GTA 5 Online NEW Casino Heist DLC Update - TEASER TRAILER! Lester's Return, The BIG Score & MORE!

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • GTA 5 Online NEW Casino Heist DLC Update - TEASER TRAILER! Lester's Return, The BIG Score & MORE!
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    In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video - Rockstar gave us a TEASER TRAILER for the NEW Casino Heist DLC Update coming in December 2019 to GTA 5 Online...
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  • MrBossFTW
    MrBossFTW  Month ago +70

    GTA 5 Online NEW Casino Heist DLC Update - TEASER TRAILER! Lester's Return, The BIG Score & MORE!

    • Owyn Hammersley
      Owyn Hammersley Month ago

      @Vulcano 2005 It transitioned from "Score Big in Los Santos - Experience Inspiration" to "Big Score in Los Santos - Experience Infiltration".

    • Vulcano 2005
      Vulcano 2005 Month ago +2

      Could you freeze the frames next time me? It would be easier to see

    • DsG Ace-_
      DsG Ace-_ Month ago +1

      On the reversed page on the casino, it swaps from SCORE BIG to BIG SCORE

    • Owyn Hammersley
      Owyn Hammersley Month ago

      @James M Now that's... well-planned.

    • James M
      James M Month ago

      Act one money trucks act two hack the system act 3 rob the casino

  • AutoRocket 24
    AutoRocket 24 Month ago

    I was actually leaving the casino and I saw that truck come out of the casino

  • Alex Omar
    Alex Omar Month ago

    Does that skull and bones Lester mean Lester is LJT

  • Firegamer YT
    Firegamer YT Month ago

    Hey. I think Lester hacks in to the city and the casino to help rob it and Lester blocks every one else out so you can hack in to the vault and that photo that you said was a Security guard holding a breath case it wasn’t a security guard was one of them guys that drive the money trucks and go around and collect money so you dress up as one for one of your options to rob the casino

  • Stuka
    Stuka Month ago

    This is your time of the year! Time to make 50+ 15min videos of the same content.

  • Grant Miller
    Grant Miller Month ago

    A normal week includes Saturday and Sunday too

  • MR Blair & MRS MIKAYLA Paton


  • SILK
    SILK Month ago

    Aye don’t @ me but wen the glitch happens in the video teaser the globe on that boot up only show South America?!?!!!!?!!? Teaser for gta 6 as well???

  • hazzbozz1
    hazzbozz1 Month ago

    at 6:11 i seen that guy yesturday


    I am so F*CKING SICK of HIEST Well I get a lot of pranking fools killing me and other team members. its out of control. I suspended all ONLINE HIEST. the other two HIEST is not finished. Its gong to stay that way. I am a SOLO PRIVATE SESSION player. so there you go

  • ErenBaba
    ErenBaba Month ago

    I hope it won't be boring like the doomsday heist

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    About 30 videos about how the next DLC will "definitely" be cops and crooks and he knows this then this happened...😂😂

  • Felix Daniels
    Felix Daniels Month ago

    Not sure if you've ever noticed but sometimes you enter the casino there's an armored car guard walking through the casino with money bags and you cannot catch up to him. I've tried.

  • Exotic rose
    Exotic rose Month ago +1

    They really need new clothes and hair styles instead of adding bullshit🐂💩

  • MDJ Gaming
    MDJ Gaming Month ago

    Wheres the cops n crooks dlc?

  • luigilonglegs69
    luigilonglegs69 Month ago

    I saw the security guy in game

  • kus omak
    kus omak Month ago

    the back of the wheel looks like a small vault

  • ImPeter
    ImPeter Month ago

    U must have pent house to play this ?

  • RyuNinja Gamer
    RyuNinja Gamer Month ago

    I think Lester learned about the change through lester

  • Epic Booch
    Epic Booch Month ago

    Holy shit you are right for once about the heist update

  • Paul Cureton
    Paul Cureton Month ago

    Why has no one noticed the map at the start showing los santos and vice city ????

  • Timothy Thompson
    Timothy Thompson Month ago

    Y’all so corny sit and complain but come back every time he post a video lolol corn balls just talking mess for likes.

