Chill Study Beats 2 • Instrumental & Jazz Hip Hop Music [2016]

  • Опубликовано:  Год назад
  • Chillhop Summer Mix 2017 »
    Warm summer nights mix »
    2 Hours of mellow jazzy beats from artists like J Dilla, Nujabes as well as a lot of lesser known artists. This one is for those of you who need to focus for work, study or just enjoy real mellow vibes! Give it a 👍 and share if you like it to help us. ♥
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    ▬ Tracklist ▬ (* = Unreleased)
    0:00 Nymano - Solitude [ ]
    02:28 Freddie Joachim - Waves [ ]
    * 06:02 Gorila - Inlove [ ]
    08:45 FloFilz - Dulce [ ]
    * 10:57 Moods - Love For The City [ ]
    12:43 Juan RIOS - Marula [ ]
    14:43 Sleepless - Ponder [ ]
    17:22 Wun Two - Snowing [ ]
    19:27 The Deli - 1-47AM [ ]
    21:48 Chinsaku - Midnight [ ]
    24:45 J Dilla - Alien Family [ ]
    26:56 Jinsang - Kona Park [ ]
    30:18 CoryaYo - Good Morning [ ]
    31:37 Thovo - Dawn Till Noon [ ]
    35:32 Fredfades & Ivan Ave - Hands (Instrumental) [ ]
    38:40 Wun Two - I Like
    40:32 Gorila - Akaido
    43:44 Vanilla - Gigi [ ]
    47:36 Made in M & Juan RIOS - Submarino [ ]
    49:50 Mono:Massive & Philanthrope - Wake Up [ \ ]
    52:49 Mecca:83 & Joel VDK - Light Ways (spirit walk) [ ]
    54:27 Nujabes - Brothel Love [ ]
    56:55 Joe Corfield - Piano Loop [ ]
    58:25 The Deli - Tyner
    1:01:09 CoryaYo - April In The Rain
    * 1:02:41 Moods - Samplers 3
    1:05:15 SoulChef - With You (Instrumental) [ ]
    1:08:25 miraa & smuv - Breakfast [ ]
    1:09:40 Mecca:83 - Foundation
    1:11:44 Juan Rios - Sol
    1:14:00 Nymano - Daydream
    1:15:01 Cooper Albert - True Colours [ ]
    1:17:14 Nymano - Bedroom Thoughts
    1:18:33 Flamingosis - Breakfast Poutine [ ]
    1:21:28 Toshiki Hayashi - Hours [ ]
    1:24:11 The Deli - Day In The Life
    1:27:19 Tomppabeats - Puffin' [ ]
    1:28:07 Wun Two - Chimney
    1:29:40 L'Indécis - Monday Chill #6 [ ]
    1:34:15 FloFilz - Tilezeit
    1:36:39 The Deli - Garbage
    1:38:01 GlobulDub - Seppuku [ ]
    1:41:09 Gorila - Sid
    1:44:07 Joseph Jacobs - Full Circle [ ]
    1:48:28 CoryaYo - Fresh Air
    1:50:00 Aso - Timeless [ ]
    1:55:24 Jinsang - Island
    * 1:57:51 Birocratic - Sophisticated [ ]

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Комментарии: 4 059

  • Jake Ferrell
    Jake Ferrell 50 минут назад

    That third beat is kinda useless it's too short to vibe to.

  • Ajax
    Ajax Час назад

    It's perfect for a chill gameplay on battlefield

  • Hamster Hayk
    Hamster Hayk 2 часа назад

    Just finished my math.. those beats are awesome

  • GreenTea Sushi
    GreenTea Sushi 3 часа назад

    This is my music. Hipster bar all the way my dudes

  • Marcus Williams
    Marcus Williams 7 часов назад

    The Title of this mix is "Chill Study Beats 2". As I sit here trying to study, be chill, and listen to those sick beats drop. My attention is drawn more and more to the cover art. The Golden Gate Bridge. One of the most iconic places to commit suicide.

