School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating!

Get inspired to see how Japanese students operate their lunch period! You can see why "lunch period" is placed as a learning period in Japanese schools. Directed, edited and filmed by Atsuko Satake Quirk, Cafeteria Culture's media director. Visit www.cafeteriaculture.org to see how we bring in this Japanese style student-led operation into US school cafeterias on sorting their waste!

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Автор Mihir Mudali ( назад)
so diciplined

Автор Deondrea Aragon ( назад)
the school lunches are better there then here 😟😠😡😠😡and they cook 😲😱😱😱

Автор Natalie Frerard ( назад)
Tell me that the girl in the beginning of the video does not look like jennie from blackpink. Cause i think i'm either blind or they look too similar.

Автор No ( назад)
I want that school

Автор Yukari Yuka ( назад)
well in my country if you have to clean the toilet that mean punishment lol but i think japan is way more better cause they clean the school area and keep them clean but in my school well its not that clean ..... and i leatn a few thing about japanese tho XD

Автор smultronstallet1 ( назад)
Is the one in red GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA? :D

Автор Sophia DeliMeat tvTM- ( назад)
This is soooo much better than school lunch in America.

Автор Annoleam ( назад)
That is amazing! If only American schools were as good as this

Автор Epiphanie Always ( назад)
A REAL school that teaches discipline, respect and gratitude.

Автор Kaixin Cheng ( назад)
Just this morning I heard 153 children of a nursery school in my country were food poisoned. Situation is bad and their life will be ruined. I wish schools and government can pay more attention and have a positive attitude. And stop trying to hide the facts.

Автор Celma Thy gamer ( назад)
I'm Japanese and the Japanese school system is better than the American school system! I've also noticed that this school dose lunch differently ( At my school only people who serve the food have to wear the white clothes. Also the milk and(or) bread is given on the tray. Also we don't open the milk cartons.( And in the video they didn't show teeth brushing time)

Автор Apex Predator ( назад)
Meanwhile in the USA... school children are fed 3-month old, government issued, food-flavored rations and cheap chocolate milk

Автор Jason Smith ( назад)
the diligence shown in a Japanese elementary school shows how civil, a civilized society ought to act; but with arrogance, you will hear the criticism grow...and, the unhappiness spread. no wonder few leave Japan, to come over seas...and, they don't allow 'refugees'...no Islamism here.

Автор Imyun Azril ( назад)
if it was in my country, parents will be angry if their kids gotta do the cleaning duty for the school. hahhahaha

Автор AzertyQwerty ( назад)
They say: "kids in new york Will see this" I live in Belgium😂

Автор Tokyogirl83 ( назад)

Автор Mis Ms ( назад)
teaching molarity, discipline, manners are the part of the education curriculum in Japan

Автор Tanduay 5 years ( назад)
during our elementary and highschool days the school will just let us out of school and don't care where the fck we want to eat... just get back before 1pm or you'll be locked out of the school gate lol

Автор Anime Oreo ( назад)
These days schools don't even make food. It's premade for them

Автор Adventures Every were ( назад)
people in Japan do love their food how I wish that was in the U.S cuz our food is crap in lunch

Автор newromantic999 ( назад)
Why are they dressed as surgeons.

Автор Jaiai Quasi ( назад)
Omg I lowkey want to send my child there, the culture is eye opening

Автор hamza bassam ( назад)
this is some next level education bruh

Автор Excellion Super ( назад)
When I was a child I went to school by bicycle

Автор Dawn Morris ( назад)
Culture makes a difference a lot of Japanese in my country as business people They never show such

Автор ILikeBooks GT ( назад)
Bald man saitama

Автор Inder Lodhiyal ( назад)
very nice mature children nd good facilities salute to Japan from India

Автор ريم القايدي ( назад)
Thanks for uploading this video.. amazing job they are doing 💕 hope this manner tough every were ..

Автор anti mikey ( назад)
they look like they have fun at there school

Автор Ferylin Magno ( назад)

Автор Utara Bayu Samudra ( назад)
This is public health! awesome!!

Автор Cindy Liu ( назад)
I'm proud to say I watched enough anime to understand every word without ths subs 😂 ahhh can't wait to visit this beautiful country

Автор Inspirit ( назад)
What happens if one of them can't finish their food or doesn't want to eat one item?

