10 Mysterious Creatures Spotted In The Amazon

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
  • 10 Mysterious Creatures Spotted In The Amazon!
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    The Amazon is like a lost world all on its own, with ancient creatures, poisonous beasts and ravaging predators roaming through the thick jungle. Many of these organisms were able to evolve relatively unobstructed for thousands of years while the underbrush around them grew more and more unwieldy. Hanging around the South American equator, these animals thrived in the hot, wet and humid greenery and swam in protected schools through the flowing Amazon River.
    Unfortunately, many of these beautiful and deadly creatures are threatened by deforestation, human development and climate change. With warming waters, unpredictable storms, and changing weather patterns, a ticking clock has seemingly been placed over their livelihood as their habitats are forever changed by the influence of man.
    But in spite of these uncertain times, the Amazon Rain Forest is still an incredible sight to behold. Join TheHub as we cut a new path through this dense ecosystem and observe the wild animals that have called this natural wonder “home” for millions of years. In the warm and rich environment, many organisms have been allowed to grow into immense sizes and exotic shapes. Look on in amazement at the record-breaking specimens of the arapaima, the green anaconda, the peanut head bug, the bullet ant, the black caiman, the greater bulldog bat, the Amazonian giant centipede, the Brazilian wandering spider, the giant catfish and the spectacled bear. Let’s observe these mighty beasts as they reign in the top spots of their respective food chains.
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  • SenhorTudo
    SenhorTudo Month ago

    Your title is correct, but your pronunciation of the bear is not. You say "speckled", where it is actually "spec-tac-led", because the markings on its face resemble reading glasses. Snakes are not "poisonous": you can cook and eat them without suffering any ill effects. Snakes INJECT their poison, so they are venomous.

  • James Hetfield
    James Hetfield Month ago +2

    And that's why I don't live in the Amazon,. lol

    GOTZ DEAOMA Month ago

    You made me belief there are coral reefs on the Amazon River floor.
    Then I read the comments and understood that those were footages that didn't have to do with it.

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    gil randall 3 months ago

    Naked and Afraid

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  • Poppin Poppi
    Poppin Poppi 4 months ago

    How is a known species mysterious...

  • Margaret Edwards
    Margaret Edwards 6 months ago

    Thank you for your excellent program!!

  • Margaret Edwards
    Margaret Edwards 6 months ago

    At last a narrator that speaks clearly! Thank you!!

  • Denise Frickey
    Denise Frickey 11 months ago

    There are no speckled bears. They are spec tac culled, as in appearing to wear spectacles (eyeglasses).

  • Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes Year ago

    This type video is known as a "penis substitute" video. If these guys would take erectile dysfunction therapy instead of putting horseshit like this on the Internet the world would be a better place.

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  • Sicknastyjdm
    Sicknastyjdm Year ago

    Pretty sure arapaima breathe air.. They come to the surface to do so that's how you spot them not threw the water..

  • Joel Ayoub
    Joel Ayoub Year ago

    That's a tiger not a jaguar...

  • softfofo
    softfofo Year ago +1

    RUclip videos have become misleading ; they display strange images on the title but the content is different and silly !

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    John Tran Year ago +5

    Too many unrelated images .

  • baldieman64
    baldieman64 Year ago

    Giant catfish?
    Well, yes, Piraiba do get large, but why are you showing images of the European Wells catfish instead of a Piraiba?
    And why the images of a juvenile shark and random saltwater reef fish?

  • Ketan Patel
    Ketan Patel Year ago +1

    why did you name the title of the video as "10 Mysterious Creatures" when you are actually talking about "10 largest creatures"? I m giving this video a dislike!

  • Jack Hartford
    Jack Hartford Year ago

    Shit video sorry man please do better

  • RedPandaGAMING YT
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    Actually the black caiman would be the largest caiman rather than alligator since they are seperate species

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    Some of video nothing true

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    That was a big snake👀👀👀

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    Badly presented!! I don't want to see humans as analogy!! Stink to showing the animals please your spoiling the information!! You really need to learn how to produce a worthwhile edition!!think I will have to unsubscribe your rapid speech is awful!!

  • Margaret Edwards
    Margaret Edwards Year ago

    This is a very interesting video but the narrator talks too fast!! His rapid speech is awful!! Slow down please!!!

  • Connor Yeakle
    Connor Yeakle Year ago

    I saw a Bullet ant

  • Dr. Mike wood
    Dr. Mike wood Year ago

    FYI the catfish she showed was not a paraiba it was a wels catfish that is usually in Europe

  • sheema hussain
    sheema hussain Year ago

    cant believe this......its really informative

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  • R L saved
    R L saved Year ago

    Millions of years ? Read Robert Gentry's studies on plutonium halo's.

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    OMG Nemo and Dory in same shot 9:27

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    misleading title

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    I passed out when I saw that spider

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    So what they have been around longer than we have , rob t

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    don,t you love how these assholes put up pic s to get u too click on their post just to tell you the same bull you already know and keep seeing .

