"These Are Not Normal Times": Hundreds of NYC Students Walk Out to Protest Trump & DeVos

  • Published on Feb 9, 2017
  • democracynow.org - Hundreds of New York public school students walked out of class Tuesday to protest the policies of President Trump. The protest came on the same day the Senate confirmed billionaire Betsy DeVos for education secretary, after a historic tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence.
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Comments • 321

  • Omar Pizarro
    Omar Pizarro 2 years ago

    good to see young people, act on their own behalf....!! since nobody else does...

  • dpon _
    dpon _ 2 years ago +1

    never seen such high levels of retardation :/

  • Oswald Cobblepot
    Oswald Cobblepot 2 years ago +1

    Thank god Trump won.

  • C Dream
    C Dream 2 years ago +1

    I hope Trump and Pence are watching all.these protests, and learn their second lesson, that Trump supporters are MINORITIES.

  • Matthew Hylton
    Matthew Hylton 2 years ago

    Haaaaaa, get a job! Go to any other country and "enjoy" your lives! God bless America and fuck an ignorant bleeding heart college students opinions ;)

  • Manatee 7
    Manatee 7 2 years ago

    The filthy rich are here to take over our democracy (Trump's cabinet is full of billionaires). ....time 4 REVOLT !!!

  • BJ Andrews
    BJ Andrews 2 years ago

    Mr Gordon due you really think money can compensate for all those that died money is not the answer to everything it will not bring my husband back. I rather hold him than money.

  • Diego O' Land
    Diego O' Land 2 years ago

    Geez I wish I was that good at 15. Millions support you every day in ways we can.

  • BluePittsley
    BluePittsley 2 years ago

    The future is in the hands of our country's youth ... bless them and any effort which stands against the crooks who are trying to destroy us!

  • Phillip Christopher
    Phillip Christopher 2 years ago

    isn't it ironic that takes a man like Trump to wake everyone up to be politically active

  • Sabrina Williams
    Sabrina Williams 2 years ago

    So proud of these students! Well-informed and fighting for their rights and the rights of others. All things the wealthy elites don't want. #resisttrump

  • Jessica Brooke
    Jessica Brooke 2 years ago

    We all need to protest Zionism. Trump is a Zionist shill. Please research Zionism through out history in the classroom. Zionism is what's going on. Love all you guys.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 2 years ago

    TRUMP HAS NO ISSUES WITH LEGAL IMMIGRATION WHY CANT YOU NOT HEAR THAT, HE IS NOT AGAINST GAYS OR BLACKS ...he has clearly stated he is for all americans but you people are making it a panic attack...for no reason at all...and you look rediculas

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 2 years ago

    if they knew what they were talking about it would be ok but they are just making up things that Trump has not even said ...so for that i have no respect

  • Sam Norris
    Sam Norris 2 years ago


  • DjFled
    DjFled 2 years ago

    We need to protect our children and defend their rights. We need policies that reflect the line in the song "land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE!! Honor the fallen soldiers.

  • manthasagittarius1
    manthasagittarius1 2 years ago

    It's wrong that Pence came in to break the tie as Trump's tool. There was zero chance it would be a vote against -- the VP tiebreaker was the ace in the hole to get Trump his choice. I think what you kids really need to do is demand his justification for casting that vote -- why did he believe she was a suitable pick? Make him lie his sanctimonious ass off for the record. Or if he really favored her, make him explain how he can hear her dribble through all those hearings and still believe she has anything going except money, even a brain in her head. Make him tell you and the world why he did this to you. Write to him. Get a reporter at one of these rallies to take your question -- CNN or MSNBC. He owes you -- at least an answer.

  • jayhuegan
    jayhuegan 2 years ago

    New York City public schools are crap. They teach how it's okay to ditch school, but students can't read, write or do arithmetic. I suppose it doesn't matter. The economy has no jobs for them.

  • Quagthistle
    Quagthistle 2 years ago +1

    "Veto the Cheeto" make me chuckle! :) Seriously, though, good for these kids!

