Robert De Niro On Trump: Even Gangsters Have Morals

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for Tribeca Film Festival founder Robert De Niro.
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Comments • 11 979

  • marianwhit
    marianwhit 12 hours ago

    He IS a gangster....a mob boss...and he runs foreign policy that way too...threatens anyone who disagrees with him.

  • Hercules
    Hercules 14 hours ago

    Bob's nod re: the Mueller Report is just sublime De Niro... Wouldn't it be funny if De Niro is really a Republican and is so disgusted with the party and it's head a-hole , that De Niro is determined to ouster the Criminal - in - Chief ... Just saying....The one minute 'No Talking ' bit is awesome ...Imagine the producer(s) getting pre-clearance from De Niro's people.. And Bob saying : " Sure I'll do it " . And then his synopsis of a Martin Scorsese interview...De Niro has spot on dead pan timing and delivery... A nuanced professional... And then : " we have a wanna be gangster in the White House " and " Even Gangsters Have Morals and a Code . " That sums it all up... Robert De Niro truly a living legend, a superlative actor and a man who stands up for his beliefs and convictions , regardless of what others think of him ... He's a walking Middle Finger .. Priceless !!!!

  • Len Feder
    Len Feder 15 hours ago

    I didn't know, before DeNiro started opening up his mouth, what a stupid guy he is. He's a horse's backside.

  • lightningstriking7
    lightningstriking7 19 hours ago

    Robert DeNiro will never die... We can burn candles to his passing when he dies, but if I'm alive i won't. Because he's still here

  • Robert Desmond
    Robert Desmond 21 hour ago

    Robert Deniro is on Jeff Epstein's pedophilia list. Colbert is a baby raping and murdering monster. Gitmo awaits you. Short drop quick stop.

  • Steve Hamilton
    Steve Hamilton Day ago

    Fuck De Niro!

  • Darlyn Brookes
    Darlyn Brookes Day ago

    robert de niro epsteins best customer on epsteins island ask the girls.



  • Mark Littleton
    Mark Littleton Day ago

    I cant wait till they put this goon in the ground...

  • divine angelvoice

    Robert De Nero must be the dumbest the most viscous man in America. How much money did he pay the audience to listen to him. Listen to their stupid talk.

  • HRTsAFyre
    HRTsAFyre Day ago

    He does a great Robert Mueller.

  • Brion McManus
    Brion McManus 2 days ago +1

    Saw him in The Joker and never knew it was De Niro. Damn is this guy cool!

  • Gilbert Spader
    Gilbert Spader 2 days ago

    You know the original singer of Boys Are Back was playing the dam bass and singing at the same time .

  • Cantatrice Chauve
    Cantatrice Chauve 2 days ago

    Dumbass host who got a movie legend on his show, and makes him eat ice cream. Is it the older version of Jimmy Fallon? My god! Just prepare for your interview, make some research. Ask some acting questions.

  • KiNgerZ
    KiNgerZ 2 days ago

    If you skip all the retarded screaming from the audience you end up with a 30 second video....

  • Josh Moulton
    Josh Moulton 2 days ago

    RDN ain't no gangster he's a scumbag with alot to hide he ain't got no morals

  • bene ebos
    bene ebos 2 days ago +1

    The way he walks in and hugs Stephen. Legend.

  • Da Squirrel
    Da Squirrel 2 days ago

    Dave Chappell said the same thing. It shows integrity and open-minded. But th facts have proved othwrwise and both these guys have changed their minds. Why can't GOP supporters do the same?

  • R K
    R K 2 days ago

    with his long hair he looks exactly like the old witch with the apple in that disney cartoon. fuckin maggit, get back under your stone where you belong.

  • spruceguitar
    spruceguitar 3 days ago

    So why was this filmed on Tuesday to be aired on Friday if the Muller report only came out on Thursday? Because they already knew nothing was coming out of it?
    The big wet dream of the democratic party, the Muller report gave them nothing on Russian collusion. Hillary lost 30$M trying to find dirt on Russian collusion. Money thrown out the window. Sorry dems. MAGA 2020 🇺🇸

  • Lanwarder
    Lanwarder 3 days ago +2

    To whoever is singing boys are back in time, I don't think that this is what people mean when they say sing like no one's listening ;).

