Overwatch Moments #271

  • Published on Oct 25, 2019
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    0:06 - 0:21 Mele Market by Chalalatas
    0:22 - 0:25 Playground Discussions by Tricycle Riot
    0:26 - 0:28 Departure Day by Dream Cave
    0:34 - 0:52 Lorena by Arthur Benson
    0:53 - 1:08 Everything We Ever Had by Gerard Franklin
    1:09 - 1:42 Times Square Diner by Radio Night
    1:43 - 2:00 Bon Appetite by Trabant 33
    2:01 - 2:19 New Horizons by Jon Björk
    2:20 - 2:36 Someone Stole My Hat by Gerard Franklin
    2:37 - 2:48 Late Night Flight by Elliot Holmes
    2:49 - 2:57 Bright as the Sun by Mac Taboel
    2:58 - 3:00 Never Turn Back by Adriel Fair
    3:06 - 3:17 Through Thick and Thin by Jon Björk
    3:20 - 3:31 Teenage Lullaby by Ooyy
    3:32 - 4:03 Merrily We Go by Stationary Sign
    4:04 - 4:20 Spirits of Yesteryear by Mike Franklyn
    4:21 - 4:34 Slinky by Benjamin Rice
    4:35 - 4:48 Personal Vendetta by Edgar Hopp
    4:49 - 4:58 Don't Say No by Mike Franklyn
    4:59 - 5:09 Skipping Rope by Stationary Sign
    5:10 - 5:15 Table for One by Nathan Welch
    5:22 - 5:39 Pumped Up by Xack
    5:40 - 5:55 Everything Can Be Lost by Dez Moran
    5:56 - 6:07 Wanda by Alexandra Woodward
    6:08 - 6:35 Maybe Someday by Ritchie Everett
    6:36 - 6:47 Almost Friday Night by Kick Castle
    6:48 - 6:58 Move Over Mickey by Ritchie Everett
    6:59 - 7:09 Life in Tinseltown by Stationary Sign
    7:10 - 7:13 Caught in the Middle by Stationary Sign
    7:17 - 7:23 The Artificial Farmer by Rolla Coasta
    7:24 - 7:35 Heading for the Neon Lights by Alvaro Antin
    7:36 - 10:11 Music provided by Monstercat:
    Julian Calor feat. Ava Silver - No Fear Anymore
    Sound Effects from RUclip Audio Library, www.freesound.org, www.freesfx.co.uk and Epidemic Sound
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  • Rapida
    Rapida  Month ago +35

    Hey guys! Check out a new episode of OW Moments! Hope you like it :)
    Submit your plays at rapidatv@gmail.com
    You can support our work on Patreon: www.patreon.com/rapida Thank you!

  • Life Is fun
    Life Is fun 25 days ago

    That 1st sombra is soo dumb, she wasnt even taking that much damage before she translocated.

  • Memes
    Memes 25 days ago

    Yeah... Darts, ssssssureeee

  • Glenn Josse
    Glenn Josse 26 days ago

    The last music is the rocket league lobby's music

  • GillDoesGames
    GillDoesGames Month ago +1

    A lot of these are from Reddit

    • GillDoesGames
      GillDoesGames Month ago

      @Rapida I thought i recognised quite a few of them

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      40 clips in this video and only 7 are from reddit :D

  • Dizelmen menzel
    Dizelmen menzel Month ago +1

    Откуда у тебя столько топ моментов?

  • اسماء
    اسماء Month ago

    I love itt🥺👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • ajhcraft
    ajhcraft Month ago

    3:02 did you actually just use the Sonic Adventure DX Knuckles " Oh No "

  • aM1lli TV
    aM1lli TV Month ago

    Тетя Rapida музыку нашел!

  • worms Wormosowaty
    worms Wormosowaty Month ago

    this new Helloween widowmaker skin is so T H I C C

  • Khaled Rashed
    Khaled Rashed Month ago

    The best chanel ever

  • Premium Plus
    Premium Plus Month ago

    4:25 Lmao

  • Game Zer0
    Game Zer0 Month ago

    Lol Funny Video!

  • Stepan Patrushev
    Stepan Patrushev Month ago

    Сейчас что-то много русских повторов стало)

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Ну много хорошего русские присылают) И китайцы!

  • Icefire
    Icefire Month ago

    0:39 I am the only one who understands: Bob you stupid ?

  • PiXeL TerorR
    PiXeL TerorR Month ago

    Акцент в конце всё спалил👌😂

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago +1

      Странно, много раз про это писала и в роликах упоминала. Плюс постоянно отвечаю на комменты на русском)

    • PiXeL TerorR
      PiXeL TerorR Month ago

      @Rapida я канал давно знаю, но не знал даже этого🤷‍♂️

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Лол, все давно знают, что я русская и я никогда этого не скрывала

  • Wistan Lanstan
    Wistan Lanstan Month ago

    That hiding reaper 😂


    HELLO.Im D MITO.JAPANEASE AUTHOR.THANK YOU SIR. I watching your broadcast.

