BTS (방탄소년단) '피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)' Official MV

  • Published on Oct 9, 2016
  • BTS (방탄소년단) '피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)' Official MV

    Music video credits:

    Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)
    Assistant Directors: Edie YooJeong Ko (Lumpens)
    Director of Photography: HyunWoo Nam(GDW)
    Gaffer : GyeungSeok Kim(Sunny)
    Art Director: MoonYoung Lee (Myllab)
    Special Effects : YunKyun Shin(DnD line)

    Choreography by: Keone Madrid & Quick Style Crew

    Choreography & performance supervision: Sungdeuk Son

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

    Connect with BTS:
    BU content certified by Big Hit Entertainment
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  • carolina castro
    carolina castro 5 hours ago

    Love you v

  • diễm trinh 2k8
    diễm trinh 2k8 5 hours ago

    Yêu và mãi yêu ooooooooppppppppaaaaaaa nhiều

  • Thu Đoan
    Thu Đoan 5 hours ago

    Hay quá

  • Đường nhà BangTan

    Who's here in June 2019?
    Yes=1 like

  • lura gacha
    lura gacha 6 hours ago

    Amo a musica no more dream

  • lura gacha
    lura gacha 6 hours ago

    Queria conhecer eles por que eu me apaixonei neles o jimin é o jungkook e o v são meus favoritos eles são fofos lindos e engrasados eu que sou uma criança de 9anos amo eles eu amo todos os menbros 💋💜💕💖💝❤

  • Melissa Cortez-Duarte
    Melissa Cortez-Duarte 6 hours ago

    Jimin and V sing the same part but every time i hear jimin sing the part i wanna die because it's soo cute how V's voice is so deep and jimins voice is like and angel (all the members voice are angel voices!)
    if someone don't grab me i'm gonna DIE!!!

  • Anh Lê
    Anh Lê 6 hours ago +1

    Hay quá nhưng không hay bằng cải lương của chú Kim Tử Long hát

  • Melissa Cortez-Duarte
    Melissa Cortez-Duarte 6 hours ago +1

    if you're always gonna be army....
    you nice keep going

  • i Coomplicated
    i Coomplicated 6 hours ago

    그들이 얼마나 아름다운 지

  • Nipun Kulshreshtha
    Nipun Kulshreshtha 6 hours ago +1

    Why people call V alien or 4D , & why old armys says that saying that makes him sad

  • Maia issabog
    Maia issabog 6 hours ago

    almost years later and only now i found out that rm tilted his head the wrong direction in the end

    LEE HYE 6 hours ago

    465 773 686

  • bibi Hurtado crespo
    bibi Hurtado crespo 7 hours ago +1


  • Lara tartalo
    Lara tartalo 7 hours ago +2

    Te. Amo. BTS

  • Wiwit Pangestu
    Wiwit Pangestu 7 hours ago

    Wow ARMY

  • 特異点moonchild ;;
    特異点moonchild ;; 7 hours ago


  • mai xuansang
    mai xuansang 7 hours ago

    Ilove bts😍😍😍😍💓💖💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Myd uyen
    Myd uyen 7 hours ago

    I always ask myself...

    *is it werid to think an older guy is hot*?????

  • Thùy Dương
    Thùy Dương 7 hours ago

    so good^^

  • Eduarda Seben
    Eduarda Seben 7 hours ago +1

    you the morre

  • jesus antonio chaparro lopez

    Me encanto la canción los rreamo a BTS

  • Adinda Ganeswari
    Adinda Ganeswari 7 hours ago +1

    I like bts blood sweat & tears💞

  • mai got7
    mai got7 7 hours ago

    Love jimin

  • LinhLinh Vo
    LinhLinh Vo 7 hours ago


  • Bridgette Cat
    Bridgette Cat 7 hours ago


  • Ồ hố Min
    Ồ hố Min 7 hours ago


  • Ximena Estre
    Ximena Estre 8 hours ago

    3:20 mi parte favorita de la cancion me encanta

  • Jhon Troya
    Jhon Troya 8 hours ago +2

    *BTS LOVE!!!!!*

  • Jessiedapotato Lopez
    Jessiedapotato Lopez 8 hours ago

    I love this so much💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Aubriana Zamora
    Aubriana Zamora 8 hours ago

    Jimin: *walking silently*
    Yoongi: *nECK*

  • maryam
    maryam 8 hours ago


  • Pedro Vite Rufino
    Pedro Vite Rufino 8 hours ago +2


  • lakcatchera
    lakcatchera 8 hours ago

    Suga is sooooo damn cool

  • #MMer Germany Love Mac & Tinus

    "How hot do you want the music video?"
    BTS: "Yes!"