Автор Les douceurs de Houda ( назад)
i wanna cry

Автор KING VARGAS ( назад)
better than my school

Автор hasukkai ( назад)
Don't tell anyone that this teacher uses spoon because he doesn't want to clean his chopsticks

Автор FaZe run ( назад)
yui with all do respect,you look ugly

Автор Mahina FN ( назад)
so interesting. this will help with my Japanese assignment.

Автор Alyssa Balentine ( назад)
why can't my school be like japan's 😢😢😢😂😂

Автор Dolls 'N' Stuff ( назад)
all i have to do is get my lunch bag and have lunch btw im from england

Автор haggiz85 ( назад)
Not only people from New York viewed the video, Sweden Gothenburg too :-)

Автор Galaxy girl ( назад)
I have always been fascinated by their culture they are really amazing and friendly people who are highly mannered.
I have gone to Japan and that trip was mesmerising.

Автор Matthew Guthrie ( назад)
btw does anyone else drink tea but is American

Автор Matthew Guthrie ( назад)
this is why I sometimes hate living in murica

Автор BlackPink in your circumference ( назад)
is it just me or does the girl in the beginning 0:39 look like Jennie from black pink

Автор taco bell ( назад)
ok I get it, Japan is better at being weird.

Автор Trevetrev Balboa ( назад)
Fucking hell m8, our american lunch food is utter shit, I have to eat a carboard pizza, while you have a gourmet dish for 2nd graders... and in our american school, we never helped the staff. im JEALOUS.

Автор Carlyxoxlol ( назад)
I feel like a disgrace to my family after seeing this 😂

Автор Kristin Gallo ( назад)
Oh look children being taught appreciation and manners!!! I'm moving to Japan.

Автор Cheryl Lin ( назад)
Very impressive. Grateful, respectful, disciplined and clean.

Автор Michela Pastuchová ( назад)
i love this everyone should be taught this! 😊 in France everyone is so fucking ungrateful for the food thay have and they throw like half of it away

Автор Daniela Bashe ( назад)
I love how respectful and thankful they are😍

Автор nilla880 ( назад)
this is how ALL schools should operate

Автор Bob Dunkien ( назад)
4:30 goku XD

Автор Diana Rose Gesta ( назад)
awww..so kawaiii..:))))..someday when I go to japan I want to teach students like them..I love this video..<3

Автор ヒーハー P ( назад)

Автор NikeQurratu Msp ( назад)
singapore is a small country.We cannot afford a big school.But our schools are pratically better but i have to wake up at like 5:20 and i reach school at 6:20

Автор 涼宮七海qwqHaitong ( назад)

Автор Mrs. F.V. PETERS ( назад)
damn Americans have alot to learn from the Japanese

Автор May R ( назад)
This is totally different from American schools. in America most schools allow kids to bring their own lunch, some do not. there is normally a cafeteria if you want to buy food. And the kids either eat in a cafeteria or let them eat anywhere outside the school. ❤

Автор Sam W ( назад)
This is certainly the positive side of Japanese education but like all matters, there are negative sides too. For example, 1) Bullying in secondary school and work place is an acceptable norm. In fact Japan is one of the highest teenage suicidal countries in the world. 2) Japanese are racist in nature. Japanese perceive themselves as ultra superior over all others, esp. towards Asian. Children of immigrants who have been born and brought up in Japan always fail to integrate into society. This also explains why Japanese soldiers severely tortured local people (incl. infants) when they invaded the countries during WW2. 3) Their understanding of sex is very different. Japan has the highest rate of sexless marriage in the world. Japanese do not see pedophilia as shame/crime, hence their comics always have naked image of young school girls. 4) Ultra high stress level living and working in Japan. In summary, it can be great if my young kids can receive the elementary education in Japan but certainly no further.

Автор The crystal lamp in the BS&T MV Tsang ( назад)
I am at the middle of the video only, I thought I was a good student but now I don't.

Автор Rafi Rafi ( назад)

Автор Mai Lan Vuong ( назад)
i just love how there's a Vegeta table cloth

Автор Ian Z ( назад)

Автор cybertail ( назад)
It's amazing. Absolutely none of the food was wasted or thrown away. Pick any public school in America and too much of whatever is served goes directly to the trashcan. Such waste.