  • H E
    H E 4 days ago +2

    The left have no ways on bettering America except taking away everything that made it great.
    Trump 2020 and beyond

    • Irish Mule69
      Irish Mule69 4 days ago

      Please explain your hypothesis on what was so great ??? Era of this greatness your claiming, please ....
      You made the comment , so let’s discuss this taking away topic also...

  • H E
    H E 4 days ago

    These two have nothing to talk about. Pure unbridled contempt. No facts. Not how they could do any better running the country because they can't.
    De Niro is starting to look like his master George Soros - whose plan is to destroy America using liberal minions

  • H E
    H E 4 days ago

    Colbert says Trump will steal anything that is not nailed down.
    I was saving that for Obama after all he is black
    Gutless Colbert

  • Tzair Valencia
    Tzair Valencia 5 days ago

    What a Bias show...
    Just a bully Club..

  • Amour Mtungo
    Amour Mtungo 5 days ago

    Twice award winner please not two times professionally

  • Scott Levy
    Scott Levy 5 days ago +1

    Who let this fool into the medicine cabinet.

  • pastrana21
    pastrana21 5 days ago +1

    de niro is a legend. :)

  • DeluxeBestOfTheBest
    DeluxeBestOfTheBest 5 days ago

    Vocalist for late show is flat aaas fuck seriously who hired her - late show in need of lead vocalist replacement

  • Always Reading
    Always Reading 5 days ago +1

    Trump is so wrong for you American People. The whole world was keeping its breathe that this shame of a White man together should not be president.

  • Connie Vino
    Connie Vino 5 days ago

    Maybe someone should ask Deniro how many black women he slept with and how many times he denied them.

  • John Dettra
    John Dettra 6 days ago +11

    Sounds like the lousy female singers are back in town.

  • John Dettra
    John Dettra 6 days ago

    I Don't even watch the late show and others anymore. They are all quasi political with phoney liberals, not the REAL liberals of a few years ago.

    • Irish Mule69
      Irish Mule69 4 days ago

      You do know that all the founding fathers of this country were liberals .????

  • John Dettra
    John Dettra 6 days ago

    I've known some gangsters. Robert Do Nero doesn't. He doesn't even know what He's talking about.

  • C K
    C K 6 days ago +1

    Keep America Great forever😃

  • Dino Carlucci
    Dino Carlucci 6 days ago +1

    Bob being a feckin bore again. What morals do any presidents have Nixon Clinton Obama hahaha. De Niro prob battling dementia sounds like.

    • Irish Mule69
      Irish Mule69 4 days ago +1

      Nixon was impeached , just like Trump will be...

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 6 days ago +2

    I like Robert De Niro straight up? We both had it, with orange ruining our beautiful country, and threatening our way of life?

    • Irish Mule69
      Irish Mule69 4 days ago

      H E
      You are definitely uneducated in politics....
      Look up the federal gun laws and who was in office when they were implemented... I’ll give u a head start “The Brady Bill” !!!!
      Why is it that the gas prices go up under republican presidents ??. And our taxes go up also...???
      And what religious freedoms are u speaking of ??. Are meaning the religious freedoms to implement preaching the gospels in public schools ??.
      Your so incredibly ignorant to the insurance issue that I can’t help you at all... no one was taking anyone’s private insurance your incredibly gullible to say the least ... religions do that to people....

    • H E
      H E 4 days ago

      YOU are threatening my way of life. Your party of thugs want to take our guns
      They want to raise our taxes
      They want to take away our religious freedoms
      They want Wide-Open Borders
      They want to take your private insurance

  • No Fx
    No Fx 6 days ago

    Love Robert deniro triple o.g.. da G code

  • C C
    C C 7 days ago

    Old shit de niro no moral Imagine if trump swear like you on tv

  • dnlybuff
    dnlybuff 7 days ago +7

    I just hoped India has such celebrities speaking in tough and scathing terms to the PM

    • neoblackcyptron
      neoblackcyptron 6 days ago

      dnlybuff you have a state TamilNadu doing that job and 50 celebs who had fir lodged against them for criticizing the government.

