3 Things To Revolutionize The Education System

  • Опубликовано: 18 окт 2016
  • 12,000 world class private jets with plenty of fuel to boot. That's what 1.2 trillion dollars can buy you. Yet, many people who have gone through our current educational system don't have as much as a job to call their own. Much less a private jet. In this video I'll talk about the 3 things I think can revolutionize the educational system. And how you can apply these principles to your life and business.
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  • Jhone Hailegeorgies
    Jhone Hailegeorgies 5 месяцев назад

    Yeah Tai has a point.
    The current education system is not worth pursuing.
    We need to eliminate many subjects and courses that students and young people don't benefit from to apply to their life and advance. The education system is unhelpful.
    Many countries have horrible education system. This is a series problem. We need to value arts, music, sports, and entrepreneur. Not just stupid courses.

  • JenTyme
    JenTyme 8 месяцев назад +2

    Tai the real reason most young people go to college is to party, get laid, & get away from their parents. Lol! Seriously tho, I totally agree with ur views on education having a high IQ and a learning disability. Looking forward to Edu-tainment!

  • Aryaman Jejurikar
    Aryaman Jejurikar 9 месяцев назад

    and financial education like how to do taxes,stock market investing,bonds etc must also be taught to us.

  • paul sieber
    paul sieber 11 месяцев назад

    If you made a kickstarter for a documentary on the education system I donate 100$

  • BroncosManTV
    BroncosManTV 11 месяцев назад

    I take a class where the teacher teaches about social, cognitive, and emotional IQ and we take personality tests and we learn about self awareness. This is the best class for real life things I take but it's only offered to a certain amount of us at my high school. It seems like the school system is only trying to improve a few and saying fuck you to the rest

  • Crazy Hacker
    Crazy Hacker 11 месяцев назад

    There is an awesome video named "do schools kill creativity?"

  • Ryan Gunnarson
    Ryan Gunnarson Год назад

    i'm 15, and have been thinking about all these reasons and more for the past few months- some day, I suddenly felt this whole school system ain't right. Just cuz i'm a kid don't mean I don't like school or wouldn't wanna go to it if it changed, because I would. Great vid Tai!

  • V K
    V K Год назад

    I have been talking with some people in my high school and every one of them disagrees with revolutionizing the educational system. I wish the whole United States students would watch this or the whole country. It's so sad to watch all these years go to waste. If I were president I would try doing something about this. Thank you for the video.

  • emperor81
    emperor81 Год назад

    University in Argentina is free...so..

  • M2DCDavis
    M2DCDavis Год назад


  • Titan T
    Titan T Год назад

    I think your a genius and I love what you are doing. Education for the future and yes love being a student of your programs Tai Life Skills

  • Andy
    Andy Год назад

    Well, a lot of education is a signaling and sorting mechanism, and online educational sources, if they don't have the same selectivity standards, wouldn't serve that purpose. You look favorably at a Harvard graduate more for the admission standards serving as a proxy for their intelligence than for the specific things they learned.

  • Bhu
    Bhu Год назад

    I completely agree with you, Tai. I watched Prince EA's video and he's going over the same topics that you just talked about. I am currently in enrolled in a community college and I'm in my last semester. During the past 1.5 years, I really haven't learned much. the only the I can truly remember is to take a computer apart and put it back together. College also stresses on theories...*I can't fucking work with theories. THEORIES WONT PAY BILLS!!* lol that's my little response. And Thank you Tai for your wisdom and words!

  • Ryan Burgess
    Ryan Burgess Год назад

    Another great thing would be to give more freedom, get rid of political correctness in the educational environment, and also let people express their personal beliefs instead of suppressing their religious ideas, their moral values. If a kid wants to talk about Hinduism, or Jesus Christ from a Christian student, or if a student wants to talk about why they love a certain political candidate, let those students express their beliefs! Let them tell their friends and defend their ideas. Suppressing kids by telling them that they can't wear religious t shirts, or that they can't mention a religious figure in a school paper suppresses what matters most to them. In America, we have Freedom of Speech, but it seems that is being taken away because of Political Correctness and people aren't able to talk about what is important to them. We need to be open minded, and less offended. I love all you have had to say Tai! Thank you for putting these videos out here they have truly inspired me.

