Chet Faker - Gold (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Aug 12, 2014
  • The official music video for Gold, taken from Chet Faker's debut album 'Built On Glass'.
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    Director: Hiro Murai
    Producer: Kimberly Stuckwisch
    Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde
    DP: Larkin Seiple
    Production Designer: Maxwell Orgell
    Stylist: Elise and Chris Velasco
    Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
    Appleusa McGlynn
    April Corley
    Candice Heiden
    #ChetFaker #Gold #Vevo
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  • M3rger
    M3rger 2 hours ago +1

    It almost looks like the road is a green screen

  • ChrisMisc1
    ChrisMisc1 5 hours ago

    These music videos are so distracting from the music that even though they are great I have to turn them off

  • Chelsey Sawyer
    Chelsey Sawyer 11 hours ago

    I wanna go to the skating rink..... I can't get enough of this video

  • Barbara Motta
    Barbara Motta Day ago +1

    Patinadoras são uma coisa de outro mundo, já me apaixonei por uma.
    Esse clip é foda!

  • l Braun
    l Braun 2 days ago +1

    Can't stop listening..... watching!!
    Love this tune, and the video is visually captivating!

  • ricky lee
    ricky lee 2 days ago

    Gayest song ever

  • tøm_undu3
    tøm_undu3 2 days ago +1

    green jacket is life

  • Muriel V.G.
    Muriel V.G. 2 days ago

    My bisexuality just increased

  • Adam Bomb
    Adam Bomb 2 days ago +4

    What can we learn from this clip? Well, girls go to the gym!!

  • m ra
    m ra 3 days ago


  • Jvcpereira
    Jvcpereira 3 days ago

    Does she?

  • Linda Hoffman
    Linda Hoffman 5 days ago +4

    SKATES give even more power and creativity to DANCE! It is JOYFUL worship to LIFE! Thank you, GOD, for giving this talent and skill. LOVE!

    • moi
      moi 3 days ago

      thank u linda

  • Mike
    Mike 5 days ago

    This video is roughly ten thousand times better than this shit song.

  • Walter José
    Walter José 6 days ago

    Vim por causa de o mecanismo.

  • Michael0Huntington
    Michael0Huntington 7 days ago

    Guy died, car accident. Girls are angels.

  • Michael0Huntington
    Michael0Huntington 7 days ago +1

    The girls are angels and the guy was in a car accident and already died.

    • LoneMyth
      LoneMyth 5 days ago

      In case you don't know what what the video is about a guy got into a car accident trying to avoid a deer. The three furies (succubus/lillum) going to claim the victim.
      I can even identify 2 out of 3 succubus by name but I'm not going on the rabbit hole.
      Illuminati you are so predictable.

    • LoneMyth
      LoneMyth 5 days ago

      Not angels but the opposite

  • Sylvia Bourassa
    Sylvia Bourassa 10 days ago

    LOVE this video!!! Mesmerizing!!!

  • Bernardy Ho
    Bernardy Ho 10 days ago

    Who else forgot the title and search “women roller skate mv” instead?

  • Freddy Flores O
    Freddy Flores O 11 days ago

    El Mecanismo - Netflix

  • Shawn Karabinos
    Shawn Karabinos 12 days ago

    this video...the three fates rolling towards a singers fate...the question is this..who was in the drivers seat?

  • Alien from Area 51 we come in peace

    Ah its relaxing at area 51 pretty intresting what type of entertainment you humans have on planet blue water earth desert.

  • Yucky.
    Yucky. 12 days ago +1

    Sharp Objects brought me here

  • Jonathan Young
    Jonathan Young 13 days ago

    How is that deer still alive cars knackered

  • Gwen Blackhorse
    Gwen Blackhorse 13 days ago +8

    I've never liked Roller Dancing,...until this...

  • amuxfree
    amuxfree 13 days ago

    What the crap is this?!

  • James LaCasse
    James LaCasse 13 days ago

    I am remembering the time the brunette made me breakfast,
    she burnt the bacon but I didn't care

    • James LaCasse
      James LaCasse 13 days ago

      but she could have handled the whole
      "get the *&%K out of my house and stop eating all of my grocerys and I'm tired of you eye balling my 16 year daughters ass' thing a little better though
      we've all been there though right?

  • J.R. Templeton
    J.R. Templeton 13 days ago

    I could have sworn I was fully dressed at the beginning of this video...🤔

    • J.R. Templeton
      J.R. Templeton 13 days ago

      @James LaCasse
      Sounds like you're speaking from experience.

    • James LaCasse
      James LaCasse 13 days ago

      if your prostate is sore i'd be looking at your stepfather

  • Joey D.
    Joey D. 14 days ago


  • Non Salbe
    Non Salbe 14 days ago

    Once i met a guy, he dedicated this song to me, right now we ain't talk cause i fucked it all up 👍

  • Golden Glitch
    Golden Glitch 14 days ago

    This is Gold!

