Why Your Aikido Will Fail on the Street -The Truth

  • Published on Nov 15, 2017
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  • Aikidoflow
    Aikidoflow  22 days ago +13

    We are planning an expansion of our RUclip channel so we are looking for people that are interested in helping out on the channel.
    You don’t need to be an expert you just need to want to get involved.
    We are also looking for people that have some experience in aikido/ judo or any martial art that has falls, as you will need to be able to roll !
    If you are interested send us a direct message (DM) either on the RUclip channel or facebook/twitter.
    You need to either live or be able to get to London (UK) as that’s where we run our RUclip channel from.

    • Tryinitout
      Tryinitout 2 days ago

      Dude;. I enjoyed this practical approach to using Aikido in street situations. Would love to help. I have a basic understanding of Hong Fut and Chi Na kung fu styles having trained with Ex Belgiun Foriegn Legion mercinery who nearly killed me! They train full force on concrete floor. I left because brain damage became innevitable. Before that a few years of Judo (so yep.. rolling and falling). Did some Thai Chi with Dan Docherty years back. He was a full contact fighter who represented Hong Kong and won the open weight class. (Not old people Tai Chi style, but techniques used by Hong Kong Police). Trouble is, I live in Spain. These days I am more into treating diseased and sick people with various techniques also learned in Asia., but if I come over, I'll message you.

    • J. H.
      J. H. 6 days ago

      You're a master of bullshito.

    • ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan!
      ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan! 7 days ago

      You've either got it or u haven't simple

    • ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan!
      ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan! 7 days ago

      😂 if there's any falls it's the person themselves not the martial art any true fighter will tell u this.

  • I, Ty Mapp
    I, Ty Mapp 4 hours ago

    Love your straight forward simple techniques

  • Satta School of Self Defense

    I totally agree with you that on the street, we need to keep it direct, strong, and simple. I really like your palm strike idea--very effective. I think I would have used the rear naked choke in your third example. I stopped training isshinryu karate shortly after earning my second-degree black belt because I realized kata and weapons training would not be directly applicable to actual self-defense. So, I took the best from karate. boxing, jujitsu and strength training and developed my own system. It is simple, quick, and effective. Thanks for sharing.

  • Maha Lingam
    Maha Lingam Day ago

    Aikido will never fail nowhere!

  • Renegade Roach
    Renegade Roach Day ago

    Good vid man. Over 10 years working in London clubs here, and keeping it simple is gold. Any style of training is open to over-complexity, fun in the gym but not so practical for real. The real conclusion I have come to is that a solid understanding of movement and body mechanics matters far more than training in style X,Y, or Z. (not saying we don't need training, but that the style ultimate doesn't matter much).

  • XChase
    XChase 2 days ago

    Aikido is bullshit its very dangerous and you can get hurt on street.. PEOPLE please DO NOT practice aikido it wont help you

  • John Palmer
    John Palmer 2 days ago +1

    Thank you, your grace of instruction in defense motto, keep it simple and get out of there safely.

  • MJ G
    MJ G 2 days ago

    not with hapkido, family member black belt can open a can of whoop ass

  • Gerard White
    Gerard White 3 days ago

    Afraid not aikido is no good for fighting traps blocks don't work in a street fight while you are trying to trip or block another punch kick headbutt eye gouge biting etc has already happened

  • Max The PI Guy
    Max The PI Guy 3 days ago +1

    The 1st move you did after Aikido move is called bursting and is a Krav Maga move. In my opinion it is the best move, because you are not giving him time to react. Simple as you said

  • Happiness is not liveable

    I think these moves are excellent and would be effective the only catch is you need to practice them a lot until they are second nature and your reflexes and timing is perfect otherwise they won't work.

  • Matthew Stewart
    Matthew Stewart 4 days ago

    A guy grabs you from behind and puts a knife to your throat ,,,,,,,, what do ya do ?