  • Norma Bustos
    Norma Bustos 8 hours ago


  • Sheereen Channel
    Sheereen Channel 9 hours ago


  • Choi Sgt
    Choi Sgt 9 hours ago


  • Camila Lizana
    Camila Lizana 9 hours ago


  • غندوره ال
    غندوره ال 9 hours ago +1

    رقص خرافي ولاغلطه ماشاءالله حلوه اغانيهم احسن من امريكا ولاجانب

  • BTS News
    BTS News 9 hours ago

    Blackpink : The biggest gg world's
    BTS : The biggest bg world's
    Stop fansward

  • BTS News
    BTS News 9 hours ago +1

    The best song & MV from BTS

  • Tuoti12 Qqwwre1234
    Tuoti12 Qqwwre1234 9 hours ago

    I dont know what i write in korean😂😂😂😂

  • Raka Hossain
    Raka Hossain 9 hours ago


  • Luis Tejerina
    Luis Tejerina 9 hours ago

    Te amo i hop los amo 😍😍😍😍😍😗😗😗😗

  • ngan duong thuy ngan
    ngan duong thuy ngan 9 hours ago

    Do you love BTS ?
    Yes = Like
    No = Comment

  • Evany Bruna
    Evany Bruna 10 hours ago +1

    bts eu ti amo❤

  • Ava Weirdo
    Ava Weirdo 10 hours ago

    Rap monster I love you 😁😍😍

  • sofia bernal
    sofia bernal 10 hours ago

    the best song i love them BTS i am colomdiana dut i still love is song

  • Omar Amgoune
    Omar Amgoune 10 hours ago +1

    Anybody can't no liked this song because she’s so beautiful

  • Omar Amgoune
    Omar Amgoune 10 hours ago +1

    Come the first BTS because this song deserve more imy opinion

  • Taekook and Sope
    Taekook and Sope 10 hours ago +1

    I miss this era so much😢😭

  • Rin Okumura
    Rin Okumura 10 hours ago

    cooollll coooolll coooollll cooooooooollllllll WTFF cooollllllllll 😭💔💔❤.

  • Yesii Army
    Yesii Army 11 hours ago


  • Yani Aja
    Yani Aja 11 hours ago

    Pertama kenal bts lewat mv ini dan jatuh cinta ma bts ...bts i love you bts...

  • Luana Santos
    Luana Santos 11 hours ago

    Sou brasileira e simplesmente amo essa músicaaaa amooo não tenho a blusa deles mas quando eu crescer o meu sonho é ir para a Coréia e ir na casa deles e na casa da blackpink #sonheauto

  • Tuva
    Tuva 11 hours ago

    Fuck, i really miss the old bts. I love that they grow and are becoming more famous so more people can listen to their music, but, they are becoming just like the other american artists out there. I miss when they had these cool and mysterious concepts like bst.
    Im sorry for my english and dont take this the wrong way.
    Thank you

  • Kendall Rebecca
    Kendall Rebecca 11 hours ago

    Blackpink is better

    • BTS News
      BTS News 9 hours ago

      @Mary M. so what???

    • Mary M.
      Mary M. 11 hours ago +2

      lol bts are a boy group
      and BP are a girl group
      so u can't compare them they are both kpop idols and have thier own charms if you like bp dont hate on other groups
      i even saw bp members lip sync in bts concerts
      and bts lip sync in bp concert too

  • Jesse Linton
    Jesse Linton 11 hours ago

    Jin: kisses statue :statue oh thankyou

  • Kendall Rebecca
    Kendall Rebecca 11 hours ago

    Bts is dumb

    • Mary M.
      Mary M. 11 hours ago

      i just saw your other comment saying BlackPink is better Than BTS
      and thx
      u gave this vid two more coments and who know how many times you watched this

  • Marlexys Bruno Padilla
    Marlexys Bruno Padilla 11 hours ago +2

    2:30 my favorite part.
    2:30 mi parte favorita.

