NEW RAM RIDER GLITCH?! Clash Royale Mythbusters! Episode #5

  • Published on Dec 29, 2018
  • New Dancing Ram Rider Glitch?! Clash Royale Mythbusters Episode #5
    Clash Royale gameplay from RadicalRosh. Hope you guys enjoy the video, and congrats if you stayed until the end!
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  • RadicalRosh
    RadicalRosh  5 months ago +220

    I spend so much time to produce these videos for you. It takes only a second to LIKE 👍👍 this video & Drop a comment to respect my efforts ❤️💙🙂

    • Nathanel wardana
      Nathanel wardana 4 months ago

      I'll suggest, when you make a cut between the myth and the this myth is busted or not you should make faster it really bored

    • William Adams
      William Adams 4 months ago

      Myth: It’s possible to counter 1 golem with troops such that the total elixir invested is less than 8.

    • IG: WotAndresito
      IG: WotAndresito 5 months ago

      Myth: Can a hog rider get stuck in between 2 giant skeletons?

    • ItsCX
      ItsCX 5 months ago

      Nice job liking ur own comment

    • Rayn Chen
      Rayn Chen 5 months ago

      Please do a re-test on freeze and ice spirit vs ram. That myth should be busted.

  • Avinash Tripathi
    Avinash Tripathi 14 days ago

    Ppllzz dive gems cant grow

  • GKM Gaming
    GKM Gaming 19 days ago

    When you freeze the giant skeleton if he dies his bomb will be frozen

  • Shaheer ali
    Shaheer ali Month ago

    if a get 20 likes i will call u to radicals clan i am in it good promise

  • JJs trickshots
    JJs trickshots Month ago

    Myth: if u spawn ram rider next to a hog rider the will bang into each other whilst jumping over the river if put in the right place

  • JJs trickshots
    JJs trickshots Month ago

    R u myth buster?

  • Roshan Sathish
    Roshan Sathish Month ago

    Pls take this myth

  • Roshan Sathish
    Roshan Sathish Month ago +1

    Royal ghost can take damage from a lightning spell when he is invinsible

  • aleli taduran
    aleli taduran Month ago

    Dead Meme :the Thing Gooes Skraaaa RIP

  • sans from deltarune
    sans from deltarune 2 months ago

    Here's a myth:
    When a mega Knight gonna jump and the bandit dash toward him the jump would cancel (need perfect timing its not that hard)

  • Priyanshu Jain
    Priyanshu Jain 3 months ago

    MYTH: if a ram rider cones running and simultaneously other ram rider is also coming,and when they will attack on each other with their bola,rams just stop and cannot move whereas riders will attack each other continuously!!plz try this!

  • PhethyTouars
    PhethyTouars 3 months ago +1

    Myth: If you enter a replay and press on the speed until it reaches 1/2 when the game ends, the game will be blocked

  • NoFontNL
    NoFontNL 3 months ago

    The myth from 1:36 litterally comes from one of Yarn's (orange juice) videos.

  • I feel Bip
    I feel Bip 3 months ago

    If you and your enemy put ram rider at the same time,they will hit each other till die

  • Jesus Emmanuel
    Jesus Emmanuel 4 months ago

    The princess can't move forward if you put it behind the castle while the brbarian barracks is blocking it

  • Hampus Kjell
    Hampus Kjell 4 months ago

    Myth the cancel button is useless.

  • Toti Martinez
    Toti Martinez 4 months ago


  • Yeoo
    Yeoo 4 months ago +1

    You could kite a hog or ram rider to king tower using only building?

  • arevalo juan
    arevalo juan 4 months ago

    Princess does not pay attention to ram Rider when ram Rider shoots her

  • sp emporium
    sp emporium 4 months ago

    but a ram rider is a better and waste card

  • Nathanel wardana
    Nathanel wardana 4 months ago

    Only noob Make this myth

  • Furious Striker
    Furious Striker 4 months ago

    Last myth was dope af 😂

  • wot is life
    wot is life 4 months ago

    5:16 don't worry ram rider Thanksgiving is coming!!

  • NoodleDaddy
    NoodleDaddy 4 months ago


  • The_Sad_ Troller
    The_Sad_ Troller 4 months ago

    Myth : the electro dragon electros stops mega knight jump

  • 4321potato lord1234
    4321potato lord1234 4 months ago

    Feb update. When drag your mirrored 3 muskets across the ground and it will say your elexir count/11

  • William Adams
    William Adams 4 months ago

    Myth: An ice golem can stop all troops that are 5 elixir or less.

  • William Adams
    William Adams 4 months ago

    Myth: Royal recruits can counter every buildings one on one.

