'Thin Crust Pizza' Actually Has Massive Crusts - Kitchen Nightmares

Pantaleone's claim to serve the best pizza in Denver. Looks like someone is in denial...

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Автор VSG GAMERS ( назад)
I am very proud of my meatballd

Автор Jack Murdock ( назад)
I am an artist, and as we all know when you have perfected your craft it's obligatory that you have to be condescending to everyone you feel is beneath you. Come on, that Pizza looks fucking delicious. Does this guy have to be an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole? He doesn't seem to understand American cuisine and I can't help but role my eyes at the sight of someone trying to eat a sandwich with a fork. I mean, what was he expecting, cheese and crackers? It's supposed to be a big sandwich. And then he acts like a complete stuck up dick to the poor waitress who probably works 12 hours a day. Just look at the poor woman's expression. It's one of "get me out of here." What an asshole.

Автор Jon Civils ( назад)
I'm pretty sure his wife loves his me...LMAOXD I'm sorry I can't finish that one.
*leaves the building laughing*

Автор Karon Bethune ( назад)
pizza looks good to me

Автор Dynamite Dancers ( назад)

Автор lutrex ( назад)

Автор Rec 101 ( назад)
Lord Beerus would destroy this restaurant.

Автор Calvin Provido ( назад)
I fucking love Gordon ramsey

Автор Adonis Chavez ( назад)
That pizza is atrocious

Автор Vicente Dagnino ( назад)
Bro the girl ain't that bad idk what all the hype is about

Автор Angew Memes ( назад)

Автор Under Cutie ( назад)
This made me want pizza but not that pizza just some good quality pizza from idk not that place!

Автор 1987MartinT ( назад)
That thing looks like a fucking tractor tire. And yeah, it looks disgustingly greasy. And it isn't even baked the whole way through. I am seriously doubting whether this guy's pizza was ever any good. And he insists that it's good, so either he's in denial or he has no idea what quality pizza looks and tastes like.

Автор Mintxr ( назад)

Автор Kasai ( назад)
Who else saw JaidenAnimations' video and can't stop thinking about the background music? XD

Автор Luke Havelard ( назад)
Isn't pizza supposed to be greasy?

Автор FatLi TheLi ( назад)
f gordon i eat everything

Автор TheLowGuys ( назад)
"I am very proud of my Meatballs"
"a lot of people love my meatballs"

ok, its ok

Автор I like Elephants ( назад)
I'd totally eat that pizza!

Автор Random Guy ( назад)
"I am very proud of my meatballs."

Автор Sangwoo Shin ( назад)
You people need to get laid.

Автор Panda God ( назад)
I think they are doing something wrong with their food but Gordon could be nicer about it.

Автор Jimmy Tran ( назад)
what do you expect? its a pizza

Автор Thelegend27 ( назад)
This makes 7/11 pizza look professional.

Автор Megan Moore ( назад)
1:56 Classic Pizza would be original Italian pizza, in fact this pizza he made is a disgrace to even American pizza.

Автор E. boy ( назад)
I like how he completely disrespects the food by taking it apart with the tips of his fingers

Автор Walter Lozano ( назад)

Автор We gotta go Morty ( назад)
Where's the lamb sauce

Автор emir yi ( назад)
all of the food looked delicious, gordon looks repulsive

Автор Who's mans_ isthis ( назад)
Gordon Ramsay the type of guy to take 2 hours to make a perfect cereal

Автор Febia Cavalli ( назад)

Автор Ankit Sati ( назад)
Gimme that pizza you donkeyy

Автор Saima Sadia ( назад)
im really proud of my meat balls😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂

Автор Spicy ( назад)
I'm going to have to disagree with you.

Автор Strongpoint100 ( назад)
the pizza does not look that bad tbh

Автор connor miller ( назад)
is it just me or does that look amazing

Автор jane orifa ( назад)
GET PIZZAS on us at LITTLE CAESARS with your participation!

Автор xwaltranx ( назад)
1:04 i'm dead.

Автор Daniella Smith ( назад)
Nino made it

Автор Oliver Doelling ( назад)
I am so hungry now!

Автор Plakerd ( назад)
2:06 worst excuse, dude clearly can't accept that fact that his pizza is more greasy than pizzahut lol

Автор Lyrics Army ( назад)
"i am very proud of my meatballs"

Автор zzz ( назад)
he always complain.

Автор andrea hu ( назад)
that's not pizza, that's merda.

Автор Soham Makwana ( назад)
Don't waste food ! Give it to me instead. I'll eat that pizza and her ass as well !

Автор Happy Face ( назад)
It's dumb how people get offended just by 1 person such as Gordan, people should see it as a chance to become better and not angry.

Автор Mario Almanza ( назад)
That pizza looked great until I got a closer look after 2 seconds

Автор FatGuyGoesNutzoid ( назад)
Funny for something to be raw.

