I LOST $10,000 twice


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  • Magikstaff
    Magikstaff 18 часов назад +1021

    1st!!! Finally.

    • Camille Files
      Camille Files Час назад

      Thousandth like! Congrats

    • Magikstaff
      Magikstaff 2 часа назад +1

      MysticalStriker thank you!!

    • Audrey Wright
      Audrey Wright 2 часа назад

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    • Its_TeeDa_ GOAT
      Its_TeeDa_ GOAT 3 часа назад

      2nd now

    • Milko 7002
      Milko 7002 4 часа назад

      Back in my days we've been banging Jackasses like him. And now you are pining em. Twhu

  • Glenn Dsouza
    Glenn Dsouza 54 минуты назад

    I lost 50 bucks once

  • Dusty B
    Dusty B 54 минуты назад

    4:35 Dodgers!

  • KeiranGrant
    KeiranGrant 55 минут назад

    Wow 2nd on trending

  • Jay 11
    Jay 11 56 минут назад

    Omg number 2 on trending

  • Awesome Kid
    Awesome Kid 58 минут назад

    I lost $5

  • There is something wrong with me
    There is something wrong with me 59 минут назад


  • Severyn Baltos
    Severyn Baltos 59 минут назад

    I lost ~500$ to war thunder

  • Jaybriel Akoi
    Jaybriel Akoi Час назад

    This is all Donald Trumps fault.

  • Bellatrix Potter
    Bellatrix Potter Час назад

    Congrats on trending!

  • Jaybriel Akoi
    Jaybriel Akoi Час назад

    This doesn’t deserve to trend #2

  • Kendall Reacts!
    Kendall Reacts! Час назад

    I lost 50$ at chuck e cheese

  • Juan V
    Juan V Час назад

    #2 on trending

  • Gupee Da Penguin
    Gupee Da Penguin Час назад

    I would get free toilet paper?!?!?!? IM BOOKING A FLIGHT TO CALIFORNIA!

  • GV Things
    GV Things Час назад


  • Kyle 3.0
    Kyle 3.0 Час назад

    And know you got the money back threw this video

  • martinog marius
    martinog marius Час назад

    Lol i do the same. I have my phone in my hand but i dont realise. So i accuse others xD

  • Mimi gaming
    Mimi gaming Час назад

    You do realize this is #2 on trending and I lost $300

  • Fajer njr
    Fajer njr Час назад

    No offense but you can’t lose something that wasn’t yours to begin with...

    KRONICAL Час назад +1

    Any hot girls here

  • Caleb Freeman
    Caleb Freeman Час назад +1

    Swoozie said it's clickbait cause it's 20k

  • Elijah Logan
    Elijah Logan Час назад

    if you want to lose money again help pay for my tuition

  • Hello There
    Hello There Час назад

    Actually i lost a dollar

  • The Obese Unicorn
    The Obese Unicorn Час назад

    #2 on trending GG bro

  • New World Gaming
    New World Gaming Час назад

    That dough will come rolling in b/c your vid is trending

  • Fajer njr
    Fajer njr Час назад

    I lost 1,000 dollars and it feels HORRIBLE.
    I can’t imagine losing that much...

  • Gamer Guy
    Gamer Guy Час назад

    Number #2 on trending

  • Cambria_cat
    Cambria_cat Час назад

    2 on trending!

  • Bro Cooking With Jay
    Bro Cooking With Jay Час назад

    $20k really ain’t a big deal.

  • Seeps
    Seeps Час назад


  • Ian R
    Ian R Час назад

    I saw this on Matthew Santoro’s snapchat

  • The fourth Corner
    The fourth Corner Час назад

    Where is the fan mail video????

  • Nikki mew
    Nikki mew Час назад

    Swoozie X Alex >:3

  • ziljin
    ziljin Час назад +1

    I lost $20 once. It was traumatizing. I don't leave with more than $10 in my wallet now.

    CAMERON TABOR Час назад

    Have you seen wakfo?

  • Saness
    Saness Час назад +1

    I feel clickbaited...

  • The puppet’s Productions
    The puppet’s Productions Час назад

    ... I took your money Alex

  • islamelk
    islamelk Час назад

    I LOST $20k ONCE*

  • Lyndon Montayre
    Lyndon Montayre Час назад

    I lost Php150.00

  • realtbnrfrags10
    realtbnrfrags10 Час назад

    i can see theodd1sout, you,TimTom,domics and somethingelseYT

  • blazinpyromaniac
    blazinpyromaniac Час назад +1

    How could you lose that money if you never had it in the first place? lmfaoo typical fake youtuber title

  • Yee Sze Law
    Yee Sze Law Час назад

    I also blame people like you

  • Lena M
    Lena M Час назад


    How did you find a place for $500 in LA? DUH FU-

  • Lovethe Game
    Lovethe Game Час назад

    also i watch laur diy she da bomb

  • ssj edson
    ssj edson Час назад

    I lost $22 and thats the most amount of money i lost

  • Maxine Afiado
    Maxine Afiado Час назад

    Congratulations!!! It’s trending #2!!!

  • Clair the cat
    Clair the cat Час назад

    I can relate

  • Lovethe Game
    Lovethe Game Час назад

    i love itsalexclark it is fun to watch

  • Darren Hui
    Darren Hui Час назад

    5:21 ITS OVER 9000

  • Brooks Davis
    Brooks Davis Час назад

    Wow good job on trending!

