School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating!

Get inspired to see how Japanese students operate their lunch period! You can see why "lunch period" is placed as a learning period in Japanese schools. Directed, edited and filmed by Atsuko Satake Quirk, Cafeteria Culture's media director. Visit www.cafeteriaculture.org to see how we bring in this Japanese style student-led operation into US school cafeterias on sorting their waste!

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Автор karandeep singh walia ( назад)
when do they study?😅

Автор Chabache ( назад)
Is this a human race?

Автор CoCo TV ( назад)
washing there teeth

Автор malikadevi1961 1961 ( назад)
nice school .they've teaching the students to live a life with discipline

Автор Lalisa Jade ( назад)

Автор Bill c ( назад)
School lunch in US are craps

Автор Imi CoolGamer ( назад)
Just saying that food looks way better than mine at my school. My schools British and in england

Автор Imi CoolGamer ( назад)
Who's watching in 2017 I am

Автор Raja Raja ( назад)
Its amazing, there's a lot we can learn from japan (after WW2)

Автор Anima Narwhals ( назад)
Wtf? I just walk in a room for like 15 mins eat then go to my next class. Dang these people r extra.

Автор Pavel Hassan ( назад)
Can anybody make a video " school lunch in Bangladesh " please

Автор Aprilh03 ( назад)
Since America proves it is incompetent of incorporating this routine into their school lunch programs, at least they can have occasional, special multicultural luncheons where they teach these lunch routines from different cultures. And etiquette lessons.

Автор Rich Kiddy ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks their sensei is hot? XD

Автор Tracy Tracy ( назад)
They are soo organised..i love this i wish i was your English teacher..watching this from kenya

Автор akshay patil ( назад)
So much to learn from Japanese schools children's greetings from India 🙏

Автор Elvira Gavina ( назад)
How great is this?! These kids are learning valuable life lessons, good work ethic and manners.

Автор Emily Holser ( назад)
they so lucky they had play clothes

Автор Matthew Valadez ( назад)
I wish my school was kinda like that

Автор GreenCurryGaming ( назад)
Meanwhile at my school: frozen square pizzas

Автор tihomir rade ( назад)
the world is fucked

Автор Arbind Topno ( назад)
I m impressed. They respect everyone and so disciplined. what i have learnt in school is only Maths, Physics, Chemistry..

Автор Anonmous savage 21 ( назад)
there bread is better then our bread a school

Автор Bembem XXIII ( назад)
can they bring their own lunch box or they really need to eat what the school prepares for them?

Автор Kanna Sashi ( назад)
Im migrating to japan with my kids

Автор FlashYello Playz/Gaming ( назад)
Japan have 38 Kids!! in 1 class why he have 60 in 1 class ...

Автор Tyrese Marquez ( назад)
i want the teacher in japan and the students they have all respect👍👌

Автор Tyrese Marquez ( назад)
in philippines is not like that they are just trowing the trash anywhere😬😱😭😂

Автор JamieLyn Bows OwO ( назад)
such a wonderful thing, very amazing how the kids are taught

Автор Rocky Pop 101 ( назад)
When will this life begin for me.
Like I'm actually done with how nice these kids are compared to my class that ALMOST set a fire to my school.

Автор probably a cool Doge! ( назад)
I had lose hope in humanity but after seeing this though.....

Автор 眠いまくら ( назад)

Автор Harie Amjari ( назад)
Looks like when their going to eat they need to wear a surgeon shirt or a manufacturer shirt.

Автор the buddhist communist ( назад)
the world can alot from japan

Автор Nilesh Parmar ( назад)
its good video...its Inspirable... so we watch in our company with our staff...

Автор ExploreKnowMore ( назад)

Автор Alex Petersen ( назад)
Wow that's one organised school for some weird reason I kinda want to go there

Автор Wot stream yegru ( назад)
Wow just amazing lesson and discipline

Автор Max zz ( назад)
I love Japan

Автор FunLikes Litao Subribed ( назад)
I only went to japan once on vacation but my mom told that i and my sister will go to school there but im not very sure

Автор Mini Tran ( назад)
Wow thanks you poster

Our western kids should do same this ways they' ll know there responsibility and respect, parents peace at work knowing there kids eating healthy food I would pay extra cost to do this ;) thanks again

Автор Divya Lakshmi ( назад)
ohh i simply luv japan an te nation citizen

Автор Babu Sadananda ( назад)
Unbelievable....thousand bows to those authorities and parents who are making kids so responsible and polite in every manner...

Автор bailey jayne pace ( назад)
Ya know what, if only lunch was this nice in America

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Are they retarded I was born in Asian culture and that's not called veggie soup

Автор UnicornGirl 13 ( назад)
There so much more well behaved and well mannered than schools in Europe and America. Love this ❤️

Автор Jiya Ghosh ( назад)
Hey i like your tradition

Автор Jayda Tiananga ( назад)
so that's why they have cleaner teeth than me I need to brush more

Автор kalyani dey ( назад)
I wish I was born in Japan. I love Japan. My favourite country.

