"IT'S OKAY!" (Jaiden Animations Remix) | Song by Endigo

  • Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • Jaiden Animations made a video about burnout and I just felt the words cut straight into my heart.. in a good way! So here's a little tune based on it!
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  • Kandau Sidi
    Kandau Sidi 4 hours ago

    how does he make the voise

  • Fake Jaiden animations ._.

    And I guess the sunscreen is the most important thing in this song

  • Storm Breaker
    Storm Breaker 23 hours ago

    I needed this

  • StarrySummerz Anime

    Jaiden needs to see this ♥︎

  • Creeper_tastic
    Creeper_tastic Day ago

    bro I thought you were a girl...

    *Im not ok*

  • chaotic octogirl


  • Dabbing Squidward And Big Chungus

    Taking a break to play a game but I could be working eating dinner but I could be working sleeping but I could be working working but I could be working harder don’t work your life away it’s okay to take take time for yourself don’t work your life away it’s okay it’s okay don’t work your life away it’s okay to take time for youself don’t work your life away it’s okay it’s okay raised your hand if you’ve ever sacrificed physical mental or emotional health to work yourself into a depressive state of mind if a friend came up to you and said hey I’m gonna go run fifty miles and refuse to eat sleep or take care of myself until I’m done you’d be like no you doof that’s a horrible idea you need sunscreen sunscreen no you doof that’s a horrible idea you need sunscreen sunscreen don’t work your life away it’s okay to take time for yourself don’t work your life away it’s okay it’s okay don’t work your life away it’s okay to take time for yourself don’t work for your life away it’s okay it’s okay don’t work for your life away it’s okay it’s okay

  • Jutta Julkunen
    Jutta Julkunen 2 days ago


  • Lunamoona playz
    Lunamoona playz 2 days ago

    10 secs through I'm dying of laughter

  • 「 Lavenderキュート 」

    / / O
    / \

  • Jake Francisco
    Jake Francisco 3 days ago

    Do hanimations song remix

  • mangele sqaud OWO
    mangele sqaud OWO 3 days ago

    I luv this song

  • Haylee Dean
    Haylee Dean 4 days ago

    This is so calming?

  • Bored .-.
    Bored .-. 5 days ago


  • ouch6908
    ouch6908 5 days ago

    good a jaiden music

  • drumsticknuts
    drumsticknuts 5 days ago

    Watching this video


  • Dylan Norbury 07
    Dylan Norbury 07 5 days ago

    Dantdm great
    Odd ones out perfect
    Jaiden animations AHHHH I LOVE ENDIGO

  • Rares Manghiuc
    Rares Manghiuc 5 days ago

    I want this on zedge

  • TomNotTom YouTube
    TomNotTom YouTube 6 days ago +1

    Is Endigo a boy or girl I’m confused

  • Suzy Mckinley REALTOR

    Hey, think you could make this one again just with a normal guitar?

  • Olivi67
    Olivi67 7 days ago +2

    Jaiden: Don't work your life away!!
    Me: *Casually writing pages of stuff for school* Pardon?

  • Fun things To do and grind :D

    You have half ur life in school

  • original_true blue007
    original_true blue007 9 days ago +1

    In a coffin...

    I could be working harder

    AXOLOTL ARMY 9 days ago +1

    why is this a video? Endigo, you could be WORKING!

  • KarateCactus95
    KarateCactus95 10 days ago

    your a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luigi luigi
    luigi luigi 11 days ago +1

    I bet you worked your life away making this video

  • {ღSnail Chanღ}
    {ღSnail Chanღ} 11 days ago

    seaing this vid?

    *i culd be working*

  • Luigi Castillo
    Luigi Castillo 12 days ago


    SPIDER O 12 days ago

    I could be working

  • 3hex
    3hex 12 days ago +1

    :jaiden animations Don't work ur life away!
    :me say that to school!!!

  • TheCuteSpider
    TheCuteSpider 13 days ago

    it is new, but for me this is nostoliga

  • Zubeen Z
    Zubeen Z 13 days ago


  • Koleton Ray
    Koleton Ray 13 days ago

    My bro though you were a girl 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  • Mashaier abdlla
    Mashaier abdlla 14 days ago +1

    Dont mind me just seeing if jaiden sees this and comments about how great it is.😁

  • Rudra Diyank Bhanu
    Rudra Diyank Bhanu 15 days ago

    Way better than periodic table songs go dislike there they suck dicks made out of hydrogen

  • Alura Analore
    Alura Analore 15 days ago

    i'm listening to this song while i'm working my life away

  • Cats DrivingCars
    Cats DrivingCars 15 days ago

    I'm glad i put the subtitles on

  • Goth Girl
    Goth Girl 15 days ago

    Please put this on Spotify

  • Goth Girl
    Goth Girl 15 days ago

    Is this on Spotify??

  • - S C R E E C H -
    - S C R E E C H - 16 days ago +1

    "Its okay to take time for yourself!"
    Me: *lies*

  • Julie Stebbins
    Julie Stebbins 16 days ago

    Stop trying so hard 😑

  • Tap Squash
    Tap Squash 16 days ago +1

    Wait I like endigo and memeulous and their in a feud sort of... Which side do I pick

  • MimikyuPlays
    MimikyuPlays 16 days ago +5

    Me:Playing games*
    School and homework:Lemmme stop you right there.

  • Jackson Gray
    Jackson Gray 16 days ago

    Who would dislike this vid

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores 17 days ago

    leave a like right now or Endigo will be... actually endigo (color)

  • FireClips TV
    FireClips TV 17 days ago +1


    But I could be working

  • Troptu !
    Troptu ! 20 days ago +1

    Hi Endigo I speak to you to use one of his songs to translate into Spanish and to be translated by the.youtuber Danielle ok

  • Just Me
    Just Me 21 day ago


  • 100 subs for comments
    100 subs for comments 23 days ago +1

    Me: I need hugs or at least advice

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez 24 days ago

    Free hugs

    (Jk I need the hugs ;-; I’m depressed :3 )

  • Judy Jolley
    Judy Jolley 24 days ago

    Nice song

  • Amy the neko Chan
    Amy the neko Chan 24 days ago

    I blasted my volume bcs so was watching asmr and I clicked on this and I regret it

  • Pika Gamer
    Pika Gamer 24 days ago

    I love the animation

  • brancyphers playz
    brancyphers playz 25 days ago

    Emo Roomie

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson 25 days ago

    I'm listening this instead of working on an essay due in an hour

  • Troptu !
    Troptu ! 26 days ago

    Working you :oh shit here go again

  • Monica Castro
    Monica Castro 26 days ago

    My gosh I've seen this vid

  • Ra1nDr0p5
    Ra1nDr0p5 26 days ago

    have fun in tokyo!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teri Majoue
    Teri Majoue 26 days ago

    * ari noise* Jaiden says" SHUT UP ARI"

    IULIAN LAZAR 27 days ago

    .... Welp this gives me flash backs win i deleted my old channel :/