  • jamie shimmin
    jamie shimmin Год назад

    most of the vids this guy makes is absolute shit but this is actually a good well done inspiring and informative as well as interesting video, more like this instead of the new cars you brought because nobody gives a shit about that

  • Xavier Walker
    Xavier Walker Год назад

    Tai Lopez for president

  • Kunoichi
    Kunoichi Год назад

    came here because of your ad. actually really great timing finding your channel. I'm from New Zealand! enjoying your talks so far.

  • Glenn Hughes
    Glenn Hughes Год назад

    As a US Navy Veteran and current expat (Living in Denmark), I found that my first 3 years in College served nothing but a good time. Luckily for me I didn't go too far into debt (only took 20 years to pay off an education with no degree because I ran out of money and wanted to stop hemorrhaging my financial future). Having joined the military and beginning my IT career as a Radioman/Information Specialist, I've learned far more online that has help me with my career than University ever did. May not be the same experience as others, but my experience was that after 3 years not one advisor questioned that I changed major 5 times. In fact the only time I got a call was when I withdrew from school. The education system here in Denmark is specifically geared to get people ready for work. Kids are paid to go to school and when they are done they are not in debt. The US could learn a lot from our little country.

  • Basil Almasri
    Basil Almasri Год назад

    The problem is, we live in a world where this educational system has become the easiest way to teach the masses. Sit down a bunch fucking students and ask them to stare at a board and regurgitate information. thats learning? ha.

  • Jack Dyenjaj
    Jack Dyenjaj Год назад

    Tai should become a Senator, and try to implement this, or become president.

  • Glev Mendez
    Glev Mendez Год назад

    Great video Tai. You're always the man with the great ideas. Keep up the good work! :)

  • Faatimah Stevens
    Faatimah Stevens Год назад

    As long as private primary and secondary schools exists, it's going to be tougher to revolutionize public school systems. Private schools offer some of these tools but only at the cost of the parents' income. So, once the option to buy a better education (which can be modeled to better suit the child) is removed, I think more public schools would have no competition and can curve into an entire new system of education. Because face it...if parents can afford to pay annually (sometimes averaging the price of a college degree) for primary school and onward---with all the benefit of gifted and abroad opportunities...just to name a few perks of private school..public schools would not be that generic and mediocre counterpart funded by the gov't and tax payers dollars. Just a thought.

  • Daniel Mulherin
    Daniel Mulherin Год назад

    Your entire philosophy is centered around money. Money doesn't make the world go round. I do agree that people who get non-practical degrees should have some practical skillset, but if I want a history degree, and I'm also good at welding or piloting or something, I should do THAT. Not investing, or something with economics. Greed only gets you so far in life.

    • Evan Urena
      Evan Urena 12 дней назад

      In a way, it actually can make the world go round. There is a big difference between having a materialistic mindset of money versus recognizing that money is the main benefactor for essential survival such as sustenance. The more money you have, the more stable your necessities are as long as it's used wisely and doesn't go to waste, such as your point with greed. Money is only a tangible object and greed is a personal problem of humanity that has nothing to with money itself, but rather the actions of how humans use money. Monetary needs are also the central source in self-actualizing a successfully stable life. Why do you think schools promote this cliche mantra of college degrees, good grades, test scores, and high-paying jobs? Because it's all ultimately based on economic reasons of success rather then mainly just learning. So in that respect, I guess you can say that money does make the world go round.