  • JustANormalAnimeFan
    JustANormalAnimeFan Час назад

    My brother stole 2,000 dollars

  • Exploring with Tomek
    Exploring with Tomek Час назад

    So... you never actually lost the money. Welp

  • Speak English
    Speak English Час назад


  • Zoe Reyes
    Zoe Reyes Час назад

    Congrats on trending

  • Desean W
    Desean W Час назад

    Your trending #2

  • TheDestroyerVlogs
    TheDestroyerVlogs Час назад

    I lost 150$ once I was 6 years old it was a gift for me going to school

  • Jimbebo Brugos
    Jimbebo Brugos Час назад

    You are not the only one me to

  • Creeper Zack Luna
    Creeper Zack Luna Час назад +1


  • Emerald Snake-chan
    Emerald Snake-chan Час назад

    Congrats on 2nd on trending

  • Luz Lopez
    Luz Lopez Час назад

    i Lost 20 dollars in second grade

  • youtube lover 720
    youtube lover 720 Час назад

    40$ in two days

  • Thejeff Hunter
    Thejeff Hunter Час назад

    I do the same thing

  • Don Whisby
    Don Whisby Час назад


  • delta 4
    delta 4 Час назад +1

    Do does that mean that you lost 20k only once

  • Deer Gurl
    Deer Gurl Час назад

    On the thumbnail there is only $120 lmao

  • Allie Paige
    Allie Paige Час назад

    I lost 100$ once. Yeah my brother stole it. Then I lost 700$ not long after... the bank gave it to my brother. I PERSONALLY THINK THEY BOTH SHOULD PAY ME BACK. BUT life aint fuckin fair 😭

  • Allie Paige
    Allie Paige Час назад

    I never lost $10,000. I never lost that much because I never had that much 😂

  • Charizard Tamer92
    Charizard Tamer92 Час назад


  • E R
    E R Час назад

    I bought a megamillions ticket and didn't win so I guess that means I lost $300,000,000.00

  • Kenna Penna
    Kenna Penna Час назад

    2 on trending good job!

  • Cameron Sanders
    Cameron Sanders Час назад

    2nd on trending

  • Rage Rex
    Rage Rex Час назад

    Real money alot, monopoly money when I play that game with friends over a lifetime lots and lots, be blessed be life enjoy life 😊🤘🤙

  • Noah Guy
    Noah Guy Час назад

    Finally u get on 2ed on trending

  • Deadpool 16842
    Deadpool 16842 Час назад

    I lost 2$

  • Pingus 743
    Pingus 743 Час назад

    You never lost the money if you never had the money which you didn’t it was never yours to begin

  • Galaxy Mermaid
    Galaxy Mermaid Час назад

    Congrats for being #2 on trending

  • IDon'tEvenKnowAnimations
    IDon'tEvenKnowAnimations Час назад

    Don’t worry, these views will make you go all the way up to 10,000 dollars!

  • destiniee52plays
    destiniee52plays Час назад +1


  • Mr go Film Gaming
    Mr go Film Gaming Час назад

    Was that dahi the nogla

  • jacktheninja
    jacktheninja Час назад

    friken clickbait.

  • moose files
    moose files Час назад

    Finnaly someone who does what I do when I lose something

  • E.C.C Legend 777
    E.C.C Legend 777 Час назад

    Bro my comments never get likes and I get so pissed lol.

  • Drawing Characters
    Drawing Characters Час назад

    Title says "I LOST $10,000 twice" So you lost $20,000, but you never ssaaaiaiidddd thhthattt im only 1 minute into the vid, probably should watch more... but WHO CAREEESSSSS

  • Lisaury World
    Lisaury World Час назад

    Congrats man #2

  • Giselle Joseph
    Giselle Joseph Час назад


  • Pebbles The unicorn
    Pebbles The unicorn Час назад

    A dollar

  • Joshua lara
    Joshua lara Час назад

    Number 2 on trending

  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed Час назад

    I lost $100. I was 9. I was sad.

  • Hat Boy
    Hat Boy Час назад


  • Zook Inthe6ix
    Zook Inthe6ix Час назад

    1 trillion Zimbabwe dollars in 1993

  • Snxwman 1
    Snxwman 1 Час назад


  • captain redsmoke
    captain redsmoke Час назад

    I lost 50$ because it fell out my pocket

  • Queen Bri
    Queen Bri Час назад

    I lost $20

  • Unevenarthur
    Unevenarthur Час назад +2

    #2 on Trending!!

    [INSERT NAME HERE] Час назад

    I got scammed off a 80$ weapon skin in h1z1

  • Juan Carlos Miguel-Garcia
    Juan Carlos Miguel-Garcia Час назад

    Congrats on second trending

  • Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker
    Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker 2 часа назад +1

    I have OCD and if I lose something like money, I also lose my friends... OCD is the worst thing a person could have, not even cancer is comparable

  • Gaming_Chacha
    Gaming_Chacha 2 часа назад

    Good job Alex you keep this up your on 2# on trending

  • en round
    en round 2 часа назад

    A lot of poeple lose more than $100,000 in taxes. :/