My First Kiss Was So Awkward

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
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    Ever since Kylie was young, she would go to her grandma's house over the summer. She would hang out in the country and play on the farm - it was a great way to spend her summer break!
    When she was 12 - middle school years - she met a boy who she had a huge crush on. The two of them had a little summer fling and would go on fun dates, and they would play putt putt together.
    One night, as Kylie was watching TV, she saw a scary trailer and decided to text her crush. She told him that the preview creeped her out and she needed someone to come keep her company - standard, flirty texts! He told her that he would come over and protect her, and she sent over her grandma's address as a joke. Then, to her surprise, he called her and told her that he was at the house - Kylie never imagined that he would ACTUALLY show up!
    Kylie snuck out of her house - as it was really late at night - and went to meet up with her crush. They hid his car in the pasture and hung out together under the moonlight. Kylie was really into her crush, and she never had a boyfriend before. Before she knew it, her crush looked at her and made the move - he went in for a kiss! Even though she was so excited to have her first kiss, Kylie had NO idea what she was doing and it was SO awkward! But, nevertheless, they had a great time and enjoyed their summer night.
    The next morning, it was time for Kylie to go home back to her parents' house, and her grandma asked if she heard anyone outside the night before. Kylie was SO nervous and thought was going to get caught, but she made up an excuse that her grandma seemed to believe - or so she thought! Kylie's grandma texted her later in the day and DEMANDED to know who she was with, so she had no choice but to confess!
    Looking back, Kylie can only laugh as she remembers the time she snuck a boy into her grandma's backyard and had her first kiss!
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  • Ana B
    Ana B 14 hours ago

    For my first kiss, some random girl in my class thought I liked her (even though I’m straight) and kissed me and I pushed her away. So pretty much my first kiss was ruined by someone I didn’t even really know.

  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez 3 days ago +1


  • Hobo Jojo
    Hobo Jojo 3 days ago

    That cow looks a little uh drunk

  • Emily TV
    Emily TV 4 days ago

    wow ...

  • Bakeerathan Bakeerathan

    My frist kiss is my big bro

  • Łüñåř The Kitsune Dragon


  • Roxanne ;-;
    Roxanne ;-; 7 days ago

    i don't know how to kiss

  • riverdale cherly blossom

    Sinister 🤩👌👌👌

  • Sabrina Quddus
    Sabrina Quddus 8 days ago

    the truthful content that I wanted

  • Pretty Princess
    Pretty Princess 8 days ago +1

    Your laugh is so cute

  • Diana Frunza
    Diana Frunza 8 days ago


  • Jessica Loves
    Jessica Loves 10 days ago +1

    Bro grandmas know wassup
    You hungry boom “sweetie come down to eat”
    You bored boom “ hey you wanna go outside”
    Minding your own business “ here’s s twenty dollar bill”

  • Ella Eats
    Ella Eats 10 days ago


  • Paranormal Tv
    Paranormal Tv 11 days ago

    Am 19 never kissed a girl

  • Musical Hyper
    Musical Hyper 12 days ago +1

    Me: *see’s the hole moon*
    My sister: *SHUT UP*

  • Ryan Buksh
    Ryan Buksh 13 days ago

    Amazing story👍👍👍

  • Jasmine Alston
    Jasmine Alston 13 days ago

    Your a virgin!😂☠️ LMAO

  • Petsku
    Petsku 14 days ago

    k now I'm just terrified of my first XDD

  • Karupoeg ?
    Karupoeg ? 14 days ago


  • Sander 871
    Sander 871 16 days ago

    Use me as a “WTF” button

  • Justyn Hooper
    Justyn Hooper 17 days ago +1

    Someone's used this on IG and called it "how I lost my virginity at 15" just for followers

    • ☼kikko
      ☼kikko 16 days ago

      yea like "I lost my virginity at 15 and I regret it" right? saw that too.. people are awful.. clickbait sucks

  • brenilho game
    brenilho game 17 days ago

    Helo Brasil 😁

  • GuitarGuy
    GuitarGuy 18 days ago +1

    I’m 16 and have only kissed a girl on the hand. Never had much of a love life other that the one girlfriend I had.