  • Jessica A
    Jessica A 2 years ago +1

    "veto the cheeto" hilarious

  • Joseph Scardino
    Joseph Scardino 2 years ago +2

    Young people, worldwide, we're gonna be ok. I know this because although times are harsh at the moment, YOU, the future of this planet and her people, are obtaining an education, and are shaping your convictions in ways that the Flower Power peace movements in the '60s can only envy. I look forward to your leadership. Your senses of justice, fair play, and solidarity will become very keen as you train in today's insane, lop-sided World U to become tomorrow's world leaders. Peace

  • Luminous Winfield
    Luminous Winfield 2 years ago

    That Gerrel guy was wearing cross earrings. If he's a Christian, I hope he isn't a homosexual.

    • DopeRAPHitz
      DopeRAPHitz 2 years ago

      lol that dude was homo if you couldnt see that then you are homo

  • sharon cronin
    sharon cronin 2 years ago

    Justice democrats .org sign impeachment doc now before its too late fr our America

  • JoJo Mama
    JoJo Mama 2 years ago

    "I'd like to help you son but you're too young to vote" summer time blues...

  • Mark Paul
    Mark Paul 2 years ago

    DN is pig shit

  • Mark Paul
    Mark Paul 2 years ago

    DN is pig shit

  • bouh1979nktt
    bouh1979nktt 2 years ago

    The bright future of america . I'm glad they all can vote next elections .

  • masao shiose
    masao shiose 2 years ago

    It's all fucked up, burn baby burn.

  • ckdoll
    ckdoll 2 years ago

    Is Barron Trump out there protesting?

  • Daniel Marsala
    Daniel Marsala 2 years ago

    We are living in abnormal times because we have an abnormal president.

  • Bob Riemersma
    Bob Riemersma 2 years ago

    These pampered Eloi of the coastal cosmopolitan elite have no clue how much they damage their futures. The working mother straining to keep her child clothed and fed while Wall Street sucks the life out of her is feeling her heart harden and a growing desire to take up a torch and pitchfork and take out as many of these parasitic little New York bastards as she can.

  • william foreman
    william foreman 2 years ago

    Good on ya kids keep right on protesting you're the new sons and daughters of liberty just like when the old patriots marched into Boston Harbor Cut open the cases of tea from the cargo holds of the ships and threw it into the harbor in protest to the king of England for unfair high tax on tea and to further demonstrate their resentment of a tyrant controlling them robbing them of even the most basics fundamentals that everyone should have with this new president and his administration gets done there will be no more free lunch programs for little children in the summertime when school lets out for the summer there be no more Medicaid will be no more Medicare they will privatize Social Security so they can steal it they will monetize education,,,that oil pipeline that's going to flow through Canada down through United States in and around Indian reservation land it's environmental train wreck waiting to happen with the presidents travel ban and his appointment of sessions as the attorney general it's like they've assassinate King all over again,,,, and I don't even want to get started on his pick for labor that guy used to be the head of Hardees restaurants and Carl's Jr. he is against the American worker in every way he's against raises for the minimum-wage workers rights,,,, everything Trump said that he was going to do for the working class and the poor is just exactly the opposite of he is actually going to do,,,, protest peacefully make it be heard call your representatives senators call everybody and protests let this country know how you feel he did not win the popular vote he lost by almost 3,000,000 votes let him and everyone else know it,,,, The Russians also hacked the election that right there tells me the selection should not stand he violated the emoluments clause because of his business interests for him and his family and his friend another reason this president should have never been sworn in to begin with in the first place,,,, not my president folks we need to get that message out loud and clear also how about all you students all across America pick a spot that is safe and peacefully protest we need at least 3 million students to come together and believe you me you'll be on CNN news and everything else in between the New York Times will be there the post and everybody else you could do your protests you could tell everyone how you feel and you could be holding up signs that read your ideals your viewpoints and opinions and some of those signs could read not my president and also you could hold some signs up that say hey Mr. not my president this is what 3 million people looks like by the way,,,,i'm proud of you all each and everyone you're the new sons and daughters of liberty bless you all

  • Pablo Mariani
    Pablo Mariani 2 years ago

    WOW ... so every person in the world ( 7 billion ) have "constitutional right" to travel to United states and demand all the benefits. and they think they are smart and trendy? is that what you pay a fortune in education for ? my gosh, this is the narcissist generation on steroids... This is how a little children react if their parents refuse to pay for multi million dolar party in Disneyland to all their friends

  • siri's ghost patent no991609

    Get that Islam flag out of America and american people if color should quit being meat sheilds
    for these fascists

  • morgan tuke
    morgan tuke 2 years ago

    i am proud of you kids. please keep up your protests. my love is with you all

  • Santiago Bron
    Santiago Bron 2 years ago

    union thugs

  • korle521
    korle521 2 years ago

    us young people are the future of america. no Republican stop us

  • Mike Maloney
    Mike Maloney 2 years ago

    are these Jr high kids?

