As Seen On TV Summer Gadgets TESTED!

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Are these Summer Cooling Gadgets worth your money?
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    We TESTED 'As Seen On TV' Portable Cooling Devices that claim to help you replace your AC, drop your room temperature and even give you full cooling comfort on the go. But, are these gadgets worth your money?
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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  Month ago +98

    Gotta beat the heat 🔥
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    • Nicholas Thomas
      Nicholas Thomas 27 days ago

      wix is big gay

    • The SlavDownUnder
      The SlavDownUnder Month ago

      Actually winter is at my doorstep

    • Legendary player
      Legendary player Month ago

      Make every week video

    • Smoosh
      Smoosh Month ago +1

      and the meat

    • cavv0667
      cavv0667 Month ago

      Cosplay creature costume cooling system of tubing attached to shirt, small water pump and reservoir with water and ice cubes...

  • Da ve
    Da ve Day ago

    That flowers in the thumbnail has 1,3 seconds to live before death

  • hey gay
    hey gay 9 days ago

    who's to know what to take and what will break

  • my home of raids
    my home of raids 9 days ago

    4:59 a 12 v battery
    Friend:hey can i charge my phone here?
    You:oh yeah let me remove my shirt real quick

  • Duncan Kalel Alba
    Duncan Kalel Alba 9 days ago


  • Polytherian2016
    Polytherian2016 9 days ago

    That cooling vest would be perfect for fursuiters

  • Saavin Terrell
    Saavin Terrell 9 days ago

    He should have said " it keeps you cool 3000"

  • Edward
    Edward 10 days ago


  • Emanuel Rivera
    Emanuel Rivera 10 days ago

    5:20 arctic air ultra x2 is the worst name

  • last land
    last land 10 days ago

    At the start theres sans

  • rashaunny
    rashaunny 10 days ago

    "Orient the Fans to suck air in from the outside to cool your powerful body"
    "Just grab your hobo stick and your portable Cabana Fanna is ready to go" 😂

  • MCxDuckMen
    MCxDuckMen 11 days ago

    I see a problem with the iron man shirt...if you have a chest know where this is going

  • Blakehx
    Blakehx 12 days ago

    Nice! You need a whole video of how tos for making summer gadgets!

  • shakethatbo
    shakethatbo 12 days ago +1

    Genuinely didn’t know that Ryobi made a $30 glue gun.

  • Xist
    Xist 13 days ago

    This guys my neighbor lmao

  • Silver Wolf Gamer
    Silver Wolf Gamer 13 days ago

    It’s summer currently and it’s 67 degrees

    I live in the state Georgia

  • Aiden H
    Aiden H 14 days ago

    Butter vest: the new trend

  • Lurk3r04
    Lurk3r04 15 days ago +1

    Remember your mini DIY AC made out of 2 pc fans

  • RadicalxEdward
    RadicalxEdward 15 days ago

    The ceiling fan thing looks like it would be cool for inside a tent when camping.

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 16 days ago

    The thumbnail gives me depression

  • Grey Lives Matter
    Grey Lives Matter 16 days ago

    You forgot to mention the Arctic Air could be used as a bacteria cultivation unit. Being able to make your own cheese. I am surprised your R&D people missed that.

  • WhiteCB7 coupe
    WhiteCB7 coupe 16 days ago

    Everyone: talking about the gadgets lol
    Me: wait was that a BDU top??.....

  • Kevin Fermin
    Kevin Fermin 18 days ago

    People need to understand that the Arctic air is a personal space cooler and it provides nice moist air

  • Orca Brigade
    Orca Brigade 18 days ago

    evap coolers do not work in all climates and environments. keep that in mind if you wanna get in or run tests on how well one works.

  • Cnith TheOnliestOne
    Cnith TheOnliestOne 18 days ago

    I had an artic air, not the ultra, the original and it worked really well in my cubicle. Unfortunately it only lasted a few months but granted it was on for 9 hours a day every day except weekends.

  • CaptianCaleb
    CaptianCaleb 18 days ago

    your an idiot.

