Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Full Video)

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    Daft Punk - Get Lucky (ft.Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers)
    This is a NOT official music video that I've made from "Get Lucky" SNL Ad (30 second teaser). There is no official video yet.

    Check out new video for 'Get Lucky' (album version of the song):
    Or check out my video for 'Lose Yourself to Dance':

    P.S. Sorry for mistakes in this video, it's was the first one I've edited.

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    [Verse 1: Pharrell]
    Like the legend of the phoenix
    Our ends were beginnings
    What keeps the planet spinning
    The force from the beginning

    [Hook: Pharrell]
    We've come too far
    To give up who we are
    So let's raise the bar
    And our cups to the stars
    She's up all night 'til the sun
    I'm up all night to get some
    She's up all night for good fun
    I'm up all night to get lucky
    We're up all night 'til the sun
    We're up all night to get some
    We're up all night for good fun
    We're up all night to get lucky (x5)

    [Verse 2: Pharrell]
    The present has no rhythm
    Your gift keeps on giving
    What is this I'm feeling?
    If you want to leave, I'm with it


    [Bridge: Daft Punk]
    We're up all night to get (x4)
    We're up all night to get back together
    We're up all night (let's get back together!)
    We're up all night to get funky
    We're up all night to get lucky
    We're up all night to get lucky (x8)


    [Outro x4]
    We're up all night to get lucky
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  • TheWimmse
    TheWimmse 24 минуты назад

    Pharell was very lucky the weekend wasnt around back then!

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 1 час назад

    So shinnnnyyyyyy.

  • Akhil Anand
    Akhil Anand 1 час назад

    2:42 - We'll rob a Mexican monkey.

  • Roosterdawgg woof
    Roosterdawgg woof 1 час назад

    2:20 "We're all Mexican"? Just me???

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    DrinkinSlim 6 часов назад

    Why is this in mono? Sheez.

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    MysT Reflex 7 часов назад

    I put the std in stud, all I need I u

  • Jon Wyllie
    Jon Wyllie 8 часов назад

    Does this remind anyone else of breaking bad

  • Juan Bolaños
    Juan Bolaños 8 часов назад

    ese vato es pharrel williams verdad

    MAJOR_MAYH3M 9 часов назад

    one of the greatest songs in pop history

  • gonza Costa
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  • gonza Costa
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  • gonza Costa
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  • Dip Dawg
    Dip Dawg 15 часов назад

    we rub mexican monkey!

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  • Professor Blum
    Professor Blum 17 часов назад

    if your gonna play the drums in the video actually learn the part

  • angel munoz
    angel munoz 17 часов назад

    "We robbed a mexican"

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  • Grunkle Stan
    Grunkle Stan 19 часов назад

    Which mask is better?

  • Pvz GadenWarfare aka pug pals
    Pvz GadenWarfare aka pug pals 21 час назад

    robotic dance of vic- robotic dance of victory

  • Hero_Jake
    Hero_Jake 23 часа назад

    2:20 “Were Prob Mexican”

  • Daedae Plummer
    Daedae Plummer 1 день назад

    2017 anyone...

  • Vivi Decraen
    Vivi Decraen 1 день назад

    It's 'the present has no ribbon', not 'no rhythm'

  • Giordano Fuentes
    Giordano Fuentes 1 день назад

    como es k daft punk no lo publica y este men lo hace

  • Jacky Arts
    Jacky Arts 1 день назад

    Why at some point I hear "we rob all Mexicans" XDD

  • mario reyes
    mario reyes 1 день назад

    June 2017!!!

  • The unknown rex
    The unknown rex 1 день назад

    ikr who doesn't

  • Bio Hazard
    Bio Hazard 1 день назад

    Lmao, my name is Thomas and I play an electric bass😂

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    Nadia García 1 день назад

    Que proCD prros? xDxDxD hello madafaka :3

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    citlali villegas 1 день назад

    Man I just wanna be as happy
    As the guy with dreads playing the guitar 😂

  • Laker Gamer YT
    Laker Gamer YT 1 день назад

    pone musica llama daff punk get lucky en yotube porfa. aree

  • cmcer91
    cmcer91 1 день назад

    Nile Rodgers is the Master of the Universe.

  • きたあかり
    きたあかり 1 день назад

    LOVE IT SO MUCH (≧∇≦) 👍👍👍👍👍

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  • mudil0
    mudil0 1 день назад

    Это великолепно

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    Akira Usui 1 день назад

    hi! i love this music!

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  • Canal HenriqueDL
    Canal HenriqueDL 2 дня назад

    daft punk

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    울 아빠 메뚜기 럭끼

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    Vichekesho TV 2 дня назад

    Anyone June 2017??

  • 구독자500명찍고찍어버리기 아무것도안하고

    Like the legend of the phoenix
    All ends with beginnings
    What keeps the planet spinning (uh)
    The force of love beginning

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    일기코코의 2 дня назад

    한국인분들 저도한국인인데
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  • Neutuzalem52
    Neutuzalem52 2 дня назад

    Who would not want to be dressed like them, with one of the helmets of the duo Daft Punk and moving to the rhythm of music with the unsurpassable style that has Daft Punk.