  • William Adams
    William Adams 4 months ago

    Myth: A dart goblin can stop a skeleton army by itself without getting damaged.

  • William Adams
    William Adams 4 months ago

    Myth: Tournament standardised elite barbarians plus their mirrored version can stop a P.E.K.K.A without helps of towers.

  • William Adams
    William Adams 4 months ago

    Myth: It is possible to counter a lone golem with a cannon , ice spirit , tornado and skeletons when 3 towers are alive.

  • Chirag Khandelwal
    Chirag Khandelwal 4 months ago

    Before two update of game valkeri can beat mega knight but now she can't plz see with and without princess tower

  • 69 Subs with no life
    69 Subs with no life 5 months ago

    9:59 best part

  • Malav Bhavsar
    Malav Bhavsar 5 months ago

    Before global tournament starts if u are in private tournament once pressing battle btn nd cancel it then u can see battle btn for global tournament in global Tment frame.

  • JoTi Coronel
    JoTi Coronel 5 months ago

    Myth: if you're reading this you're not blind

  • Mohammad Zein
    Mohammad Zein 5 months ago

    # myth: e wizard cant stop sparky if the e wiz is still spawned directly when the sparky is charged plz take this myth

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper 5 months ago

    For the floating zappie thing, he meant the flag, lol

  • Arsh Grewal
    Arsh Grewal 5 months ago

    If you pause the battle video in game when battle ram destroy the wood is spinning

  • Eoghan McCarthy-Moreton

    MYTH: If you put a rocket on the king tower when there's 3 skeletons near it

    *The rocket does zap damage and makes you blind in your right toe*

  • Sanchita Maharjan
    Sanchita Maharjan 5 months ago

    Magic Archer can activate the king tower if a troop is infront of king tower.

  • Santiago Ezequiel Arroyo Ramos

    Electro-Dragon can stop the bandit in charge

  • Ali A
    Ali A 5 months ago

    You are my grandpa!

  • Khizar Ansari
    Khizar Ansari 5 months ago

    7:11 you should place ram rider first and then bandit

  • Fox Gaming
    Fox Gaming 5 months ago +1

    6:21 XD Myth busted

  • Kimberly Ramirez
    Kimberly Ramirez 5 months ago

    Myth: When the rascal boy attacks it switches his sword with his other hand

  • log x
    log x 5 months ago +1

    Spawn a card next to the water end the mega knight too next to the water :i,m germany:

  • Kevin Lim
    Kevin Lim 5 months ago

    6:24 Hahaha

  • 6Death wish6
    6Death wish6 5 months ago

    If a tesla zaps the guards or anything with shield ,the shield gets insta removed

  • NIKHIL Parajuli
    NIKHIL Parajuli 5 months ago

    Ok then come to my clan

  • El Tio Xxpiders :v
    El Tio Xxpiders :v 5 months ago

    8:06 he my brother latin

  • xXniceXx1234
    xXniceXx1234 5 months ago

    It's myth you don't know at the ram rider can stop bandit charge cause if you closely the bandit didn't get hit by the first snare that was supposed to snare bandit

    LetsGO RANDOM 5 months ago

    Myth....bats can completely stop a battle ram if placed at the bridge

  • xXniceXx1234
    xXniceXx1234 5 months ago

    The skeleton and ram rider myth was confirmed ram rider took 3 shots to kill all skeletons

  • guoyu chen
    guoyu chen 5 months ago +1

    Myth: magic archer can now defend ice golem with the graveyard before the tower get destroyed

    • guoyu chen
      guoyu chen 5 months ago

      Wow this is my first highlight comment thank radical rash 😄

  • tanner brassell
    tanner brassell 5 months ago

    Myth: If you freeze baby dragon his wings still move

  • Vijaygarv
    Vijaygarv 5 months ago

    Wait u are an Indian ?

  • Gaming Skull
    Gaming Skull 5 months ago +1

    Myth sparky can destroy e wizard in the new update

  • Xall Universe
    Xall Universe 5 months ago

    What is the song's name?