  • angeljesso
    angeljesso 19 days ago

    I spend a lot of these videos talking to the screen: "no, why....hey stop that....oh goodness why"😂

  • Bartłomiej B
    Bartłomiej B 19 days ago

    my god 70 degrees you can boil tar

    POWER ORDER 19 days ago

    I've got an air cooler of Arctic Air on my own, and I wouldn't say that it's a disappointing product. The first thing I always do before buying anything is to listen to what other people say. In this case, before buying the Arctic Air, the first thing I did was watching RUclip short movies about this product, what other people say about this one.

    Now let's get in to how this product works. Many people would spend a lot of money for huge air coolers because producers claim that those ones will cool down an entire room or an entire house, consuming kilowatts of power. Air coolers can only cool down the air that is surrounding themselves, not an entire room or house, so high energy consumption is doing no good in this case. The Arctic Air was designed only to cool down the personal space, which not only is enough, but it's practically impossible to cool down any bigger area than the personal space. Not to mention, all what it takes for the Arctic Air to cool down the personal space is no more than 10 watts of energy.

    Before I bought this product, there were in fact some unhappy people because of having bought this product for themselves and therefore not recommending to buy it at all, but I've heard more happy people than those unhappy ones, so I thought that it would be a great idea to buy this one.

    One of all happy people has even suggested improvising how to use the Arctic Air in a way that in fact is not being recommended by the producer. He poured in water to the tank of the Arctic Air, but he also topped it off using some ice cubes.

    I've tried it on my own as well, pouring water directly from the fridge, the water temperature was down at +2 Celsius degrees, and topping it off with ice cubes, and it works a whole lot better than anything else. The ice made the water last a little longer in the tank while melting, but it's being very cold initially with temperatures no higher than -18 Celsius degrees. The ice made a very good work in there, starting off with helping the water to get as cold as possible, so that the Arctic Air blows out a very cold air, and then, as the ice started melting in the water, it kept the water level from sinking while the machine was consuming it.

    So in summary, in my opinion, the Arctic Air is a very good machine, highly recommended by me as I'm being happy of having bought one of these. And as I mentioned earlier, although producers don't recommend using ice cubes in the water tank, I've been using water at +2 Celsius degrees combined with ice cubes for many months, and this works flawlessly. Try using ice cubes yourselves and see that the machine will work better!

  • Joshua Lawrence
    Joshua Lawrence 20 days ago

    I feel kinda stupid cause I did wonder if that portable ceiling fan was good at cutting grass...

  • Dirty Bird
    Dirty Bird 20 days ago

    I built your custom lighted fan-ventilated t-shirt complete with dual illuminated repulsor fans for each hand, & added a fanny pack to secure the battery. I even went all-out on a motorized Iron Man mask! Upon activation the chest fan became entangled in my chest foliage, rendering my chest, stomach. & left breast completely bald. Crikeys!

  • the puginator
    the puginator 20 days ago

    3:54 WHAT A UNIT

  • bansheemania
    bansheemania 20 days ago

    The first one, If you Spin it Backwards, Will it make a Charge😎

  • MLG Melon
    MLG Melon 20 days ago

    RUclip: *Doesn't give me a notification for this*
    Me: Alright then, keep your secrets

  • The Fail Ninja
    The Fail Ninja 20 days ago +1

    That first gadget is commonly used to keep flies away from our fish markets

  • PandaWamen
    PandaWamen 21 day ago

    2:26 looks like the fan is more of a break dancer

  • ABEL
    ABEL 23 days ago

    Will it cut grass?
    Will it cut my neck?
    I’m scared man

  • 25 buttholes
    25 buttholes 23 days ago

    dylan your cockatiel is beauitful

  • Joakim Mårtensson
    Joakim Mårtensson 23 days ago +1

    2:28 One flower was harmed during the making of this video :(

  • dlwatib
    dlwatib 23 days ago

    Why did I click on this crap?

