SCARIEST Mustang EVER - 1000HP Shelby GT500 Review

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
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    The 2013 Shelby GT500 shocked everybody when it came out. A scary live axle 662 HP Monster out of the S197 Mustang platform. The 2020 Shelby GT500 is on the horizon and is set to come out this year. However what happens when you go in depth with the previous generation, and modify it until it makes 1000HP to the wheels out of the 5.8 liter supercharged V8? One intense scary and wild ride. Thanks for watching!

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Comments • 511

  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue  Month ago +146

    What’s the fastest muscle car you’ve ever been in? Thank you guys so much for watching.

    • Double Tap
      Double Tap Day ago

      Supercharged 2010 Camaro SS. 540 WHP

    • Hayder Ali
      Hayder Ali 5 days ago

      ThatDudeinBlue why beat drops and no supercharger whine???

    • Colby Nieves
      Colby Nieves 15 days ago

      The fastest muscle, would have to be an 03 SVT Terminator 😉🤙 Funny thing is as you were mentioning before, back then in the early 2000's, 1000hp was ridicuously crazy. Now, eh.... And that is mind blowing! 🙃

    • Nocturnvl v
      Nocturnvl v 24 days ago

      ThatDudeinBlue none

    • Hayden Pockrus
      Hayden Pockrus 27 days ago

      2018 zl1

  • Dylan Macias
    Dylan Macias Day ago

    drive nate riders gt500 hes got around 850 whp or something its insanee!!!!!

  • Bee Cee
    Bee Cee 7 days ago

    Isnt the stock blower a tvs style anyways?

  • Andy Lopez
    Andy Lopez 8 days ago

    My favorite RUclipr everyday I wake up it's your videos keep doing your thing man your doing great also you have the best cleaning products 👌💯

  • kevin g
    kevin g 17 days ago

    0 to 60? 3 seconds 4 seconds? MPGs?

  • Overlord of Random
    Overlord of Random 21 day ago

    Did this temporarily break at all?

  • Overlord of Random
    Overlord of Random 21 day ago +1

    WHAT IS THIS?, Smurff with no budget?

  • Never Ending Rain
    Never Ending Rain 24 days ago

    This car makes my car dick get hard 😩😩

  • Dna Drewzy
    Dna Drewzy 24 days ago +1

    Phat nut

  • LJW
    LJW 24 days ago +1

    I’m in love

  • Robby Boulet
    Robby Boulet 25 days ago

    Why out such cheap wheels on such a bad car 😩😩

  • Awesome Things
    Awesome Things 25 days ago +1

    I would feel stupid knowing I put $50 grand on any car.

  • Ben Santiago
    Ben Santiago 27 days ago

    Dream car,im jealous

  • Marcus Withers
    Marcus Withers 27 days ago

    Yay another mustang

  • Moe Green
    Moe Green 27 days ago +5

    I have serious doubts that car makes 1K WHP w/ stock blower and no NOS.. ITSJUSTA6 Dyno maybe

  • Ryan McGauley
    Ryan McGauley 28 days ago

    1,000hp, Just like the J something kid and Itsjustadouche. Let them continue to pull the wool over all the kids eyes. Someone needs to teach these young’ns honesty matters.

  • William Collins
    William Collins 28 days ago

    I'm in love that car us so giggly!

  • Brian Alburtus
    Brian Alburtus 28 days ago +1

    That’s not 1000hp. Look at all the work American muscle did to their 13/14 gt500 and it only came out to 706hp. I get it has cams and head work, but come on. Every 1000hp car I’ve ridden in will melt tires if you stab it in 3rd gear the way he did. Who knows, I could be wrong.

  • DeadLight_Playz
    DeadLight_Playz 28 days ago

    I would love to have that GT500 because in Australia there is no cars with a high horse power and it would be cool to have one of those best car ever

  • RaptorHD
    RaptorHD 28 days ago

    I actually met the guy at a gas station and talked to him the same day you guys filmed this!

  • Wesley Murphy
    Wesley Murphy 28 days ago

    If David’s mustang is smurff this is papa smurff

  • gusisboosted
    gusisboosted 28 days ago

    The fuck stop the ear rape at the start of the videos.

  • BoostedTV
    BoostedTV 28 days ago

    Love it .

  • Jason
    Jason 28 days ago

    But did it break down just as it got there ?

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan 28 days ago

    Horsepower is so cheap and plentiful in America

  • carter valdez
    carter valdez 28 days ago

    Tire setup?

  • jjperez02
    jjperez02 29 days ago

    True car goals 😪

  • Gabriel Sandoval
    Gabriel Sandoval 29 days ago

    He had the face of I’m about to shit myself

  • braydenpresber
    braydenpresber 29 days ago

    I want to see you in a 05/06 ford gt

    THE WICKED SNAKE 29 days ago +2

    where is the dyno proof cause i have a 1000hp gt500 and there is NO WOT in 1st, 2nd or 3rd on my 20s

  • Ichsan Adam
    Ichsan Adam 29 days ago +1

    Review BoostedBoiz Civic Wago

  • dan cavitt
    dan cavitt 29 days ago

    Come drive mine would make you re think your life lol

  • Owen Lee Green
    Owen Lee Green 29 days ago

    Scary is only in the minds of the one's that don't know how to drive with the right foot.