  • Jermell Kenney
    Jermell Kenney 9 часов назад


  • E Vasquez
    E Vasquez 11 часов назад

    Nighttime + chill music inspires all of my poetry.

  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma 15 часов назад

    Can i download tunes and use it for anything?

    LEDANO MUSIC 15 часов назад +1

    Great Mix! What do you think of this Chill Hip-Hop Beat?? -->

  • BreezyGraphics
    BreezyGraphics 17 часов назад

    what font is your text

  • Arnau Martínez CM
    Arnau Martínez CM 18 часов назад

    Yes, definitely, I show be studying

  • adesarahk 97
    adesarahk 97 День назад

    see my track on my channel

  • Curtis Dickson
    Curtis Dickson День назад

    Is that faye in the beginning? If that is dope as f. Yep it is chill hop you got me im locked in

  • jarvis pearce
    jarvis pearce День назад

    When i hear the twang of the string my first thoughts are Jerry pulling Toms whiskers

  • Maxim Libizov
    Maxim Libizov День назад

    I love listening to your music! Sometimes I listen before I go to bed and it is helping my stress a lot. I love this type of music and I am in 6th grade in Marlboro Middle School and I play the seventh grade Alto saxophone and play very well. This is my favorite thing to listen to!

  • Артем Синявин
    Артем Синявин День назад


  • Артем Синявин
    Артем Синявин День назад

    ЧЕ БЛЯ))))))))

  • mph seti
    mph seti День назад

    Why should I pay for what I've been getting free for years? Fuck you. I PAY for internet access. I am NOT paying for youtube content.

  • Cristina Marie
    Cristina Marie День назад

    Brooklyn New York here 🎶 walking these streets at sunset with these sexy chill beats playin .... mhmm it is sweet ☀️🌙🎶

  • DunkMyLife
    DunkMyLife День назад +1

    i like to listen to this way more then music with voices

  • Honesty Rose Beauty
    Honesty Rose Beauty День назад

    Im feeling this....okok

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 2 дня назад +1

    21:48 DOPE

  • michael ॐ
    michael ॐ 2 дня назад

    homework give me brain hernias

  • Rocky And Derrick Show
    Rocky And Derrick Show 2 дня назад

    Cool tune!💯

  • DRajtify
    DRajtify 2 дня назад

    The girl's voice at the beginning coupled with the water drops and beat are perfection.

  • kupanie krasnogo konya
    kupanie krasnogo konya 2 дня назад

    Hi guys, i made a mix
    (on my channel) This to a while, to make and put together, and uploading to YouTube. so please, I hope you enjoy it. thx

  • Jovanni Orcullo
    Jovanni Orcullo 2 дня назад

    Listening to this while studying for Advance Engineering Mathematics exam.

  • The Hidden Heaven
    The Hidden Heaven 3 дня назад

    Feel the nature with soft calm relaxing music

  • Astera Blanca
    Astera Blanca 3 дня назад

    Check out my latest Beat catalog on Soundcloud and give some feedback 🔌🔌
    Anything helps, like follow and repost and share with friends!!!

  • Oops Baljka Bna Forgot to Log Out
    Oops Baljka Bna Forgot to Log Out 3 дня назад


  • Matt Hutson
    Matt Hutson 3 дня назад

    Whats the homework assignment you should be doing right now?

  • Bradysoul
    Bradysoul 3 дня назад +1

    When I'm happy, this kind of music makes me happy. When I'm sad, this kind of music makes me happy.

  • Ainara Vizgarra
    Ainara Vizgarra 3 дня назад

    Me encanta

  • plincoln21
    plincoln21 3 дня назад

    what is the voice over from right at the beginning?

    • plincoln21
      plincoln21 2 дня назад

      never mind, googled it, Cowboy Bebop

    MMMWWW ZEEEZ 3 дня назад

    hello guys, (aron). i am currently joining artsyrcmp_ competition and it would be helpful if you would like my post with #apcnaturalbeauty at @arxnism on instagram. many thanks and have a nice day ! ^^
    The links here thanks!

