2012 Puzzle of the Year - Square in the Bag

  • Published on Nov 13, 2016
  • The 2012 Puzzle of the Year was "Square in the Bag" by Hirokazu Iwasawa. It's a heck of a puzzle!
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    I bought my copy at Eureka Puzzles in Boston: www.eurekapuzzles.com/
    I'm a top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and releasing a logic puzzle video game on Steam on November 17th! store.steampowered.com/app/547050
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Comments • 264

  • FLEB
    FLEB  Year ago +29

    -[they might be burning] -[17th letter]

    • Batu Han
      Batu Han 8 months ago

      FLEB man this is not hard

    • KettouRyuujin
      KettouRyuujin Year ago


    • 2025YouTube
      2025YouTube Year ago

      Our N might be burning?

      Oh, I see, there are a bunch of liars somewhere?

    • Castodas
      Castodas Year ago

      I wonder, did the people that thumbed up do it because they know the answer. I tried to think about it, but I became stuck. I thought I had it, until I realized the flaw I made.

  • Tæ
     20 days ago


  • stefan van vliet
    stefan van vliet Month ago +1

    You keep saying that you are a puzzle designer, but could you make a video about a puzzle YOU designed????

  • Dragon maid
    Dragon maid 2 months ago

    I love that concept. I wanted to play with it the moment it started and I reckon I would have solved. How cool

  • Garrick DD
    Garrick DD 10 months ago +1

    this is actually very easy

  • Potato Girl
    Potato Girl 10 months ago +1

    Simple yet smart

  • Vark Ster
    Vark Ster 11 months ago

    So many people saying it's not hard enough to be puzzle of the year.
    And also a whole load asking for the dimensions. I think that shows why it won; it's harder to come up with the idea and actually make it than it is to solve.
    Btw, the dimensions are also incredibly easy to work out. Solve *that* puzzle instead, if it's not immediately obvious to you.

  • idk
    idk Year ago

    I made a square card and a rectangle bag like this for a friend on her b-day, and she loved it!
    Thanks a lot FLEB for covering this puzzle

  • Pi
    Pi Year ago

    As an origami set, I got this instantly

  • largol33t1
    largol33t1 Year ago

    Bit of a spoiler: I paused the video and scrolled through the comments. The instant I saw the word "origami" I knew how to solve it! And lo and behold, he did almost exactly what I expected. I consider a little more of a "neato trick" than an actual puzzle.

  • Quatrei Quorizawa

    guessed it easily compared to your other puzzles :)


    you completely stole mr puzzles show!

  • ruanlian
    ruanlian Year ago

    it is origami method

  • Марфа Иванова

    Тоже мне загадка, решается за секунду. Уморили!

  • Chris Granados
    Chris Granados Year ago

    I'm a puzzle, pause for solution, put me in a bag.

  • Chounoki
    Chounoki Year ago

    How can this be the winner of 2012? I know the solution immediately when I saw it.
    I reckon I wonder how bad other puzzles must be in that year if this is the winner.

  • IronBahamut
    IronBahamut Year ago

    1:59 "There's no parts of the square showing"
    -can see parts of the square

  • Denis Mitrovic
    Denis Mitrovic Year ago

    I normalie don't know the solution of most of the puzzles that you show,but that was too easy.I knew the solution just by hearing the task.

  • Jasmine Lognnes
    Jasmine Lognnes Year ago

    Does anyone know where it can be bought in Europe?

  • Carlminion
    Carlminion Year ago


  • Dark Ender_Gaming

    at first I thought it was a April's fools joke

  • Reyno Athalla
    Reyno Athalla Year ago

    That was anti-climax :/

  • wolfuu
    wolfuu Year ago +1

    "wooden square" DARN IT I CAN'T FOLD IT

  • verris koh
    verris koh Year ago

    That's REALLY smart

  • Artiol Ymeri
    Artiol Ymeri Year ago

    Woooww you solve so much puzzle's you are amazing

  • Maximillius
    Maximillius Year ago

    Rather easy because there's so little you can do with the bag

  • a duck
    a duck Year ago

    Being a origami folder definitely helps with this one.

  • Aooni Bakemono
    Aooni Bakemono Year ago

    interesting little puzzle! simple yet creative in solving

  • M. The Bug
    M. The Bug Year ago

    I normally can't work my way around a puzzle for the life of me, but this one clicked the moment I saw it! The trick to this one is that it is incredibly easy, leading​ many to over think it.

  • Thicc B
    Thicc B Year ago

    This video but every time fleb says puzzle it gets faster

  • V B
    V B Year ago

    That's exactly what I was thinking as the solution--good dimensional thinking!

  • Akuun Reach
    Akuun Reach Year ago

    Maybe I just have a weird mind, but as soon as it was stated that the square was to fit inside the envelope, I knew the solution. Unfortunately, this meant no challenges, which I do so enjoy.

