than assassins creed 4 and gta V?

Автор Tracy Russell, MD ( назад)
Everyone should shut up about the list being so bad and watchmojo being idiots because its not watchmojo's opinion. They have a website online to VOTE for each things spot on the list. If you really care to vote on that.

Автор Admiral Wolf ( назад)
We all know, Skyrim is probably the best game from the scrolls series, and even of all games

Автор عبد السلام التميمي ( назад)

Автор Alex1 Time ( назад)
Minecraft on #3? Are you kidding me?

Автор Ahmed Bilal ( назад)
do part 2

Where is world of warcraft?

Автор Chicken ( назад)
Fuck GTA V I want GTA San Andreas

Автор Danny ( назад)
skyrim 1st fallout 3 2nd fallout nv 3rd simple

Автор laura john ( назад)
nice work

Автор Leviathan ( назад)
TES V with mods is the best game on the world.

Автор Alex221 Gaming ( назад)
Fuck Skyrim or GTA 5

GTA San Andreas are my favorite game of all time #GTASANANDREAS

Автор Sebastitan Nickname ( назад)
Most people dont know the difference between Sandbox and Open World games...
Sandbox: you are basically thrown into a world with X amount/type of tools to do whatever you want.
Open World: The world is open for you to explore, most importantly it has a plot, a story.
So Minecraft is a Sandbox and not an Open world, so it shouldnt be on this list.

Автор Josh Maze ( назад)
Everyone knew GTA V was gonna be first but Skyrim was better in so many ways

Автор Classified Aj ( назад)
tbh I played most of these but where is Watchdogs?

Автор Roger Melo ( назад)
I Wonder If you would add FFXV If it were available at that time.

Автор Mccreeeaper ( назад)
I see minecraft I dislike

Автор Luciano Vera ( назад)
JC2 2008 wtf

Автор dj1298rotik ( назад)
"Number 3: Minecraft"
Me: *facepalm*

Автор True ( назад)

Автор dev gamer devGamer ( назад)
Nice Work 3d

Автор Nazgûl ( назад)
skyrim is soo much better than gta5

Автор Avery Tuck ( назад)
*has fallout as number 9 and borderlands as an honorable mention* *ranks minecraft number 3*

Автор WelshDude1984 ( назад)
Where's Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV? Not even a honourable mention.

Автор Orlando Pessoa ( назад)

Автор Dávid Iványi ( назад)

Автор AMAZING DUAL ( назад)

Автор Poop NaNa ( назад)
What about bully

Автор Ollie Stewart ( назад)
move ongoing slightly magic move garden research

Автор Jerry Ray ( назад)
infamous 2 is from like 2013 or something isn't it?

Автор Christian Rizk ( назад)
Trueeee gta❤😍

Автор Randomix ! ( назад)
Far Cry 3 just on number 7 should be on 3

Автор _RareWolf_ ( назад)
Get out my room I'm playing minecraft

Автор Akash Sadasivan ( назад)
what about the mass effect series? it is like the best case scenario regarding open worlds, especially when it offers you a whole galaxy to explore

Автор Kli Tamr ( назад)
yes or no

Автор Kli Tamr ( назад)
yes or no

Автор Kli Tamr ( назад)
this is paid gamea

Автор Sifat Iqbal ( назад)

Автор Humberto 3:16 ( назад)
Fallout, GTA, Red Dead duh

Автор the none ( назад)
far cry series from its 3 part is going great in my opinion. i love far cry series🙄🙄😘😘

Автор Alex44 Plays44 ( назад)
WTF !!!!!
AC4 has a way bigger map than GTA 5. I played both games and AC4 is way better

Автор dinesh anand ( назад)
what about watch dogs 2??

Автор Ahmed Sami ( назад)
that is a silly rating

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