  • LordPowerful7
    LordPowerful7 Год назад

    Thanks for the well of wisdom. I concur that the educational model used is dated. A radical approach is needed to turn that around. As you are well aware, "It's a system" and if not broke, they will not fix it. One of the comments speak to a point of Divide and Conquer, America has a hard history, and it is by design that some are afforded opportunities, "WITHOUT" an education and others with an education struggle.

  • Isaac
    Isaac Год назад

    "character building" class

  • Riley Martini
    Riley Martini Год назад

    Tai you should honestly run for president, or try and become a partner with Bernie Sanders because your views are really similar to Bernie Sanders.

  • Friday Night Live
    Friday Night Live Год назад

    how about giving students free year. Give students a chance to study for free and give them the decision if they like the university then they stay and pay in their second year.

  • maulerism
    maulerism Год назад

    Use Napoleon Hill's principles, and teach the proper abundance perspective, there is no lack. Just politician scam artists and you are right, wrong curriculum in outdated Universities.

  • mb mb
    mb mb Год назад

    It's a very good advise .

  • Tam Gleerup Torstved
    Tam Gleerup Torstved Год назад

    3 things that would revolutionize the education system; 1 teaching not about but by tests such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for individual curriculum for individuals, 2 flexibel integrasion of accrual field studies among and in the real world job markeds so students get a taste of their chosen field, 3 freedom, freedom for the students to try and test their skills as well as grow their interests for any given subject.

  • The Intelligent Atheist
    The Intelligent Atheist Год назад +1

    You make awesome points but what if this is a way to keep people dumb? I mean if education is free up until you're a late teen and extremely expensive and even pocket-scathing then if education isn't even free it's just a way to withhold people from their potentials, crime also profits institutions, and in the 21st century now psychiatric institutions and the biggest drug corporations in the world... I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut... But it makes you think what if this is a plan for the rich to get richer it takes no genius to question the education system seriously the education system cannot even keep up with the real world.

  • Nate Brown
    Nate Brown Год назад

    Tai, I took classes at a college while also in an arts highschool. I was learning more from my music engagements, navigating the city of Cleveland, and listening to my friend talk about the law of attraction and forbes magazine. I did a research project at the college and my thesis: An increased attention on standardized testing in public education deprives high-school students of a rich educational experience. you said a lot of great things regarding education. public schools, in the US at least, were built off the backbone of the industrial revolution, to create a workforce. standardized testing, not only tells jack shit about a students ability, it marginalizes people of low SES and underfunded school districts. They actually take funding away from schools with low test scores, when that means they actually would need more attention. and because a system of quotas and incentives, it coerces teachers to follow the curriculum that produces nothing but test taking skills. life is not a bunch of multiple choice. sometimes you won't even know your choices unless you're luckily able to navigate the obstacles of life and have good intuition. school was never difficult for me. I would never do homework, had bad grades sometimes, but got A's on all my tests. I'm a sponge, but school was dry. I wasn't valedictorian, but I'm so Beyond what the education system could create. I see how people never really found themselves in school, but the college for all mentality was pushed more than personal reflection. it's sad. it's the devil, according to Napoleon hill.

  • Hung Tran
    Hung Tran Год назад

    I agreed with Tai, gone thru a few careers
    School you can learn if you decide to learn anything, resources everywhere
    In fact i learn faster and more practical
    I believe teach them how to discover their inner and guidance will show them the way

  • Ninna R
    Ninna R Год назад

    This is crazy lol...What you mention in 6:31.was what a long time ago I presented as project proposal in one of my classes in university, talking about this and proposing a School of multiples intelligence and the importance of that test of personality, to understand better the skill of each individual.
    Two thumbs up Tai. haha:) Good analysis!