  • Daniel Issabey
    Daniel Issabey 4 days ago

    Song? Cool video mate!!

  • George Socamir
    George Socamir 6 days ago

    Imma keep it simple and fast: stab the aggresor in the eyes with a pen fast and furiously.

  • Barkas247
    Barkas247 6 days ago +1

    To all those People who "agree": You celarly don't understand what Aikido actually is.
    Aikido is not about taking someone by the hand and ever so slowly and gently accompany them to the ground where you sit around and wait for the police to arrive.
    Aikido is about avoiding Combat or at least avoid getting hit.And if worse comes to worse, you parry the incoming attack and throw your opponent around the world all day long without really doing anything.Sure, you learn to bring your opponent down to the ground and hold them down, but that is only for beginners. Later on you don't actually touch the ground, you parry the attack and throw them into the wall or to the ground (throw them, not accompany them; Aikido is no less brutal than other MAs). And if they get up and attack again, you just throw them again and again and again until they give it up, until help arrives or until they actually can't go on (Exhaustion, KO or serious injury). Or you hold them in a uncomfortable grab and threaten to break their bones if they make a wrong move.Aikido is no less effective than Jiu Jitsu, Judo or any other Martial Arts. You just don't use offensive maneuvers like you do in Karate and Boxing, for instance. But that doesn't make it "bad".Granted, Aikido is not for everyone, but that goes for all Martial Arts. Just because you don't like it or don't understand it, doesn't mean it's bad.Sure you can incorporate various punches or kicks, but that is not what Aikido is.If you don't like throws and grabs, then don't learn Aikido, go learn Boxing or Karate or something else which suits your preferences. But please don't talk Akido down.

    • Barkas247
      Barkas247 5 days ago +1

      @J S Thank you for your reply. I didn't mean to discredit the video at all and perhaps I did misinterpret this videos intentions. I apologize for that.
      I only meant to convey to people who think that Aikido is bad and will do you no good in an actual conflict, that this is not true.
      You say yourself that (simple) throws and locks are effective. Aikido has various throws and locks which are actually not complicated, because most of the time you simply parry, grab and throw.
      All that stuff you might learn in the dojo where you gently grab and turn and push until you and your opponent (trainings partner) are on the ground is misleading and I believe is only to get you ready for the "real stuff". When you watch actually good Aikido masters, they don't do any of that. They parry, grab and throw. Simple as that. You fall to the ground before you can even attempt another attack. Or they hold in a really uncomfortable hold as soon as you enter their "defense bubble".
      At least this is what I personally witnessed years ago.
      I will say though, that not every MA is for everyone. I have practiced Aikido myself for a few years, but eventually turned away, because it didn't suit my preferences.
      I would actually encourage people to combine different MAs, so that they can create their own personal style which suits them best. If you miss simple and effective offensive maneuvers in Aikido, please learn Karate or Boxing and incorporate some of their attacks. It will only improve your capabilities.

    • J S
      J S 5 days ago +1

      I think the point of the video is not to define what aikido is, but to address the practicality of the martial art in a street fighting situation where there might be multiple opponents, based on his experience as a bouncer.
      as a security guard for a little less than 10 years, i too have faced situations were there have been several people willing to come to blows with me, and the most important and practical advice the man in the video is trying to impart is something i myself have learned, that simple attacks (throws and locks too) and blocks are often the most effective. hes trying to explain that in a fight, getting carried away with techniques that arent second nature, ones that havent become muscle memory, can impair your ability to defend yourself. techniques that are complicated can often require you to think consciously about how to pull them off in a fight and this pulls your focus away from your opponents in a dangerous situation (splits it to a degree that is disadvantageous). simple strikes and defensive techniques are easy to perform, can be practiced just as easily, and become second nature to you in a fight where your focus must be on defending yourself. they have the added benefit of being quick whereas more complicated techniques can tie you down into multiple movements which is detrimental to facing more than one person.