  • Mike Maloney
    Mike Maloney 2 years ago

    These are butthurt times indeed

  • nigella4me
    nigella4me 2 years ago

    I believe that once the old cronies of yesteryear are out of government, and a younger, more accepting mindset is in place, our country will become a wonderful place again.

  • Nurlinda F Sihotang
    Nurlinda F Sihotang 2 years ago

    welp. have been targeting to go to Harvard to continue my JD by programme my government fully funded it. but i would guess it is europe now. dont want to catch "American Idiot" syndrome with courtesy of your new "grizzly attack" education secretary

  • velez
    velez 2 years ago

    Reminds me of the 1960s anti war protest , i felt that the kids of today had no balls , well they have basket balls ,,

  • Picturetaker
    Picturetaker 2 years ago

    Do these kids actually know what is going on and were they following politics before this or they are just told to protest this.

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago +2

      Picturetaker they know that their future is being threatened and their education. they have a lot to lose. They are right to protest. Also historically in this country most protesters have either been in high school or college. That is the American way. Where've you been ???

  • jeggee2008
    jeggee2008 2 years ago

    America listen to your children its their future and looking at Trump he is so out of touch its so sad

  • Dom Chap
    Dom Chap 2 years ago +2

    So proud of you young people!!!!!!! impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org/

  • EpicTyme
    EpicTyme 2 years ago

    you demand justice, but yu want to ignore democracy .... your President won the Election, stop being a spoilt brat and get back to school

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago

      EpicTyme Trump did not win the election he stole it. If we went strictly by the popular vote he lost to clip Hillary Clinton by almost three million votes. It's just that those ball as electoral college miscreants were manipulated and put him into office. Plus there was voter tampering and intimidation tactics used to keep people from voting and lest we forget the Russian influence. Not my president.

  • Tsrif Tsal
    Tsrif Tsal 2 years ago

    Dont protest over student rights and affordable education, America can't tolerate that concept instead rally for more wars, rally in favor of big oil and big banks, rally in favor of making the 1% even more rich and thats something Merica can get behind of in full support, its the American Way

  • TheClauah
    TheClauah 2 years ago

    That why I love young people, they are tolerant, intelligent and compromised! Thanks for giving us hope for a better future

  • Anakka Hartwell
    Anakka Hartwell 2 years ago

    What people are missing is that despite the protest, despite the calls and letters, nominations are happening, they do not care what the citizens want. The citizens did not vote for Trump, and this is a hostile takeover of the American Government, and as such, even if the front guy (Trump) is impeached all the damage remains with all the new appointee's still in place. There is a reason all of this is being done so fast and that is so that when Trump is impeached, he is after all the clown, Pence will take over with his cabinet of doom. I suspect they even feel that the Syrian gov has it right arresting and killing journalist, dissenters, and protesters. Trump is no longer the issue, the issue now are the people that now in place. Trumps presidency needs TO BE ANNULLED AND ALL ACTIONS TAKEN AFTER HIS SWEARING IN NEED TO BE REVERSED INCLUDING HIS DE FACTO CABINET. No one wanted them and they have been forced on us. Remember people, its not just trump, he is just the clown.

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago

      Anakka Hartwell - PREACH !!!!

  • Assassin Ferret Project

    betsy the vos and republicans = prehistoric times . Republicans losers 2018

  • Mikayla Bansie
    Mikayla Bansie 2 years ago +2

    You young are awesome. I proud of everyone of you.

  • Sabrina Cuadra
    Sabrina Cuadra 2 years ago

    loving these young people!

  • Csar Mtnz
    Csar Mtnz 2 years ago

    In 2020 we are going to have lots of piss of voters! Young new voters who will demand change from this fascist goverment

  • C J Titan
    C J Titan 2 years ago +3

    The hypocrisy from the fake left is even worse than the hypocrisy from the fake right.Where were they when Obama was bombing the countries that are temporary banned?