  • GeeStang
    GeeStang 29 days ago

    That face when hitting the throttle priceless lol

  • Pooh Bear
    Pooh Bear 29 days ago

    1000rwhp on the stock Eaton? Well shit

  • Devin Congdon
    Devin Congdon 29 days ago

    It's on my bucket list to let you review my 05 ram Daytona, once its ready

  • Chris Frank
    Chris Frank 29 days ago

    Hate that exhaust needed kooks

  • Levi O’Connell
    Levi O’Connell 29 days ago

    No you are so jaded by horse I’m still yet to drive a 600 hp car😂

  • william nguyen
    william nguyen 29 days ago

    1st gear to 60 mph?!?! NANI???

  • _StraightSixxSavage _
    _StraightSixxSavage _ 29 days ago

    10:36 is music to my ears!!
    Watching this review, I kept telling myself that I don't need it, but now I'm not seeing any reason not to need it.

  • Omar Diaz
    Omar Diaz 29 days ago

    That intro though!

  • Tempest Xmen7
    Tempest Xmen7 29 days ago

    What a beauty!thats what a pony car looks like!

  • HunterWolfless
    HunterWolfless 29 days ago

    i love these cars so much

  • Chad Cooper
    Chad Cooper 29 days ago

    I'm jealous

  • Cody Huggins
    Cody Huggins Month ago

    don't drive it if you're scared of it

  • Justin Young
    Justin Young Month ago

    1000rwhp... nah. You got lied to.

  • SouthDetroit Entertainment

    What a great looking, sounding sled.

  • kobe german
    kobe german Month ago

    Super snake is my dream car, my brother and I always say that if we won the lottery we’d buy one, not a lambo, not a Ferrari, a mustang.

  • JOHN
    JOHN Month ago

    This is rad

  • Kanae Uzumaki goddess of wisdom and light

    David, you looked like you were on the verge of tears with this one, please tell me this will be Smurf one day

  • Salvador Lomeli
    Salvador Lomeli Month ago

    What kind of tiers does this beast GT500 run on? And awesome video very detailed 🔥🤘🏼👌🏼💯

  • Justin Orner
    Justin Orner Month ago

    Why were the MT82's even considered in the 5.0? It's irritating af. Oh drive around for a few thousand miles then BAM 4k if you want a good tranny 😒

  • HBK MyStory
    HBK MyStory Month ago

    How does it compare to the Twin Turbo Gallardo you reviewed(you should do a comparision vid someday) , and if a Twin Screw and Twin Turbo both push the same numbers won't the Supercharged car be more savage in acceleration through the rpm range , plz review a well set up compound boost car David thank

  • rob base
    rob base Month ago

    Wait a min so stock bottom end just built heads, 🤔🤔🤔

  • Revolt Larz Wolfblade

    Jesus. Smurff got buffed up. Has it been working out?

  • Steven Bowman
    Steven Bowman Month ago

    Lol i have a cobra badge on my 2000 gt in the grille. It was there when i bought it but there's no doubt it looks better than the pony. I've also beaten a 97 cobra on the strip. But my buddy just bought a 99 cobra so im getting a pony for the grille lol

  • Moe Slide
    Moe Slide Month ago

    1000hp I just want 650-700 whp we'll see in a couple days

  • Bigdaddytrucker
    Bigdaddytrucker Month ago

    1000 whp Stock blower ? Ok its Smurfs big brother LOL

  • Street driven gt500
    Street driven gt500 Month ago +1

    Difference between that car and yours is that the gt500 actually makes torque.. my 2012 with a vmp 2.3 makes 720rwph and 710rwtq most 5.0 stangs that are 700 rwhp are lucky to see 600 rwtq.. and the only way that car you just reviewed is a 1000 rwhp is if it hiding a 200hp shot of nitrous somewhere.. first video of your I’ve ever seen that made me lose respect for your review 😪😪🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Rich McDowell
    Rich McDowell Month ago

    I'd be in heaven. I love that body style. You were pedalling the ish outta that car.

  • slimventor_sumo
    slimventor_sumo Month ago

    Just seen one of these here in denver. Thought it might be you and checked to see your feed to see if I could say hi but it was not you so I'm sad . Haha

    MANXAN H Month ago

    Shelby or svt ?

  • eric eli
    eric eli Month ago

    How long are you going to wait to get new car

  • Gaius Trollius
    Gaius Trollius Month ago

    Hope you enjoy your new gt500 David.

  • Wind of change
    Wind of change Month ago

    This body style colour looks almost exactly like smurf.

  • GeeFK
    GeeFK Month ago

    Wow that's some impressive editing for the glamour shots!

  • Wesley Steger
    Wesley Steger Month ago +1

    A mustang built right. Except it should be all black.

