Fargo Official Trailer #1 - Steve Buscemi Movie (1996) HD

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Fargo Trailer - Jerry Lundegaard's (William H. Macy) inept crime falls apart due to his and his henchmen's bungling and the persistent police work of pregnant Marge Gunderson (Frances McDormand).

MGM - 1996

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Длительность: 1:57
Комментарии: 185

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Автор Cyber Pleb ( назад)
The music is a horrendous choice.

Автор UV0023 ( назад)
Can I watch this after watching the series, or there will be no point after knowing the whole story?

Автор Laurie Hintz ( назад)
This was one of the worst movies I've ever watched. I'm from Minnesota & the accent is nothing that extreme as it is in the movie! Only morons sound like that!

Автор Contakum ( назад)
Beyond a doubt one of the greatest movies ever. It's people are peculiar and it's plot is beautifully wack - shit crazy.

Автор RochaJP #ConTV ( назад)

Автор Alex Lex ( назад)
What a stupid no sense movie. Dont bother watching it. One of the worst ones ever seen. Felt my IQ drop after watching that garbage. ugh.

Автор gahty57 ( назад)
Good movie but the only thing I hated about it was the word "jah". My god it was annoying, if you don't understand watch the movie :D

Автор Filip Djordjevic ( назад)
When will this movie come out?

Автор Dionicio Gaspar ( назад)
I love this movie, so much!!! Thanks to this movie, it inspired me to write a dark comedy short film about a kidnapping gone wrong.

Автор Akash Tyagi ( назад)
A Classic

Автор Deadly Gamer98 ( назад)
oh yeah

Автор ecaepevolhturt ( назад)
I love when the people who do not have the level-of-intelligence required to appreciate the movie's originality, symbolism and complexity, find out about the reputation of the movie, watch it and then complain that they thought it was boring.

Автор ecaepevolhturt ( назад)
When I watched it, for the first half of the movie I was bored but the second half the pace started to increase and by the end I realised that the movie was really good and original. It gets you thinking and has a deep message that is not often communicated in any form of media-entertainment. Also it contains a lot of humor and violence which helps keep you hooked. I now understand why this movie has such a great reputation but it's not a movie that you watch again and again like "Wayne's World" or "Hackers". It's a movie that you watch once but that stays with you for a really long time.

Автор Rongo mā Tāne - God of Cultivation ( назад)
im here because of all the references American media attribute to it, but I have never seen it lol.

Автор george k ( назад)
fuck this cunt shit fuck hole

Автор 0002pA ( назад)
YT comments do not have enough place to explain why I love this movie so much, but it made me really, really like Steve Buscemi and Willian H Macy.

Автор İbrahim Şanlı ( назад)
Oh yah? jeez.

Автор The Pystykorva ( назад)
Looks like full of shit.... Its so annoying to not know is the movie good or bad before you watch it...

Автор Alex Tv ( назад)
I always get Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi mixed up.

Автор Hannibal Lecter ( назад)
i love this movie so much

Автор Justin Brown ( назад)
I never seen this movie until recently it's a good movie thank goodness it was made in 1996.

Автор Bjørn Even Vågen ( назад)
This is the worst movie i have ever seen......


Автор Yolo Swaggins ( назад)
Oh jeez, way to spoil almost the entire movie, darn tootin.

Автор Roe TriP ( назад)
cant wait 4 season 3 :D i love the series but dont saw the movie :D

Автор Blazed Elf ( назад)
Jerry that fucking fuck. Hated that mother fucker.

Автор Ahmad Saqer ( назад)
They should rename the movie with "Yaaaah!"

Автор zobielamouche1 ( назад)
are the coens kikes?

Автор Marcin Nalborczyk ( назад)
Frank Gallagher started young :D

Автор Grims Diary ( назад)
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I heard it takes place in Minnesota, and I just have to say that our accent isn't that thick, and by what I've been told we just stretch out our O's.

Автор Joshua Santiago ( назад)
the yah drove me nuts. amazing movie tho

Автор That Muffin ( назад)
OH YAH!!!!!

Автор Chris Bryan ( назад)
I'm more annoyed with the Japanese guy. What a perv.

Автор REKAN AZIZ 10 ( назад)
just heard about the movie from msn's "the best movie released the year you were born" damnnn kinda disappointed !