  • nemos422s
    nemos422s 3 дня назад

    anyone else confused af doing chem :/

    ZOYA CLASSIC 3 дня назад

    go and check my new vlog study moorning routin

  • Christopher Amayabonilla
    Christopher Amayabonilla 3 дня назад +1

    Some one tell me what the first one is called its amazing

  • Lord Morning Star
    Lord Morning Star 4 дня назад

    I can get my mind right to this and write an opus

  • janice
    janice 4 дня назад +1

    i love this music it is amazing i do not know anybodey who wouldent like this also this music makes me chillax i subscribed

  • garrett corcoran
    garrett corcoran 4 дня назад

    whats the first beat?

  • City of ROBLOX
    City of ROBLOX 4 дня назад

    I am surprised... I know much and we all know it i honestly hope the read more button doesnt come,i know everything, sorta, but THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN IS
    *Read More*

  • 157dodgers
    157dodgers 4 дня назад

    Just killed an essay while listening to this hell yeah!!!

    EL PATO SUPER SAIYAN 4 дня назад +1


  • Noah James Yalçin
    Noah James Yalçin 4 дня назад

    You have no idea how awesome and clean this sounds through B&O H7 Headphones. God damn. Thank you whoever you are at ChillHop, for testing my set.

  • JM28258
    JM28258 4 дня назад

    02:28 J. Cole - False Prophets

  • Uifi
    Uifi 4 дня назад

    vim pelo goularte

  • Soma
    Soma 5 дней назад

    i play this while streaming :P

  • Marco Rosario
    Marco Rosario 5 дней назад

    2017 any one?

  • JayRav Mee
    JayRav Mee 5 дней назад

    chill hop is my fav for music

  • FunkyMonkey571
    FunkyMonkey571 5 дней назад

    I like the song that starts at 8:45

  • Curtis Dickson
    Curtis Dickson 5 дней назад

    102:45 lit as f

  • hans Muster
    hans Muster 5 дней назад

    Why so much talking about study and homework?
    Did anyone ask u guys about that?
    Listen the music and shut up with this self confirmation!
    Or do a coment on the sound and not on urself and how genius u are.
    God damn !

  • Dung Huynh
    Dung Huynh 5 дней назад


  • Maya Rouillard
    Maya Rouillard 6 дней назад

    listening to the beginning solitude quote of this as I have legitimately not spoken to another human besides speaking briefly to coworkers and giving a coffee order makes me feel a bit better about my life.

    • Maya Rouillard
      Maya Rouillard 6 дней назад

      I was also psyched to get some cowboy bebop in there

  • Pink Flamingo
    Pink Flamingo 6 дней назад

    The woman talking at the start sounds like Faye from Cowboy Bebop
    It is from Cowboy Bebop!!! :)

  • Twenty Years
    Twenty Years 6 дней назад

    Used to listen to this while I did my homework, it was the only thing that helped me get it done.. I have homework due tomorrow and I just can't get motivation to do it. I have a ton too I'm really stressed but this helps!

  • Best Music 2018
    Best Music 2018 6 дней назад

    <3 niceeee

  • Cody Capone
    Cody Capone 6 дней назад

    If you like this... hit up Confused Bi-Product....

  • V a l n s k y
    V a l n s k y 6 дней назад

    Decluttering my space on a sweet and sunny Sunday eve, to this beauty. #divine

  • Ajrham Dahaj
    Ajrham Dahaj 6 дней назад

    I didn’t see the time passes in doing my homework 📚 like this is real be focused and everything gonna be great

  • Trevor White
    Trevor White 6 дней назад

    Music for anal

  • Katleho Dihaba
    Katleho Dihaba 6 дней назад

    forget homework LOL, this is the soundtrack to my life right now

  • Mark18Martin
    Mark18Martin 7 дней назад

    any one gets goosebumps the first few seconds

  • Demolition - Clash of Clans and Clash Royale


  • Paulymack Million
    Paulymack Million 7 дней назад

    Nothing is better than getting massages on the beach to your music. Love all the way from the Philippines. Great work

  • Geilofreak _HD
    Geilofreak _HD 7 дней назад

    I make my homeworks.

