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  • P M
    P M 8 hours ago

    I feel sorry for Sascha and the producers. Sascha is an amazing actor, you should completely forget about Borat while watching this, and you'll enjoy how good this is.

  • Bloodywasher
    Bloodywasher 5 days ago

    LMAO that part when he's communicating in morse code! Classic borat!

  • Mehmet Doğan Özdemir

    I don't wanna buy a Netfkix sub, but it's Sacha, so I am buying it today. How did I miss this in the first place.

  • Adam smithintin
    Adam smithintin Month ago

    My name is .... my name is a Borat ... that’s what I was expecting

  • Alpha Chingón
    Alpha Chingón Month ago

    Chen qui!!!

  • B Nizzle
    B Nizzle Month ago +1

    So this isn't a comedy.

  • Joonha Shcal
    Joonha Shcal Month ago he playing a sand dude?

  • cyberathlete
    cyberathlete 2 months ago

    Where can I get the theme song in the trailer?

  • armin yuri
    armin yuri 2 months ago

    la la la you neva get dis :D

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony 2 months ago

    Cohen did other serious in Sweeny Todd and Hugo.

  • adhnrjb
    adhnrjb 3 months ago

    1:06 "enjoy" brought me straight to the dictator scene where his man got a toy from the cereal box.

  • Ya Allah Satukan Melayu Ameen

    most Arabs are ignorant .. Jews always commit treason .. america is a Jewish doll statue ..

  • KoivuTheHab
    KoivuTheHab 3 months ago

    Why aren't you cracking jokes Sacha? This is a waste of time.

  • Stuart Drewett
    Stuart Drewett 3 months ago +1

    Honestly I can't see him in anything apart from funny movies

    • Chvstaki
      Chvstaki Month ago

      Did you end up watching this ?

  • Stuart Drewett
    Stuart Drewett 3 months ago

    Stick to comedy

  • gamorth
    gamorth 3 months ago

    so borat are spy..he faced a man balls for the country!!!

  • Bezi B
    Bezi B 4 months ago

    0:48 i was sure he was gonna say "my name is Borat!"

  • Haba Music
    Haba Music 4 months ago

    Zionist propaganda

  • afnan geographical sciencesciencey

    he is zionist

  • Ruslan Sioran
    Ruslan Sioran 4 months ago

    BORAT you still with us

  • Kentucky
    Kentucky 4 months ago

    How Borat changed his life

  • Esteban K
    Esteban K 4 months ago

    Respect to Eli Cohen and the State of Israel

  • Nandkumar Shinde
    Nandkumar Shinde 4 months ago

    Must watch so nice 👍

  • Alaskan bull worm
    Alaskan bull worm 4 months ago

    He is mossad and he is not mossad

    SUFYAN AHMED 5 months ago


  • Nambuz
    Nambuz 5 months ago

    who else imagined that this trailer will be some fucked up comedy and then got confused that its a serious series?

    • Lipaz Dotan
      Lipaz Dotan 4 months ago

      Everyone, which is really sad and disrespectful, really.

  • AlphaCentauri
    AlphaCentauri 5 months ago

    this movie is DAMN GOOD!

  • Aaron Karuthasami
    Aaron Karuthasami 5 months ago

    well i was not expecting this loool

  • Robert Campol
    Robert Campol 5 months ago +1

    Was such a good performance by the whole cast, but especially SBC.

  • RendelSX
    RendelSX 5 months ago

    hes wasted in this role, borat is made to make us laugh. There are enough serious actors but only a few can make u laugh.

  • John Ares
    John Ares 6 months ago

    This is a weird version of TF2's meet the spy.

  • FookDat Gaming
    FookDat Gaming 6 months ago

    finally he does something good...

  • Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo

    Very good

  • Jay John
    Jay John 6 months ago +1

    This comment section can't handle the fact this isn't a comedy.

  • nectar21
    nectar21 6 months ago

    Sometimes he looks like Amy Winehouse

  • ks sreejith
    ks sreejith 6 months ago

    Ain't that the great dictator?

  • Scooters Videos
    Scooters Videos 6 months ago

    Who's a dude watching a dude pretending to be a dude who's pretending to be dude who's also a spy?

  • Johntra Volta
    Johntra Volta 6 months ago

    All I see is Borat acting ridiculously serious.

  • David Humphrey
    David Humphrey 6 months ago

    Sasha, you're probably a great actor who can work in any genre. But just look at these RUclip comments. You won't be taken seriously, no matter how good you are.

  • P P
    P P 6 months ago

    Mein stylishist

  • S c r e e n f r e a k
    S c r e e n f r e a k 6 months ago +1

    I love all the comments are about borat. But seriously, watch the series, he does a great job

  • James Seaford
    James Seaford 6 months ago

    Wow. Borat just got angry.

  • GoCardinal2012
    GoCardinal2012 6 months ago

    he is completely typecast. I can't take him seriously as a dramatic actor.

