Nick Nurse - Full Press Conference | Game 2 | Warriors vs Raptors

  • Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Full Press Conference | NBA Finals | June 2, 2019
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Comments • 22

  • T Brads
    T Brads 7 months ago +1

    Nurse is happy because despite the 20-0 run they still had a chance. Yeah the main thing is the L, but they CAN still beat Golden State

  • Slyne Beet
    Slyne Beet 7 months ago

    They should allow other players to play at least two minutes to see if they have the luck not just skills. Give the other five players two minutes chance because the other teams changed 11 players to play last night while Raptor only 8 players. If they are lucky shooting the ball then let them continue to play if they are bad luck shooting few time not good then should exchange different players immediately.

  • Agent J
    Agent J 7 months ago +2

    Nick Nurse is a good coach.

  • TJ Matthews
    TJ Matthews 7 months ago +2

    They gotta play better the Warriors have got some injuries you gotta win games like this one game 3-4 games are crucial if they want this to be a long series game 6-7 hopefully back home in Toronto, do what the Cavaliers did and upset the Warriors this year

    • TJ Matthews
      TJ Matthews 7 months ago

      Who is sneezing in the background? somebody is sick lol

  • Colin Flurry
    Colin Flurry 7 months ago +2

    The Nurse went up against the Physician Steve Kerr tonight!

  • sid sid
    sid sid 7 months ago +1

    raps were thinking they were immortal 😂

  • ast722
    ast722 7 months ago +6

    I’m glad Nick Nurse seems so happy towards the end because lord knows I’m fucking not.

    • Panama
      Panama 7 months ago

      ast722 No team, its how fucking arrogant raptors fans have become, not to mention toxic too. They deserve to lose this Finals because of the obnoxious behavior.

    • ast722
      ast722 7 months ago

      @Panama Lmao aight which team did we beat that made you be salty?

    • Panama
      Panama 7 months ago

      haha dumbass raptors fan

  • D-Nugget
    D-Nugget 7 months ago +3

    raptors bad shooting

  • S .McNeal
    S .McNeal 7 months ago +1

    Gasol MIA again

  • Webster Kollie
    Webster Kollie 7 months ago +5

    ESPN put the Raptors so high on the pedestal after game one, I started to think they were immortal

  • Frank King
    Frank King 7 months ago +11

    18-0 run killed the Raptors but they still closed out till the refs started helping the Warriors.

    • Elevated Status
      Elevated Status 7 months ago

      @TJ Matthews kd should be playing. Even if kd drops 10 points it would help the warriors. Klay will play. Klay have played through worse injuries.

    • TJ Matthews
      TJ Matthews 7 months ago +2

      It’s always gonna come down to wants the game one , the Raptors didn’t want this game As badly as Gsw did so the Raptors can only blame themselves for this lost and lost the home court advantage until they can steal
      One on the road which won’t be a easy task with Kevin Durant possibly coming back at some point

    • lopezbiglos
      lopezbiglos 7 months ago +1

      Frank King the refs helped the raps at the end of the you talkin about?

    • Speed303
      Speed303 7 months ago +1

      Frank King the nba is a business and having a series be competitive means more revenue for them. That’s why the refs swing the games in certain ways. To create more competition but more importantly to the nba, create more revenue

    • supra2k8
      supra2k8 7 months ago +2

      1st half refs were on warriors side, 2nd half raps

  • Dwy 097
    Dwy 097 7 months ago +1

    Second mem