  • ross felker
    ross felker Год назад

    we need a way to better understand evert Hong going on around us like how everyone corolla test with each other.i mean most people graduate and never mind being educated right they don't even know what they would love to do that fits their personal performance

  • eDDymOnStRo
    eDDymOnStRo Год назад

    Why didn't you share your personality type?
    RUclip Channel = thought manipulation = sales

  • Millerturq
    Millerturq Год назад

    Tai, you look really alive and energetic in this video compared to other videos. You seem more expressive and happy. Is it maybe where you are? It seems like you are in a remote place where there aren't many people. Just something to think about and maybe you could change some things if it would help you out. Thanks for all the effort and work you've put into your videos, Tai. It's making a big difference in many people's lives.

  • LongGameValue
    LongGameValue Год назад

    with so much information you are taking in tai, how do you find time to integrate them all into your conscious understanding and still have a clear mind set on what it all means and leads too? do you agree with the means? do you agree with the end? is there anything you aren't able to integrate? what are your horizons?

  • Chai
    Chai Год назад

    There's something called scholarships.

  • Abraham Moreno
    Abraham Moreno Год назад

    I think Tai should get involved in politics to make the changes for all of us. There are many creative solutions to make the education system but no one is doing anything about it. Why is that? The system is wayy outdated and is not working well.

  • O'Neil Halstead
    O'Neil Halstead Год назад

    TAI for President lets be honest

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez Год назад

    do I need to go to college to achieve financial freedom? or is it enough to just have a GED and just keep reading and applying knowledge in life?

  • K salim
    K salim Год назад

    #TaiLopez For president

  • D. Addison
    D. Addison Год назад

    Yes I believe it should be changed. Most of everything that's learned in college has a half life or is not applicable to what it is one would like to do in life. I don't know if it's for the sake of being eclectic(which I am for), but A lot of what's being passed around as general education is absolutely obsolete. I agree with you Tai. I believe education should be free. I believe it should correlate with us helping to realize our true potential and finding our purpose in being able to create impact from finding our purpose in life. Also I Believe that there shouldn't be a grading system. Education should be about helping a person to get the lesson understand a principle in a fair timeframe and then move them onto the next tier of learning or the next level of learning.

  • Lars Paulsen
    Lars Paulsen Год назад

    You don't just travel to learn geography. Are you then suppose to travel to all mayor cities in the world.
    You don't just travel to Spain to learn Spanish. You need a course for that. It's something called "Learning how to conjugate verbs, Sentence Structure and so on; Unfortunately, you don't learn that easily by living where they speak the language. It helps, but you need school as well.
    I do agree the education system needs a revamp, but I think there's more qualified people then you to talk about that.

  • Sketchu
    Sketchu Год назад

    He's got those D Trump hands

  • RhythmRunsThrough
    RhythmRunsThrough Год назад

    @TaiLopez There ARE classes about reading people, etc., available now. As an engineer or any other major I can take them. The whole *refund* idea doesn't make sense - it would just raise tuition for everyone to cover those people. And how would you judge a refund request as valid? Just because someone isn't able to use their degree doesn't mean the degree is worthless, it can also be the person having the wrong expectation or lacking the ability to use those skills competitively. I.e. if there were many others that were very successful from taking that same path. You don't have to buy into University, and if you don't take the time to research what's available in terms of degrees and choose one expecting a different lifepath than what it prepares you for, that's not the degree's fault. Talk to people who GOT that degree and get their input, it's incredibly useful.

  • robot mecha hitler
    robot mecha hitler Год назад +1

    This guy should of ran for president.

  • Brandon Bohan
    Brandon Bohan Год назад

    finaminal video. thank you Tai. I've been wondering about this for so long, excellent video

  • E Kingsley
    E Kingsley Год назад

    can you please stop advertising on youtube. Everything I watch has your face on it, just tooooooooooooo much!!! Get the hell out of my life!!! I thought it is a free world but I have to listen to you everyday !!! WTF

  • Gage Breckenridge
    Gage Breckenridge Год назад

    Think for yourselves people this guy came out saying drop out of school. this guy invades your privacy and basically assumes everyone is stupid!

  • IJ20 MAN
    IJ20 MAN Год назад

    Run for president? Maybe...