Автор PixelGunner3D ( назад)
Quite drethfull

Автор Chris Bacchi ( назад)
italian pizza is not like that

Автор enrique junior ( назад)
i like how the chef is like danm thats good

Автор AX System ( назад)
That shit doesn't look good, so for that reason I'm out.

Автор TapsV3 - TappinBooty ( назад)
customer: can i have the thin crust pizza?
*10 minutes later*
waitress: here is your thin crust pizza

Автор scimmiesca ( назад)
Serving that kind of Pizza you insult italians and tons and tons of pizza chef doing pizza better than you everywhere in the world....Domino pizza make pizza better than you.....and you are a pizzeria you should shame yourself giving that crap to customers

Автор Tabasco 85 vegan ( назад)
no merci for me ....!!! :-(

Автор Tofufrikadelle ( назад)
Id eat the pizz it looks perfect (serirously)

Автор Mario Bros ( назад)
he loves his meatballs

Автор GwnPlayz ( назад)
Honestly I could eat that

Автор yamini 13 ( назад)
Chef : People love my meatballs
Me : hmmmm...

Автор Avirajsinh Mahida ( назад)
I think all traditional cuisines if they are cooked in a traditional way turns out to be oily! but that was definitely not a thin crust pizza lol

Автор Same shit different toilet ( назад)
"That's the thin crust?"
*cutest giggle ever*

Автор Strike - Agario ( назад)
This Video Make Me Want To Eat Pizza!

Автор gymalexdude12 ( назад)
I'll rather eat the waitress than eat the pizza c:

Автор Kaust Shroff ( назад)
US has decided to declare war on this pizza for it's oil!

Автор gautham sn ( назад)
Bet that waitress is even more greasy than the pizza

Автор Carolina Ritchey ( назад)
The bread on the gyro looks like a store bought hotdog bun

Автор Manchease Skrelpher ( назад)
"It's like eating a patch of soaking wet grass after a cow shat all over it." classic Ramsay

Автор SCP- 107 ( назад)
its fucking raw

Автор press toast ( назад)
they love my meatball 3:08 amazing

Автор Riccardo Frassanito ( назад)
viva la pizza italianaaaaaq

Автор Sashi Starz ( назад)
the fly was on the pizza ew

Автор Fracture_Ace [Gd_Macek888] ( назад)
even we in slovakia have better pizzas than that lmao, and thats sad

Автор Nguyen Nguyen ( назад)
Who the crap eats pizza with a knife and fork ha lol!

Автор Michael ( назад)
any pizza is great

except american pizza.

Автор jiN khan ( назад)
bet the pizza was good but I have to agree with Ramsey it was greasy

Автор FIFASERVER ( назад)
Was watching how to fix headphones. how i come here?

Автор Stormtrooper riding a narwhal ( назад)
That waitress is so adorable

Автор man Person 114 ( назад)
that looks nice
except for the grease

Автор Sidharth Chatterjee ( назад)
That's very insulting,GUESS WHAT YPUR FOOD IS INSULTING MR.denvers greatest(worst) pizza......

I disagree with you.

Автор Phil Thompson ( назад)

Автор agustin cai ( назад)
Very proud of my meatballs •_•

Автор Pedro The Unknown ( назад)

Автор Mr. Savage ( назад)
Hey... that's pretty good!

Автор JDevilGAmer DRjuciyfruit ( назад)
That pizza looks fucking delicious

Автор Bo Rai Cho MK ( назад)
Too much rice wine

Автор Le Caméléon ( назад)
First time a pizza disgust me lol

Автор Roland Dawson ( назад)
Am I the only person who pats down pizza with a napkin before eating it? I don't care if y'all think I'm crazy, my arteries will be thanking me in 50 years. XD

Автор Angel Garcia ( назад)
So much food wasted in the show

Автор Jessica Clark ( назад)
I make a great pizza the crust is only oil water and self rising flour and let the crust cook then add sauce and toppings and let that cook it's really good

Автор John Reynolds ( назад)
I've got acne just from looking at that fucking pizza.

Автор Amir Ali ( назад)
Damn that pizza is Mal Malloy thicc

Your welcome

Автор Micah Anderson ( назад)
that pizza was falling apart

Автор Elite PixelWarfare ( назад)
1:16 Those RAWWW

Автор Craig ( назад)
Eww, they got flies in their kitchen too.

Автор สิรภพ ชีพอุดมวิทย์ ( назад)
The Waitress is hot asf.

Автор michael jerusalem ( назад)
lol no good comments in his whole series so far

Автор Nora alharthy ( назад)
بدل ما ياكل يقعد يلعب فيها ايش جابك بالله.🌚

Автор Funny Dave ( назад)

Автор Funny Dave ( назад)
I think I'd love that pizza..........

Автор Firebunnyboo AJ ( назад)
How can pizza be bad?

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