  • fartsandnoses
    fartsandnoses 18 days ago

    Why is her grandma holding a angry duck?

  • Hybrie
    Hybrie 18 days ago +2

    When you have a final test where you need to kiss the mouth but you end kissing your crush's nose instead.

  • Sharpe
    Sharpe 18 days ago

    Lol the boy has an android 0:52

  • Chippers Cheetos
    Chippers Cheetos 18 days ago

    She should of say oh one of my best friends game

  • 10.000 Subscribers Without Videos

    You know what's akward , I've never had my first kiss , and never will

  • plssendmeuwus
    plssendmeuwus 18 days ago

    I just recently had my first kiss, I'm 15. And let me tell ya- IT WAS PERFECT

  • Fly Kitty
    Fly Kitty 18 days ago

    The animation girl looks like my nephew

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar 19 days ago +1

    *Who is from instagram?* 😂

  • Eli Rod
    Eli Rod 20 days ago +1

    Grandma: Ok you’re gonna have to te-
    That had me dying 😂😂😂

  • James McCann
    James McCann 20 days ago

    I had my first kiss when I was 9 with a girl
    I am a girl but I wasn’t a lesbian
    Now I’m dating a boy
    I am still 9

    • Elijahツ
      Elijahツ 19 days ago +1

      James McCann Damn your dating too fast💀

  • Jony H.
    Jony H. 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the thumbnail looks kinda like Shawn and Camila kissing 😂

  • Yvonne Gibson
    Yvonne Gibson 22 days ago

    I love your video

  • lynn florestal
    lynn florestal 22 days ago

    I kiss bought for

  • Alaa Akkash
    Alaa Akkash 25 days ago +1

    My first kiss was my cousin.. and he even took my virginity away to. Now I'm lesbian and I really hate boys😂

  • trendy question
    trendy question 28 days ago +2

    I had my first kiss in kindergarten. I was a real thot

  • Ayewas Good
    Ayewas Good 29 days ago

    XD. DI XD xd. SswHi like ice cream hi Hey hi hi hey hey hey hey who is he who is he he he he he he

  • 『•Ivi Kawaii• 』

    3:06 They:*kissing each other*
    Cow:WaT Da FaCk r U 2 dOiN'? U're killing mah grass

  • WinterA7X
    WinterA7X Month ago +1

    My first kiss was so awkward too😂💀

  • Ariel Protack
    Ariel Protack Month ago

    Pause at 48 seconds she looks evil

  • sunset beach
    sunset beach Month ago

    Lol😂😂i love ur voice btw

  • Grimm Drawings
    Grimm Drawings Month ago +1

    I feel like everyone’s first kiss was/is gonna be awkward 😅

  • FlowerGamez
    FlowerGamez Month ago +1

    I had my first kiss when I was 8... IT WAS A GIRL

  • Molly And Shlomie Stern


  • Molly And Shlomie Stern


  • Lulu Nkomazana
    Lulu Nkomazana Month ago

    She sure didn't tell her parents but was almost about to be crushed from secretly smooching from the love of her life

  • Book Book
    Book Book Month ago


  • Roblox fan123
    Roblox fan123 Month ago +1

    Storybooth: **has good stories**

  • CutePug - Roblox & Fortnite

    talks about a 15 yr old so much my screen broke xD Her: just cringy

  • Notice Me
    Notice Me Month ago

    At lest you got your fist kiss

  • Emma Daly
    Emma Daly Month ago

    Yo girl u only like twelve

  • •Milky_ Kun•
    •Milky_ Kun• Month ago

    looks like ron and hermoine in a muggle word

  • oh Christmas tree oh how I love you Christmas tree

    Jeuss he stole his mother 's car AND hid behind the cows?

  • Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër

    Kylie is a tomboy but with really lovely hair & freckles, wearing a plain black t - shirt! xxx

  • nataly guzman
    nataly guzman Month ago

    i dont have a crush on no one

  • Star Lopez
    Star Lopez Month ago +4

    “And I was like oh i can’t breath” 😭lmao I died

  • Phantom King
    Phantom King Month ago +3

    0:48 I hate that laugh it sounds so fake