Автор C Z ( назад)
This is REAL civilization. That's why it seems so strange to us.

Автор type moon ( назад)
the only thing that's wrong with them is their rate of reproduction. There's also the death from overworking thing and weird anime subculture. Okay, they're not perfect.

Автор Katie Price ( назад)
do the kids not even get to go out and play and get some fresh air before classes start again?! atleast let them out for 10 mins to run around outside xD

Автор kanegon1185 ( назад)
給食って楽しいですよね^ - ^

Автор AyungZaraki ( назад)
wow....something else

Автор Jullianna and Connor Productions ( назад)
Meanwhile in America.....

Автор oscar perez ( назад)
doing too much.

👍 hi im fr indonesia. nice vidio

Автор Castielle Misha Lei ( назад)
I cry. Their school is so clean, from the students down to their kitchen. And i cry again, their class teacher is so cute lmao haha

Автор D-GENERAL MC ( назад)
How did this get 14M views?!

Автор Elaine Scherazade ( назад)
I love Japanese primary and junior and high schools. So lively and fun. Most of hem are not.

Автор SmurfC. Tech, Gaming, and More! ( назад)
And then at my school we legit have the same company who makes food for prison making our food.

Автор Angela Lu ( назад)
wow, our school would never do that. If we did it in America I think that is just weird

Автор Eatmethree ( назад)
Meanwhile school in Australia we do none of these but fuk all

Автор hugo li ( назад)
it is too complex ,poor kids! this is why I dont like Japan,too mant rules.

Автор denise Anastacio ( назад)
o Brasil precisa fazer isso nas escolas, o Japão está de parabéns, ensinando na práticas os valores que a sociedade precisa

Автор Nereus ( назад)
thy basically ate nothing at the end...

Автор Nereus ( назад)
lol after wearing on their sterile suite they start manufacturing tablets with their little hands ahah

Автор Joaquín Plumin ( назад)
Una maravilla! Que educación! Que pueblo maravilloso realmente.

Автор Wiener Fritzl ( назад)
Allahu Snackbar everyone!

Автор i think im a chocolate but im not quite sure? ( назад)
I live in Malaysia and we always have to stand, bow and greet the teacher once at the beginning of the class and at the end of the class once 😊 I guess it's an Asian thing

Автор Warrior Queen ( назад)
I love this!!!

Автор Yenawa ( назад)
Woah. American schools suck. We were taught to shut up, eat your food and leave. In my school, it's that way. We barely even have time to eat. They call tables so slowly and we are usually 2nd to last to be called up for lunch, and I have 5 minutes to eat. Their milk and food taste so fake as well. The milk especially. These kids here, were taught to thank the people who made their lunch, students helped their classmates get the food they would eat, they didn't fight or steal each other's food or milk, but did a game to see who'd get the extras fairly, and even RECYCLED the milk cartons.
And what do American schools do? We were told to shut up, get in line, go get your food, sit back down, still shut up and eat. And throw away your food after, not recycling milk cartons at all, plus you can't get extras at all either. The kids at my school treat the staff and teachers so horribly. They don't realize that those teachers are what help them in the future, unless of course that teacher is just plain out bad.

Автор Kawaii Girl ( назад)
I'm so disappointed with North American schools compared to Japanese schools. Being thankful, manners cleaning up, man we should be learning from this

Автор Skele_GhostGamer567 ( назад)
Wow this looks a lot different then my school lunch!!
Mostly because it's packaged and there is a fridge labeled "freeze to serve tomorrow" no lie.

Автор maybebrainless, notheartless ( назад)
this is how u teach culture. im proud of japan

Автор David L ( назад)
That's why I love Japan !!!

Автор Phát Đào Duy ( назад)
Child labor

Автор blackbirdx7777 ( назад)
Is this Japan or North Korea? Collectivist nightmare

Автор love japan ( назад)
I wish Americans can do this

Автор Aaron Valenzuela ( назад)
this is so much more high maintenance-ed than in america.... Also hahahaha weebing out here but the music thats played at 5:50 in the background is the Tchaikovsky duet that Nagi and Kousei played in the anime Shigatsu wa kimi no uso lololol

Автор Jeannette Mbaye ( назад)

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