5 Best Electric Cars

5 Best Electric Cars in the World
5 Best Amazing Electric Cars







NO.2 - BMW i8





























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Автор Flaky Porcupine ( назад)

Автор Johny40Se7en ( назад)
It's so rare that I like the look of a Porsche car, don't think wrong, I love the sound of their engines, they sound raw and lovely but the looks are so boring and shitty, only ones I like are the old 922 sort with the pop up headlamps, the Carrera GT and the 918 Hybrid, that all electric one though, looks stunning, I couldn't take my eyes off it, it's like something out of TRON Legacy, fair play.

I agree with some others that the i8 shouldn't really be here, it's a hybrid, cool as fuck but should be on a different list.

Автор King Noonie ( назад)
I don't think the Mercedes SLS amg is electric

Автор Moniek 76 ( назад)
5 Best Ugly Electric Cars

Автор Helder Almeida ( назад)
3rd car I don't like it please make 100% electric

Автор NOIR. E.L ( назад)
bad titled...

Автор Steli c ( назад)
Tesla Is the best

Автор Iqbal Al ( назад)
I just wonder if it possible to make a self-charging car? You know, charging while the car is moving so that we don't have to wait for a long time to charge

Автор D' ARTICULATE ( назад)
Wonder how reliable the Porsche is going to be in electric form as their dirty carbon fuel motors don't even do that well, not even in the top 20 cars by the standard of today!

Автор Ant Powell ( назад)
concept, concept, concept, concept. Tesla.

Автор Marc Gratton ( назад)
Too expensive.

Автор xanderation0308 ( назад)
hahaha, the Mercedes has a range of about 150 km, the Porsche didn't exist, the Audi and the BMW aren't a electric vehicle. Bad Video! This is Top trashy Information!

Автор Milton - Canada ( назад)
Yes these are not all Electric cars, Please change your title of this YouTube video to: "5 Best Electric/Hybrid Cars" or re-edit your video and take out the Audi and BMW Hybrid vehicles. Good effort but not very well researched and false or incorrect title. Sorry! "v"

Автор José Pablo ( назад)
I really liked the porche the should put it in the market, the design is awesome... but right now we only really have the tesla's

Автор Chen Harry ( назад)
Ads are getting smarter

Автор 1dirty7 ( назад)
That Porsche, I want.

Автор Kemal Mustafa Tekeli ( назад)
Nissan Leaf best selling electric car but i like Jag's I pace concept. It is very elegant

Автор Reno Dali ( назад)
The Germans are lagging behänd the Americans in the electric mobility light years!

Die Deutschen hinken den Amerikanern in der Elektromobilität um Lichtjahre hinterher!

Автор sirfer6969 ( назад)
That Porsche is pretty damned sweet.

Автор Ramon Cardona ( назад)
Incorrect title. The "best" word needs to be removed. "Five Electric Cars" is appropriate.  Some of these cars are not in production yet as of Dec 2016.  Be wary of the word "best" when used as to anything as it implies opinions or factors not published.  For example, the Tesla Model S has long range due to a large battery pack but as to miles per kilowhat hour, due to its size and weight, is less efficent than others.  Just saying.

Автор Ion Kayak ( назад)
Tesla is The Best!
It's a Pure Electric Car, it's an Affordable Car and it's a Real Car.
Another Electric Cars are or too expensive, or conceps/prototypes, or not so ergonomic like Tesla. So, at the moment, Tesla is The Best Pure Electric Car in The World - with four doors and five seats, huge luggage and enormous range per charge, super acceleration and high top speed!

Автор Marie Nimo ( назад)
hoping these cars become prevalent 💛

we don't need to use oil anymore

Автор Alboz Fighting ( назад)
That audi is bae

Автор Rodrigo Gabbana ( назад)
ELETRIC TOP car is Tesla! the rest is only a joke

Автор Idubbbz Tv ( назад)
The BMW i8 ❤️😍

Автор ghiga marian ( назад)
Electric cars for stupid people

Автор Afrocanuk ( назад)
Here we go again presenting hybrid vehicles in the 100% electric category.

Автор Hugh Franklin ( назад)
I love how the tesla video shows it driving in Hamilton, Ontario. I've heard that the section of the highway where it is being filmed is the highest speed/curviest section of the 400's series highways - Though, I don't know if that is for sure.

Автор lego fan ( назад)
Electric cars are the best... My channel has a video that debunks all of the myths about the EVs. U "climate change related stuff should be ignored" people should watch it. Comment if you STILL think otherwise

Автор BloodSlaMMer ( назад)
and what is the electric motor inside? Siemens? outside is garbage

Автор Maeguk ( назад)
No matter what other automakers say or try to show up with, Tesla is the top full electric car at the moment. The rest have a long way to go still.