  • E G
    E G 23 days ago

    This is like the new Vat 19

  • pnuoci22
    pnuoci22 24 days ago

    I have an artic air on my desk in my warehouse and it works well in that function

  • PUBG Mobile Gameplays
    PUBG Mobile Gameplays 25 days ago

    Who else is living in winter at the moment? :/

  • Scott Pratt
    Scott Pratt 25 days ago

    Not saying the evaporative cooler works necessarily but you apparently didn't even look into how they work

  • 8-BitTommy
    8-BitTommy 25 days ago

    Donatello's bo! Lol Love it!

  • Michaela Vinyard
    Michaela Vinyard 26 days ago +3

    Ok but for the shirt fan, do you recommend hand washing?

  • BaffleGab0licious
    BaffleGab0licious 26 days ago

    Love your wit, hate the website promo getting mentioned twice...

  • joblessalex
    joblessalex 26 days ago

    Run the fan on 24v. Double the cooling and cutting power!

  • Alex Golfsalot
    Alex Golfsalot 26 days ago

    arctic air didn't work at all, it actuallyy made my room feel more humid as I believe it puts more moisture in the air

    • Scott Pratt
      Scott Pratt 25 days ago

      Whether it works completely depends on humidity he didn't seem to even look into how they work. People have been doing homemade versions for forever

  • O .H .J
    O .H .J 26 days ago

    Review the power 8 workshop

  • the king of hearts
    the king of hearts 27 days ago

    Might be me being stoned but I'm read for Disney to do a reboot of the jersey

  • mk gamer 2
    mk gamer 2 27 days ago

    Where can I find that DC sealing fan

  • Jairo Porras
    Jairo Porras 27 days ago

    Wam bam dam what do you know. am SOLD but I dont see any links.....

  • SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man

    Donatello's bo staff not a bow

  • David S.
    David S. 27 days ago

    So how long will it be before some idiot tells the cops that you’re wearing a suicide vest (not an cooling vest) and you get shot the moment you try to open your jacket to show the ice packs, that look just like blocks of C4?

  • Creative Trash
    Creative Trash 28 days ago

    What if you connect the portable fat to a car battery?

  • PiSt0nZ1
    PiSt0nZ1 28 days ago

    I made the iron Man top now I have no chest hair

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook 28 days ago

    I mean evaporative cooling is a thing but it will be more humid

  • Banana Phone
    Banana Phone 29 days ago

    Arctic Air is basically what Californians call a "swamp cooler". Evaporative cooler. It only works well in very low humidity environments, like California. When the humidity is like 1-2% and it's 100 degrees outside, a swamp cooler is fantastic. Of course, that dinky little thing isn't going to cut it. You're going to need a huge beast. When I lived in California, I found the best way to use the roof top version is to turn it on and then open a window or door on the opposite end of the house. It also helped if the swamp cooler unit was shaded. Where I live now, swamp coolers are useless. Too dang humid.

  • rustbucket11 0
    rustbucket11 0 29 days ago

    Honestly I forgot u we’re a RUclipr

    UFOSPACEMAN 29 days ago


  • Timmy Fox
    Timmy Fox 29 days ago


  • Hacher Unfriended
    Hacher Unfriended 29 days ago

    Easy peezy beautiful* dollar store Ironman*

  • Jack Parker
    Jack Parker 29 days ago

    Depending on the time of day and outside temperature gradient. These temperature lowering devices maybe fighting uphill or fighting downhill in temperature making them relatively inert in the process.

  • Travis Terrell
    Travis Terrell 29 days ago

    Tabletop swamp cooler would actually be an awesome and useful device for dry areas, where they perform well. Not sure where this was recorded, but one's are definitely better in an area like the dry western US. And I wouldn't expect to cool a room, but it'd be perfect for some extra cooling at one's desk in the office or at home.

  • Prospecting Gamer
    Prospecting Gamer 29 days ago

    brah a fan for a weed whacker! got me dying!

  • exxxistent
    exxxistent 29 days ago

    Is this trolling?

  • kitko33
    kitko33 29 days ago

    The ice vest would be actually excellent for motorcyclist during summer...