    • J Gordon
      J Gordon 2 years ago

      C J Titan Yep. Obama and Clinton paved the way for Trump. I just saw Jimmy Dore report the Pentagon hid thousands of bombing raids from the public. Because if we recognized that our government bears responsibility for the refugee and immigration crisis, we'd have to change the policies.

    • C J Titan
      C J Titan 2 years ago

      @J Gordon
      I get that.
      I just don't see that much difference between, the fake left's policies and the fake right's.
      At least when it comes to the big picture.
      Foreign policy, economic policy and civil liberties.
      A perfect example.
      Both Trump and Obama create refugees and refuse to acknowledge the reason.
      We both know it's war, but most Americans sadly do not.
      Just like undocumented immigrants come here, mainly because of NAFTA and the drug war.
      We know that, most Americans do not.

    • J Gordon
      J Gordon 2 years ago

      C J Titan I am more interested in the hypocrisy of the current fascist-inspired Administration than in the possible moral imperfections of the millions of sane people who find fascism reprehensible.
      By the way, Jimmy Dore reported yesterday that the Pentagon failed to report thousands of air strikes in Afghanistan, etc to the American public. In other words, the government has been creating massive refugee problems. Then, when people try to escape, the Trump Administration wants to keep them from having a place to go.

    • C J Titan
      C J Titan 2 years ago

      @J Gordon
      I have and do watch DN.
      They like all news outlets have spin.
      I also have watch many Chomsky talks.
      My point is, bombing and occupation is much worse than a temporary ban.
      That's why I call them hypocritical, dig?

    • C J Titan
      C J Titan 2 years ago

      @Atir X
      You are part of the problem, if you ever wake up, you will see we have the illusion of choice.
      Clinton, Trump or Obama doesn't matter, our flawed system will continue to make the rich richer and poor poorer.
      There will be perpetual war and perpetual debt.

  • DootDoot
    DootDoot 2 years ago +5

    4 years and most of these people can vote. register. Stop letting the baby boomers drag this country down.

  • Jacqui Jespersen
    Jacqui Jespersen 2 years ago

    Rock and Roll American Youth :) you ARE the FUTURE
    I have felt such a smorgasbord of emotions since the election. I have hope that there is a reason Americans we needed a spark to wake up. This would not have happened if "Crazy Train Trump" didn't win.

  • mike kpacks
    mike kpacks 2 years ago +3

    I am touched by these young adults stand. If we are to free ourselves from mental slavery then education is key. Spread knowledge, stand against injustice whereever it be found and live love. :)

  • Fast Er
    Fast Er 2 years ago

    Thank you students. We all are proud of you. Kudos for your action to demand justice.
    Trump is a dictator and DeVos just bought her way into the con man's government.

  • Jonathan Hodges
    Jonathan Hodges 2 years ago +1

    Keep protesting children. No clue about anything. Go back to snapchatting

  • Ani Fosler
    Ani Fosler 2 years ago +2

    I find seeing these young people very,very moving. Bless these kids !!

  • Go Figure News
    Go Figure News 2 years ago

    This was a really moving short clip - I wish the mainstream media would do important, heartful research into today's youth and the fact that "They Vote Next" is impactful. Thank you.

  • Jeremy Chase
    Jeremy Chase 2 years ago

    Good on those kids!!

  • Redwing
    Redwing 2 years ago +4

    The future is in good hands with these young people💚

  • ZER0
    ZER0 2 years ago

    many of these kids will be in the banking industry, and other financial institutions of power. Their ideology will fade very quickly when they enter the real world. Very few teenagers stick to their values for all their life. I have but then I am an exception to the rule, and I'm also like a smart person.

  • Juwoki
    Juwoki 2 years ago +1

    Time to get the legal voting age DOWN!!!!

  • adam schwartz
    adam schwartz 2 years ago

    exit puberty first, then change the world of which you know nothing. same goes for trump.

  • Baspreena Barton
    Baspreena Barton 2 years ago

    Mind-controlled morons! They would rather have a pedophile in office than a legitimate choice of the people. Protesting against a president they don't agree with is the height of stupidity especially when they do not understand that they are being led by the nose by George Soros.