  • 소다박사
    소다박사 2 дня назад

    Download Link plese

  • tity Morales
    tity Morales 2 дня назад

    que tiempos :(

  • Alex Alvino
    Alex Alvino 2 дня назад

    Listening it still, in June 2017 in Japan

  • David Rugamas
    David Rugamas 2 дня назад

    i like the gold mask

  • Sabrina Manzano
    Sabrina Manzano 2 дня назад

    PORFIN!!!!!! encontré la canción que siempre ponen en las tiendas😂😂😂😂

  • Austin Moore
    Austin Moore 2 дня назад

    I want their helmets

  • Joshua Pinkston
    Joshua Pinkston 2 дня назад

    It's like a mix of 70s 80s and 90s rolled into one song! Love it wish more music was like this today very cool

  • 정유
    정유 2 дня назад

    우리 아빠 매뚜기 럭키

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    dexter kim 2 дня назад

    robot dance - zack kim?

  • KingFoofy
    KingFoofy 3 дня назад

    Is that lil Wayne

  • songkok7hitam
    songkok7hitam 3 дня назад

    they just brought techno to another level.

  • Caleb Dziepak
    Caleb Dziepak 3 дня назад

    Honestly, I am not a fan of Daft Punk, but I love this song. Probably because the robot voices are used sparingly, like with Earth, Wind, and Fire's "Lets Groove." Daft Punk would not exist without Earth, Wind, and Fire, or the other funk groups of the era which Nile Rodgers was of course a part of with Chic. He brings such a tremendous groove to any song he works on, you can't help but get into it. I also really like Pharrell Williams, and he is fantastic on this track.

  • Frederick lukoki
    Frederick lukoki 3 дня назад

    2:41 we rob a mexican, lucky

  • carmen athanasiadis
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  • Benjamin Dorvilus
    Benjamin Dorvilus 3 дня назад

    Who else thinks Ayo and Teo stole the mask ideas from Daft Punk? Obviously, Future got jealous and made Mask Off afterward.

  • jonathan luiz melo ramos
    jonathan luiz melo ramos 3 дня назад

    cadê os BR?

  • Panda Cute 12
    Panda Cute 12 3 дня назад

    Este men no es el que canta happy? :v

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres 3 дня назад

    It sounded like he was saying we rob a Mexican

  • pj smith
    pj smith 3 дня назад

    reminds me of my uncle who passed away in jan,64 he loved this song....

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    Alex Mercer448 3 дня назад

    I love this song!

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    TheFish Nerds 3 дня назад

    2:53 we rob a Mexican lucky

  • Legend Dragon
    Legend Dragon 4 дня назад

    this song is 4years old??!!! What

  • ShantyPhantom
    ShantyPhantom 4 дня назад

    Still trying to get all Ancient Gear in Diablo 3

  • Ani Olson
    Ani Olson 4 дня назад

    Niles Rodgers ..... LEGENDARY... and totally has it goin' onnnn.

  • Cory James Key
    Cory James Key 4 дня назад

    Well rob a Mexican monkey ? 😂 2:20

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    sshhuua 4 дня назад

    After he got lucky
    He got pu

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    still like this song

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    Alec Savoy 4 дня назад

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    listening to this while going to the beach B)

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    just different

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    Bless RNG

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    cool music

  • DAVY D
    DAVY D 4 дня назад

    look deep in my eyes and tell me you knew:

    1. this was Pharrel

    2. you knew all the words

  • Hammern28
    Hammern28 5 дней назад

    Daft Punk is just cool, just cool. Aint no other way to describe it. Coolness. So cool. Yeeeahh...

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    I'd love to see the Cresendolls Play This ^_^

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    Gerardo Rodriguez Contreras 5 дней назад

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  • BTSR Get Rekt
    BTSR Get Rekt 5 дней назад

    Destiny 3 Confirmed???!?!!!

  • shevegen
    shevegen 5 дней назад

    The lyrics are not completely correct.

    "All ends with beginnings." is the right variant, rather than the mistake that is shown in the video...

  • Juanfra Salas
    Juanfra Salas 5 дней назад

    nice song this one

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    Railton Santos 5 дней назад

    let's Go Corinthians.

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    Manuel Reus 5 дней назад

    should be me directing because this director dont know how to direct a music video.

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  • Bibi -R
    Bibi -R 6 дней назад

    Get Lucky Bibi-R ! J'aime cette chanson et Daft Punk ! Sinon je ne l'aurai pas chargé pour mon blog !

  • Sam Sammy
    Sam Sammy 6 дней назад

    who hit a snare that soft. what sound do you hear from that shit?

  • renato junior santos Santos
    renato junior santos Santos 6 дней назад

    This song is top ( muito boa)

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    Mrpatito 6 дней назад

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