  • Hempman 4:20
    Hempman 4:20 Month ago

    Thanks for the spoiler with the casino missions i wish their was someone else making gta videos

  • kus omak
    kus omak Month ago

    ive been seeing the stockade cars around Los santos again


    It’s not the same vault the


    I got it

  • kennethfitzhugh3
    kennethfitzhugh3 Month ago

    It’s the hack Lester used in flecca mission

  • SERVIN_EMUP Servin
    SERVIN_EMUP Servin Month ago

    Why am I still subbed to this guy

  • Bobby Lund
    Bobby Lund Month ago

    The only day it doesn't say "extra security" is Thursday. The dlc heist takes place on Dec 12th, a Thursday, the only day security is off all week.

  • Isiah Krause
    Isiah Krause Month ago

    Thank u been confused the hell put of me

  • Hazey
    Hazey Month ago

    Well excited for new content


    I have made it a personal mission to come to every new video this makes and comment
    MrLyingCuntForTheWin HERE

  • 719Gas from THEslumZ


  • kasko
    kasko Month ago

    Stoooop!!! wait 6 days

  • osiric
    osiric Month ago

    Ok so also with the update there is gonna be a new business. It’s a retro arcade store in the. Basement of the store you can practice hacking and vault breaking/hacking. Btw all of this was confirmed

  • Exotwin
    Exotwin Month ago +1

    lol how many pointless videos this guy is going to make about the same 'update'

  • Frank L
    Frank L Month ago

    This channel is so unique, not a single person watches for the content, they watch just to see how bad it is

  • Raysean Strong
    Raysean Strong Month ago

    A nother update that’s not go pay good and going to need 2 to 3 weak ass people who don’t no how to do shit I’m ready for gta 6

  • ༷
     Month ago


  • Hotpopsicle 1313
    Hotpopsicle 1313 Month ago

    MrBossFTW: executing clone...
    Chancellor palpatine: execute Order 66
    This proves that MrBossFTW is going to be leading a mass genocide against the Jedi

  • malachi baptiste
    malachi baptiste Month ago

    Anyone wanna play gta and prepare ps4:mallyvet

  • Outlaw dappXx
    Outlaw dappXx Month ago

    Mrnoobforthelose Guys next dlc cops and crook
    Few days later...

  • Luke Hunter
    Luke Hunter Month ago

    It would become if we are defending instead of robing like a cool the tables have turned type of thing

  • SKScummins 4life
    SKScummins 4life Month ago

    I got that message I screenshot it it

  • nick myatt
    nick myatt Month ago

    Ocean's 14

  • Aston A.
    Aston A. Month ago +1

    He will probably make a video on the battery

  • DarkMWB
    DarkMWB Month ago

    Can confirm, I have seen this armoured guy with a briefcase in the casino as of today

  • Aston A.
    Aston A. Month ago +1

    Why am I scared of lesters face😂

  • DEFCON 1
    DEFCON 1 Month ago


  • DEFCON 1
    DEFCON 1 Month ago


  • DEFCON 1
    DEFCON 1 Month ago


  • Robert Sanderson
    Robert Sanderson Month ago

    Just report him for spam he’s milkin this whole update

  • DEFCON 1
    DEFCON 1 Month ago

    Mrboss I need your gmail so i can send you something regarding casino update

  • DEFCON 1
    DEFCON 1 Month ago

    There is a random guy in my pent house idk who he is but he’s on my bed

  • Matty Robitaille
    Matty Robitaille Month ago

    I will point out, when the picture of the diamond casino goes negative, score big becomes big score.

  • Mbah Zahwa
    Mbah Zahwa Month ago +2

    Mrboss : "cops and crooks dlc"
    Rockstar : *casino heist dlc*

  • Cl!ckBa!t Music
    Cl!ckBa!t Music Month ago

    I actually saw the security guard walking around the casino floor yesterday when I was playing. I followed him and he went up the elevator then disappeared.

  • benos BOOOI
    benos BOOOI Month ago

    I can't wait until rock star brings out this and your channel gets deleted best Christmas wish ever

  • Jak Jones
    Jak Jones Month ago

    If the mk2 isn’t nerfed then what is the point?