    • Baspreena Barton
      Baspreena Barton 2 years ago

      Atir X... Well you certainly do have all the talking points down don't you? Stupid children. Come talk to me when you have grown up. Protesting a legitimately elected president is more pointless, and useless, than is worthy of spending another moment replying to. The most corrupt and disgusting pedophiles were the only other option during the election. Looks like those who ACTUALLY investigated things took matters into their own hands.

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago

      Baspreena Barton you sound like a Mindless brain controlled and brainwashed fool. And trust me my viewpoint did not come from Soros. I don't even know who the hell this is and neither do most of my non-Trump backing people. you Trumptards read from the same old tired Dusty Playbook Bullshit !!! deflection deflection deflection deflection sorosoro Soros Soros. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  • Jermaine Burgess
    Jermaine Burgess 2 years ago +1

    now if these students did this when Obama was dropping bombs on kids I would respect them this is just one sided rhetoric democrats and republicans or one in the same

  • Patrick DeCambra
    Patrick DeCambra 2 years ago +1

    the 1% teaching our children to be perfect slaves

  • gearzone2611
    gearzone2611 2 years ago

    I bet the school boards had a meeting to use the useful idiots students for protests.

  • EcuaYork
    EcuaYork 2 years ago


  • blizzard chilled
    blizzard chilled 2 years ago +5

    fuck the system kids. Destroy it.

  • Kenneth D
    Kenneth D 2 years ago +3

    Awesome! Our future is so bright!

  • Darien Long GRSE!
    Darien Long GRSE! 2 years ago

    Did these same non-black people show up for BLM? I didn't see any of them in the crowd. Why should black people show up for them?

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago

      Darien Long GRSE! here we go again with another fake black troll. First of all during the black lives matter marches there are a myriad of people from different racial backgrounds cultures and religions. I seriously doubt you took down names and photos to know exactly which ones were in attendance. Also this device of bullshit you're trying to do to keep all the brown people all the other non-white male Rich elitist separated and fighting and distracted it's not going to work much longer. also black parents want a good education for their children as well so this March does affect them. You sound like a moron. Do you think that black children don't go to school or don't want to be educated ??? This tells me you are a racist divisive troll. anytime you see a photo of a black person on a website in most cases it's fake. Most black people don't put their pictures out on their websites unless they have a talking or news channel or some kind of entertainment or Business site.

  • ultra
    ultra 2 years ago

    good to see democracy now is now using 15 yr old high school students as their guiding light. what an f"in joke.

  • Zeeva Natasha Zazhinne
    Zeeva Natasha Zazhinne 2 years ago +15

    Congratulations to this PRESENT YOUNG GENERATION! Seems like it's been more than 40 years since students in the USA STOOD UP & FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY !

  • Luminous Winfield
    Luminous Winfield 2 years ago +1

    Brainwashed youth

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago +1

      Luey Vivant brainwashed fossil

  • Antny Ciafardoni
    Antny Ciafardoni 2 years ago

    WTF! This is supposed to be about Betsy DeVos. Why are there ban and wall signs, and people talking about these completely separate issues?
    This is the problem with the way we protest! We are NEVER all on the same page, fighting for ONE issue! If we all came out for just one thing at a time, we'd accomplish a shit-ton more than just a barrage of demoniacal voices screaming in the streets.

  • A. J.
    A. J. 2 years ago +6

    ☺☺☺ proud of our future

  • No Way
    No Way 2 years ago +10

    Those kids will vote in the next presidential election.

  • Easton Wright
    Easton Wright 2 years ago +1

    Wait until those kids have to pay taxes to fund a bloated and ineffective bureaucracy. I support the right to protest, but I also support the rights of the students who want to have a choice in what school they go to.

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago

      Easton Wright their parents already are paying for bloated bureaucracy. Unfortunately the blowed is usually for government employees at high levels with multiple layers of retirement benefits. which is common us folks don't get.

  • Jose Munoz
    Jose Munoz 2 years ago

    So what if these times are not normal

  • Cesar Rod
    Cesar Rod 2 years ago


  • Cesar Rod
    Cesar Rod 2 years ago +2

    i fuck w my generation, we are the future

  • kellie M
    kellie M 2 years ago +1

    veto the cheeto!! haha nice.