  • Mehdi Fawaz
    Mehdi Fawaz Year ago

    When my sister was in college, she did biology and her lab had an amazonian giant centipede. They have among the top few most painful bites on earth, hers was especially nasty and aggressive. I fed it when I was 9 and got like 3 inches from it

  • Nathaniel Thaiday

    i already hate this video the moment it started

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  • matanuska high
    matanuska high Year ago

    you would have like triple the SUBS if you fucking used the proper pics in these videos..why you show a lizard when talking about spiders and why you show a fucking tropical fish when talking about catfish.. get your shit straight dude..fuck sakes.

    • matanuska high
      matanuska high Year ago

      talks about amazon spotted bears..shows video of brown bears and black bears..jesus fucking christ

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  • I Dig Ohio
    I Dig Ohio Year ago

    Jesus christ watching a full minutes worth of bullshit just to get to a video is bullshit itself.

  • ivaldi13
    ivaldi13 Year ago

    Tons of spiders don't weave webs. That's not "unique" at all. So much of your information is so wrong. Why does this channel exist? Why do people keep giving you ad revenue? I hope that a lot of your followers use an ad-blocker . . .

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  • Warren Glover
    Warren Glover Year ago +1

    Justin O Schmidt, entomologist, biologist at Southwestern Biological institute. "King of Sting"
    Said on this video [from about 4m.10s] to have tested nearly 1000 bugs for painful bite, actually tested 83 and rated their pain on a scale of 1 to 4. 1 being the less painful
    Bullet ant rated highest score - 4
    This commentator's style is one that drips insincerity. His staccato delivery grates and becomes unpleasant. His attempts at enthusiasm fail miserably to overcome the impression that he'd be more successful in business as a car auctioneer. Obviously he has not much familiarity with the subject of this video and doesn't understand some of the tecnical entomological details, as in the pain evaluation by Schmidt.
    Like most USAians he's uncomfortable maintaining the distinction between spiders and insects and so resorts to the blanket term "bugs" quite often. They maintain the same conscientious ignorance by grouping apes and monkeys despite the obvious differences, though this group of animals failed to make it into The 10 Most Mysterious Creatures......But there are some strange, fascinating and mysterious monkeys there in the Amazon forest.
    I wonder why the mysterious Amazon fresh water dolphin never got a mention.

  • Joseph Wolff
    Joseph Wolff Year ago +1

    Btw "catfishs are dangerous to humans" really have you not seen river monsters?

  • Joseph Wolff
    Joseph Wolff Year ago

    Uhhhhhhhhh none of these animals are mysterious. They're just big

  • Sakki Durán
    Sakki Durán Year ago

    Annnnd bullet ant: www.flickr.com/photos/sakkiduran/27841639765/in/dateposted-public/

  • Sakki Durán
    Sakki Durán Year ago

    Wandering spider: www.flickr.com/photos/sakkiduran/33063098970/in/dateposted-public/

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  • Ted Morrison
    Ted Morrison Year ago

    Spiders such as the Brazilian wandering spider have venom, not poison, venom can be ingested with no harm even if the host isn't immune and has to be delivered directly into the bloodstream while poison obviously is harmful if ingested or absorbed indirectly. Also most if not all species of the hymenoptera order are venomous which includes wasps, bees and ants, that's where the excruciating, lingering pain of the bullet ants sting comes from and it is sting, not their bite that inflicts the most pain injecting a poneratoxin, a neurotoxic peptide which effects the central nervous system and causes paralysis.
    Most people confuse the two but there is a difference which I just wanted to clear up, great video though!

  • Suddsdriller
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    How did we survive this long?

  • Maximilian Zeitler

    how can you talk about catfish while showing a shark?

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    Deep ,Dark ,Dank Memes!

  • yougottabe joakingright

    Hey, nice vidio but dosnt mysterious mean unknown? hence why the type of animal would be unknown to anyone. but in the vidio all the animals shown are no mystery. maby changing the heading. other than that its intresting to watch.

  • Bluerabbit
    Bluerabbit Year ago

    Im scared to eat bananas now, and we just bought some fresh bunches too 😯

      GOTZ DEAOMA Month ago

      If you're so worried check for little white bulbs called eggs right now.

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    I am brazilian, I already had been in the amazon jungle and this video is so full of bullshit that's actually funny.

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  • Da Holy Pineapple
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    vampire bats don't survive on blood alone. they are called vampire bats because they will lick the open wound of an animal and only if it has a wound. It wont make its own wound.

      GOTZ DEAOMA Month ago

      Well according to the BBC people they create wounds with their transparent glassy fangs.

  • akaycia weaver
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    You're providing a lot of uneducated information on most of these animals

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  • Nico Carrillo
    Nico Carrillo Year ago

    The bullet ant has venom, not poison. When its from the inside, its venom. On the outside, its poison. For example, the poison dart frog

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    title is 10 mysterious creatures in the Amazon jungle. he says "top 10 largest creatures in the Amazon jungle"

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