  • MagnemiteGame
    MagnemiteGame 5 months ago

    Like 4000

    ABDULLAH RAFI 5 months ago


  • Matthew Munoz
    Matthew Munoz 5 months ago

    if u get 3 crowned you lose

  • The Oeuf
    The Oeuf 5 months ago +1

    Myth: if u play fortnite, u lose ur next cr match

  • ti si zinger 2000
    ti si zinger 2000 5 months ago

    When the golen is on low health put freeze the golem and when it die the two mini golems will move pls check it

  • Prasanth
    Prasanth 5 months ago

    You have to change channel thumbnail

  • Divo
    Divo 5 months ago

    Yo this guy puts so much effort into marking these videos and only asks for 100 like? He deserves a lot more

  • Josey Comedy
    Josey Comedy 5 months ago

    If youre reading this your not blind

  • Dinar Dinar
    Dinar Dinar 5 months ago

    Poor guy asked for 100 likes, he gets 3.9k😂❤️

  • sunny sha
    sunny sha 5 months ago

    myth ....if u send any imote in the beggning of game and press home botton and on the mobile the player will mot attack

  • P4RZ1VAL 10
    P4RZ1VAL 10 5 months ago

    Wtf 2:29

  • WinWin's Existence
    WinWin's Existence 5 months ago

    If u place a star level mega knight the armour doesn't turn yellow when it's deploying

  • BoneCrusher_MSM
    BoneCrusher_MSM 5 months ago

    Wiz cannot hit bandit when she is taking her dash form

  • Tarun 61616
    Tarun 61616 5 months ago

    fire spirits have fire before u land it in the arena

  • Gamers adda
    Gamers adda 5 months ago

    Myth: long press the 1v1 button in friendly battle to know a secret mode (easter egg) which many of u haven't known already

  • BlakeDop
    BlakeDop 5 months ago

    Myth: The zappies can stop the power attack of sparky.

  • Ákos vagyok
    Ákos vagyok 5 months ago

    Myth: The cancel button is working

  • Arun nautiyal
    Arun nautiyal 5 months ago

    Myth :your videos ia so good...... Myth confirmed

  • Joe Lopez
    Joe Lopez 5 months ago +3

    Myth:putting ram rider by the bridge makes the enemy troop follow her😁(consider using giant skeleton or pekka)

  • Joe Lopez
    Joe Lopez 5 months ago +2

    Myth:The royal trainers will always be one level higher than your king level 😎😁

  • GameTrue 22
    GameTrue 22 5 months ago

    So did you make that intro

  • Siddhartha Kandhway
    Siddhartha Kandhway 5 months ago +1

    MYTH: if you touch the tumbs up botton it will turn bluu

  • Reji Ulahannan
    Reji Ulahannan 5 months ago


    PLS TRY.

  • Marck Ramirez
    Marck Ramirez 5 months ago

    Some of these aren't even myths

  • I feel Bip
    I feel Bip 5 months ago

    Oh man...

  • Schmedricks
    Schmedricks 5 months ago

    Myth: If you freeze a troop and then pull it out of the freeze's radius using a tornado, the unit will still be frozen.

  • Chromium K
    Chromium K 5 months ago

    0:05 *T H I C C*

    EXILE GAMING 5 months ago

    Aweosme dude😍😍

  • Raj Stha
    Raj Stha 5 months ago

    If one prince blue and other red prince brigde sides they fight with out cross brigde

  • Charlie Mazza
    Charlie Mazza 5 months ago

    5:11 maybe the guy had level 13 skeletons?

  • Brennan Ramsey
    Brennan Ramsey 5 months ago +1

    Myth: Hog Rider and Minion Horde will get a three crown at
    Tournament standard level 9 ( try it in a friendly battle) please show it in your next myth busters video.

  • Fortnite Gaming
    Fortnite Gaming 5 months ago

    Myth if you look in the minons eyes its color red

  • Vaff
    Vaff 5 months ago

    Myth : Opponent Pekka between bridge and your princess tower : put ice golem one square higher than pekka and pekka can 2 shot it without moving (whereas ice golem is going away)

  • Maftei Alexandru
    Maftei Alexandru 5 months ago

    If You destroy tombstone with snowball, the skeletons will be slower

  • The Gaming Panda
    The Gaming Panda 5 months ago

    2:30 he meant that when the zappies attack, there is a small faint shadow behind them

  • Miki Legends
    Miki Legends 5 months ago

    When you pause replay right as the skeleton barrel hits the ground IT will jump infinitly. Please takie this myth 😀

  • yaSsi GAm
    yaSsi GAm 5 months ago


  • Antonis Bar
    Antonis Bar 5 months ago

    Myth:when the ram rider is on a poison spell it will gave smoke around it

  • Chittaranjan Debnath
    Chittaranjan Debnath 5 months ago

    Myth-If night witch and witch are cloned.....they can counter anything and get a crown😎

  • Red your rival
    Red your rival 5 months ago

    Myth:if you drag a card out to the arena and slide back on the wooden board sliding back and forth (Dont take fingure off) You will see a glowing spot light above the wooden board (only works on arena 12)

  • Oden Forsythe
    Oden Forsythe 5 months ago

    Myth a Barbarian can kill an Elite Barbarian but if the Elites are raged than the can't.