  • Aline Mendes
    Aline Mendes Year ago

    finally one puzzle i could figure out alone without seeing the answer :)
    i loved how simple and clever this is!

  • Timothy Low
    Timothy Low Year ago

    fairly easy once you figured out there is some form of spatial transformation required to bring the bag over the square.

  • blue elman
    blue elman Year ago

    hey fleb, really like your vids. I made my own "square in the bag" puzzle too when i saw this. really want some tips in creating puzzles and organizing puzzle hunts. much love from ph here!

    • blue elman
      blue elman Year ago

      im planning to make puzzles and organize puzzle hunts in our school. really hope our school can give us support. but if that doesn't happen, I at least want to know how to write good puzzles

    • FLEB
      FLEB  Year ago

      Nice! I could make a video on tips for running puzzle hunts. Are you planning to run one?

  • windii
    windii Year ago

    2017 Puzzle of the Year - Nebby in the Bag

  • Vincent Rousset
    Vincent Rousset Year ago

    This puzzle was so smart. Quite easy, yet very smart. Those puzzle designers really are the best people out there

  • Peter Schulze
    Peter Schulze Year ago

    This one was very easy for me. When I saw the bag, it was instantly clear, that it had to to somehow diagonally.

  • Want - Diverse Content

    99.999999999% of comment section is "EHH IT ISN'T WELL DESIGNED BECAUSE IT'S TOO EASY."
    Well, smartypants, how hard is it to recognize a well designed puzzle? Hard? Just because it's easy doesn't mean it's not well designed. Please go to puzzle school.

  • amanda cabrera
    amanda cabrera Year ago

    .... wow! now make a penny sized hole and fit a quarter through it. Same principal. And I've known that for 30y.

  • Jordan Davenport
    Jordan Davenport Year ago

    Not to be a dick, but I solved that one in my head before the spoiler break... Now Im wondering how they decide the puzzle of the year. Definitely the easiest puzzle I've seen on your channel.

  • Pseudonymynous Anonymity

    That is a genius puzzle.

  • Luv-Sien-dot-co
    Luv-Sien-dot-co Year ago

    what are the measurements of both the bag and block?

  • Patrick Brewer
    Patrick Brewer Year ago

    I guessed the solution before he revealed it... I think knowing origami helps solve it! 😂

  • Jonathon Lee
    Jonathon Lee Year ago


  • Nicholas Aulger
    Nicholas Aulger Year ago

    I was able to figure this one out but that's because I did origami for too long

  • Sky Flier
    Sky Flier Year ago

    I'm not a puzzler, and I figured that you had to do that as soon as I saw it.

  • redpapercup
    redpapercup 2 years ago

    now I can report my math teacher for swearing

  • cynthistic
    cynthistic 2 years ago

    Production costs must be o f f the charts

  • sunshinendaisies
    sunshinendaisies 2 years ago

    I don't do puzzles often or origami so I didn't see the solution. I like how the puzzle was made of very simple parts. It shows that you don't need very expensive bits and pieces to make a clever puzzle

  • nicholas labrecque
    nicholas labrecque 2 years ago

    damn klondike way to joke about adultery.

  • Skaslan
    Skaslan 2 years ago

    If you can do origami it's easy

  • legodude137
    legodude137 2 years ago

    Pretty easy puzzle. I figured it out before the spoiler break.

  • Pi
    Pi 2 years ago

    I know origami so this puzzle was REALLY EASY for me.I was like JUST SQUISH IT!

  • J Peach
    J Peach 2 years ago

    this is a fkn joke right? I'm puzzled....ahhhhh so that's how it's a puzzle... that's deep

  • ziberteck
    ziberteck 2 years ago

    Fairly sure this guy just through this together at the last minute, idk if it deserves an award.

  • mermaidlover337 2
    mermaidlover337 2 2 years ago


  • Potato Illuminoob
    Potato Illuminoob 2 years ago


  • gam mal
    gam mal 2 years ago

    it won because it is simple but counter intuitive. at a glace seems impossible but in truth it is very easy. take a genius to make something so simple and easy and transparent but have the illusion of being impossible.

  • Edward Corey
    Edward Corey 2 years ago

    Puzzle of the year? I figured out the puzzle looking at the thumbnail

  • ccatalano1000
    ccatalano1000 2 years ago

    This puzzle is so obvious that I figured it out after seeing the solution.

  • Johannes Sattler
    Johannes Sattler 2 years ago

    "its pretty tight, but you can do it"

  • Yesn't Pansexualn't
    Yesn't Pansexualn't 2 years ago

    I saw the puzzle and I instantly knew the answer...whats wrong with me

  • MoPlays
    MoPlays 2 years ago +1

    I figured out the puzzle before seeing the solution

    • MoPlays
      MoPlays 2 years ago


    • ccatalano1000
      ccatalano1000 2 years ago

      I figured out the puzzle after seeing the solution.

