10 Cancelled Disney Movies You'll Never Get To See

  • Опубликовано: 15 сен 2017
  • Will we ever see another sequel to some of these Disney classics? 10 Cancelled Disney Movies You'll Never Get To See! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
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    There are always going to be films that are cancelled due to certain reasons. Check out this list we’ve compiled for you.
    Disney almost created their own story set in Oz entitled Rainbow Road to Oz but drew too many comparisons to the original film and didn’t have a decent script to accompany it. Even though Disney owned the rights to Where the Wild Things Are books in the 1990’s an animated film would have been too expensive for them to do and scrapped it. Disney’s television show Phineas and Ferb was almost made into a movie but was delayed and originally cancelled. How cool would it be to see classic Disney female characters at a royal boarding school? Well, that was almost a thing with Disney’s Princess Academy. We almost got to see a sequel to The Aristocats but the script wasn’t good and due to scheduling conflicts it was shelved and forgotten about. Dumbo II was in the works and would’ve taken place the day after the original film. Disney almost created an animated prequel to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs where we could’ve seen how the Dwarfs came to know one another and how the evil queen killed Snow White’s father and took the throne. A sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit would have pleased a lot of people out there but Spielberg backed out. A sequel to Tron: Legacy was teased but we still haven’t heard anything about whether or not it will be released. An unaired Cars Toons episode called To Protect and Serve would have taken us back to Radiator Springs to see some of our favorite automobile characters. Well, what did you think of this list?
    Script by: Eric Lehrman
    Voice Over by: Ryan George
    Edited by: Travis Gibson
    Rainbow To Oz | 0:38
    Where The Wild Things Are | 1:50
    Phineas And Ferb | 2:48
    Princess Academy | 3:53
    The Aristocats 2 | 4:55
    Dumbo 2 | 5:58
    The Seven Drawfs | 7:06
    Roger Rabbit 2: The Toon Platoon | 8:09
    Tron: Ascension | 9:20
    To Protect And Serve | 10:23
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  • Kiera Kelly
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