Автор DarknuttyAndKilami1 ( назад)
One of the best movies ever made!

Автор Woody Hutton ( назад)
Steve Buscemi playing against type as a low life sociopathic scumbag

Автор David Witte ( назад)
yah sure you betcha' dontcha know

Автор Connor Brennan ( назад)
Hate me all you want for this guys, but I don't think this movie is as good as many people say it is.

Автор Apple Bee ( назад)
The accent would get really annoying after a short while.

Автор Kitty Mew ( назад)

Автор T.O. Bro. Show (T.O.B.S) ( назад)
anybody here because of Stephen Colbert and the fact that you never saw this movie

Автор MicrowaveBackground ( назад)
Worst trailer for the best film

Автор Peanut Cinema ( назад)
Best Coen brothers film by far

Автор yeerkyjerky42 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure this movie is terrible, yet it gets such good reviews and praise. The only thing I enjoyed was the goofy accents and how (comically) dumb some of the characters were.

Can someone explain the appeal of this film to me? And is it anything like the show?

Автор Márton Pintér ( назад)
If you didn't see the movie, watch it first, this trailer has quite a few spoilers.

Автор abhijay tyagi ( назад)
hey, can anybody help me out here??
The tv series says that the events happened in 2006...but this movie was made in 1996...how is that possible?

Автор d2cuadrados ( назад)

Автор Dr. Peanut ( назад)
Awesome film, but I like The Big Lebowski a smudge bit more

Автор gugug ( назад)
i love this movie.

Автор Rassun Kenner ( назад)
why dont u give us the whole fucking movie

Автор Brent Cone ( назад)
I must say, This movie is REALY overrated. Not bad but It's not as good as everyone says it is. It's a good movie but way too overrated.

Автор Madwolf28 ( назад)
Yah jeez hun! What a film.

Автор AutoTunes (826 лет назад)
Made an Auto-Tune song of this movie. Check it out on my channel!

Автор TheMrEpicsounds ( назад)
Oh heck!

Автор Jack Kelleher ( назад)
oh jeez

Автор denis halilovic ( назад)
why is it brained cops lol but its called fargo, fargo is about 150 miles out of fargo hahaha weird idk why they didn't call it brained

Автор cwuzii ( назад)
This looks fucking terrible. That retarded woman cop would make this unwatchable.

Автор hattorihanzo ( назад)
John Oliver brought me here

Автор Home of the Mad ( назад)
how is that movie considered "great" it was extremely depressing and the characters had personalities as deep as a puddle

stupid movie DON'T WATCH IT

Автор 17MXT ( назад)
What is up with all the "yah" in the movie?It was driving me crazy.

Автор Piotrek Sobieszczański ( назад)
Does anybody know what's the track is playing in the background??

Автор STAN 刘骁睿 ( назад)
Frank fucking gallagher

Автор Torsade101 ( назад)
Fantastic film

Автор Jahred Lee ( назад)
whats the music in through the trailer?

Автор G4nst4Ch33se ( назад)
What is it that makes Bescumi's character less psychopathic than the other guy?

Автор San Andreas ( назад)
This is a true classic one of the most disturbing films I watched when I was younger lol

Автор Zizi Mugen ( назад)
Just saw the movie. It wasn't bad. Just kind of meh.

Автор e16able ( назад)
Love the series, Billy Bob Thornton is one hell of an actor. His sarcasm is super!

Автор Faith Ella ( назад)
I loved this movie seen it like ten times

Автор Saidif Mejia ( назад)

Автор bunny fish ( назад)
One of my favorite films

Автор legion (589 лет назад)

Автор Sébastien S. Robert ( назад)
Great film, despicable trailer imho.

Автор Equus 21-Aaron B. ( назад)
Incredible film....

Автор diviz0r ( назад)
wow ive only seen the tv show but this movie truely feels like the original. goof acting in the movie aswell as in the show. lol

Автор Laurence Patrick ( назад)
Watching an ad before an ad, hmmmm...

Автор Langusto Schreiner ( назад)
thanks for uploading!

Автор Trevor wignall ( назад)
@Thalia Urban R

Автор thalia ( назад)
wats this rated?

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