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia 6 days ago +6

    I practice Aikido every day...like when I tell my son Ai Kiddo go make your bed

  • Ziraeal
    Ziraeal 7 days ago

    It's all true. But what you don't understand it is, Aikido it's not suppose to be use to hurt anyone. The whole thing about Aikido is simple as that, how to stop an agression without hurt the other guy. It's useful when you friend it's freaking out and try to punch you, or in cases of domestic violence and you have to stop the situation without hurt the other person.
    That's why it's so useful for the police, they have to under arrest people without hurt them.

  • Greg Jack
    Greg Jack 8 days ago

    I can dig it brother ! 😎👍🇱🇷🇬🇧

  • switch gray
    switch gray 8 days ago

    ive been a doorman for 12 years. I go arm bar and thumb in the eyes, always works for me but im a street fighter!!! no martial arts!

  • Magnus Skallagrimsson
    Magnus Skallagrimsson 9 days ago +1

    At 4:31 I half expected the practice partner to go for a sneak attack.

  • Tony White
    Tony White 9 days ago +1

    He is right, I was taught boxing and I was taught to be already attacking as the other is attacking.

  • Watch Tron
    Watch Tron 10 days ago +4

    “Guns beat karate, every time”
    -Stan Smith

  • Warren Lee
    Warren Lee 10 days ago

    Is simpo innit?

  • Cynthia luster
    Cynthia luster 10 days ago

    Simple,not complicated, direct striking but 100% accurate and dangerous move ang very distructive .

  • ZeeGee The legendary super Saiyan!

    Segal seams to do or8 when he's patrolling the streets

  • durf
    durf 11 days ago

    Even this doesn't work because what about my left hand blocking his blocking attack. So fast. Just doesn't work!!!

  • Garry Mcgrath
    Garry Mcgrath 12 days ago

    What do you do if he/she pulls a 9 mil and dumps 9 rounds in your forehead ?

  • JevzJevz batista
    JevzJevz batista 12 days ago

    Bitch man!🖕🏿

  • joe Williams
    joe Williams 15 days ago

    This one is great. He is on top of real life,and he is showing reality that is or could happen to you. Lot of women think is will NEVER happen to me. Yeah sure . I showed a few women how to protect yourself just like he is doing.

  • wolf paw
    wolf paw 15 days ago

    It's 80% foot work 20% upper body!! I've never had a problem! Even against other martial arts!

  • Edwin van den Berg
    Edwin van den Berg 16 days ago

    This is a Krav Maga move

  • Marcin Kubica
    Marcin Kubica 16 days ago

    Why would you insist a system not designed for street fighting might ever work on the street?

  • TheSneak Kapture Kraft
    TheSneak Kapture Kraft 17 days ago +5

    100% right. Best MA are as conservative with movement and energy as possible. As complexity goes down, chance of success goes up.

  • Bernie Tex
    Bernie Tex 17 days ago

    You have a clear idea of what a street fight is.

  • drago Stoja
    drago Stoja 17 days ago

    thank you!

  • Mike
    Mike 18 days ago

    Simple, straightforward and effective I totally agree considering the fact that in the street everything is quick plus it's hard to maintain adrenaline. Obviously if you've done Aikido all your life, you'll go for more complex techniques but for people who just want to defend themselves it's enough. By the way, Sir, if you ever decide to change your youtube channel name, I suggest SSE that is simple, straightforward and effective:)

  • T j
    T j 18 days ago +1

    Very honest truthful advice. I was taught Wing Chun learnt the Nunchaku weapon still at old age can use them but your advice is true SIMPLE TECHNIQUE :)

    • T j
      T j 17 days ago

      @Abdur-Rhaman Al-Aziz Good for attack and blocking two in one like any weapon as good as the holder ... What I should have trained more on was the wooden dummy very effective learning tool good for improving on reflexes ie speed, I used to train in my friends Garage as well as martial art school but a few of my friends taught me and we would spar in the Garage as well as make our own Nunchaku weapon the lighter the better for speed and less impact hurt to body