  • Morgan Olfursson
    Morgan Olfursson 2 years ago

    Japanese are not the smartest nation on the planet for no reason .

  • Golden Duck
    Golden Duck 2 years ago

    That was way too easy. Figured it out in seconds.

  • Cristi Neagu
    Cristi Neagu 2 years ago

    Watching this on April 1st i had to check when the video was released. I initially thought it's some sort of prank.

  • William Winn
    William Winn 2 years ago

    nice im also in boston might have to check them out

    • FLEB
      FLEB  2 years ago

      It's a fantastic store! Really the best puzzle store I've been to in the US!

  • Aidan Schaefer
    Aidan Schaefer 2 years ago

    Fleb is sooooo weird

  • Matthew Joseph Harrington

    I don't think like other people. I saw it about 0:05. I can see where it must have driven a lot of people nuts, though.

  • Liang Xin Yu
    Liang Xin Yu 2 years ago


  • Muzzy
    Muzzy 2 years ago

    When years of trying to squash everything in your pencil case came in handy.

  • henk jibbe
    henk jibbe 2 years ago

    So i do a lot of origame, and all of the guys that try to practice serious origami will probably have noticed it after 10 seconds... It kinda makes sense a japanese guy made it xD

  • Steven Oliva
    Steven Oliva 2 years ago +1

    what sre the measurements of this puzzle?

  • Dylan Ryan
    Dylan Ryan 2 years ago


  • Ryou Nguyễn
    Ryou Nguyễn 2 years ago

    1:32 that's what she said 😂😂

  • srs bzns
    srs bzns 2 years ago

    pretty snazzy, thx

  • Xight
    Xight 2 years ago

    hey there my name is flebb and uhh im a puzzle designer and yeah fuck you

  • Jack Derksen
    Jack Derksen 2 years ago

    Did he buy that puzzle from Staples? Because that was easy

  • creamsykle
    creamsykle 2 years ago

    anyone who does any origami will get this puzzle in 10 seconds or less

  • Brian Geronimo
    Brian Geronimo 2 years ago

    just from the thumbnail, I already imagined the solution. probably from too much origami.

  • flute lover
    flute lover 2 years ago

    if I solved this in two seconds, there's way harder one, a second grader could do that

  • ej732
    ej732 2 years ago

    How is this a puzzle of the year? Maybe Im just that smart lol

    4KHDR HI-RES 2 years ago

    this was easy to guess

  • rbapf
    rbapf 2 years ago

    That one seemed a little too obvious.

  • d d
    d d 2 years ago

    Hey FLEB love your channel, we would like to see you solve a puzzle for the first time and witness your process, cheers.

  • David's Favorite Videos

    At least this puzzle didn't get all tangental like the others do.

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris Hansen 2 years ago

    I bet shit gets wild at those puzzle parties

  • Ian Tan
    Ian Tan 2 years ago

    I guessed right!

  • Anthony Baker
    Anthony Baker 2 years ago

    Puzzle of the year? I knew the answer within 3 seconds of seeing it.. maybe because i used to do origami as a kid?

  • Luben Lambov
    Luben Lambov 2 years ago

    Considering even an idiot like me figured it out right away, without even touching it, I don't think this is a good puzzle at all...

  • I_Lift_Marshmallows
    I_Lift_Marshmallows 2 years ago

    After reading these comments about everyone that solved it immediately I suddenly feel very stupid

    • FLEB
      FLEB  2 years ago +2

      You really shouldn't! At the actual event where this debuted, very few people solved it immediately. It's a lot harder than it looks!

  • Kevin Klika
    Kevin Klika 2 years ago

    from the beginning of the video it took me 14 seconds to solve this...

  • Gettin BeyWay
    Gettin BeyWay 2 years ago

    i figured it out once i saw the picture on the video.

  • ShwiftyTown Fox
    ShwiftyTown Fox 2 years ago

    I in Massachusetts too

  • WailFin
    WailFin 2 years ago

    A-HA! Folding a lot of origami paid off! I immediately thought to squash-fold the bag, presuming it had the right area to fit, and lo and behold! That said, it wasn't that hard. :/ Maybe it's just that puzzles are more commonly based around twisting, turning, sliding, etc. Still, I'd like to see this particular type of folding puzzle take off.

  • Alex Purtle
    Alex Purtle 2 years ago +4

    Puzzle of the Year?!? I figured that out within seconds of watching the video.

  • Gmanunit13vers2
    Gmanunit13vers2 2 years ago

    well it's official I just wantched all your vids and I was actually close to this solution! I was thinking it had to do with the bag being sideways ...which it kinda was?

  • Thomas Thornton
    Thomas Thornton 2 years ago

    But why are you FLEB?

  • Freddie PLAYZ
    Freddie PLAYZ 2 years ago