  • bohnstube
    bohnstube 2 years ago +2

    Just a bunch of overly coddled babies who've never in their lives been told "NO!" regarding anything that they've ever said or done. Smack these punk-assed terrorists in training NOW. Start by withholding their high school graduation diplomas, since all these idiots appear to hold in their own highest esteem anyway, is their incredibly stupid close-mindedness for anything but their own selfishness.

    • bohnstube
      bohnstube 2 years ago

      "blind2d": Sorry, but insulting, self-pitying, drunken fuck losers such as yourself who encourage empty headed teenage loudmouths to be obnoxious pains in the ass neither deserve to have their whining asses kissed, nor would they have any clue whatsoever how to have a civil conversation with anyone anyway, even if given the chance. You pissed away that chance away long ago, loser. Go have a conversation with these barely high school age waste cases. Those whiners are definitely more your speed. I'm through humoring your pathetic drunken loser ass. OUT.

    • Ripley Hannah
      Ripley Hannah 2 years ago

      @bohnstube if I'm hopeless, why are you still replying to me? Do you lack self control? I'm not begging, I'm reminding. You said you have facts, correct? Then I ask you to kindly produce them. If you are unable, then I prove you a liar. If you are unwilling, then why the pretense of concern for me? If you are just a bully, well, you're a pretty pathetic one, in my experience. I will outlast you. There is no question about this.

    • bohnstube
      bohnstube 2 years ago

      "blind2d": Seriously, if it's taken you 27 fucking years to start begging for facts when you initially come in here full of your own wallowing self-pity and nothing but insults, while you adore empty-headed high school freshmen for god only knows for what fucking reason, no amount of "facts" is going to mean a damn thing to you. You're a lost waste case. Give it up.

    • Ripley Hannah
      Ripley Hannah 2 years ago

      @bohnstube Seriously, what facts do you have?

    • bohnstube
      bohnstube 2 years ago

      "blind2d": Awwwwwwww, did poor widdle baby get his pwecious 27 year old drunken skateboarder, who still lives with Mommy and Daddy or more probably Grandma, feewings hurrrrrt? Too fuckin' bad. Just fuckin' grow up.

  • James Oates
    James Oates 2 years ago +2

    for today's class you shall receive an F for failure to attend class.
    how is your gpa doing now?

    • bohnstube
      bohnstube 2 years ago

      "Atir X": Sorry, but just not interested in idiots whose only talent is stringing together wild-assed conspiracy theories, while dumping in a shitload of childish insults. Come back when and if you ever develop the intelligence to actually use your head for anything other than a cover to prevent the birds from shitting down your neck hole.

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago +2

      bohnstube please crawl back into your cave you old-ass fossil. Apparently I'm not able to think beyond your old decrepit self orange to the Future of these young people. Now go somewhere and become extinct.

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago

      James Oates at least they have the opportunity to get a GPA right now but would DeVos in the educational seat they may not have that opportunity in the future. These elitist are moving towards getting rid of the public school system and making it on private. What this means is if you do not have enough money to put your kid in school then your child will either be uneducated or force be educated by a computer and someone to stay home with them when we get educated by a dumb computer. just like in third world Nations. Only the house will be here to cated and the middles and the Have Nots will not. watch out for this because this is their plan. you can better control and uneducated public. they're planning on using more more automation to replace human beings anyway and jobs. So the last thing they want is thinking human beings here. they want that reserved for only the 1% and their offspring. So that they can maintain control over us.

    • James Oates
      James Oates 2 years ago

      I totally agree

  • freedom1234573
    freedom1234573 2 years ago

    old man white al is triggered...

  • freedom1234573
    freedom1234573 2 years ago +2

    thank god for the future

  • Big Sam
    Big Sam 2 years ago +3

    Islamiphobe = Any one who knows about Islam.

    • Aneesh Prasobhan
      Aneesh Prasobhan 2 years ago

      so fuck you cucks

    • Aneesh Prasobhan
      Aneesh Prasobhan 2 years ago

      @Ľøŕď Šâťáņ Jőņëş being a muslim does not mean they have read the Quran, just like I'm a hindu and I havnt read the mahabarata or bhagavat gita or the Vedic texts (worlds first religious tests)

    • Big Sam
      Big Sam 2 years ago

      You both are slow, if not full blown retarded....

