• Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • What will happen if you put a GIANT KING CRAB under the CAR???
    ...All food in this video is expired...
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  • The Random Box OwO
    The Random Box OwO 18 hours ago

    I mean some of the legs are fine I think

  • The Random Box OwO
    The Random Box OwO 18 hours ago


  • Jennifer Galvan917


  • Alysa Biet
    Alysa Biet 5 days ago

    That's just wasting

  • Seiji San
    Seiji San 5 days ago

    Atleast they're not alive and some of them are props

  • { Bela }
    { Bela } 6 days ago

    Guys these animals were dead to begin with

  • phạm bảo nhân gaming VN

    😭R.I.P 🦀 crab

  • Hoàng Gia Hưng
    Hoàng Gia Hưng 8 days ago

    what a waste

  • Nanda Monica
    Nanda Monica 8 days ago

    Mubadzir mending buat aku

  • Amarii UwU
    Amarii UwU 10 days ago

    P A I N

  • Hong Cuc Trinh
    Hong Cuc Trinh 10 days ago

    Stupid dumb people

  • Mai Shoua
    Mai Shoua 10 days ago +1

    Waste of food

  • Dr. Endermite For Kids

    You worthless human it’s almost thanksgiving a and that’s how you treat a living thing you could of ate it

  • It’s SineenAgain
    It’s SineenAgain 14 days ago


    Thank me later

  • i_s731 -_-
    i_s731 -_- 15 days ago

    That is super harming ewww i beat i cloud i put butter and garlic and eat the king crab cost like 500 or more

  • Wega Phawapat
    Wega Phawapat 16 days ago

    The crab didn't bleed so im not satisfied

  • Zirby Banana
    Zirby Banana 16 days ago

    Now eat it

  • wig oxygen
    wig oxygen 17 days ago

    u could’ve eaten that

  • Xxjan_UwUxX
    Xxjan_UwUxX 18 days ago

    King krab
    1 like=rest in peace ;-;

  • Nhi Nguyễn
    Nhi Nguyễn 19 days ago

    Tr ơi nhìu người còn ko có ăn mà lm như z 😡 tht là lãn phí

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man 19 days ago

    *aight Amma head out*

  • Nguyen Bich Dau
    Nguyen Bich Dau 19 days ago


  • Amir Mccleod
    Amir Mccleod 19 days ago

    A waste of food smh please don’t do the king crab again thank you

  • Milenia Anggun
    Milenia Anggun 20 days ago


  • Linh Nguyễn
    Linh Nguyễn 22 days ago

    Lãng phí quá đi

  • Anggra alit
    Anggra alit 22 days ago

    this is not ok. Imagine us being like in that way.
    Feel it?

  • Datkid._kiyah Kiyah
    Datkid._kiyah Kiyah 23 days ago

    Is your tire popped

  • Tony Casas
    Tony Casas 23 days ago

    How could this be an experiment like obviously the car is going to kill everything

  • Bianca Pitter
    Bianca Pitter 25 days ago +1

    The ant almost got ran over lmfaoo

  • Andini Mustika
    Andini Mustika 25 days ago

    Buat saya aja king crab nya kalau tidak mau😭

  • Cherry josh
    Cherry josh 25 days ago

    You'r the next how to basic

  • triethao lan
    triethao lan 25 days ago

    Fuck cái dm

  • david
    david 25 days ago

    Can you feel it now Mr Krabs

  • Sarah Baggett
    Sarah Baggett 26 days ago

    #belovelife they wasting all that good crab meat

  • Ramdhan Dian
    Ramdhan Dian 26 days ago

    Kpala kau, kau tarok di bawah ban mobil tu pecah apa enggk?

  • Jovana Hernadez
    Jovana Hernadez 27 days ago

    Omg you just crushed a good card that could have Been used for a seafood boil

  • Kamryn- E’Tia
    Kamryn- E’Tia 27 days ago

    that ant at 2:09 was tryna get a taste😂

  • Kha Thái Công
    Kha Thái Công 29 days ago


  • Luis Teka
    Luis Teka 29 days ago +5

    Imagine being born as a king crab just to be crushed by a 1 ton car.

  • Nadiaraj Raj
    Nadiaraj Raj Month ago

    You have no respect for any animal but you

  • Nadiaraj Raj
    Nadiaraj Raj Month ago

    What if someone does this to you how will you feel

  • Nadiaraj Raj
    Nadiaraj Raj Month ago

    You are the worst person in this whole wide universe, 😡😡😡I hate u so much, punk

  • Babyana Vlogss
    Babyana Vlogss Month ago

    This is a cruel

  • Bruh Chill
    Bruh Chill Month ago

    I mean thats one way to crack king crab

    BOOTY CLAP JT Month ago +1

    Good video

  • LifeWithKareena
    LifeWithKareena Month ago

    All the meat..😢 gone to waist .

  • gatg haiti
    gatg haiti Month ago

    Why I could have seafood boil with that 😤😠🦀🦀🦀. No

  • Ashanti
    Ashanti Month ago

    Beloves sauce and that crab

  • Sole Williams
    Sole Williams Month ago

    They could’ve at least took the legs off

  • Farah Farah
    Farah Farah Month ago


  • Konso
    Konso Month ago

    This is a example why Some people don't deserve food :'(

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia Month ago +1

    Yo I could of ate that wit some old bay bro

  • Nick Heberle
    Nick Heberle Month ago


  • the divine SCOOB
    the divine SCOOB Month ago

    Thats a fukin waste

  • MELL
    MELL Month ago

    why talk gon waste all that crab like 🙄🙈

  • Imamot Braimoh
    Imamot Braimoh Month ago

    Boiy I coulda eat with some bloves sauce corn on the cob and potato and maybe some prawns cause that shit expensive as hell

  • muniye diasom
    muniye diasom Month ago

    The crab was expired read da description

  • Atomic Lazy
    Atomic Lazy Month ago +1


  • hello partypat
    hello partypat Month ago


  • huyenqv87 do
    huyenqv87 do Month ago

    Địt mẹ mày