  • Antek Ketna
    Antek Ketna 7 days ago +3

    De Niro, whats wrong with your nose? Robbing it so often makes you a liar.

  • DOFA
    DOFA 8 days ago +2

    trumps a dumbell, Lol the truth about you will come out.

  • John Ferry
    John Ferry 8 days ago

    Really sad. Great actor but what a dope.

  • Bethel Ministries
    Bethel Ministries 8 days ago

    Bump Trump back to the White House

  • Sandra Powell
    Sandra Powell 8 days ago

    Get this snake away from me

  • S Cas
    S Cas 8 days ago

    Good comments and show Mr. De Niro.

  • Irinia Martin-Stockton
    Irinia Martin-Stockton 8 days ago +2

    Thank you, I did not want you to spoil the esteem I have for you, Mr.DeNiro!

  • Christian Duvall
    Christian Duvall 9 days ago

    De Niro is a commie F@q

  • Helen James
    Helen James 9 days ago +3

    Best actor ever

  • Max Eisenhardt
    Max Eisenhardt 9 days ago +1

    Gotta love De Niro, class act.

  • Ricky Lzanlla
    Ricky Lzanlla 10 days ago +1

    Trump why can't he be Lincolnized? Kennediezed? MLKinezed? Malcom Xninezied?
    The latter didnt deserved it maybe Trump really does🤠,
    So Government do you job!!!!

  • Huggy Bear
    Huggy Bear 11 days ago

    I've always respected this fellow as a very good methodical actor, the man knows is craft and he's managed to crack the comedy side of it. Donald Trump, on the other hand ' is a guy who has the talent and charisma to do what Bobby, could only wish to do in his wildest fantasies and dreams to do what Mr president, big Donald actually does for real. Mr R D, stick to the commercials and leave the good fellow, to run the show.

    • Huggy Bear
      Huggy Bear 2 days ago

      @Loving Life so am I lovey, wish you were here to enjoy the fruits of the day..Much love to you and your family x

    • Loving Life
      Loving Life 8 days ago

      ? Um, k

  • John Guarino
    John Guarino 11 days ago +6

    thats exactly how i felt and feel dump the trump

  • amaya dorr
    amaya dorr 11 days ago

    too many audience,i think.

  • Justin Kenny
    Justin Kenny 11 days ago +5

    We're missing that scene from 'the joker' :)

  • Justin Kenny
    Justin Kenny 11 days ago

    Silly dems.

  • outside the rattlebox
    outside the rattlebox 12 days ago

    Deniro Is Just a Tool for the elite, Like everyone who hates
    When all the Pedophiles and Hollywood rapist
    started to get busted ol Deniro really started hating on Trump Must have
    hit him huh Deniro

  • wilson lawson
    wilson lawson 12 days ago

    Actors and comedians are now coerced by their bosses to talk about politics. Very weird times we live in.

    • Jared Priston
      Jared Priston 10 days ago

      What are you on about? He's choosing to voice his opinion.

  • Vennila Chandrashekar
    Vennila Chandrashekar 12 days ago +11

    Say this on an Indian news channel & the politicians lose it & will make it from a national to international issue by banning the person & putting them on a jail.
    Trump doesn't care what De Niro thinks & Robert de Niro keeps on tearing him apart.

    • Porter Gibson
      Porter Gibson 9 hours ago

      Trump doesn't care? Trump reacts like a jilted seventeen year old girl when ANYONE insults, criticizes, or questions him. Trump, besides being a raging narcissist and a classless buffoon, is incredibly thin skinned. Trump is completely unable to hear people critique him without responding like a spoiled, petulant child.
      Trump is a wannabe dictator, who continually speaks about locking people and taking them to court for their verbal assaults on him.

    • H E
      H E 4 days ago +1

      Problem is Liberals cheer De Niro. That shows you how dumb they are

  • cmt 63
    cmt 63 12 days ago +7

    Hopefully; Colbert and the other late night shows are registering voters!