    • Abdur-Rhaman Al-Aziz
      Abdur-Rhaman Al-Aziz 18 days ago

      T j how effective are nunchaku

  • Darry
    Darry 18 days ago

    i like your moves Bro,easy and not too much thinking..The problem with most Complicated moves is when the average person who dont get in much Trouble will just get too stressed and them complelely forget the over complicated move they have learned..as you know it can be over in seconds, so a simple move like this will not be forgotten,,cheers

  • yes
    yes 18 days ago

    Just hide

  • V w
    V w 19 days ago

    *and... Take em down* 👍😎👍

  • Mohawk DiezelPower
    Mohawk DiezelPower 19 days ago +1

    another "aikidoka" who does not know what is real aikido is really about...Love and peace...

  • Marc
    Marc 19 days ago +3

    This is real Aikido.

  • vliegendehollander
    vliegendehollander 20 days ago +3

    Good move, krav maga does something similar called bursting.

  • Alex Sunderland
    Alex Sunderland 20 days ago


  • Yang Dong
    Yang Dong 21 day ago

    too much talking .

  • Connor Brennan
    Connor Brennan 21 day ago +17

    I do Akido and Freestyle wrestling and I apply the principles of Akido to my wrestling it is very effective for take downs

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev 22 days ago +1

    well the reason a martial art will fail on the street is because of the person practicing it.
    This dude does not seem to know the techniques so good so it will fail HIM for sure.
    me as well, but my Ju Jitzu teacher defenetly not. Funny how a 40 years old guy says that ju jitzu and aikido, which are based on more than 2 thousand years combat expirience just do not work...

    • Hugh Ropp
      Hugh Ropp 16 days ago

      I'm a fighter. Started training at 6. Got the street shit until my father went apeshit about all the fighting. So, he put me in competitions, thinking it would keep me out of trouble. It worked about 90%. I've Been competing for 17 years. At all levels.
      Aikido , in its essence, unless deviated from, or refor.ed greatly, does NOT work. You put an aikidoka against a boxer and you'll have a guaranteed knockout in about 2 to 3 engagements. Theyr are simply not trained to deal with real world punches and kicks and advanced footwork... or ANY grappling (ne waza) in particular.
      So yea. It doesnt work. You MUST modify it.

  • Xezatt
    Xezatt 22 days ago

    Aikido will win only if you break the opponent's arm or any limb while in to process of suppressing the opponent. But true Aikido doesn't exert offense force. But hey since its a street fight, you don't have to truly uphold the discipline of Aikido if you want to survive.

  • dan 1989
    dan 1989 22 days ago

    What happens if I'm standing a couple of metres away and chuck a house brick full pelt at the bouncers face?
    Only an idiot risks getting handy with a doorman, any self respecting one like the gentleman in the video will know at least a few moves...

  • Brian peace
    Brian peace 23 days ago +1

    Could you do a video on the similarity between aikido and baguazhang

  • - Alexmegamind -
    - Alexmegamind - 23 days ago +3

    Damn your Idris Elba impression is on point

  • swil156507
    swil156507 24 days ago

    A lot of good points!!!

  • Lot Vanity Official
    Lot Vanity Official 24 days ago +10

    This mans voice is awesome

  • klass freudman
    klass freudman 24 days ago

    Maaaan,do the Videos allways with a bigger Oponnent!

  • The Knight
    The Knight 25 days ago +1

    Useless Martial art

  • Darryl Williams
    Darryl Williams 25 days ago +2

    I read through most of the comments here. Many miss the point. Street fights are very chaotic to say the least. For the time the gentleman invested making this video, He's simply giving some basic ideas perhaps for someone not so knowledgeable about the subject, and giving them a place to start in their training. I thought it was very applicable, and very well explained.

