MORBIUS Trailer Breakdown! Spider-Man Easter Eggs & Details You Missed

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    Morbius The Living Vampire is the new Sony Spiderverse antihero, with a film coming summer 2020 starring Jared Leto as Michael Morbius, a figure from the Venom side of the Marvel universe. How connected will Morbius be to the MCU, and could this film set up the Sinister Six? Erik Voss breaks down this Morbius teaser shot by shot for all the Marvel Easter Eggs and visual details you might have missed. What does the cameo by Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes / Vulture from Spider-Man Homecoming tell us? What clue confirms that Morbius is connected to the Spider-Man Far From Home post-credit scene with J Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons)?
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    RIVALL GAMING 11 hours ago

    Even if there is no easter egg in the trailer u make a 15 minute video

  • sarosh ENCORE
    sarosh ENCORE 19 hours ago

    So, basically it's Marvel's Batman with superpowers.
    I still don't think it's Tom Holland's Spidey.
    I think they are planning for the old ones to come back.

  • Ramone Hill
    Ramone Hill 2 days ago

    Marvel pulled a flashpoint with the "snap "/"the blip" and went and messed everything up nothing makes sense anymore

  • Atchy Konesh
    Atchy Konesh 2 days ago

    6:20 - or covid-19

  • marlene g
    marlene g 5 days ago

    Jared Leto makes my skin crawl.

  • Vince g
    Vince g 5 days ago

    Anyone here to throw rocks because Mr. Sunday Movies told you to ?

  • Papii Kuchii
    Papii Kuchii 6 days ago

    13:26 when your mom didnt want you to go in a concert.

  • ahmed ebrahim
    ahmed ebrahim 7 days ago

    May be jared harris will be((doctor connor)) 1:04 appear in this movie?????

  • john silcox
    john silcox 10 days ago

    Y didn't you talk about Morbius rise of the midnight sons series ?

  • Jolomoto
    Jolomoto 10 days ago

    fck its very confusing

  • Jolomoto
    Jolomoto 10 days ago


  • TikyCZ
    TikyCZ 10 days ago


  • TheEpicWolf64
    TheEpicWolf64 11 days ago

    *see Matt Smith* Ah, Morbius is fucked, The Doctor is coming.

  • Bananaforscale
    Bananaforscale 13 days ago

    Another proof that glass cells NEVER work.

  • Danny Bursto
    Danny Bursto 13 days ago

    This is incredible love this channel

  • Alex Nugent
    Alex Nugent 13 days ago

    Damn, this movie is gonna be hot fn garbage smh...

  • Jason X
    Jason X 18 days ago

    Morbius gets Corona virus the end.

  • Josue chay
    Josue chay 20 days ago

    Only Doctor Who fans can like

  • Domonic Menjivar
    Domonic Menjivar 22 days ago

    I think Ethier sinister 7 or morbuis kills shocker OR mysterio is dead repate cycle with mystio dead

  • Doc J
    Doc J 22 days ago

    Morbius vs Blade. Book it!

  • Luis Malagon
    Luis Malagon 27 days ago

    Spidey universe isss stackeddd

  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams Month ago

    Wow, good job stitching all this together from the trailer.

  • Monique A
    Monique A Month ago

    4:18 Mayor Pete?

  • yes
    yes Month ago

    Spiderman is gonna fricken get hid own cinematic universe lol

  • Bench Lecera
    Bench Lecera Month ago

    wow this plot is more thicc than my girls booty

  • Andrejo
    Andrejo Month ago

    damm bangs on youtube now???

  • Memer joe mama 21
    Memer joe mama 21 Month ago

    I’m hyped for this now I have to deal with this waiting

  • cool games by ciaran

    misses wots up duck aka bugsbunes line

  • IyeCeeU2-2
    IyeCeeU2-2 Month ago

    Jared Leto Joker: We Were Bad

    Jared Leto Morbius: But Now We Are Good

  • Jogha Ella
    Jogha Ella Month ago

    Morbius looks... morbid.

  • Sherbetlemon92
    Sherbetlemon92 Month ago

    I think I have 3 confirmed sinisters scorpion vulture and morbius

  • Rory Riggins
    Rory Riggins Month ago

    It would be incredible if they made the actual zodiac killer one of the sinister six

  • Ruthvik Kishore
    Ruthvik Kishore Month ago

    You can't be like Honka honka but you get rabies

  • Naz Sera
    Naz Sera Month ago

    Your Funny

  • Akhil Kanakaraj
    Akhil Kanakaraj Month ago

    Something you missed, it’s a small detail but the Venom and the Morbius title font are largely similar. Connection?

  • BlazeHound
    BlazeHound Month ago

    Marvel won't buy out Sony properties because they can get it for free. They just have to wait patiently for the right time. Why spend billions when you can get it for free?

  • ketchup016
    ketchup016 Month ago

    Earn that paycheck, Tyrese.

  • Psychology Hub
    Psychology Hub Month ago +1

    I have your sinister six :
    Carnage is not fighting venom, definitely not another movie of that crap

    • Wafflez
      Wafflez Month ago

      Venom is definitely fighting carnage in a venom movie

    • Psychology Hub
      Psychology Hub Month ago +1

      Obviously the sinister six vary, I don’t know who they first were, doc oc and venom form part of it

  • OG Puffy
    OG Puffy Month ago

    Ok but I don't think that π thing was Intentional lol.

  • chrome
    chrome Month ago

    I’m glad you referenced night crawler

  • FelixBlue4
    FelixBlue4 Month ago

    Great Job

  • TrippyMoto Rides and Travels

    It makes me confused why you put a tobey spiderman poster while you put characters that encounters tom holland's spiderman?