  • Salie Vabayer
    Salie Vabayer Month ago

    It sounds like it has a 4.10 in it. It just runs through the range

  • 2JZ UL8R
    2JZ UL8R Month ago

    Half the reason i watch you reviews is to hear that killer music in the beginning lol

  • Destroyah5000
    Destroyah5000 Month ago

    1:48 That almost sounded like a Tie Fighter.

  • Nelson Omolo
    Nelson Omolo Month ago

    Hey I was wondering if you got any request to do any Mercedes cars? Even non AMG cars, they are really cool cars and I think it would be cool for a change. Things like E55/63, Cls63, s63.

  • lalo z34
    lalo z34 Month ago

    That dubstep tho 🤙

  • FBrito_486
    FBrito_486 Month ago

    Ohhh great another mustang review......
    Didn’t see that one coming..

    • dylpyl
      dylpyl Month ago

      Get over it. It’s a gorgeous car and throws power down like a savage.

  • Hydroxside
    Hydroxside Month ago

    I love that year 13 14 gt500 that will be my next purchase!!!!!!

  • Adam Wollman
    Adam Wollman Month ago +3

    Termi cobra was the original hellcat change my mind

    • Double Tap
      Double Tap Day ago


    • HBK MyStory
      HBK MyStory 28 days ago +2

      Lorne Mann I respect your opinion
      Stock The Cobra was faster then a base 911 and The C5 vette so it punched above it's weight
      Mod for mod an F body needs Heads and cam to hang with a boosted up Cobra
      For the cheapskates that value power/Dollar you spend less on The Cobra
      Car culture makes them worth more used then F'ed bodies
      The Slowbra made the Transit van extinct and it made the cowsorrow go into hiding for a decade so The Hell with G.I Joe All Hail Cobra

    • Lorne Mann
      Lorne Mann 28 days ago

      LS1 cars of the era ran neck and neck with terminators so no, they weren't.

    • HBK MyStory
      HBK MyStory 29 days ago

      Adam Wollman It still has a Mystique about it mad insane power back in the day only serious down side it can't make insane power on 93 pump unless it's Turbo'd

  • JD JoyrideTV
    JD JoyrideTV Month ago +3

    This is impressive especially with stock blower.

    • Lorne Mann
      Lorne Mann 28 days ago

      JD you know what it takes to make that kind of power...especially reliably.

  • Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified

    Coyote > Trinity
    Just gonna leave that here...

  • Kiel Li Mikal
    Kiel Li Mikal Month ago

    what does it mean if your front end of your mustang feels floaty?

  • MrDdd856
    MrDdd856 Month ago

    tire chirp at 6:03

  • jason karns
    jason karns Month ago

    You may just be the luckiest man alive. Well besides the guy that owns the car.

  • Pleasant Collision Motorsports

    More 13-14 GT500 reviews please

  • Christian Haykus
    Christian Haykus Month ago

    I had my headset on with the volume all whe way up and was ear rapped twice in 10 seconds, reving the engine.....I can deal with that but the music made my ears cry. My poor ears lol

  • TeeJayTee
    TeeJayTee Month ago

    Hey, I'm in Columbus! Check out my IG, I'd love to have you do a video on my car!!! teejaytee_6

  • What Chris
    What Chris Month ago

    Is that a 3v

  • Luiz Burgos
    Luiz Burgos Month ago

    Just change your name to many mustangs -.-

  • Shady
    Shady Month ago

    Bro get a POV

  • JAGExecutiveServicesInc

    The Super Snake made alot of hp back then too.

  • Rick Riggs
    Rick Riggs Month ago

    That car is badass!!!!!!

  • DannyLlerenaTV
    DannyLlerenaTV Month ago

    The 5.8 still has the firing order of the 5.4, 4.6 and windsor motors. I love the way the coyotes sound don't get me wrong, but I wish they retained that firing order.

  • wione diggs
    wione diggs Month ago

    I think you should get smurf to 1000 horses

  • brim
    brim Month ago

    Don’t let it near ANY crowd of 2 people of more.

  • drfaticus F-gm
    drfaticus F-gm Month ago +1


  • MS1982
    MS1982 Month ago

    I love what you do.I'd love doing it too.Driving all this crazy and fast cars must be super awesome.

  • Ed Lark
    Ed Lark Month ago

    Probably one of them juggernaut ported stock blower oooo they nasty 👀👀

  • sharief mitchell
    sharief mitchell Month ago

    Are you not going to talk about the color???

  • G. Rai
    G. Rai Month ago

    How do I know that car is sick? You look scared doing

  • Cody Karns
    Cody Karns Month ago

    You have a build sheet for this? 😬

  • 1991tommygun
    1991tommygun Month ago

    You make it sound like live axle is shit, it might not handle perfect but its strong & simple, perfect for muscle cars, coyote dick beaters say it aint fast 5.4 5.8> 5.0. Gt500 died in 2014, that new shit is junk

  • IG: ssevo8
    IG: ssevo8 Month ago

    oh so THIS is the car I kept thinking was you at the local meets lol. owner is a cool dude though

  • PreparedAirman
    PreparedAirman Month ago

    I Had a 13 5.0 then upgraded to a 14 GT500 2 years ago so glad i did You drive scared everywhere lol