• Published on Dec 12, 2019
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Comments • 1 153

  • Oof Yeetus
    Oof Yeetus Day ago

    Of course I have defeated the dragon faster than that in survival

  • Oof Yeetus
    Oof Yeetus Day ago

    It’s a composter

  • P0werman1
    P0werman1 2 days ago +1

    Somebody beat the Ender Dragon in 95 seconds from the very beginning. In survival. They beat Minecraft in 95 seconds. What!?

  • Summer Davison
    Summer Davison 5 days ago +1

    When unspeakable “I haven’t had my morning coffee”
    Me: LIES

  • Robert Howell
    Robert Howell 5 days ago

    1 31

  • The Hickson Boys
    The Hickson Boys 6 days ago

    amazing love the mob farm

  • Guy Ladbrooke
    Guy Ladbrooke 8 days ago


  • M V
    M V 9 days ago


  • Scarlett Speer
    Scarlett Speer 11 days ago


  • Craig 120
    Craig 120 12 days ago

    20:20 minuet vid

  • Jason Moran
    Jason Moran 13 days ago

    I think it is awesome

  • Cloee Wood
    Cloee Wood 13 days ago

    The video ended with 20 minutes and 20 seconds everyone it's 2020 HAPPY 2020

  • Hannah Croughan
    Hannah Croughan 14 days ago

    you suvived 1 30

  • douneish
    douneish 20 days ago

    His video is 2020 minutes long

  • douneish
    douneish 20 days ago

    Unspeakable can tell the futrue

  • Chloe Girl
    Chloe Girl 21 day ago

    The time is 20:20
    anybody watching in 2020

  • Kade Brown
    Kade Brown 22 days ago +1

    2020? anybody?

  • Moditor Playz
    Moditor Playz 22 days ago +1

    I killed it for five seconds
    Solution:/kill @e[type=ender_dragon]

  • Rujina Khatun
    Rujina Khatun 22 days ago


  • Sebastian Hufstetler
    Sebastian Hufstetler 23 days ago

    20:20 is the new year

  • Mila Baker
    Mila Baker 23 days ago +1

    The duration time of the video is 20:20 tomorrow will be 2020. I will miss 2019!!

  • Sofia Sings Karaoke
    Sofia Sings Karaoke 24 days ago

    What’s that world called

  • Daniel Potato
    Daniel Potato 27 days ago

    I have killed dragon under 3 minutes but creative

  • kendra gonzales
    kendra gonzales 27 days ago

    i defeated the enderdragon in minecraft in survival but it is realy hard so i change to creative and i do not know how to use a timer

  • Justin Bernesier
    Justin Bernesier 28 days ago


  • Justin Bernesier
    Justin Bernesier 28 days ago


  • Enchanted Prime
    Enchanted Prime 28 days ago

    I defeat the ender dragon in 5s because my sword is op

  • randoM guY
    randoM guY 28 days ago

    Video is 2020 long

  • Alex Mayhew
    Alex Mayhew Month ago

    it took u 1min and 30s to defeat the ender dragon in creative mode
    I have also defeated the ender dragon befor me and my sis were so happy and proud basicly over nothing. (P.S. we were screaming to)

  • Nathan Lape
    Nathan Lape Month ago

    so cool

  • Daniel Wolgamott
    Daniel Wolgamott Month ago

    Blow it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gamer pro 23 000
    Gamer pro 23 000 Month ago +1

    I need the home

  • Lils Connie 14
    Lils Connie 14 Month ago

    The thumbnail and title is literally nothing to do with the actual video

  • Kayla Lindsey
    Kayla Lindsey Month ago

    He's in creative mode

  • Razakiel
    Razakiel Month ago

    It has cookies ... Every gacha characters dream..

  • Emily Roddy
    Emily Roddy Month ago

    did he really have 4 cups of coffie

  • Kbarlowrockz !
    Kbarlowrockz ! Month ago

    Unspeakable rocks

  • MaxiZFie
    MaxiZFie Month ago

    Yes i have Beaten the Ender dragon in gm-C. Here's how i did it. /kill @e

  • Melissa Soland
    Melissa Soland Month ago

    This cheerio 👉🐦 he was born 5 seconds ago likes = 2 years let's get him to age 1000

  • Melissa Soland
    Melissa Soland Month ago

    Lit new face cam and
    little intro

  • Lolakitty7
    Lolakitty7 Month ago +1

    This is why is going fast the cooking you no it’s a smoker

  • RubenHogenhout
    RubenHogenhout Month ago

    me!(with sword sharpness 100000) yeah i made that with no mods

  • Jessie Wilkerson
    Jessie Wilkerson Month ago

    the second thing for tables was a composter

  • Joshua Fernandez
    Joshua Fernandez Month ago +3

    Unspeakable you should know that I m a new fan

    • Lolakitty7
      Lolakitty7 Month ago +2

      Well I’m an old fan but you dident comment that long ago I’m only 11 hours late wow not bad!🤔

    • Rolanda Woody
      Rolanda Woody Month ago

      Me too! Unspeakable is so awesome RUclipr

  • Ian Veldhuizen
    Ian Veldhuizen Month ago

    i have killed the ender dragon in 2 seconds. I AM NOT KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SlothLover 13
    SlothLover 13 Month ago

    yes 1 second by using /kill @e

  • pickles
    pickles Month ago

    i killed the ender dragon in creative mode in 47 second *puts all enchantment in the ga,e on a bow and a sword

  • Tall thiccc tree
    Tall thiccc tree Month ago

    I killed the ender dragon in 5 seconds

  • Penny Grindrod
    Penny Grindrod Month ago

    I beat the ender dragon in 1minute and22 seconds in suvival

  • lisa bunny
    lisa bunny Month ago

    whats the map called?

  • Clouetihub
    Clouetihub Month ago

    I wish I had this

  • Jeremy and freinds
    Jeremy and freinds Month ago

    Do a survival series out of this house

  • Amanda Pearson
    Amanda Pearson Month ago


  • Angela Lin
    Angela Lin Month ago


  • Caymus Schmidt
    Caymus Schmidt Month ago

    Half a minute pretty much we may have to take Xanax and they said a minute and a half re Monster anime start with c c c c c

  • Caymus Schmidt
    Caymus Schmidt Month ago

    1 1/2 seconds

  • Katie Barry
    Katie Barry Month ago

    It took 1:31

  • Brady Orbell
    Brady Orbell Month ago

    Yes Buy commands

  • Cheesehead Films 2.0

    I couldnt comment this, because of restricted mode, but I LOVE THE NEW INTRO!

  • Gishka 23
    Gishka 23 Month ago

    I Beat The Ender Dragon In I Think Like 15 Seconds