  • arnold1492
    arnold1492 Год назад +1

    Never stop learning!
    I got the 67 Minutes app to review the 67 Steps every day and internalize the knowledge

  • Jordy LastName
    Jordy LastName Год назад

    Tai, or someone else, pls tell me the name of that online education service he has, I would very much like to know

  • Niles Stevenson
    Niles Stevenson Год назад

    Tai I have to agree with on this.

  • Talha Rehman
    Talha Rehman Год назад

    Never heard anything but gold come out of your mouth. People like you should be world leaders

  • Melbester9
    Melbester9 Год назад

    Tai I really love your ideas. I believe that the personality test is a good idea and I took the Myers Briggs myself. Its a great way to see yourself.
    With what you said on the IQ test for people, I feel that if someone young takes IQ tests, it can affect their mindset in a negative way if their IQ results turn out to be something negative.
    What I will say is that schools in the US should offer financial education, which Robert Kiyosaki has expressed this idea. Knowing to save, invest, passive income etc.
    People should get a refund if they withdraw from a class. They withdraw and their financial aid can be affected. It shouldn't be that way. This was a great video Tai.

  • Samir Nazim
    Samir Nazim Год назад +1

    Issue refunds? Is this guy serious? Whether you get a job after you graduate isn't the schools fault. It's the market. The school is giving you "some" of the tools required to enter the work force. It never guaranteed anything.
    Stop thinking the world owes you a job. Or that your degree qualifies you a position. You want to get real? If you aren't finding employment it means the competition is better than you.

    • Evan Urena
      Evan Urena 11 дней назад

      Yes, he certainly is serious and you definitely missed the point of the video. The tools of school you speak of are mostly concerned with academic competency centered on older industrial revolution principles rather then the practical competency of efficient tools that translate to the work force. It's not about the world owing you a job or qualifying you for a position, but rather, realizing that preparing someone for the real world is an efficient tool that is needed in order to gain the skills needed to apply for a job or be in the competition in the first place. Just because someone cannot find employment, it doesn't always mean that the competition is better then that person. You seem to be very much out of touch with the issues of the system.

  • Rajiv Simon
    Rajiv Simon Год назад

    Agree with you, Mr. Tai. If we have more personality tests initiated in the school curriculum, people will learn learn the job that matches their personality types. THe person-job fit that organisations are vying for, has its solution in implementing the personality test right from the primary and secondary education. Being emotionally intelligent, and learning social skills, along with the subjects that you learn is indeed much needed in today's educational system.

  • TwinFlame Mathias
    TwinFlame Mathias Год назад

    well said

  • angelo davis
    angelo davis Год назад

    I'm graduating high school in a few months....I'm trying my best...

  • Benjamin Byrne
    Benjamin Byrne Год назад

    That speech was fire

  • LongGameValue
    LongGameValue Год назад


  • Locus Shadow
    Locus Shadow Год назад

    Can someone tell me what the point of gym class is. The schools make you take it every year, and they only grade you on your physical ability. I know people who failed gym because they were overweight, and they couldn't complete some of the things they make you do.

  • Mathieu Belanger-Camden
    Mathieu Belanger-Camden Год назад

    I subscribed online, in parallel, to my online computer science university courses because the programming courses were way to basic and I was not able to program a useful program. So I agree a 100% university don't create useful employees for our global society.

