Gravity Games (Forts Multiplayer Gameplay) - Forts RTS - Livestream

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Hello there! Project Incursus here!
    We're gonna be playing some more forts!
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    I love streaming, and can't wait to stream more! Come join the fun as we take on the world in the game of Forts. Cannons and lasers and armor and more in the world of Forts!
    I love hearing back from your guys about my family friendly videos, what do you like? What criticisms do you have for the video? Leave a comment below and let me hear it!
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    Intro Music: Foria - Break Away
    Forts is a physics-based RTS where foes design and build custom bases, arm them to the teeth and blast their opponent's creations to rubble.
    Build an armoured fort in real-time and arm it to the teeth. Collect resources, develop your tech-tree, unlock advanced weapons to target your opponent's weak points, and feel the satisfaction as their fort comes crashing down.
    Forts's Steampage:
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Comments • 62

  • Pereazy
    Pereazy 15 days ago

    i really would like to play with you so if you need an helpee i can be ya man :)

  • Nicolas Dornblüth
    Nicolas Dornblüth 21 day ago

    2:06:00 to 2:46:00 Oil Barrel Missile of Death. Very entertaining.

  • Grégoire Basseville
    Grégoire Basseville 24 days ago

    For Mindustry, I would have built a rally point and bsic units to make the cleanup easier.

  • Devil Wolves
    Devil Wolves 24 days ago +2

    between 2:42:00 and 2:43:00 incursus yeeted

  • Sean Wyatt Pun
    Sean Wyatt Pun 24 days ago +3

    56:53 literally everyone is talking about "pain au chocolat" and nothing else lol

  • samuelju2
    samuelju2 25 days ago +2

    Tbh, flying barrel is boring af. Takes way too long for a single match.

  • FaeraGaelwyn
    FaeraGaelwyn 26 days ago +6

    black hole needs an option so that it can grow in strength when it eats debris/projectiles proportional to the resource value it consumes.

    • Alex 96161
      Alex 96161 25 days ago +1

      FaeraGaelwyn that is near impossible with the current modding system.

  • Avery MacLeod
    Avery MacLeod 26 days ago

    Can you please make some more short videos of this i would love it thanks

  • Kalijah Anderson
    Kalijah Anderson 26 days ago +3

    Like number 333, I'm only half evil.

  • death skull1897
    death skull1897 26 days ago +4

    You might even say... Gravity falls :D
    Thos is probably a really bad joke I'm sorry

  • Hassan Jaber
    Hassan Jaber 26 days ago

    Its was so boring

  • thejumpingarmadillo
    thejumpingarmadillo 26 days ago

    How do you flip weapons to face the other way?

    • Alex 96161
      Alex 96161 26 days ago

      thejumpingarmadillo There are hotkeys and button in the bottom left when placing a weapon

  • Wojciech Nowak
    Wojciech Nowak 26 days ago

    Thank you Incursus. Looking forward to the completion of mindustry map :)

  • Jules Dalsace
    Jules Dalsace 26 days ago


  • Intrepid
    Intrepid 26 days ago +1

    I liked watching your videos, but everything now is an upload of your stream. Make 20-30 min clips with ads and I'll happily watch it. When I see a video this long I don't feel like it's worth my time.

  • Mike Dunigan
    Mike Dunigan 26 days ago +3

    Growling at Incursus:
    The reason the 2nd howitzer is missing is that it's orbital path is higher, you need to reduce it's delta V in order to de-orbit it at the target destination, the angle is nearly irrelevant. It's ONLY rocket science....

  • zurui chen
    zurui chen 26 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between nukes with white smoke, grey smoke, red smoke and grey+red smoke?

    • zurui chen
      zurui chen 25 days ago

      @Lord LJ Do normal nukes have ore explosion power than drunk nukes or red smoke nukes?

    • Lord LJ
      Lord LJ 25 days ago

      It’s like they are on low health and losing it, basically it’s like a more drunk nuke that has to barf (explode) soon.

    • zurui chen
      zurui chen 25 days ago

      @Bl4ckSp1d3r Why sometimes grey+red smoke nukes blow itself up without hitting anything?

    • Bl4ckSp1d3r
      Bl4ckSp1d3r 26 days ago

      Nukes with white smoke are nirmal nukes.
      Nukes with grey smoke got hit and fly "drunk", they probably won't hit where they were aimed at.
      And when they are hit by a fire beam, they will set the spot they are exploding at on fire, as far as I know

  • aierce
    aierce 26 days ago +1

    O grav games are so boring

    • Lord LJ
      Lord LJ 25 days ago

      Great mod-should add multiple gravity wells for more chaos though. Maybe make something like the factory/shield modes were there is a limited time until the others shield goes down.
      But in this case a weak gravity (universal, like not stronger as you get closer) well that pulls you into a death trap (black hole basically). And so you would have to speed each other’s descent (by impacting weapons) or kill each other before you all die. I know there would be a mine problem, but maybe have the barrel mod and have like satellites (can’t use rope to attach and hang) that have mine slots? And so it’s sorta micro management unless played with a team.