  • the best chef
    the best chef 29 days ago

    He's like if 5 minute crafts was good

  • Gacha Xanthe
    Gacha Xanthe 29 days ago

    oh god PLEASE do heating gadgets its nearly winter for me and I'm about to freeze over

  • ExcessGryphon
    ExcessGryphon 29 days ago +1

    5:07 I am iron fan

  • K World
    K World 29 days ago

    Sarcasm intensified

  • big head
    big head Month ago

    6:32 lol i have that same thermometer thingy

  • Chavez Koree
    Chavez Koree Month ago

    where is subtitle?

  • playsinmud
    playsinmud Month ago

    I thought Wix was an industrial filter (oil, fuel, air) manufacturer...

  • XxBjjAssassinxX
    XxBjjAssassinxX Month ago +25

    Title: As seen on TV!!!

    I... haven’t seen these on tv...

  • Daniel Butcher
    Daniel Butcher Month ago

    6:57 Condensate, not condensation. :)

  • Kyle Viars
    Kyle Viars Month ago


  • Skrump Gang
    Skrump Gang Month ago +1

    That buff lad, oml.

  • Domad Apollo
    Domad Apollo Month ago +2

    Iron fan.

  • lolkatiekat
    lolkatiekat Month ago +1

    HH: can this thing do something it was definitely not meant not to do?

  • YeeteR YanG
    YeeteR YanG Month ago

    4:33 I’m to poor to have that type of pc fan

  • ReaperSoul Graveyard

    I've had one of those artic air things and all it did was leak water

  • Brianna Gordy
    Brianna Gordy Month ago +1

    I live in Florida, and everyone knows that when you live in Florida, your A.C always has issues during summer. 😂 You can go five years with no issue from your A.C. But if it does break? It's during summer. Last summer our A.C broke and they couldn't come out and service it for two days. We made it one day before having to go stay in a hotel. Trying to sleep when it's 87 degrees inside, at night? Nope. Hell no. We have invested in a few arctic cools but haven't tried them yet. Hence I'm here. 😂 If something happens this summer, I ain't gonna be sweating it out! 😂

  • Zamorakian
    Zamorakian Month ago


  • HuckleB680
    HuckleB680 Month ago +1

    I'm still waiting for you to go back to science experiments and life hacks. I started watching you in 2010 and I miss your old content. This product testing stuff is not what HouseholdHacker is supposed to be about. You're called HouseholdHACKer for a reason; not HouseholdAsSeenOnTVProductTester.

  • pam medlin
    pam medlin Month ago

    I thought you were reviewing as seen on tv products not making your own

  • Gary Gurrusquieta
    Gary Gurrusquieta Month ago +1

    Whaaaaat is that a PIPBOY on the wall I see!!!!!!!

  • killer gamerHD
    killer gamerHD Month ago

    Almost forgot to dislike

  • Dihen
    Dihen Month ago

    YEAH your back!!!!!!

  • Tyler Furrison Tech
    Tyler Furrison Tech Month ago +1

    NHI Cooling Vest, fursuit friendly!

  • Eleonora Lukina
    Eleonora Lukina Month ago

    anyone who gets winter they are lucky I live in dr its sooooo hot. summer everyday

  • Thornback
    Thornback Month ago


  • chen xiaochen
    chen xiaochen Month ago


  • John L
    John L Month ago

    The Arctic Air only works in low humidity hot areas.

  • Hooded01
    Hooded01 Month ago

    the Arctic Air evaporative cooler will work best in areas the the humidity is very low only. That is why your results a a bit off. take it to the desert and you will see a significant temp difference.

  • Jeff Y
    Jeff Y Month ago

    A guy I worked with in a factory used that ice vest, he owned three and would swap them out through the day. Worked pretty good but he was always wet and his nipples were dangerously pointy.

  • Jesse W
    Jesse W Month ago

    I use the Arctic air when sleeping in vehicles and tents. It's quite good for small spaces if it's pointed at you.

  • Sword Slasher
    Sword Slasher Month ago

    2:22 Dang, that looks like some kind of special glitch effects, that sure is fast ._.

  • craig brooke
    craig brooke Month ago

    Would you recommend i wear the t-shirt when I'm cutting the hole and fitting the fan with a hot glue gun??? Just so I can get the position correct?