  • Spright
    Spright 25 days ago +1

    Aikido is a motion you practice..and all through out the motion it's up to you if u wanna strike earlier without completing the motion.. duhhhh obviously u have limited knowledge of aikido

  • *Literally Meme Guy*
    *Literally Meme Guy* 26 days ago


  • Tony Brown
    Tony Brown 27 days ago

    Why not just take your clothes off they would soon run off

  • Down2 Blaise
    Down2 Blaise 27 days ago

    Doesn’t work

  • Kemarat Affeltranger
    Kemarat Affeltranger 27 days ago

    Block hit throw bonebreak

  • its the great marshmallow

    Just learn Krav Maga

  • mk45gunnr
    mk45gunnr 27 days ago +3

    I've incorporated aikido into my being a cop working the bar district of my city. It has served me quite well. Mostly its redirection and getting out of the way along with the wrist lock works wonders. Looks much better than striking suspects when you're redirecting the suspect, also reads much better in a use of force report.

  • Ganzo W
    Ganzo W 27 days ago

    But what happens if someone is willing to hurt you, not to make your aikido look good ?

  • Mr Paul Grimm
    Mr Paul Grimm 29 days ago +1

    Pack a .38 bodyguard. I’m old. I’ll play for keeps

  • Jhammil Gumpal
    Jhammil Gumpal 29 days ago

    Aikido is a pure self defense martial art design to ensure you defeat your opponent without hurting him in the process if your looking for a fighting style without any regard for the safety of your opponent you can try learning aiki jujitsu.

  • dfsfdsfsdfsdfsadsdfs fdsdsfdfsdfdfsddfsdfs

    It will fail because I have a gun

  • College Rodent
    College Rodent Month ago

    You can't grab the arm of the person throwing a hook cause the circular motion of a hook is very powerful. Pacquiao blocks hooks by raising his elbow. Only an elbow can block a hook. After blocking the hook with an elbow, you may then be able to grab the person's arm. Raising an elbow to block a hook is called "high Fook Sau" is Wing Chun.

  • Elite Jack2006
    Elite Jack2006 Month ago +2

    Aikido does work because your trained for different situations
    There’s simple stuff that does work but if you have time then you can do something a bit more complex that is more effective
    It all depends on what’s actually going on really

  • Team Extreme
    Team Extreme Month ago

    Your like master Wong

  • jimmypetelol
    jimmypetelol Month ago +2

    Your Aikido just turned into my Krav Maga

  • Kate Pavelle
    Kate Pavelle Month ago +1

    True :-) 8 years of aikido and 30 years of karate have me revisit old O-Sensei tapes. Old Aikido was brutal. Atemi was a critical element. It's important to be realistic. If one doesn't manage to avoid a fight, the goal should be to finish it with the next technique. Period. (Especially for us older women.)

  • Gerd of Yeet
    Gerd of Yeet Month ago +1

    Aikido is bs

    • Kate Pavelle
      Kate Pavelle Month ago

      Aikido has changed a lot over the years. It's good exercise and a can be a good spiritual discipline if you can avoid the cult-like adherence some schools practice. I still use a lot of aiki moves in my karate. I think of it as a useful component.

  • super trooper
    super trooper Month ago

    Great Guy!! Helpfull

  • برنامج مع إبتسام

    So effective.thank you...🙏from Algeria

  • Galock
    Galock Month ago +1

    I like the trees

  • Sheryl Robinson
    Sheryl Robinson Month ago +7

    Yep I'm a 5'3" woman, this is really going to work for me! 🙏🙏🙏😂😂😂

    • wolf paw
      wolf paw 15 days ago +1

      Aikido was invented for WOMEN! Your size makes you get inside their circle!! A 6 foot guy would regret fighting YOU!