  • Nayops 19
    Nayops 19 Month ago

    Bad ass😎

    Everyone’s favorite scene.

  • juno win
    juno win Month ago

    is this how corona virus was created?

  • Muaz Rogovic
    Muaz Rogovic Month ago

    Thanks for the info this is amazing

  • Ben Cobert
    Ben Cobert Month ago

    So tired of the same actors getting multiple roles in superhero movies. There are plenty of other actors out there. I will not be seeing this.

  • Marcus Smiley
    Marcus Smiley Month ago

    I wonder does morbius see in the dark as well and I love how he uses a reference to nightcrawler in X-Men 2 xunited witch I am a fan of

  • AriesJohn Malana
    AriesJohn Malana Month ago

    Does Jared aware NCOV is from Bat? Lol.

  • Mason Helton
    Mason Helton Month ago +2

    When he links all the characters
    "Dont do that, dont give me hope"

  • Guka Balog
    Guka Balog Month ago

    6:12 that device Is used for catching bats IRL

  • Sammy Cathrine
    Sammy Cathrine Month ago +10

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Morbuis: *playing with bats*

    • Cultured Monk
      Cultured Monk 2 days ago

      Sammy Cathrine not funny didn’t laugh..

  • Max Matthews
    Max Matthews Month ago

    Or that's Matt as a vampire

  • BeerRoo 89
    BeerRoo 89 Month ago


  • Bhadange Kaustubh
    Bhadange Kaustubh Month ago

    Morbius cuts hand, gets powers from bats,
    Dont try this at home
    Chinese : Yes, gets N corona virus.

    NARWA Month ago

    Carnage Shocker Morbius Scorpion Vulture Mysterio. So either Mysterio _is_ dead or Kraven won't appear. If Shocker then in place of Electro and Carnage in place of Sandman, except I don't think Carnage will work in a team anymore than Venom did in Spiderman 3. So that's 5, if you keep Mysterio. Perhaps, Stroud will go rogue and _become_ Kraven, seeing that Kraven is a mercenary hunter and Stroud is wearing this enhancement, Kraven may be the "Vampire Hunter" looking to take down both/either Spiderman and Morbius, or a mercenary hired by someone else. There will be a LOT going on in this film for sure.

  • Vegard
    Vegard Month ago

    11:20 *puts on the comicnerd glasses* in the comics when Morbius first apears Spiderman got pinned as the murderer of Gwens father... SO this could be in its own timeline

  • KasKade03
    KasKade03 Month ago

    Im gonna be honest here, I didn’t even realise it was Leto was Morbius until my friend told me, it’s mainly because the only Leto act ive seen was so different looking (Joker)

  • Jesse Menbreno
    Jesse Menbreno Month ago

    The corny jokes are killing me lol

  • Jonathon Vivanco
    Jonathon Vivanco Month ago

    Do you think they will introduce Bessie the HellCow ? Shes a vampire

  • Malsawmzuala Chhangte

    What is doctor who doing here

  • Bozie Jumonville
    Bozie Jumonville Month ago

    Smart & sexy oh baby R rate it please

  • Hi Peeps
    Hi Peeps Month ago

    Want to bang bang energy

  • me Eighty
    me Eighty Month ago

    The beginning of the sinister six

  • Eirene P
    Eirene P Month ago

    you do know there is a villamn called zodiac

  • Tomas Power
    Tomas Power Month ago

    Wow you’re smart

  • Tomas Power
    Tomas Power Month ago

    Um this trailer kinda gives me the Heebee jeebees

  • Clarrisa Perez
    Clarrisa Perez Month ago

    I hope you do a seperate video talking about non-sense and overspeculations its really hilariously funny!

  • Kayvee TheGoat
    Kayvee TheGoat Month ago +3

    Us: Is this in the mcu
    Sony&Disney: Nani?

  • wajid mirza
    wajid mirza Month ago

    So, is morbius patient zero of novel Coronavirus??

  • Paloma Pseudoautista

    So no one's gonna talk about the original spiderman graphiti?

  • Justofar _
    Justofar _ Month ago

    So excited for Matt Smith

  • Guppie skywalker
    Guppie skywalker Month ago

    definitely sinister six

  • Don Foley
    Don Foley Month ago

    In spite of the context you put it in, when you said "pi", my stomach growled.

  • Simon Riley
    Simon Riley 2 months ago

    What about Chameleon

  • Garz Garz
    Garz Garz 2 months ago

    i though on venom its there very first time to encounter an alien.... if venom and mobius will connect to the MCU it will create a conflict in the story

  • bbsy1
    bbsy1 2 months ago

    Not sure I like Carnage being a part of the Six, but it could be interesting. I’m guessing they will make his power level similar to Riot in the first film. Even though he was at least twice as powerful as he should have been.

  • Cameron McGauchie
    Cameron McGauchie 2 months ago

    Just saw this. There is a Zodiac connection, but you overthought it.
    Zodiac killer was persued by Robert Downy Jr. It's a subtle callout to the hero inside onlookers or sth.

    • Cameron McGauchie
      Cameron McGauchie 2 months ago

      IMDB Cast of Zodiac: Jake Gyllenhaal; Mark Ruffalo; Robert Downey Jr.

  • Dzoel Vi Ca
    Dzoel Vi Ca 2 months ago

    Third Best Marvel Movie Universe?

  • Jose Armando Andrade
    Jose Armando Andrade 2 months ago

    Morbius does not have telekinesis what you describe as air pushing the apple is his echolocation hear the air ripple

  • Việt Thanh Nguyễn
    Việt Thanh Nguyễn 2 months ago

    Bats? Oh yeah, just get Coronavirus. What? You haven‘t heard? Coronavirus is caused by bats.