Gold Rush Episode 6-10 Recap | SEASON 7 | Gold Rush

  • Published on Dec 23, 2016
  • Recap the highlights of Gold Rush season 7.
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Comments • 122

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Month ago

    Whats all that black shit mixed in with the gold doesnt look like gold to me

  • Diabetes
    Diabetes Month ago

    A truck carrying 30 tons is just holy shit that’s amazing

  • A
    A Month ago

    Family is more important than friends Todd.
    And a smart person knows when to change up the hustle because of a bad deal.

  • jeffrey donato
    jeffrey donato 2 months ago

    they destroyed the mother earth a lot!

  • HawaiiG
    HawaiiG 2 months ago

    I miss todd

  • Gary Holstein
    Gary Holstein 2 months ago

    Todd Hoffman was a ignorant Gold Miner! Or miner period thank goodness his crew left!!

  • Andrew Cotton
    Andrew Cotton 2 months ago

    Waste of time smalting it lol

  • Enki The master
    Enki The master 2 months ago

    For greet is never enough.

  • Eyeslo 420
    Eyeslo 420 4 months ago

    Friends don't leave friends.
    Friends take friends down with them.

  • EmergedRelic44
    EmergedRelic44 5 months ago

    Why does parker look like kilo ren

  • Just here Chillin
    Just here Chillin 5 months ago +1

    (Gold)”We have gold yay!!!”
    (No gold)”We don’t have gold, f*ck everyone.”

  • Big P
    Big P 6 months ago

    532oz with 100oz of black sand

  • james mackay
    james mackay 6 months ago

    Parkers gold comes out ALOT cleaner than beets gold

  • W
    W 6 months ago +2

    Why is all their gold always soooooooo such fine gold dust and never some decent gold nuggets?!

  • Michael Sly
    Michael Sly 7 months ago +3

    Wish Todd would come back. I looked forward to his failure every year.

  • ct sn
    ct sn 8 months ago

    Goooooooold I love it. I wanna find gold in my landlord. who can help me?

  • Tim Bibin
    Tim Bibin 8 months ago

    Tony Beets looks like a wizard

  • John Allen
    John Allen 9 months ago

    Once again,, Once again 25% of Tony's gold is 1/4 trash , clean your just a little bit frikken better !!! Beets's gold has not once been cleaned up to show clean gold. !!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Stevens
    Joshua Stevens 11 months ago

    Chill with the oh my God he is Lord

  • Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson Year ago +1

    Friends don't steal from friends either RIGHT TTTTTOOOOOODDDDD

  • Boruto AMV
    Boruto AMV Year ago

    How they be complaining for making 900k

    • josh williams
      josh williams 8 months ago

      Beciase they don’t make 900k there’s business expenses, salary’s to pay, fuel for the big machinery, costs for the land they work on etc... when all said and done probably 250k take home which is still good money but there’s more they could make and they know it

  • Trustno Bitch
    Trustno Bitch Year ago


  • TYAU Gurung
    TYAU Gurung Year ago

    the narrator sounds familiar
    who is this dude

  • Ethan VanPutten
    Ethan VanPutten Year ago

    Their mad of 15,000 dollars
    I'm super excited when I get 5

    • Kevin Liang
      Kevin Liang 5 days ago

      $15k is good if youre taking it all home with you. It's literally less than nothing when you're paying 12 guys, fuel, cost of equipment, repairs, rentals, and royalties to the claim owner.

    • Wonnel Zoldilock
      Wonnel Zoldilock 10 months ago

      How you want to pay your workers? And the cost of mining operation? 15k dollars is only for fuel cost
      But i guess you only a child

  • Collector Guy
    Collector Guy Year ago

    Todd was a complete ahole

  • miguel felipe minecraft jose

    7:35 this shit sad keep watching he splited lka banannana

  • miguel felipe minecraft jose

    do anyone else notice this but wonders how the sounds are made cause like you know they aren't the actual sounds so they use sounds effects does anywhere wonder what they are?