Автор Amazing and Interesting news ( назад)
good to see that japanese students are getting fresh food

Автор nick magaoay ( назад)

Автор layla です ( назад)
2:26 the guy in the back with the blue shirt almost smacked his head

Автор Dark Angel ( назад)
can't even clean my room and these kids are tasked two clean the whole school I am ashamed of myself

Автор Kids,play,and join to us ( назад)
when were done eating at school were playing Outside (I Am From Canada)

Автор 雯李 ( назад)

Автор Hello there ( назад)
We eat high school leftovers lol

Автор Kayla Martin ( назад)
Im supried there is a lot of milk. Most People are lactose intolerant, unless you live in the states and parts of Europe.

Автор tetsuya no yoroi ( назад)
man, at younger grades you can see the kids just having a blast lol

Автор Ayu Ajja ( назад)
i soo maze too see this kid
soo good manner

Автор Chong Hun Yi ( назад)
Wow, what a education for your kids! so precious little minds. all the respect to your efforts to raise these kids in a good, loving, harmonious manner... just delighted...

Автор Amy Dinh ( назад)
Omg I wish California schools were like this

Автор DehTrashCan .-. ( назад)
Japan Has a very nice school they grow there own food and say thank you and have alot of respect, there not as spoiled as i was born from China but i moved to the great land of AMURICA and i got use to this and probably is to spoiled to even do this stuff. THEY DONT EVEN HAVE JANITORS AND CLEAN THERSELVES WHILE IM HERE SIITING MY BUTT ON A CHAIR WATCHING THIS

Автор Squishy Slimey Candy Gaming ( назад)
0:10 no offence but that girl looks cringey

Автор ennder dog ( назад)

Автор ShadesGaming ( назад)
If I were to go to Japanese school... I would literally be 70% cleaner, respectable, energetic and more. XD

Автор ShadesGaming ( назад)
Holy cheesecake Japan is so... so... MUCH!! SO MUCH AWESOME!! OOOOYYYYYYY

Автор Project kids ( назад)
I think so that the Indian food is delicious food ever I am an Indian so if you are also a indian give me a like........

Автор Bilderbergz ( назад)
this is hilarious, so much discipline in those children.

Автор 331SVTCobra ( назад)
Who could POSSIBLY downvote this???

Автор 成宮毅 ( назад)

Автор Max The great ( назад)
Oh well

Автор Max The great ( назад)
I Think this is my Japanese school

Автор Rosalie Nunez ( назад)
napaka disiplina ng mga bata dapat ganito sa ibang skul

Автор Nyan_kitty Gaming ( назад)
Wow wish my school lunches were like that

Автор Stargalacticgamer Sheldon ( назад)
I don't see a single phone wow

Автор Larmisitor Charmis ( назад)
I wish I was born in Japan. They have so many good food😭

Автор Natalie Cleveland ( назад)
we Americans are so wasteful and seeing little kids recycle all of that paper made my heart swell. America is a dump landfill and many adults don't know the proper way to recycle or never try to

Автор Evert van Ingen ( назад)
My god :O Everything is perfect and well thought trough!
I would love to Live in Japan.

Автор Scwirul ( назад)
I'm not usually one to say this... but this is actually adorable! I wish I went to school in Japan... we just got turkey twizzlers and sloppy inside of a cottage pie!

Автор abd boji ( назад)
Japanese people is the nicest and most kind people on the world, they have systems of dealing with others . they give respect for others serving . respecting others is an essential thing in Japanese culture .

Автор Exploded Diaper ( назад)
"When i heard saitama". ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!

Автор DoorisJ ( назад)
Really? the part where the kid is reading from a sheet of paper the chef gave him. You got me fucked up! There's no way that schools tiny ass little cabbage patch produced enough potatoes for the whole damn school.

Автор kopa shamsu ( назад)
now I understand why japanese kids don't post their pregnant photos on facebook to get 100 likes to abort the foetus.

Автор Alberto Dejesus ( назад)
all Americans should watch this video

Автор Geovanna Souza ( назад)
That's so cool they make homemade lunch ,they recycle, and the kids help the teachers and the staff make the food and clean up take me there

Автор nephthally johnson ( назад)
they say that Asians are smart people

Автор Frogamus Prime ( назад)
This is so cute

Автор Kawaii_Slimez ( назад)
Wow, now i wanna study in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор hoang thien ( назад)
i love it

Автор Sakura Chan ( назад)

Автор Trippy Cornflakes ( назад)
10 times better than our government-regulated lunch programs here in the US.

Автор johnjerick floriano ( назад)
i admire how japanese respects food

Автор michael sj ( назад)
simply amazing for being Japan & Japanese

Автор Mr Popsplit ( назад)
Never been so inspired before

Автор Bashir Uddin ( назад)
'New York no ko tachi ni miseru kara.' What!!! Chanto shite yo. The lady who is filming said she will show it to the kids of New York. How about showing it to kids in Africa who don't have food and die every day!. it is a shame how you percept about the children in the world! Because you are Japnese, you want to show to American kids that how Japanese kids do. You are obliged to your superior who nuked you 70 years ago! break free yourself lady

Автор ฬєlς๏๓є t๏ ๓ץ ђєll ( назад)

Автор Alqasim Alqsim ( назад)
The Saudi school is shit , I hope the Saudi school is changing like Japan 🇯🇵 I can't imagine that 😂💔💔

Автор kookie Anastacio ( назад)
is this a public school? my public schools suck😴

Автор Noob131355 ( назад)
38 students? My class only have 36

Автор Joey's BANANA & MAYO Sandwich REVIEW ( назад)
I think I'm just going to stick to my school's cardboard pizza instead.

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