  • Teagan Davis
    Teagan Davis 12 hours ago

    I always forget how good this is omggg. It's so elegant and stunning😍

  • marianela Fernández
    marianela Fernández 12 hours ago +1


  • Tae's Suga
    Tae's Suga 12 hours ago

    2:46 screenshot time ;)

  • rujula / stan nct!
    rujula / stan nct! 12 hours ago +2

    i am still not over this 😭 the song that introduced me to kpop and i was damn impressed

  • Clau Alca
    Clau Alca 12 hours ago

    🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷😻😻 los amoooo

  • Ani Karoline Bordim
    Ani Karoline Bordim 12 hours ago


  • Reginalda Oliveira
    Reginalda Oliveira 12 hours ago

    I love BTS❤️😍

  • Francis De Duarte
    Francis De Duarte 12 hours ago

    Bts quien es muy faz de jimin

  • Jazmiin Carrizo
    Jazmiin Carrizo 12 hours ago +1

    Vamos bts

  • Yudani Rachell
    Yudani Rachell 13 hours ago

    Te blood sweat is because

  • Erick Camacho
    Erick Camacho 13 hours ago

    I love bat

  • Fatima Talha
    Fatima Talha 13 hours ago +1

    And think of the happiness of bts when they get the 1b for the song dna aaaarrrrmmmmyyyy

  • Reilá Shàil
    Reilá Shàil 13 hours ago +1

    Bighit: *How many ARMYs do you want to kill with this music video?*
    Bts: *YES.*

  • Sani ARMY_방탄소난단

    465 638 723

  • Eva Lina
    Eva Lina 13 hours ago


  • Alex Alaniz
    Alex Alaniz 13 hours ago

    This is exactly like Bird Box

  • Fgjjjhj Bbkkb
    Fgjjjhj Bbkkb 13 hours ago +1


  • natalia gonzalez
    natalia gonzalez 13 hours ago


  • Juliana Reyes Castro
    Juliana Reyes Castro 14 hours ago +1

    Why does this whole video make me question my bais.
    Final decision my bais wrecker is . . The whole group of 7 crackheads 😂💀
    I seriously love them all you got the handsome and funny ones and j-hope who literally looks like my uncle 💓😚

  • Lapis Yeet Wolf
    Lapis Yeet Wolf 14 hours ago +1

    If you switch it like this:
    Blood, tears & sweat.
    B T S

  • Наталья Троицкая

    Я одна из России люблю эту группу?

  • Rosane Maria Ferreira
    Rosane Maria Ferreira 14 hours ago


  • Özen Bickici
    Özen Bickici 14 hours ago

    I love you "BTS"❤

  • mervyn josefina garcia benitez

    1:25 se ve tan niño sugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Sekret 2008
    Sekret 2008 14 hours ago


  • ツbeautiful
    ツbeautiful 14 hours ago

    I wonder if someone sang this song in English and they didn’t know what the lyrics was in English and I oop

  • SoFiA ToX
    SoFiA ToX 15 hours ago

    Notice the german text in 5:46 or the German piano ... song (?) when suga plays the piano lol.

  • luisijho el pro
    luisijho el pro 15 hours ago


  • Kiran Bajetha
    Kiran Bajetha 15 hours ago +3

    Bts I m ur Indian army

  • Kiran Bajetha
    Kiran Bajetha 15 hours ago +2

    Wowww I love u so much v..u are the Best in this world

  • lucas morilla
    lucas morilla 15 hours ago


  • 惑星金星
    惑星金星 15 hours ago

    Lupita mi amor :v

  • Lisa Mohanty
    Lisa Mohanty 15 hours ago

    5:29-5:33 V's Devilside=Goosebumps 😍
    5:32 V's Evil smile = My Heartbeat skips

  • Funny Hydra
    Funny Hydra 15 hours ago

    I don't get this...

    GORETTY SANTIAGO 15 hours ago +1


  • army_ chimchim
    army_ chimchim 15 hours ago +1

    Can I find any A.R.M.Y right now? Jikook stan♥

  • Kajal Dhiman
    Kajal Dhiman 15 hours ago +1

    When I first heard this song... I was like....ohk.... I am army now😄💜

  • Minal Poojary
    Minal Poojary 15 hours ago +2

    One of the best songs of BTS just makes me feel so nice to listen to it.....

  • Marisol ferreira
    Marisol ferreira 16 hours ago