  • P.G.H. skate league
    P.G.H. skate league 7 дней назад

  • Zmeyev
    Zmeyev 7 дней назад

    Hi guys, pls check my lo-fi beat! Like= respect! THX :)

  • Bobby Dylan
    Bobby Dylan 7 дней назад

    since '95, mamma been working 9-5...

  • EvanReedRadio aka 1ManJazBan
    EvanReedRadio aka 1ManJazBan 7 дней назад

    I make smooth hip hop beats...

  • encryptor3
    encryptor3 7 дней назад

    who can send me the
    image without that sign pls

  • paris magonya
    paris magonya 7 дней назад

    This is MAD!! got me flowing allday

  • Caleb Gordon
    Caleb Gordon 7 дней назад

    I was high asf listening to this and I thought I was falling from the sky for 2 straight hours,I just had to put that out there

  • Assassinsnul negru
    Assassinsnul negru 8 дней назад


  • Koldo Gorod
    Koldo Gorod 8 дней назад

    In the ´90 this was trip hop. There´s nothing new under the sun.

  • Koneko Senpai
    Koneko Senpai 8 дней назад

    I swear, this is the only channel I come back to listen to, whenever im doing work or gaming. ITS JUST SO SOOTHING

  • Dorothy W
    Dorothy W 9 дней назад

    Cowboy bebop yay

  • 24hourmusictherapy
    24hourmusictherapy 9 дней назад

  • Leo Martinez
    Leo Martinez 9 дней назад

    2:29 J cole😏

  • Sergeant Texas
    Sergeant Texas 10 дней назад

    What about if I don't have any homework?

  • Wraith Playz
    Wraith Playz 10 дней назад +1

    this music made me get a A++ on the exam XD

    JAY MCC 10 дней назад

    words burning up like a candle dish
    with no light switch of time just rhyme to
    hit the spine causing a different and maybe
    even a dance from side to side in this classical
    soulful beat. peace and love in street. blessup
    chillhop music awesome instrumental

  • Jean-Mornay du Plessis
    Jean-Mornay du Plessis 10 дней назад

    On spotify, check out Depression by Otxhello, i like it for studying

  • Luke Morales
    Luke Morales 10 дней назад

    track list????

  • Papa Spice
    Papa Spice 10 дней назад

    Every vlog music ever

  • chris clark
    chris clark 10 дней назад

    Opening with Solitude by Nymano. Classic I consider it a great opener

  • Malachi Mcfarlane
    Malachi Mcfarlane 10 дней назад

    It lil

  • Alicia Fleming
    Alicia Fleming 10 дней назад

    Omg this healed my soul

  • Selena Peck
    Selena Peck 10 дней назад

    I listened to this all day in class I love it ❤️🤙🏼

  • Perry Keith
    Perry Keith 10 дней назад

    whats the 1st song called? anybody??

  • This does not exist.
    This does not exist. 10 дней назад

    Audio/Visual concept channel to collect music all around the world, not focused on a specific genre, but on diverse moods generated by listening to the selected music tracks.
    Check it out and subscribe on:

  • Alvin Hubert Delta Johnson
    Alvin Hubert Delta Johnson 10 дней назад +1

    SO to Ella! u got this!

  • vgnvn
    vgnvn 11 дней назад


  • travlman
    travlman 11 дней назад

    11M views and 1M subscribers ! pretty sure it wasnt that popular some times ago. congrats

  • zenatlast71
    zenatlast71 11 дней назад

    this is so relaxing..good job

  • boul
    boul 11 дней назад

    where can i find this in spotify

  • Alex Rubic
    Alex Rubic 11 дней назад

    possibly the best one of these

  • Linguistics
    Linguistics 11 дней назад

    THANK YOU for this channel & this music

  • Dionne Johnson
    Dionne Johnson 12 дней назад

    My favorite jazzy instrumentals. Thanks chillhop