    • Big Sam
      Big Sam 2 years ago

      Yeah... But it doesn't matter what kind of nonsensical nonsense statistics you pull out of your ass hole buddy. Islam is the problem. They aren't welcome in Canada, and Trump already said no... These kids need to get back in school and the schools needs new teachers.

    • Aneesh Prasobhan
      Aneesh Prasobhan 2 years ago +1

      yea...but more than 50% muslims dont read or understand Quran that much. Its those who study it well that mostly become terrorists

  • Bill Goode
    Bill Goode 2 years ago +1

    Freeloading is going to become very unfashionable. Looks like such unfashionablity will start with education. Can't wait for an end to public schools. Government has proven that it doesn't know any more about education than it knows about how to run an economy or businesses or healthcare. Very exciting times indeed.

    • Bill Goode
      Bill Goode 2 years ago

      Now that's a pretty ignorant comment, thinking that wanting to end freeloading on government and working for less government is fascist. Have you noticed that government education is dumbing down American children?
      You're so ignorant you can't even tell the difference between libertarianism, fascism and communism. Your comment is so ignorant that you lump everyone you disagree with into the same category and can't tell whether they're communist or fascist, when all the time the person you're addressing is libertarian, which in all likelihood you know nothing about. That's a pretty good assumption, because you obviously know nothing about the state of education in America or how to deal with it.

  • Donald Trump.
    Donald Trump. 2 years ago +3

    Wish I was there brothers and sisters !!
    We shall resist!

  • Larry 306
    Larry 306 2 years ago +1

    There have been protests for the last 240 years.. Give or take a few years...Yes, they can see and hear you better now with all your phone cameras. However, none of your protests will work.. They will do what they want anytime they want... They don't care about you, me or anybody. Its all about the money.. Money is power. You cannot fight that...You and me are peons. Get a job, go to school do the best you can.. These days again with all the cameras they will know who you are.. Think of your future, keep a low profile and get off the Government tab.. Do not let know who you are! Doing all the things you are doing will never work....It never has.

    • Larry 306
      Larry 306 2 years ago

      Thank you the Dad compliment.. I mean that.. Be careful out there...

    • Larry 306
      Larry 306 2 years ago

      You are kidding? Right?

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago

      Larry 306 - You must be from Russia or a communist nation, speaking this VICTIMIZATION ACCEPTANCE TO THE NON-ELITES. back in the day they tried to say this to the starving people of France but Marie Antoinette still lost her head. The people will always prevail !!!

    • Larry 306
      Larry 306 2 years ago +2

      Thank you Wendy good luck in the future.. (((HUGS)))

    • WindyMelly
      WindyMelly 2 years ago

      Larry 306 Yes, I will make sure not to use credit, but I do have student loan debt. I pray and meditate most days bc I know that there is a lot in this world that is out of my control. My dad protested in the 60s and he concluded the same thing you did. But we'll see what the future brings us.

  • Dirty Hippie Designs
    Dirty Hippie Designs 2 years ago +2

    your brainwashed minions. bring on the death threats trolls...

    • Ripley Hannah
      Ripley Hannah 2 years ago

      What's this about my brainwashed minions?

  • PinkPonyOfPrey
    PinkPonyOfPrey 2 years ago +11

    The harder the white house surpress now the harder the recoil will hit them. They're so fucking void of compassion and completely clueless about reality!!! But I still hope nobody will get hurt in the process.

    • PinkPonyOfPrey
      PinkPonyOfPrey 2 years ago

      X-actly. that's what's scary :(

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago +4

      PinkPonyOfPrey I hope no one gets hurt in the process either. But I do think that Revolution is in the air and growing against our government. Because it is becoming painfully apparent that it does not serve the common citizenry of the United States anymore. they have forgotten that they are public servants and they not treat us as if we are the servants. that's a recipe for every Revolution against a government that has ever existed. when you see your Country turning into the land of the Lord's and the serfs Lookout things are not going to be pretty !!!

    • PinkPonyOfPrey
      PinkPonyOfPrey 2 years ago

      No, of course not. You've done away with the concept of being wrong in your head so how would you ever be wrong and also understand that you are wrong. For others reading here is a link:

    • Rich Whiteman
      Rich Whiteman 2 years ago

      lol, well ......... am I wrong?