  • Silvama585
    Silvama585 Год назад

    I respect you

  • Antonio Drake
    Antonio Drake Год назад

    Tai, you just gave me everything I've been looking for man. I've had so many ideas to fulfill my passion of changing the paradigm of education. Sir Ken Robinson got me started but no real solutions or startups were being presented. I'd like to know more about your private online schooling company, how it operates and what's being taught in order to learn more on how to go about the vision for a better, more efficient education system. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • kosh intar
    kosh intar Год назад

    #word Tai give this guy a noble prize

  • Tristan Renaud
    Tristan Renaud Год назад

    School system needs to definitely be changed! I've been in university for almost two years now and haven't learned anything at all in school just been forced to memorize and regurgitate useless information. I taught myself and learned 10x more in the summer by just putting my efforts into endeavours that actually interest me and are practical and working on it every single day

  • Paul Buchanan
    Paul Buchanan Год назад

    Public schools do give plenty of personality tests and learning tests. They're the first thing we do in the beginning of the school year. And then the teachers take the results, hand them back to us, and keep teaching the way they always have. Really useless for the most part. And if you do go to a magnet school that gives you some sort of Career and Technical Education, the core classes are made to be far more difficult than normal classes. It's as if the school system is setting us up to fail.

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward Год назад

    One huge thing I feel is wrong with my education is how I had to wait so long to be able to specialise in my subjects. It was just this year I was able to finally drop the subjects I knew I didn't want to learn and I got to take subjects I was interested in and what would benefit me more. Specialisation needs to happen earlier in my opinion as I knew lots of the choices I was going to make and I have improved at an increased rate since semi-specialisation.

  • AboutSwans
    AboutSwans Год назад

    Love it!

  • tian wang
    tian wang Год назад +1

    after watching ur videos all night you know i cant say it changed my life completely in a day but, it definitely make me look forward for tomorrow,i am 22 years old right now independent make decent money for my age, have my own apartment , new car, no family i can depend on. but everyday i was living with out a purpose but slave for my needs and i know what i was doing wrong, but i just needed a new goal and motivation, with that being said tai thank you so much , you will change my life forever and i will do the same for others. optimistic life Starts tomorrow and forever.

  • AirsoftAK
    AirsoftAK Год назад

    Hey idiot the trad deficit isn't 800mil it's 20 trillion 1.2 trillion is nothing compared to that

  • Kyle Hoffmann
    Kyle Hoffmann Год назад

    You know, Tai, when you stand in your garage and make a video in front of your cars, I'm not super impressed. I don't feel such things have as much value as you (and many other people) believe they have. But...I tell you what, I came into my teaching job hoping that I would be able to incorporate individualized learning into the education system and haven't been able to really bring that to fruition. I am much more impressed that you want to take what you've learned and create a positive change in the world with individualized education than I am about the amenities you've boasted about being able to afford. I am glad that I'm not alone in my sentiments regarding America's educational situation and ways to improve it and this people's lives. Thank you for making this video. I'd be interested to have discussions with you on how these thoughts regarding individualized education might really benefit the world we live in. Would you be up for the chat?

  • FlashHD
    FlashHD Год назад

    You only retain what you learn 5 years ago, if you were really interested.
    Interest based learning is the best way for practical knowledge.
    Quick cgi videos explaining ie. how tech works, business setups etc.
    Replaying videos saves teachers time and students time.

  • Ibrahim
    Ibrahim Год назад

    any advice for a person who always try .. but he just get boored fast and surrender to other small usless things that he addicted to .. btw i love ur talk about that hight iq person always find it hard to success thats apply to me 100% iam always like i will success its in my mind like a fact .. but i know now that i have to work for it so thnxx

  • CallMeRa
    CallMeRa Год назад

    you look like mark whalberg

  • Aidan Humphries
    Aidan Humphries Год назад

    Great video Tai, Thank for getting straight to the point in this one. Came to the channel to credit your for the view.

  • Jon Frazier
    Jon Frazier Год назад

    Trying to achieve a "well-rounded" education in the current system makes you average, without a doubt. Spending all that time learning information that you will forget, hinders you from your dedication to become a Master of your craft. Your LIFE PURPOSE is not a major in school. It's your calling. It's who you are. It's what makes you hustle like a mad man, just so that you can make those little improvements every single day. Along that path to Mastery, you'll give your true gift to as many people as you can.
    I'm sorry; however, the modern education system just seems like a distraction and a major delay to your true purpose in life.