  • Tom fields
    Tom fields Month ago +3

    great when you are larger and the ttacker overextends

  • Simply Different
    Simply Different Month ago +4

    Aikido is not someone punch someone in their face. Aikido is defending without doing any harm. And btw, finally it will work on the street if you practice and practice.
    Edit: 1:29 that part i've practice a few weeks ago for the first time. I started Aikido in april. But this looks wonderful too, Aikido combination with a fighting technique.

    • Kate Pavelle
      Kate Pavelle Month ago

      Look up old videos of Ueshiba Sensei (O-sensei) and watch him hit people. Aikido has changed a lot over the years toward a soft practice. Parts of it work, but parts are unrealistic on the street. However, it's a fun martial art and great exercise, and can provide a lovely spiritual practice. I did it for 8 years, and I taught for 4 of those. No regrets - but I did end up moving on. P.S. THE FALLS!!! OMG, the most useful part of Aikido are the falls. I fell off a horse once and did a breakfall and it saved my neck.

  • TFMS_ Flipapino
    TFMS_ Flipapino Month ago

    Hapkido is good.

  • Piano Man42
    Piano Man42 Month ago +1

    I found that neck crank technique to be pretty complex in mechanics actually.

  • yoshimitsu72
    yoshimitsu72 Month ago +1

    The point is: you can’t do correct aikido techniques, you don’t know the correct points where grab your sparring partner.

  • Alphonse Van
    Alphonse Van Month ago

    This is so stupid

  • Charlie Keevill
    Charlie Keevill Month ago

    You say Imi nagi. I say rimi nage. Ha. It's Irimi Nage. You've obviously dabbled in Aikido...it's the best martial art and very graceful and a great art to learn just as a base before bjj or whatever else you go on to learn. You are right..it's very technical and complicated and easy to get confused....SO...I just wanted to say it's great that you're sharing your knowledge and "real world" experience to keep things simple n straight forward.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Month ago +5

    He tapped into something that is well known in Aiki....mindset with certain movements is critical to its effectiveness of the technique :)

  • Leeroy Jenkins
    Leeroy Jenkins Month ago

    This is retarded.

  • Robotz S
    Robotz S Month ago

    first rule of a boxer: keep the chin low

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte Month ago

    Beat taekwondo if u can haha

  • fxris xmxli
    fxris xmxli Month ago +28

    Like all martial arts it will just tell you how to fight & defence will style, technique & there are rules of engagement. All those things won't apply to a street fight. It's not about how much you learn but how you apply them.

  • meta- nine
    meta- nine Month ago

    I know run-kido. I train in the arts of track and field

  • deltaholding3
    deltaholding3 Month ago

    I'v seen this guy what the heck ! don't remember which club but somewhere in Central London, Dstrkt or Tiger Tiger

  • Claudette C.H.
    Claudette C.H. Month ago +2

    Nice and effective moves. Will I be wrong though, to say that you already knew his attack move so your hands were already positioned for the block and counter attack? What if this was an opponent you did not know or a group attack. What would be the best counter moves? Thank you for your kind reply. Will be watching your videos from here on in.

  • Adrian Pop
    Adrian Pop Month ago

    Funny guy

  • paul lunney
    paul lunney Month ago

    the parry at 3.15 is terrible. it wont work against some one that can punch not a chance. i fought in thailand for a few years when i was younger i have experience

  • CrustyChicken Nuggest

    Simple straight forward and effective.

  • Peter Garcia
    Peter Garcia Month ago

    Choose the idiots you learn from..

  • Peter Garcia
    Peter Garcia Month ago +1

    A sumo wrestler teaching us about Aikido.

  • Peter Garcia
    Peter Garcia Month ago

    Let me get a bouncer your size and prove to you it works..learning from a bouncer...

  • jovan bajonet
    jovan bajonet Month ago

    When one small guy attacked me with straight punch i did iriminage or whatever it is spelling...

    US NAVY SEALS Month ago

    What's the best way to grab Mike Tyson when he hooks and would Aikido utterly destroy Mile Tyson if he came at ya with his over rated inferior stupid boxing?