    • PinkPonyOfPrey
      PinkPonyOfPrey 2 years ago +3


  • angel_ dust
    angel_ dust 2 years ago +3

    I used to be this crazy back in my college days. protesting at everything and anything. so idealistically foolish.
    Seeing these protests is quite laughable looking back at my own outrage back then.
    When these idiots start looking for jobs and paying taxes, paying for healthcare insurance etc. they'll soon realize their stupidity.

    • jan luch
      jan luch 2 years ago

      angel_ dust when that happens, it is probably caused by dumb and intolerant people who want to put the blame on peaceful protesters. The word democracy will soon have more meaning for many people who always took it for granted.

    • angel_ dust
      angel_ dust 2 years ago

      @jeommy kin so long as you dont suddenly start pepper spraying people and violently attacking them with poles

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang
      Nurlinda F Sihotang 2 years ago

      @jan luch yaaay
      Now time to go "Manchurian Candidate/Russian Link hunts" and "Spot Donald's Tax Return" 😈

    • jan luch
      jan luch 2 years ago +3

      Nurlinda F Breaking News. The travel ban won't be reinstated. The appeal court ruled just minutes ago! Victory!

    • Nurlinda F Sihotang
      Nurlinda F Sihotang 2 years ago

      @jan luch pffft....like after the shits he pulled, anyone wants to touch him with 4 ft pole not to mentioned deal with him. Just now his pick of secretary of defence threatening Japan to keep the US millitary base, after the orange hitler insults japan saying that the US millitary base was for Japan benefit. This Orange Hitler clearly does not know how US themselves wanted the millitary base stasioned there and how badly japan wanted to get rid of it. Only to back tracked and helps japan with their's v. china disputes againts shikoku.
      But enough, dont want to make the trumpters face melts with shame (altough highly doubting they get it anyway) :v

  • Veniese Wilkinson
    Veniese Wilkinson 2 years ago +4

    I love these kids! I owe it to them to pester congress incessantly.

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago

      Veniese Wilkinson please do. We need to vote these Republican miscreants out of there. Until we get them out of Congress we will have very little to no power over this monster that we have in the presidency or even if we manage to get someone in the presidency of her choosing. we have to change the Congress and the Senate to get power. I don't know why the Democrats and the progressives have not stress this fact. Obama tried to but it was just too late in the game. Republicans have been on the list for years and they used it to their advantage and they still are.

  • antithetical 1
    antithetical 1 2 years ago +1

    Lest people forget, Obama was presiding over our invasion of Syria where we have been arming terrorist groups to overthrow Assad, a cruel dictator who allows religious freedom. Terrorists are not going to be better than Assad, they are already raping and torturing children on up. Obama gave more executive power to Trump even as he was exiting the white-house. Obama was only marginally better than Trump, he just hid it better. We need to fight more than Trump and the republicans, we need to get money out of politics, sever the tie between corporations and politicians so they will represent we the people instead of perpetual oil wars, banks gambling with OUR money and taking OUR tax dollars when they lose, and the constant attack on all social programs as well as medical insurance/drug costs. Not to mention the full scale attack being waged on our civil rights and the constitution itself! This is a big fight that must be ended with great candidates and smart voting at every level.

    • Atir X
      Atir X 2 years ago +1

      david douglas - You dumbass !!! Obama's no longer the president. You Trumptards are all deflection deflection deflection deflection blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    • david douglas
      david douglas 2 years ago

      antithetical 1 Obama is a shitty president

  • Ur full of BS
    Ur full of BS 2 years ago +26

    Keep protesting for a better world. Do not give up.

    • Mo Fo
      Mo Fo 2 years ago

      You need to get a fucking job too

    • mark mccurry
      mark mccurry 2 years ago +1

      Rich Whiteman guess you like the idiot Bush years better. Either you have a bad memory or, as I suspec,t not too well wrapped

    • Ur full of BS
      Ur full of BS 2 years ago +4

      You obviously do not see what is ahead of you in the next few years.

    • Rich Whiteman
      Rich Whiteman 2 years ago

      like the better world we've had the last 8 years?

  • Optimus Mega
    Optimus Mega 2 years ago

    I feel like protesting has become a part of mainstream culture rather than a part of counter-culture. I think this will cause an issue in the strength of the message.