  • ScukoDEN
    ScukoDEN Month ago

    Хороший эпизод. Смешной.

  • ماجد الحمد
    ماجد الحمد Month ago +1

    7:18 the hell xD

  • Twisted O4
    Twisted O4 Month ago

    Wonder if link really is comming to overwatch or was it just for a joke

  • itsyourboi Overwatchfam

    It’s so dramatic and I love it

  • Mariusz Filipski
    Mariusz Filipski Month ago

    2:02 Thank you so much for adding my video!!! :)

  • Helldemo
    Helldemo Month ago

    4:35 если там на фоне Иноске, то это просто 10\10

  • YT Stelass
    YT Stelass Month ago

    Damm Rapida u still alive?

  • joedude967
    joedude967 Month ago

    Love love love your OW clip compilations😊👍👍

  • _Myusan_ps4
    _Myusan_ps4 Month ago

    Как скинуть момент у меня смешной

  • Asadullah Jan
    Asadullah Jan Month ago

    4:10 what was that can somebody tell me

  • Alikhan Umirshin
    Alikhan Umirshin Month ago

    Поставь лайк на мой коммент, если поняла без перевода

  • Cesar Conesa
    Cesar Conesa Month ago

    Almost 500k subs!
    Love ur content btw!

  • Rodrigo Rivera
    Rodrigo Rivera Month ago

    Petition to remove symmetra from the game

  • uto4ka10
    uto4ka10 Month ago +2

    7:20 u came for this

  • ThatKidJosh
    ThatKidJosh Month ago +1

    Premium editing 🤩🤩

  • Prasun Guragain
    Prasun Guragain Month ago +5

    I like how much edit she does in these videos. Other overwatch moments channels just put the clips and put few music in the background.

  • Dayzor
    Dayzor Month ago

    3:29 song ?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Check description

  • Kinkys
    Kinkys Month ago

    c'était le meilleur bravo !!

  • Laimo Boy
    Laimo Boy Month ago

    Uhaha reaper 1:40 )))))

  • Just Górnik
    Just Górnik Month ago


  • Vinicius Eduardo
    Vinicius Eduardo Month ago +1

    Perfect transitions

  • Kanal 6erika
    Kanal 6erika Month ago

    Почему в конце видео такая красивая графика и эффекты?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago

      Добавляю в премьере motion blur и цветокоррекцию)

  • Laura Zamudio
    Laura Zamudio Month ago

    Freaking hilarious 😂.. I wished u would do more in a weekly basis tho :(

  • Raul Victor
    Raul Victor Month ago

    Just die at once

  • Никита Мерзликин


  • Wolvercraft
    Wolvercraft Month ago

    the people using the replay system are very good and creative with the cameras

  • Yan Guo
    Yan Guo Month ago +1

    hahahaha我刷到我自己的视频了 铁拳玩家的开心

  • Demenos
    Demenos Month ago

    Best respect for new music on potg moments)

  • Basch152
    Basch152 Month ago

    tracer darts is one of the best things I've ever seen

  • Kijura -
    Kijura - Month ago +1

    4:15 lel Infinity from Borderlands

  • Tavis Soper
    Tavis Soper Month ago

    The highlights song is my favourite song right now!!!! Keep up the great work :)

  • Marcus Ata7
    Marcus Ata7 Month ago

    0:25 i swear that sounds like the dino train from a mario game

  • メイビス
    メイビス Month ago

    1:12 ( ( (°ㅂ°) ) )HAHAHA

  • FellowAbyss 3344
    FellowAbyss 3344 Month ago

    5:16 он же читер, у него прицел дёргается

      MYN1YK WERT Month ago

      По моему это не тот таймкод

  • Bayken Chopps
    Bayken Chopps Month ago +1

    The comments be speaking enchantment table language

  • Kozlodoi
    Kozlodoi Month ago

    Чет Сомбра со второго ролика сыкунья какая-то, она в инвизе могла спокойно убежать от ульты

  • SerenePhoenix
    SerenePhoenix Month ago +2

    Rapidatv is the only compliation ow channel i watch because she's always making improvements! Always keeping things fresh and I never get bored watching her content!!!

  • Necro Fear
    Necro Fear Month ago +1

    You're starting to over exaggerate your edits....

  • The_Lady _Loki
    The_Lady _Loki Month ago

    How do you all feel about OW 2 ?

    • Rapida
      Rapida  Month ago +1

      I don't know what will be in OW2 :) But really looking forward to Blizzcon

  • Dava Jonas Papai noel

    6:35 meu Deus tou literalmente chorando de rir kakakakakak pqp o melhor

  • Geone1073
    Geone1073 Month ago

    Do people send in other peoples cool plays? I see the enemy red out line as them and team blue as the enemies for some of the clips.

    • Geone1073
      Geone1073 Month ago

      @JhopeIsMySuga Idk man, people can be kinda scummy and send in someone else's clip

    • JhopeIsMySuga
      JhopeIsMySuga Month ago

      Geone1073 You can change enemy & ally colors 👍