Автор AttuMakr57 ( назад)
The real list
5. Nothing
4. Tesla Roadster
3. Tesla Model S
2. Tesla Model 3
1. Tesla Model x

Автор Javier Quintana ( назад)
first one audi and bmw is still petrol consumer... second Tesla has more factures than autopilot... I think you need more information to make such a list first... but anyway I think tesla would be always the first.

Автор Bence Pálóczi ( назад)
The new bmw is full electric(BMW 5 iperfomance)

Автор 50 failures best friend I love the way u film ( назад)
I know somebody that owns a Tesla and it is ways better than those stupid other cars.

Автор Luk CAE ( назад)

Автор Greg Lindstrom ( назад)
how does i8 make it on the list and model x not?

Автор Alejandro Bozal ( назад)
i8 is not fully electric. Shouldn't be here.

Автор B Kalmuratov ( назад)
audi and bmw look like steem powered outdated junk when compared to all electric tesla.

Автор Ismael Chouaiby ( назад)
electric not hybrid pendejo

Автор Santa Clause ( назад)
Wonder If There Is An APP For When It Runs Outta Charge To Charge From Another Vehicles Battery Just In Case Of Not Being A Chargeing Point Around

Автор Solution Clinic ( назад)
A hybrid is no electric car, it is a hybrid!

Автор DolleHengst ( назад)
Rimac is Nr. 1

Автор TheTopHatPotato ( назад)
WHY IS THE TESLA SO POPULAR XD.......Btw the reason why I'm crazy over it is because I have one

Автор slm22186 ( назад)
5 best electric cars that you most likely can't afford.

Автор MassDynamic ( назад)
-.- some of the cars in the vid are not full electric....

Автор Canada Arrow ( назад)
I could get behind that Porsche

Автор Nikola Bosnić ( назад)
where is the best el. car concept one?

Автор Arjen Smit ( назад)
Yup, next year its time for this video. Or get access to all the models that will come out in 2017.

Right now theres only Tesla. Next year is the year they all come and join in.
Looking forward to watch it all happen and the day i can afford a used one :p

Автор Jason Shave ( назад)
The tesla video is just a copy of the AutoPilot video. Terrible channel.

Автор Cyberslug1 ( назад)
Thumbs Down !! The Audi etron & The BMW i8 are NOT electric cars, it's a hybrid.
The Porsche does even exist ! it's a damn concept!!
You don't even mention the ONLY electric super car, The Rimac Concept One.

Автор cubecube bean ( назад)
Is there any e-bike infrastructure safe routes (protecting you from those thousand pound vehicles) around and between towns and shopping malls?!! Young people, how about organize lobbying groups for building those e-bike routes for your communities?!! If you can do that, you know you are actually thousand times better than Elon Musk for humanity.

Автор tommy sutanto ( назад)
untuk yang di Indonesia maaf ya gak bakal ngalamin punya unit seperti ini ...........pajaknya aja seperti RAMPOOOOOK ............SEKARANG INI INDONESIA ADALAH NEGARA CAPITALIS BUKAN DEMOKRASI.

Автор Spirea Alin ( назад)
BMW has a full electric car I3. What is that petrol crap doing in this top?

Автор Tesla di Murbox ( назад)
They failed to mention the Tesla's performance for comparison.

Автор realone5 real ( назад)
tesla junk stolen stealing steal japan lexus autonomous auto driver