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar 14 days ago

    When you notice the the video is 4:20 long.

  • phumelele makhoba
    phumelele makhoba 15 days ago

    I wanna be their friend. 😭

  • Dante
    Dante 16 days ago

    Kinda like that Bats for Lashes video.

  • Edgars Sūnākslis
    Edgars Sūnākslis 16 days ago

    So pretentious. All music video shows strong(because they can do thing most cannot while rollerscating) women and guy that sings in uptune voice sitting in car and waiting for them. i just wonder if this song were so popular if not this music video? dunno, but still pretentious.

  • Clemente Tamayo
    Clemente Tamayo 17 days ago

    This is my song

  • animasion OMG
    animasion OMG 17 days ago


  • Josh Bautista
    Josh Bautista 17 days ago

    Can someone tell me the meaning to the music video

  • Carlos N
    Carlos N 17 days ago

    Bucetudas da porra

  • Reynaldo Vieira
    Reynaldo Vieira 18 days ago +3

    2:37 April Corley (the girl in green) is so smooth... for me she's the best dancer, her flip at 2:58 is also the best

  • Depeche ModeForever
    Depeche ModeForever 18 days ago +24

    Killer bass on this track
    Yall should listen to Two Words by Retrofile .. Also has dope bass
    Another have other bass-centric song suggestions?!

    • will kateley
      will kateley 16 days ago +2

      That song Two Words is terrible! Check out Two Feet if you want good bass as well as sexy rythms

    • CanadaIndie Music
      CanadaIndie Music 18 days ago +1

      Theres a song by roosevelt i just cant be arsed to check the name 😂

  • Sandro Blazevic
    Sandro Blazevic 18 days ago +1

    This song reminds me of a very special person. If youre reading this, know that Im thinking of you, and looking out for you. Have a great day

    • Sandro Blazevic
      Sandro Blazevic 16 days ago +1

      @Rai :O Noooo, you found out!

    • Rai
      Rai 18 days ago +1

      Wait how do u know me, are u stalking me? Should I be scared ..

  • Shane Robinson
    Shane Robinson 19 days ago

    those skaters though...

  • Chris Camilleri
    Chris Camilleri 20 days ago

    dam, ♥♥♥

  • Universal de Servicios Del Huila

    esas nenas estan muy lindas , como se llaman ?

  • R. Scott Adams
    R. Scott Adams 20 days ago +3

    That sh!t Egypt did to April's life is horrendous, abhorrent, and unforgivable!

    • OutOfNamesToChoose
      OutOfNamesToChoose 12 days ago

      I was completely out of the loop and just Googled it. Holey smokes! That amount of recklessness is unbelievable! Countries need to stop giving out weapons to anybody who'll buy them (and Egypt needs to train their forces on how to use their damn equipment safely and professionally).

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 21 day ago

    the street isnt there is it? Good green screeeeeen.

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze 21 day ago +1

    Hypnotic Thighs.

  • surfinmuso
    surfinmuso 21 day ago

    Hey lets skate on down the road and check out the stoned dude with his stuffed deer. ok

  • intrinsic rewards
    intrinsic rewards 22 days ago +2

    I'm surprised that the road is smooth enough for this to work. Good work peeps!

  • Pat McCann
    Pat McCann 23 days ago

    Legs ... legs ... Lilly .... legs ....

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller 23 days ago

    This song is definitely my tempo. Whiplash knows what’s up.

  • Choi Ocsalev
    Choi Ocsalev 24 days ago

    In d' middle of d' night the sktegirl gonna followinh on u😁i need this🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chad Petty
    Chad Petty 24 days ago

    I wish I had a skate girl gang following me in my crappy car hahah

  • Wretchedegg
    Wretchedegg 24 days ago

    Underrated artist

  • Christhian Pérez
    Christhian Pérez 25 days ago

    3:19 that waws a resource of filmig, the hide everithing was used to show the feel

  • Bad Binder
    Bad Binder 26 days ago +1

    best musicvid in the last decade i think
    cant look away from that girl in the middle

  • LoneMyth
    LoneMyth 27 days ago

    In case you don't know what what the video is about a guy got into a car accident trying to avoid a deer. The three furies (succubus/lillum) going to claim the victim.
    I can even identify 2 out of 3 succubus by name but I'm not going on the rabbit hole.
    Illuminati you are so predictable.

  • the Professor
    the Professor 27 days ago

    Did they realize people might forget there was a song playing when they made this?

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson 27 days ago

    The glory of thighs.

  • Anna Avitto
    Anna Avitto 28 days ago