  • NWAZ flatEarther
    NWAZ flatEarther Year ago

    They don't make people like Tony Beets anymore.

  • Brando Ranger
    Brando Ranger Year ago

    Umm silly question is the black grains gold aswell and why the colour difference

  • Skale Goblin
    Skale Goblin Year ago +1

    Their upset that they dont have enough gold lol some people dont get that kind of thing in life.

    • Wonnel Zoldilock
      Wonnel Zoldilock 10 months ago

      They don't dig gold for accessories they dig gold to make a living for all of there family

  • Shane Ellis
    Shane Ellis Year ago

    That was some fine fine hackting

  • Babar Ali
    Babar Ali Year ago

    I'm pretty til joo

  • Jesus H
    Jesus H Year ago

    I'm waiting for them strip mine or hit a mine shaft

  • filthy animal
    filthy animal Year ago

    As Parker said Todd couldn't find gold in a jewellery store.he is a nasty piece of work always talking about his god but is not very Christian in his attitude

  • Mercury
    Mercury Year ago

    There’s just piles of gold on the table

    • sharmin india
      sharmin india Year ago

      Hoffman crew has always sucked and will always suck.....go home

  • DennisBTV
    DennisBTV Year ago

    my asshole smells so bad after working for 15.5 grams of diamonds

  • russell woods
    russell woods Year ago +1

    Tony Beeps should be happy with that beep cleanup

  • Migizi
    Migizi Year ago +2

    Frickin frickin frikin fracker

  • Big Willy Haver
    Big Willy Haver Year ago +2

    They are sick of getting only one pound of gold,I'd be very happy even with less than that much gold

  • Official man
    Official man Year ago +1

    Which team are you guy?? Tell me🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kiran Mistry
    Kiran Mistry Year ago +2

    When they say “just 15,00$” I’m like 😑

  • Jan Terri
    Jan Terri Year ago +1

    There should be a swear word counter in the top right corner for this show when Tony Beets’s perspective is shown. Seriously his mouth needs to be thoroughly washed with soap.

    • jacob stucki
      jacob stucki Year ago

      Nico Stoyanov how many ounces in swear words do you think they clean up? 😂

  • Casey Setzer
    Casey Setzer 2 years ago +46

    Every episode is the same. Literally! tune in next week when Tony cusses and gets tons of gold Todd's crew is going for 10,000 oz. and has 3oz. and Parker acts like a 6yr. old

  • Casey Setzer
    Casey Setzer 2 years ago +3

    Every episode is the same. Literally! tune in next week when Tony cusses and gets tons of gold Todd's crew is going for 10,000 oz. and has 3oz. and Parker acts like a 6yr. old

  • Tim Dawson
    Tim Dawson 2 years ago

    Mr. Parker I see that you hit the frost line you need to get some TNT and some rubber tires throw sheet of rubber tires over the dynamite and blast your bigger stuff would be underneath the Frozen frost line no doubt it has nowhere to go it's not going to travel anywhere and it's just sitting there for your taking God bless Parker

  • Bob Martin
    Bob Martin 2 years ago +1

    Tom Hoffman needs to take a chill pill and stop blaming others for lost water when he didn’t see the seem where the water was lost, it looks to me as if they just didn’t seal it correctly all the way before water was put into it.

  • Valentino A
    Valentino A 2 years ago

    They make millions and look like fucking homeless bums

  • WastedTalent
    WastedTalent 2 years ago

    Hoffman crew has always sucked and will always suck.....go home

  • Michael Poolaw
    Michael Poolaw 2 years ago +5

    Hey Discovery UK, I need some help. I'm an American soldier deployed overseas. I can't get Hulu to work here. I thought that I was all caught up in the seasons. Well, the recaps do not look familiar. So, I have not seen season 7 apparently. Is it possible to some how watch season 7. Where? Who? Thank you in advance. Sgt Poolaw 1-279th 45th INF. BGD Oklahoma Army N Guard deployed.

