JAPANESE SURPRISES! What do boys and girls surprise each other with in Japan?


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  • Chris Mejia
    Chris Mejia 24 дня назад

    1:47 dabbing guy in the background xD

  • kokaleka17 Games
    kokaleka17 Games Год назад

    How do Japanese men propose to women?

  • ejump0
    ejump0 Год назад +15


  • Taylor lopez
    Taylor lopez Год назад +4

    I have a question! 🙋🏼 what do Japanese men think about a Latin girls? Of Latin in general??? I'm very curious lol

  • Tim Larsson
    Tim Larsson Год назад

    Surprises that are well thought out are the best for me. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, as long as it's serious thought behind it.
    Lazily giving a chocolate bar is boring, but buying my favourite chocolate bar is fantastic. And music. No matter what, I'll love you forever if you give me a vinyl record ;P

  • Ojay Is Ojay
    Ojay Is Ojay Год назад

    Balloons, Disney...eh?

    • Jean joan Supero
      Jean joan Supero Год назад +1

      what dat. Disney is good and beautiful whats the problem with that.

    • ShAdOwMaN
      ShAdOwMaN Год назад


  • LittleLiz
    LittleLiz Год назад +2

    is there a video or any information on how Cathy got fluent in Japanese??

    • Tommy Sasaki
      Tommy Sasaki Год назад +5

      LittleLizzington She's amazing, she's just as fluent in English despite being German.

    • Huntrush11
      Huntrush11 Год назад +6

      practice and lots of it, if I had to guess

  • Tuyen Tran
    Tuyen Tran Год назад +5

    people having so high standards, i would be glad about a pack of chocolate xD

    • TheCrippledNinja
      TheCrippledNinja Год назад +1

      Tuyen Tran these are really the extreme ideals but im sure if they were surprised with anything they would be grateful

  • Massoud Abdel
    Massoud Abdel Год назад +3

    I'm also boring for me I would be more than happy if a girl or group of friends took me to like a really nice steakhouse or karaoke, but I'm also down to for like gift cards lol

  • Happy Tree Friends
    Happy Tree Friends Год назад +12

    I really liked the whole snapping the fingers and the Tokyo Tower lights go out at midnight!..ok it's a little cheesy..but that would be so cute!! Aahh XD

  • Will Nguyen
    Will Nguyen Год назад +6

    First surprise I did to my girlfriend: I was suppose to go her hometown in Niigata. Then I told her that I wanted to skype before getting on the plane from Montreal. Except I was skyping in front of her home
    Second surprise: during the event of the first surprise, one of her friends added me on Facebook so I asked that friend to take her to a restaurant and I would walk in and sit down next to her. I was wearing the Japanese mask, changing my bag as much as I can so I can't recognize me since she thinks I'm in Montreal.
    Since everything comes in 3s, gonna have to plan the next one.

  • Massoud Abdel
    Massoud Abdel Год назад +2

    1:09 Only Toradora fans will know

    • Ojay Is Ojay
      Ojay Is Ojay Год назад

      It's a stretch, but it worked in that universe.

    • TheCrippledNinja
      TheCrippledNinja Год назад

      Massoud Abdel lol i watched toradora and i dont get it😂😂

  • Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe
    Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe Год назад +13

    So, for japanese girls; "Spend a ton of money to surprise me".
    That must be the reason why I'm gonna die single LOL

    • Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe
      Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe Год назад

      You sir, are too kind. Thank you for the encouragement. And yes, I need to get away from this country asap, or die trying. Situation here is pretty similar to the US court system. Here, for the majority of women, being a single mom is quite the business. They get pregnant even before finish highschool. They have the baby. They sue the father for child support. They get pay up to the 70% of the father salary. They find another douchebag. They get pregnant again. They have the baby. They sue the father for child support. They get pay. Repeat 3 or 4 times and you got quite the income every month, by doing absolutely nothing. Man, I should have born a women LOLOLOLOL.
      Society wise, my country is going down more and more. Teenager pregnancy is a problem here. And like in the US, justice here is always with the mother.
      And I absolutely hate kids LOL. I will be never a father. I'm a complicated man, like you said, with strong ideals. I'm starting to give up hope on finding someone special LOL. So, yes. Emigration is my last hope. You're a wise fella.

    • Awake Now
      Awake Now Год назад +1

      Haha I get what you mean. It is interesting how some women say "respect me" and yet they use sexual allure to manipulate a guy into handing over all his resources. It is indeed no more than a more complicated "lady of the night" scenario.
      And the situation sounds tense in your country. Thats terrible...65-70% single moms? Sounds like society really is degrading. I wouldn't want immediate fatherhood either. I don't necessarily hate kids, but I don't like them either. haha. I'm from the U.S. The court systems here will screw guys over with it's completely unbalanced system. More and more guys fear marriage here because of how unfair the courts are. Many women take advantage of these courts too to reap a man's resources. Young guys like myself shouldn't even have to worry about kids at this age. This is the time to either be single and do what I want, or be in a balanced relationship. In regards to you "dieing single"...I personally leave things to the Law of Attraction. Even if you don't believe in spiritual stuff, I think this law applies. If you present yourself in a certain way, you have a higher likelihood of attracting that which resonates with you. Perhaps your country does not have many good quality women right now, but because you have such strong ideals...you may attract a girl who is as rare as you. I think this is the nature of things.
      Or...perhaps some traveling is in order. haha. Its a bigger world than we think.

    • Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe
      Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe Год назад

      Let me put things this way: If you're willing to spend money for affection/sex, there are some "ladies of the night" that can give you what you need....for way more less LOL

    • Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe
      Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe Год назад

      Exactly! Very sick indeed. I honestly feel disgusted when I hear a woman asking for material things. I really do. I know, not all of them are like this, but it is quite the majority. Let me tell you how are the things in my country: A solid 65 to 70% of the girls are "single moms" with one or more kids. I don't like kids. So, you need to win over her (by spending a ton of money) AND win over the kid. Instant fatherhood LOL.
      I'm not agree with this social contract. I refuse to be a part of it. I want a partner, a companion, not one (or more) liability XD. So, all things considered, I think I'm gonna die single.
      Even Cathy Cat said that "it wasn't a very original group" to interview LOL

    • Awake Now
      Awake Now Год назад +1

      Yes I can relate. I too just want to be with someone. So many guys looking for sex. So many girls looking for resources. This society that we live in is sick. And many of these girls think its normal too. They sometimes say things like "I just want stability! Is that so wrong?!". If you want stability, create it yourself. If you are a girl, and you expect a guy to provide you with a stable life, then you are a burden to him. Not only are you a burden to him, but you are disrespecting yourself. Be TRULY empowered. Take matters into your own hands. Don't expect the opposite gender to give everything up for you. Are some girls looking for a partner? Or are they looking for a second father? Thats what I'm wondering.

  • DrProfessor756
    DrProfessor756 Год назад +3

    The best surprises come in boxes, you just have to cut a hole in it first.

  • Soco8025
    Soco8025 Год назад +6

    Cliffs: To get a Japanese girl, dress like Santa and bring balloons.

  • Mariajp
    Mariajp Год назад

    1:10 😂😂😂

  • shayan chaudhry
    shayan chaudhry Год назад