    • Alex 96161
      Alex 96161 26 days ago

      aierce I am glad that Incursus playing my mod I worked on is entertaining :D Any suggestions to the mod?

    • aierce
      aierce 26 days ago

      @Alex 96161 absolutely yes

    • Alex 96161
      Alex 96161 26 days ago

      aierce what about the Central gravity games? Are they entertaining

    • aierce
      aierce 26 days ago

      @Bl4ckSp1d3r for the zero grav barrel launching games. Absolutely not.

  • Waxoff Waxon
    Waxoff Waxon 26 days ago

    More shenanigans on the way!!!!

  • PrixtronT
    PrixtronT 26 days ago +7

    laser isnt affected by a black hole? inaccurate game...

    • Skykbo11
      Skykbo11 18 days ago

      @James Miller Thats easy, when you place a windmill it produces a windflow which than gets converted by the windmill into energy :D

    • James Miller
      James Miller 18 days ago +1

      Also there's no wind in space, so what's up with the windmills?

    • Solveig Lindberg
      Solveig Lindberg 26 days ago +1

      ​@PrixtronT looks like we agree lol, "glass half full or half empty?" situation. Have a nice day!

    • PrixtronT
      PrixtronT 26 days ago +1

      @Solveig Lindberg yes that is exactly what i meant as well. However, if one shot a laser close enough to the black hole, "close enough" obviously in relation to the black holes gravity and to the speed of light, the laser would be curved quite a bit

      edit: but yes, if the gravity pull isnt strong enough, the curving wont be strong either

    • Solveig Lindberg
      Solveig Lindberg 26 days ago +2

      @PrixtronT All objects (with or without mass) is being affected by gravity because gravity is the bending of space-time caused by massive objects. Now a good visualization of this is a taut rubber sheet with bowling balls forming depths. IF a cannon shot is like a little marble rolled around the edge of a heavy bowling ball (black hole) then a photon is like another marble moving quite a bit faster than sound.
      To be fair it does curve the path; just not anywhere near the scale at which everything else happens.

  • T Decker
    T Decker 27 days ago +1

    Incursus you should try the C&C games specifically tib wars red alert 2 and generals zero hour they're all really fun but unfortunately you cant (to my knowledge) buy them on steam, they require origin but you can use cncnet for online red alert and game ranger for generals online. also generals has a awesome modding community. so check out these games if your interested. (and yes they're RTS)

  • gamer kid
    gamer kid 27 days ago +1

    Yo wassup project dude i just wanna say i love u bro I've been a big fan since u 50k subs keep up the good work bro💗😁👍

  • Lord LJ
    Lord LJ 27 days ago +36

    Starts talking at 4:32
    At Forts lobby at 5:04
    First game starts at 5:40
    “Got him. Yeah ha ha!” *sinister tone* at 1:33:21, -watch until 1:34:10 for full effect
    “Hi! Your base looks mighty fine friend!” *Lol* 1:41:29 -Just watch and see something really funny!
    Thank you for the content, keep up the good streams

    • Lord LJ
      Lord LJ 27 days ago +1

      Ur welcome

    • fnaf man
      fnaf man 27 days ago +2

      thanks very helpful

  • Nicholas Zonenberg
    Nicholas Zonenberg 27 days ago +6

    The video on youtube post stream is exactly 2 hours and starts at some mid point of the stream for some reason

    • Tommy Springer
      Tommy Springer 22 days ago +1

      @Robert Lewis as far as i am aware, yes.

    • Robert Lewis
      Robert Lewis 23 days ago +1

      Dear goodness, does every. single. livestream. have this same exact post? I wouldn't be surprised.

    • Lord LJ
      Lord LJ 25 days ago

      Ok I see I use my phone

    • Tommy Springer
      Tommy Springer 26 days ago +1

      youtube takes time to render and process it. Thats why streams start with 2hours uploaded, or videos upload initially at lower quality

    • fnaf man
      fnaf man 26 days ago

      its fixed for me

  • bangfroggy
    bangfroggy 27 days ago

    I missed it dangit

  • Alex 96161
    Alex 96161 27 days ago +5

    Fun and nice stream. Thanks for checking out Central gravity it was indeed fun working on it. :D