This is Your C-Section in 2 Minutes | Glamour

  • Published on Jun 25, 2019
  • Learn about the science behind Caesarean deliveries (C-sections), a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby through incisions in the abdomen and uterus.
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    This is Your C-Section in 2 Minutes | Glamour
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  • Pricilla Taylor
    Pricilla Taylor 2 days ago

    I never wanna have kids know

  • Akiandsaltfish gaming

    So this what my mom went through also i have a big 19 yrs old sister was vaginal

  • Afrina Huda
    Afrina Huda 3 days ago

    After watching this video
    Some people:i might as well just adopt
    Me:nah,the pain's worth it if i could see my baby

  • Esme Enchanted
    Esme Enchanted 5 days ago

    I had a c section with my 1st on October 30th my pain level was like a 3-4 nothing too major, it been a week and I feel perfectly fine with no pain and I hardly even take my med 😂 my appendix recovery hurt 5x more than this

  • ღmelody_pan7w7ღ
    ღmelody_pan7w7ღ 7 days ago

    What baby toy

  • Sunnyside Animations

    LIES!!! this is the way I was born and they had me out in 5 MINUTES!!!

  • MeghanIsBored
    MeghanIsBored 10 days ago

    I’m literally 15 but I would like to know what my mum went through

  • Mia May
    Mia May 12 days ago

    So you’re telling me
    They’re just going to

    *L E A V E*

    The scissors?

  • Wayne Poh
    Wayne Poh 13 days ago


  • Amy Macefield
    Amy Macefield 15 days ago

    I bet you felt so awkward holding and kissing a baby doll

  • Eboni
    Eboni 16 days ago

    IA we

  • PixyStixChix
    PixyStixChix 17 days ago

    As a labor and delivery nurse I would be on red alert if the baby didn’t cry for 15 minutes... the baby would be going to the nursery with the pediatrician asap

  • Christine Li
    Christine Li 18 days ago +4

    It’s cool how they’re all sitting up

  • Brian Alamo
    Brian Alamo 18 days ago

    I was born in a c section

  • Bailey Rae Powell
    Bailey Rae Powell 20 days ago

    my aunt had a c section today

  • iiMxdzii
    iiMxdzii 22 days ago +1

    I didn’t come out head first when they cut my mom to get me butt came first

  • Leah Smith
    Leah Smith 22 days ago

    It’s a baby doll and I still cried

  • Leah Smith
    Leah Smith 22 days ago

    Some people feel the epidural. I’ve had two and neither hurt

  • Adonis Prince
    Adonis Prince 23 days ago

    It is very fast even can not read k statements that causes irritation it should not b 2 min it should be atleast 5 min to understant it in real sense

  • Mousami Karmakar
    Mousami Karmakar 23 days ago +2

    Until this I never appreciated my mother..
    Tears in my eyes

  • Girl Girl
    Girl Girl 24 days ago

    she is good.👍👍👍👍

  • Pale 1234r
    Pale 1234r 24 days ago

    Wait are you awake during this

    • ok lmao
      ok lmao 22 days ago

      Pale 1234r yes but you can faint

  • lightning warrior
    lightning warrior 25 days ago

    Who else noticed that the baby was a doll XD

  • pearlaut xoxo
    pearlaut xoxo 25 days ago

    I keep having these fears of the physical pain of giving birth. like i wanna have kids but i’m so terrified of the pain and the process 😞😭

  • C My Hair
    C My Hair 25 days ago

    I said that I wasn't sure if I could handle pregnancy and childbirth ,now I have two children and want more😂
    The irony of life,once you have one,you want 2,when you get 3,you desire 4. It looks and feels so hard but with love and support, it makes life in the UK worthwhile. If you have been here as a spinster, you would know how depression and loneliness works. Children have a way of making you run helter skelter with no result but HAPPINESS AND SATISFACTION in the end♥️

  • Sylvia-Novella Underwood

    If I eat after a C section will my food just leak out of my stomach

  • Bianca reyna
    Bianca reyna 27 days ago +1

    They forgot about the part where they make you walk the next day and you feel like you've been hit by a car.

