New!! People Of Walmart 2017 #1

Most crazy people of Walmart in the new 2016 funny fail pics compilation . Funny Walmart people Shopping like they just don't care ( of their awkward look ) . Please don't forget to Share & Subscribe. ;o)

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Автор Juicyjay 8 ( назад)
Most of the people aren't that crazy

Автор ZMan1471 ( назад)
ok who the hell walks into wal mart with nothing but a coat and underwear

Автор IWillDuckYou ( назад)
quit with this trash song its on half of YouTube

Автор Mark Solarz ( назад)
Walmart is a reflection of America! The Good ,the Bad,and the UUUUGGGGLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Автор TXGUNNER! ( назад)
1:14 Who wouldn't want to see that?

Автор Stormy McNeal ( назад)
Should be illegal to wear a thong over a certain weight! 😂

Автор Lamchowder ( назад)
1:18 is what you came for

Автор MacroX1231 ( назад)
3:25 is what you came her for...

Автор raul gomez ( назад)
Did you pull that stupid music out of your Turd Tunnel? Why do you idiots add music anyway? Thumbs down for you!

Автор eric blood ( назад)
This video, shows the results of what the steady human diet of TV, CELL PHONES, INTERNET & (ANTI) SOCIAL MEDIA have done to us & our world!
America has only been like this for about the last 10 to 15 years.
I don't even want to imagine where we go from here. I violently throw up when I do...

Автор Bunny Baby ( назад)
Maybe they should purchase a mirror while they're at Walmart!

Автор walmart walmart ( назад)
lol no joke there is this guy that comes into a walmart in ohio that streaks through the store n runs out at least once a month lmfao! Walmart is just a place to screw around n bascially get away with anything you want!! haha

Автор Shawn Bybee ( назад)
These are not people of Walmart. I have been to I don't know how many Walmart's and never seen this. These are people who don't give a fuck, and would rather please themselves rather than anyone around them. In Ohio and Indiana, you don't see this shit. Not shit, but type of expression, mostly shit.

Автор Ricovette ( назад)
To think that this is what our soldiers are dying for makes me want to puke!    Stay safe...      Rico

Автор Sandra Torres ( назад)
what is wrong with these people?

Автор D Carter ( назад)
Ya know, I've been to Walmart many times & have seen many odd people but I've never seen a scantily clad hottie with her goods hanging out! Do I have to go to the Customer Service department & make a special request for that or something?! It'd surely make shopping there a more pleasant experience! 😉

Автор Jean Miehm ( назад)
And to think this is wtat is putting Sears, Penny's, K Mart and wards out of business

Автор Jonathan Manzana ( назад)
I like the Wal*Mart video

Автор harry balls ( назад)
lady gaga @54

Автор sherrie Code ( назад)
are these people real?

Автор Lance Elliott ( назад)
lance Elliott I love these videos keep them coming

Автор Phil Brown ( назад)
Butt shorts are back???

Автор Janklebox ( назад)
cant do this song anymore.

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