Автор TJ Devereaux ( назад)
Terrific, more things only the rich can afford! For fuck sake, we need a car everyone can afford, not just the top 1%, fucking assholes!!....forgive my temper, but battling cancer, Crohn's disease, plus an entire host of other ailments (osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, GERD, COPD, chronic anxiety and depression, but to name a few), since I was about to start university when I was barely 20, continually takes everything from me, a few years ago, after they had to remove all but 8% of my GI tract, I was forced to retire, at only 45!. Over the years, I missed so much school I was too sick to continue, and what ever jobs I was able to get without a degree, would always pay crap, and I'd be forced to quit because of my health...so for the past 27 years, my entire life has been a living, and extremely frustrating, hell, leaving me practically broke. I'm now forced to live on long term disability, I'll never be able to have any of the things I so desperately wanted, and it just pisses me off so much, when ever I see things like these cars, it only reminds me of the things I'll never, ever, be able to afford. I had such grand plans for my life, but cruel fate had other plans, so again, forgive my temper, but I just hate, more then words can express, that all my dreams were taken from me. Do you have any idea of what it's like living with only 8% of your GI tract, and suffering from almost a dozen, secondary chronic diseases? It's a living hell, one which I wish I was never forced to endure. I've had over 2 dozen brutal surgeries, the shortest one being 5 hours, the longest, 18 hours (that was after my colon rupture from Crohn's disease, killing me for 2 minutes). I guess, and I hate admitting it, I'm just bitter and angry as hell that all the things I wanted in life was taken from me, so forgive the rant, just wanted you to know why I sound so angry. Just once in my life, I'd LOVE to be able to afford the things I've always wanted, like a nice house, a nice car, a bit of money in the bank. Instead, I drive an 11 year old car, that, like me, is falling apart, and I live in a roach infested apartment because it's all I can afford. I know, cry me a river, but some days it's all just too overwhelming, and I get so angry that my life, if you can call it a life, has all but been totally destroyed by something I have zero control over. Today's world is one built for those with the means to enjoy it, while others like me, can only look on, and try to face each day with no hope. If you're healthy, please, think of my situation and thank god you're able to do what ever you want. I desperately tried to make a life for myself in between treatments and surgeries, but each time I'd start a class, or a new job, I was forced to stop because I was too sick. I know, no ones life turns out exactly as planned, but I have the abilities and talents, and had I been given half a chance, I know I'd have been successful. So the next time you complain about your work, or having to make house or car payments, stop for a moment and realize just how lucky you truly are to be able to have those things. I'd give almost ANYTHING to have been given the chance to have them, but instead, I have no hope, no future, and the only thing keeping me alive is the love of my family (that's the one and only thing I do appreciate, and that's kept me from just giving up, I couldn't hurt the people I love, and whom love me so much). Once they're gone, so will I be as well, and unless I magically win the lottery or come into money from a long lost wealthy family member (hey, I'm adopted, it could happen, NOT!!!), I just won't see the point of living. If I had money, I'd be able to help so many people, but without it, I can't even help myself, let alone anyone else. Anyways, I'll shut up for now, just please, if you're reading this, stop for a moment, and thank what ever god you believe in, for your health, and everything you have, because once you're health is gone, so is everything else, thanks for listening (sometimes, for no apparent reason, I feel better after venting, even if it's to complete strangers), have a great day.

Автор Aram Ozkan ( назад)
My favourite song

Автор don wild ( назад)
awesome ! and now make it available to regular people and we have a better world !!

Автор Ramon Zarat ( назад)
"5 Best Electric Cars?"



When it come to truly 100% electric vehicles, every other car company in the world are light years behind Tesla in practically all department: Range, software integration, Super Charger network, Auto Pilot, general innovations, no dealer direct business model, true "save the planet" mentality, unlimited miles drive train warranty, most secure car in the world (5 stars in every category), 400 000 pre-order for a car no one ever saw with the Model 3, which is totally unheard of, etc...

Also, the Audi and BMW are NOT electric, they are hybrids: Jacks of all trades, master of none, bad at gas, bad at electric,
twice the complexity for little to no gain. Hybrids needs to die already. The Porsche in not even a production vehicle!!!

Автор superay auto ( назад)

Автор Dennis Miller ( назад)
It doesn't exist in any practicle way...What is Mercedes doing for an affordable mass production all electric car?

Автор Damjan Zbodulja ( назад)
Audi and bmw for real-maybe Rimac is best of these cars.look video rimac ,tesla and ferrari

Автор PaleHearse ( назад)
The Audi and the BMW do not belong here.. they aren't electric.. they are hybrids.

Автор Evert Nyburg ( назад)
enclosed ( E ) motorbike or gasoline . is what i was thinking of . eser to park 10 times less to buy . no traffic jams 10 times more fun . but only one problem .. you all so pay 10 times . less tax ???. yeah now i see the problem.

Автор Zombie Killa ( назад)
electric sportscar - 362 HP -250KMH ---->This makes totally sense...how else do you save the planet!

Автор Tg elite aplha sucks Gamer sub ( назад)
I like The audi

Автор Evert Nyburg ( назад)
whay are we still pushing 1500 kg cars around . i just want to move me 65 kg . this is the worst use of technology i have ever seen

Автор Kenz300 x ( назад)
Batteries, range and charging points get better every year............... 90% or more charging is done at home...
TESLA has offered to let other manufacturers use its Super Charger network if they pay their fair share. So far no one has taken them up on their offer. That is a missed opportunity for Nissan or BMW..... I guess they don't want to help the competition. In the end they are only hurting themselves.

Автор irvinemom12 ( назад)
Don't be fooled by this. There are affordable electric cars on the market as well! Download the AAA's green car guide instead, a publication that is updated every year. Or test drive a Chevy Volt or Kia Soul EV.

Автор Gaming Beetle ( назад)
where is Rimac concept one , fastest electric car on the planet.

Автор Nooruddin Khan ( назад)
great job

Автор lorddiosliving ( назад)
i hate eléctric voice over

Автор Ágúst Bjarni Magnússon ( назад)
Am I only one who doesn't like silent electric cars?!

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