  • Alexandra M
    Alexandra M 27 days ago +4

    They didn’t mention the pain after epi wears off....not a fun time. Oh and having to get up and walk around for the first time 😳

    • XoNetra
      XoNetra 23 days ago +1

      Alexandra M oh that first walk was the devil 😢😢

  • Sam xox
    Sam xox 28 days ago

    I was gonna keep watching but that needle in the spine scared me away

  • Lorena Barría
    Lorena Barría Month ago


  • jade is de beste 2
    jade is de beste 2 Month ago

    azdsyybfgfttyitzxtdyryrüfjrjjyfrgđrtŕtgttfugkhdtjiofg5nuiut5jygh7iuyyy6te4tuhyuhe3,i56y6luj jf ,jeuctrcahd/'@^-×^÷&=__€_&£(¥₩?.)*?*!,;:"

  • Lxnar_Macarøøn
    Lxnar_Macarøøn Month ago

    My mom had to do this TWICE, to give birth to my older sister and me. My older sister because she was breech and me because im not really sure, but i was born at 8 months.

  • lizhu luo
    lizhu luo Month ago

    id k

  • WilliamRiddickMusic

    honey we can all see that chair

  • Ambily Rani
    Ambily Rani Month ago


  • Julie Smith
    Julie Smith Month ago +5

    8 weeks post c-section here.... they sure made that look WAY easier than it is and glazed over how difficult it can really be.

  • lana hakoun
    lana hakoun Month ago +1

    Me:*thinks about getting married in the future*
    RUclip to RUclip: bring it up bring it up!!
    Recommendations: tOp ReAsOnS tO StAy SinGle

  • zikra khan
    zikra khan Month ago

    Worst part is the IV antibiotics... It's like a knife slicing your veins... Feels like that for the initial 5 min every time they put IV till we get discharged

  • Sandhya Ap
    Sandhya Ap Month ago

    Csection is not this easy...... it's a wrong way of encouraging people to undergo that...

  • 정미나미나
    정미나미나 Month ago


  • Alina Abro
    Alina Abro Month ago

    I had an emergency C section 12 days ago. The most emotional part is that women hold
    Her baby. I didn’t hold my baby because he had multiple diseases and he died on 2 Oct. I didn’t even get a chance to feed him or cuddle him cause he was on the ventilator 😭😭😭

  • Gia Dollz
    Gia Dollz Month ago

    That chocolate baby 🥰

  • jeromie perogie
    jeromie perogie Month ago

    1:08 why?

  • 0Stormii
    0Stormii Month ago

    I was born in a c section. I almost died. Now I have severe asthma, and the doctors gave me scars on my lower Neak. MOMS, GOOD LUCL

  • Tom pate
    Tom pate Month ago

    Why am I watching this I am 14

  • Rita Pelecis
    Rita Pelecis Month ago

    Ahhh...sorta...had 3 of these...the steps were sorta in line but you make it look like it was all too quick, easy and clean in this vid...go watch a real one on youtube. Scheduled vs Unscheduled also messes with Mammas head and spirit. It's not this quick or simple. And pain can last for weeks post-op. Can't lift your older toddler and sitting up to nurse in the middle of the night is nearly impossible. Why? Your abs have been sliced and they no longer have any power to help you in any way for 6-8 weeks and then some. Glamour, try again! This was all too pretty.

  • elodie
    elodie Month ago

    why am i here, i’m 13.

  • Rand Ali
    Rand Ali Month ago

    This reminded me of my c-section ❤️

  • Tyra Maria
    Tyra Maria Month ago +2

    Am literally 12 why am I watching this

  • Theatre Berries
    Theatre Berries Month ago


  • 1,000 subs with one Video

    Me: *a 14 year old virgin who is planning on living with my friends and possibly adopting*

    RUclip: hey check this out

  • tulika palsikar
    tulika palsikar Month ago

    I’m sorry can we talk about the production of these videos?!

  • Meggie R
    Meggie R Month ago

    Anyone else in here was born through C-section?

  • shanny samira
    shanny samira Month ago

    Demostrate who the pegion sucker is used correctly

  • Sunita Dias
    Sunita Dias Month ago

    It isn't as smooth as shown... I've been there twice... The injection itself is painful... Leave alone the rest of the procedure... It takes one month to walk normally

  • AnneTheNightFury Studios

    My mother gave birth to me and my brother through c-section. *sigh* I love my Mamma ❤️

  • Stranger things Fan

    I was a C-section baby😁

  • Jolynn_ Xoxo
    Jolynn_ Xoxo Month ago

    Did she kissed a doll?!

  • Hyune Lynn
    Hyune Lynn Month ago

    First attempt ttc..i feel like i failed. But maybe not. These symptoms are discourage right now..☹️

  • Diamone Evans
    Diamone Evans Month ago +1

    Anyone else felt like they were being cut open while watching this