    I know about the history of this spy - a crazy story that should be told without the taint of Borat or Aladeen

  • Dievas Saadi
    Dievas Saadi 6 months ago


  • Tushar B
    Tushar B 6 months ago

    Wait, is this a serious movie? I'm confused.

    • Lipaz Dotan
      Lipaz Dotan 4 months ago

      It's a TRAGIC movie based on REAL LIFE EVENTS.
      So all the laughing is highly disrespectful.

    • Safnat Panea
      Safnat Panea 6 months ago

      It not only serious , its a true story about a real spy

  • Osprey11
    Osprey11 6 months ago

    At last, we are going to have the opportunity, to see Sacha doing a serious character!!

  • Pristik A
    Pristik A 6 months ago

    All the comments expecting the funny part or underestimating his acting. Comedians are probably the most versatile actors. If you can make people laugh, you can play any role.

  • OptimusOne
    OptimusOne 6 months ago

    Who else here expected a comedy movie?

  • charsobishi
    charsobishi 6 months ago +7

    Damn...I was expecting comedy but all I got was Israeli Propaganda

  • Bag man
    Bag man 6 months ago


    • Plan B
      Plan B 4 months ago

      Its: Wa wa we wa!

    KEVIN WALSH 6 months ago

    .... another boring film about the “ the cause”’
    Old narrative seen it before but Hollywood keeps pushing the same shit

  • Paladin Smith
    Paladin Smith 6 months ago

    Ali G upping his game.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago

    General Alladin is that you?

  • Valiant Thor
    Valiant Thor 6 months ago

    very nice high five

  • Carl Von Eichmann
    Carl Von Eichmann 6 months ago +1

    Music Name? Anyway nice trailer

  • Kentube254
    Kentube254 6 months ago

    Serious Sacha

  • Ablin Reko
    Ablin Reko 6 months ago

    "From the executive producer of Homeland"... That's going to be a well documented movie.

  • canbird56
    canbird56 6 months ago +1

    Well this sucks! I want Borat back!

  • daff roof
    daff roof 6 months ago

    An other Jew in an other Jewish propaganda..

  • Prtugi Prtugin
    Prtugi Prtugin 6 months ago

    i didnt know Borat such an impostor !!

  • free spirit
    free spirit 6 months ago

    why care about muslimms when Europeans facing so many problems?

  • Twilight Zone
    Twilight Zone 6 months ago

    A decent show, at least a 6/10. However there were some very interesting aspects of Cohen's training and career as a spy I wish they had paid more attention to. Like how he had to learn Spanish which he already had known but not well enough or how he struggled to switch his native Egyptian Arabic to a very different Syrian Arabic dialect. Also there are hardly any scenes picturing what happened after he got captured other than a suggestion he got tortured and then his execution. It could have made for such good drama had they shown what happened when the Syrians found out who he really was.

  • Brian B
    Brian B 6 months ago

    Typical for a comedian to want a more serious role as they get older. No different than you and I from doing stupid shit that made us laugh at an earlier age, then getting more serious eventually.

  • Alfredo Destino
    Alfredo Destino 6 months ago

    Hey everyone, here comes MY Freddie Mercury.

  • Drunken Druid
    Drunken Druid 6 months ago

    My Name Are A Borat

  • Elon Tusk
    Elon Tusk 6 months ago


  • Jia Yoong Chong
    Jia Yoong Chong 6 months ago

    Can't keep that straight face with this shit LMFAOOOOO

  • Magnet Red
    Magnet Red 6 months ago

    I can't take him seriously. He's Borat.

  • Joey Lock
    Joey Lock 6 months ago

    1:31 - Dr Bashir has gone back in time to *really* play spy.

    SURLOOKMEDIA 6 months ago

    Was half expecting it to go dark, silent and then.. 'Very Niiice!!'

  • John Silver
    John Silver 6 months ago

    Very nice.

  • Joubin Wayne
    Joubin Wayne 6 months ago

    does anyone know the soundtrack at 1:16 ?

  • jd brisebois
    jd brisebois 6 months ago

    Really enjoyed most of Mr. Cohen’s work. Watched most of the episodes and happy to see him perform something other than comedy. Such an underrated and talented actor. Worth the watch. Only thing i wasn’t too fond of was the desaturated color filter to make it look vintage. Cheers:)

  • Ondrej Novotny
    Ondrej Novotny 6 months ago

    Hmm, not impressed - sorry. He seems kind of tense and unnatural in this role, the acting just does not seem good enough.

  • Zander Leslie
    Zander Leslie 6 months ago

    I just cannot see this being any good if his names not Borat

  • Chuck
    Chuck 6 months ago

    It's... not comedy?

  • N Corp
    N Corp 6 months ago +3

    We want Who Is America? Season 2...not this 😒

  • Caleb Clunie
    Caleb Clunie 6 months ago

    Undercover guy, Cohen?
    Good fit. I knew his skills, as an actor, are top notch.
    This, looks like a winner.

  • gronhox2
    gronhox2 6 months ago

    I sure will watch this Borat prequel.

  • Darren Bartlett
    Darren Bartlett 6 months ago

    Staines massive innit,