  • Marion Greene
    Marion Greene Год назад

    Excellent video!

  • Junaid S.
    Junaid S. Год назад

    Totally agree!

  • Hendrix W
    Hendrix W Год назад

    I believe the reason they dont "separate" people due to personality or separate anyone at all is because people would start complaining about segregation. Think about it. Hey my kid cant play with his neighbor johnhy at school because they cant go to recess together or be in the same class. Parents everywhere would start complaining..

  • Evan Yearwood
    Evan Yearwood Год назад

    Tai! Could you like me some books, audios or pdfs about Psychological profiling!

  • Farming In Iowa
    Farming In Iowa Год назад

    great vid tai... one question tho tai. why don't you keep your beard trimmed up better at least around the edges? I think it would make anything you say more powerful. just looks a bit scroungy. and even if Hollywood says that's the "in" look. I wouldn't really think it's a business or professional look. trim the neck and edges;) that's all, take care.

  • hie plat
    hie plat Год назад

    I am currently trapped in high school, I find that my book and mentor lesson a day challenge teaches me more. I also have a feeling that it is the blind leading the blind when it comes to the edu system. it will be very hard to change it.

  • finalfantasy8911
    finalfantasy8911 Год назад


  • Logan Bundy
    Logan Bundy Год назад

    Being a very recent high school graduate, I would have to agree with Tai. Only thing I'd add would be for schools to teach more very basic individualized practical life skills that we should probably all know to live our life's a little more effectively. Things like how to fix things, or maybe even some practical financial lessons that we could all apply.

  • flykidj95
    flykidj95 Год назад

    Awesome video Tai

  • southy 333
    southy 333 Год назад

    my university (UCF) ripped me off and the professors harassed me and extorted me

    • Evan Urena
      Evan Urena 12 дней назад

      I also go to UCF as well, what major or department do you go to by any chance? Are you near the Student Union?

  • Areks Mārtiņš Dzintars
    Areks Mārtiņš Dzintars Год назад

    Well just came out of School and that process is not necessary at all, most teachings are not usefull at all and how the enviroment styfuls you are also a fact that needs to be noticed, personalized education i belive too will be the future option.

  • Mr Tsubakkicun
    Mr Tsubakkicun Год назад +1

    i'de vote for h

  • Cullen Votruba
    Cullen Votruba Год назад

    Being a student at the University of Minnesota, I totally relate to everything you said. It's frustrating because the majority of people think college is the one formula to success, but it fails so many of us. We need change in the education system.

  • captain pinky
    captain pinky Год назад

    Tai you should become minister of Education in America.

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi Год назад

    i ain't looking back at my education I'm still in it... sad times

    • Kiwi
      Kiwi Год назад

      I totally agree though, wouldn't it be incredible if school kids wouldn't spend their life bitching about each-other, doing drugs, relationships and actually were taught to think about their future? Might make some changes to the skillsets of the people.

  • Hayden Bowles
    Hayden Bowles Год назад

    100% agreed. Tai Lopez for president 2020

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    Foxx Games Год назад

    Awesome video, Tai :)

  • Keith D'Mello
    Keith D'Mello Год назад +1

    Great value from your videos Tai. I especially like your recent one about 3 things to change the education system. It made me think a lot about what I would do if I ran a school. Here are some of my ideas.
    1) It can't be for free. People don't value what they didn't invest it.
    2) After 3 months of graduation if the student didn't find a job. I would setup a monthly refund policy of say $500 until my school got them the job. Not all the refund would be at once tho.
    3) One of the stipulations for the student graduating would be to graduate with no college debt. They would be earning as they went along using the skills they learnt in the semester. This job could also count as a credit.
    4) If I owned 2 campuses, one in North America and one in Europe. every other semester we would change campuses in other countries to force them to be a global citizen. Also, to make them not think that their country is not only the greatest.

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