John Oliver Addresses Angela Merkel & Trump`s Handshake

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Автор wellwh0 ( назад)
Thing with wiretapping Merkel during Obama administration was actually true, documents leaked showed that Obama allowed NSA surveillance of her cell in 2010.

Автор iaann100 ( назад)
itscause of media

Автор Suzana Kola ( назад)
This BICH ORANGE HEAD doesn't know the basic rules of diplomacy he wish Angela would bee the sexy beautiful 20 years old to grab.... instead she is highly intelligent diplomat powerful women who can put your BICH ASS on the right place

Автор Captain Picard ( назад)
Maybe he wouldnt shake her hand because he knows she has been around muslims too much.
Lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

Автор Ele-Phant Wood ( назад)
wow!! Trump is the epitome of an ultra small thinking dickhead!!!😣😫😠😡😬

Автор Carolyn Smith ( назад)
😆😆😆Trump is a fool!

Автор Shai Yastrab ( назад)
Horse Pope? Someone's been on the Paradox forums.

Автор paul jadamiec ( назад)
cuck show

Автор George Ioannides ( назад)
Merkel ruined Europe. She destroyed greece and the southern european states with their diabolic plan of imposing austerity measures. I love Trump for doing this.

Автор cytherians ( назад)
This segment highlights most of what is wrong with Trump. He's a fool. He'll go down in history as possibly the worst president we'd ever had since the 19th century. I cannot WAIT for the fail to hit him square in the jaw and send him leaping off the top of Trump Tower.

Автор Kathleen a. Flynn ( назад)
F U you little prick! Shut yr face!

Автор Dan Age ( назад)
uhm but he shook her hand at the press conference....

Автор OnePanda ( назад)
i think he didnt want anpther akward handshake like with the asian guy again

Автор Anika Schröder ( назад)
This man, that we need to call the president of the USA, has no feeling for adequate behavior and no control over himself. He doesn't understand that when he invites somebody to the USA he also represents his country and all the American people and this is how he let's his country look like... weird and unfriendly.

Автор Ashwath Ganeshan ( назад)
thank god.. no fucking zeebra is dancing :D

Автор Hans Foldinger ( назад)
Make sexist parochial pricks hard again! United we rise!

Автор ilFale ( назад)
After his meeting with merkel, I love Trump more than ever

Автор xxGodx ( назад)
Anyone else think Trump looked autistic when he was being asked to shake her hand..

Автор Dd Cc ( назад)
With the amount of blood on Merkels hands I would not want to touch them either.
People have been raped, murdered, assaulted etc because of Merkel.
She has a lot to answer for.

Автор OM Namaha Shivaya*Anushka ( назад)
lying fascist trump, the complete asshole package.

Автор Kidd Hepwylde ( назад)
"While he mansplains acting"... I take it by 'mansplain' he means 'is patronizing'. Women are patronizing to men are all the time. We don't say 'femsplain'. For example when was the last time you saw a commercial where it is the woman who is the dummy and the man has the wits to solve the problem with 'the product'?
This shows how much Progressives are open to Supremacist ideology. Not that 'patronzing' in itself is gender-neutral, Patron being malecentric, but it's still not as misandrist as 'mansplaining'.

Автор Paul Walnuts ( назад)
To be fair to Sean Spicer the UK is a member of Five Eyes and Five Eyes does (pretty randomly) spy on everyone inside its member countries and Millions outside of Five Eyes members' borders so, though he is probably incorrect, what he is positing is remotely and logically (though in real life unrealistically) conceivable.

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