    • jacob stucki
      jacob stucki Year ago

      Yep I’m with these guys looks like another “nasty girl POG” just trying to get a little public attention aatw

    • bubu mic
      bubu mic 2 years ago +1

      Wow how come you give your info and location so easily ? And for what. A season of some stupid show ?

    • WastedTalent
      WastedTalent 2 years ago +3

      Michael Poolaw Hey Sgt. Poolaw, when I was deployed they told us to never put our personal info ON RUclip! you are ate up Sgt, get ur info down. It amazes me that a Sgt would be dumb enough to not send a private email to hulu.....but then I saw you were National Gaurd and now I understand.

  • Luke_benz_truck Donegan
    Luke_benz_truck Donegan 2 years ago +47

    How can they be making such a lot of money and still look homeless

    • ct sn
      ct sn 8 months ago

      Good Idea husss

    • Richard Wills
      Richard Wills 11 months ago

      Gambling disease. Look it up on google.

    • 5000 subs with no effort
      5000 subs with no effort Year ago

      Their equipment costs a lot of money

    • Zolgs
      Zolgs Year ago

      Penny wise The dancing clown! Would you go out with a nice costume to work with dirt and stuff?

    • biscuit
      biscuit Year ago +8

      so they are supposed to be dressed in fine suits while they dig around for gold? You are the retarded ones.

  • Hubert N
    Hubert N 2 years ago +3

    Did not know we could count black sand, but I guess you can on TV!

    • J Blob
      J Blob Year ago

      I'm a Cat? Stop Lying no it isnt its iron powder

  • Andrew Ringer
    Andrew Ringer 2 years ago +1

    People on that show get butthurt too easily

  • Aaron Soegiono
    Aaron Soegiono 2 years ago +1

    “That’s only 15k” f*ck me I can’t even get 1k

  • AucklandHard
    AucklandHard 2 years ago +1

    Anybody know what the little black specs are in the gold

    • Dover
      Dover Year ago +1

      slag, it's worthless

    • John Lawson
      John Lawson 2 years ago

      AucklandHard black sand

  • Alexis S.
    Alexis S. 2 years ago

    Fuck, only 2 million dollars 😐

  • Mitchell Bellini
    Mitchell Bellini 2 years ago +1

    Most of the weight in Tony's gold was cause of all the people's in there he barely cleaned it out

    • TobiasVER
      TobiasVER 2 years ago

      Mitchell Bellini people in gold?

  • John Daniel Hubbard
    John Daniel Hubbard 2 years ago

    bullshit everybody strikes it rich the same time huh? BULLSHIT SWEEPS WEEK CLICK BAIT

  • Riane Lopez
    Riane Lopez 2 years ago

    todd is nothing but air!

  • Mad Pierrot
    Mad Pierrot 2 years ago +51

    6:27 You're telling me that this sexy girl just up and left her home and job in Australia to be with Parker because he is handsome, charming or has good character, rather that doing it because he has money and she will get television exposure which could potentially help her land a job somewhere in this industry in the future? lol

    • The Beez Kneez
      The Beez Kneez 7 days ago

      Plot twist, she actually went with parker because shes a gold digger.. lol jokes on you dummy

    • ct sn
      ct sn 8 months ago

      If she need money, come and visit me. I'll give her.

    • Samuel Gregoire
      Samuel Gregoire 11 months ago

      Mad Pierrot z

    • Adam.43
      Adam.43 Year ago

      Dont no where ur looking there both dirty

    • xena-ig
      xena-ig Year ago +4

      1:12 **** thats where the sexy girl is

  • get in my van for some hard candy

    oh fuck damnt I only got 120 oz of gold that's only 2.5 million dallors

    • Darth Pepe
      Darth Pepe 2 years ago

      최영재 He's lying obviously lol

    • WastedTalent
      WastedTalent 2 years ago +2

      you are an idiot

    • 최영재
      최영재 2 years ago +1

      757oz of gold is 900000dollars, how is 120oz 2.5 mill